Prayer To Find a Husband or Wife (with PDF Prayer Guide)

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Are you single and waiting for a spouse? Do you need prayer to find a husband or wife–or maybe you need to pray for yourself to find a spouse, but you aren’t sure how to do so?

I do pray for all my readers who are single and desire to be married. But, even more, I desire to equip YOU to pray for your future spouse and marriage with confidence, knowing that God really DOES want you to be married if you want to be.

To assist you in your prayers, I wanted to share a model prayer with you that is much like the way I prayed when I was asking God to send me my own husband.

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    First, rest assured that God’s Word does promise you a spouse of your own if you want one.

    Not everyone is required to have a spouse. Some people have a special ability to stay single and enjoy it. The apostle Paul had this gift, and he said it allowed him to focus more on the Lord.

    However, marriage is still a VERY good thing. Marriage–between one man and one woman–is the very first institution that God created. He set Adam, the first husband, together with Eve, the first wife, in Genesis chapter 2.


    Because He said:

    … “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him” (Genesis 2:18).

    Pray this Prayer to Find a Husband or Wife | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | | Sample prayer for singles who desire to be married

    So even though the apostle Paul wrote about his special ability to stay single and enjoy it, he was an unusual case. GOD said at the very beginning that it is not good for man to be alone … so He invented marriage.

    Therefore, know this: if you desire to have a husband or wife of your own, it IS God’s will to give you one! 🙂

    Next, I made you a Biblical prayer guide for a husband or wife–a prayer guide for the spouse God has for you.

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    If you need some Scriptures to help build your faith for a spouse, meditate on these verses:

    Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4).

    and …

    “For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly” (Psalm 84:11).

    and …

    “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

    Or what man is there among you who, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent? If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!” (Matthew 7:7-11).

    I could list Scriptures like this all day, but I encourage you to find your own. It will help you know that you know that you know that it is indeed God’s will for you to receive the spouse you are asking Him for!

    Are you ready to pray in your spouse? If so, use this sample prayer to find a husband or wife.

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    (By the way, always feel free to adapt model prayers like this to make them your own. Use your own words; pray the Scriptures you find on your own that are meaningful to you; and simply pray as Holy Spirit leads YOU, okay?)

    Pray this with me:

    Pray this Prayer to Find a Husband or Wife | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | | Sample prayer for singles who desire to be married

    Father God, I come before You in Jesus’ name.

    Father, I want to thank You that You care about everything I care about. You have numbered all the hairs on my head. You know everything about me, and all my days were written in Your book before any of those days existed.

    Father, You know that I earnestly desire to have a spouse. Not just any spouse, either, Lord; I want the exact spouse that You have in store for me. I want Your best, and I want to have a marriage that will be blessed the rest of my life. I believe You have such a spouse for me, Lord, because You knew I would want one before You even created me.

    So Papa God, in Jesus’ name, I present Your own Word back to You.

    Your Word says that if I delight myself in You, You will give me the desires of my heart. Your Word says that it is not good for man or woman to be alone; and You said that I will receive anything I ask You for.

    Lord, You would never withhold any good thing from me, for I am the righteousness of God in Christ and I am walking uprightly. I thank You for that, Father.

    Now Father, because You have promised me these things, I am lifting Your promises back up to you regarding my desire for a spouse. Father, I desire a husband/wife. Your Word says that every man should have his own wife, and every woman should have her own husband. So I am asking right now that You would bring me together with the spouse You have for me.

    Abba Father, I thank You for my husband/wife. Thank You for bringing him/her to me. The timing is up to You; only You know the right way and the right time. My times are in Your hand. But I am insisting that You do it, and I thank You for it in advance right now.

    Father God, in Jesus’ name, I lift my spouse up to you.

    Wherever my future husband/wife is, I ask in Jesus’ name that they would be godly. Help them to live for You, Father. Heap grace, grace, and more grace upon him/her to seek You and be hot-on-fire for You.

    Fill my spouse and I both with Your Spirit, Lord. Help us both to seek first Your Kingdom and Your righteousness, and all these things–including the marriage we desire–will be added to us.

    Father, when the timing is right, help us to meet at the right time and in the right way. Help us to recognize one another. I ask also that You would keep them and preserve us for each other. If either of us is in any relationship that would prevent us from receiving Your best, then dissolve that relationship right now in Jesus’ name.

    Abba Father, please help us both to walk holy while we wait for each other.

    Make us both the people that You want us to be, so that we will be ready for a healthy relationship when we meet. Help us be healed, healthy, and whole on the inside and outside. Keep us hungry and thirsty for You.

    Father God, please help my spouse and I to love each other as we love You. Give us the selfless love for one another that You and Jesus model in Your Word. I plead the blood of Jesus over the courtship process, and I ask that You would help us get to know one another in a way that is honoring to You and to each person.

    Father, help my spouse and I to avoid even the appearance of evil.

    Help us to honor and guard one another’s hearts. I pray that we would flee from temptation, from fornication, and from every impurity. Help us to be accountable to other godly people, and help us live and walk before You in white.

    And Father God, to the extent that it is Your will, I decree acceleration into the process of receiving my divinely-appointed spouse. Speed up the process, Lord, as long as the acceleration is a blessing to both me and my future spouse. Bring us both the desire of our hearts.

    Thank You, Father. I love You. I bless You, and praise You; and I ask Your blessing on us both in the waiting.

    In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

    Beloved, if you just prayed this prayer to find a husband or wife, know that your desire is important to the Lord.

    Our Father cares about everything that matters to you. He knows you intimately, and He has wonderful plans for your life. If you will seek Him first, He will give you all the things that you desire–including a husband/wife (Matthew 6:33).

    Did you find this sample prayer helpful as you prayed for your husband or wife? If so, leave a comment below! I love to hear from you.

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    1. Thank you in advance Lord in Jesus name Amen! Thank you so much for this prayer

      1. Alrita Hyre says:

        Amen awesome prayer. God bless you

        1. Tarzella Frank says:

          Awesome, powerful prayer to my Heavenly Father for a Godly, loving, spirited, established spouse.

          1. Thank you for the beautiful prayer. We’ll put.

          2. I believe that this prayer will arouse the love of G
            od for me and he will indeed give me the desire of my heart.
            i desire to have a godly husband who will love God first and me later
            God Never lies and all his promises are yes And I SAY Amen

        2. Ikhiede Mary says:

          I believe and hold on to this power prayer, am highly blessd, thank you jesus

        3. Akatukunda Naome says:

          Am so much prevail aged to pray this prayer God bless you

          1. Thank you for this awesome prayer. I receive my heart’s desire in Jesus name

      2. karen gray says:


        1. EMILY EJULU says:

          Hello,am EMILY,am just touvhed by your prayers have been single for years now,have been looking for a SPOUSE but all in vain please hear my prayers Oh LORD

        2. thank you for the prayers i pray my God continue to bless and inspire you

          1. Tamekio Debrow says:

            Lord Jesus/ Father, I thank You and Jamie for putting that prayer on her heart. I think I am ready for that husband that I’m seeking. I say thank Lord Jesus I claim him and receive him in Jesus name. Amen

            1. Thank you so much for such a strong prayer

            2. Larise Thompson says:

              Thank you I’m patiently waiting for my husband… I think we met but had a terrible falling out.. Please pray for us ti reunite in Jesus name Amen.

          2. Amen in Jesus name🙏 God bless u for d prayer

            1. Natasha Toombs says:

              Hi I’m Natasha and I’m so Grateful for this prayer. My faith believe God will be sending my husband. God bless you!

        3. Nkem Cecilia says:

          I thank you for the prayers I have been single for a while now i believe God will answer my prayers these year.

        4. Naomi nyaga says:

          Hi,am Naomi I trust that am already in a new miracle my husband is on the way

      3. Amen Amen this prayer conformation that. God hear my prayer.

        1. Amen. thanks I am ALEX praying for a godly husband as well

      4. One of the best prayers I’ve prayed for myself and future spouse! Thank you so much. I now know that God desires a spouse for me just as much as I do

      5. Ernesto Madrid says:

        I just wanna thank you so much for this Simple prayer reminder for me. Because I’m in a relationship now. But I know I’m in Love with her. She a Christian. And a very humble woman of God. But I really believe that I can’t marry her. It’s not in the Root of my Heart. My name is ernesto. I only have feelings for her. And care for her. But that’s all. She knows I’m not in Love with her. But she’s hoping that Gods Spirit will anoint my heart to be in Love with her. Meanwhile I’m really waiting for God to reveal to me the Wife that I would fall in Love with. Please pray for me and Sweet anita. I want the best for her.

        1. Wow…this is so deep. Ive learned something

        2. God is not going to choose for you, he gives you the free will to choose, but he must validate your choice, the best you can ask him is to guide you to the right person. You just pray that if it is the right person God will put that love in your heart as simply as possible and be sensitive to the voice of God’s spirit.

      6. Emily Singa says:

        Amen thanks I feel so much better to know that God care about me

      7. Wow – this was an amazing prayer ?? I really did learn how to pray and use God’s word in prayer! Thank you for sharing!

      8. Amen Amen and I claim the prayer in Jesus’ Name
        God bless Jamie

      9. Martina Steen says:

        In Jesus name I pray to you Lord God:
        Genesis Chapter one; Lord God the way you created Earth, I pray that you will creat my marriage to the husband of my own. In Genesis you also created the first husband and the first wife, for I was once married but he wasn’t and isn’t good for me. You know my heart, my needs, and my wants. Will you please put him together just for me . Bless me for him and bless him for me in Jesus mighty name I pray…….Amen!!!
        Thank you Lord God.. Thank you!!!
        Hallelujah!!! Amen!!!

        1. Amen and Amen, thank you Sweet Jesus for leading me to this prayer, hear me Lord and give me a beautiful, happy, peaceful and successful home!! Amen

      10. kenneth andrew briganti says:

        Jamie thank you in jesus name iam s widower was married 30 yrs have a son hate being a widower msybe im trying to hard to find a companion on my own maybe i should let go and let god butbi look for my soulmate

        1. Father God Pastor said
          If God places a desire in your heart then it’s a part of his plan, which means he has plans for it. Pray and ask God for those plans. … He will give you his plans to accomplish the desire that he has placed in your heart.
          Lord I am lonely I am a widow with 2 grown children you gave me a vision 2 years ago but it has not come to pass; My faith still stand and I believe and wait for the day when you will let us meet this man whose Vision You gave me I am waiting patiently when it is Your Time to grant me a husband who is a Believer like me and who also waited like me for You in Your time to grant us the desires of our hearts.
          Amen and Amen
          We Receive in Your Time Father God in the name of Jesus Your Son who died on the Cross for us.

      11. What a lovely prayer. May God continue to bless you and glorify you for his holy name. I believe he will answer my prayers in Jesus name. Amem

      12. kristofina says:

        This prayer is awesome as God is alive,we have faith.Amen

      13. Thank you Jesus for leading me to this prayer and bless you and god please accelerate your will and please pray for me as well

      14. Matt Faley says:

        I met a beautiful woman over the past few weeks and desire to get to know more – possibly to the point of being my future spouse. I want to DO IT RIGHT and honor God in the process. I pray that “this is the one”!

      15. Thank You for this Prayer Lord speak to Father God; please ask Him when is my turn.
        Amen and Amen

      16. Yvette Ferguson says:

        Thank you for this prayer as I believe and ask God for my husband to find me, I will be 52 years next month and still in waiting..but will continue to trust God..your page has encouraged me tonight..

        Thank you and God bless you and your ministry….Yvette S. F

        1. Erogbon Anuoluwapo Subomi says:

          Thank you Jesus, this is awesome

      17. Jamie!
        God knows this is godly: I want to be exactly like you and do what you do. I do this prayer everyday. And honestly I feel is already answered in the name of Jesus. Praise the Lord for what He has done in your life.
        In Christ

        1. Hi Gabriela! I hope you are well. Thanks for reading! I pray you would step into the destiny Father God has for you and be 100% of who you are, and if it’s online ministry He has for you, then by all means get started as soon as He says go! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!
          Big hugs!

      18. Thanks for the beautiful prayer, I would like to help in being a local missionary as I wait for my partner whom I just prayed for.

      19. Dawn Gibson says:

        MY GOD. That was powerful and direct. This prayer made me say ” This is it, are you REALLY ready to receive him, after you say this, its final!” I’m shaking in my high heels!

      20. This is great God bless you for standing in the gap in this age .love you. Keep me in your prayers always for that one settlement in life.

      21. Amen.A beautiful and powerful prayer it is.

      22. Susan chilengwe says:

        Thank you for the wonderful prayer. I trust and believe that God has answered my prayer.. Amen.

      23. Excellent guide to prayer for my future spouse. Thank you for the this prayer!

      24. God still hasn’t answered my prayer regarding a girlfriend after 20 years of asking, begging and pleading. Maybe you should ask him to do the impossible and finally grant me this impossible request like he says he claims he can do, instead of depriving me like he always has done thru rejection after rejection. God doesn’t care; because no matter how many times I pray; he still hasn’t delivered and continue to challenge him to finally prove me wrong and provide.

        1. T, He cares very much, but He will not hear the prayer of those who love iniquity and sin. And based on your comments, it appears you seem to love yourself rather than God. Please see my other response to your comment. I recommend you forsake yourself, give your life completely to Jesus, and let Him change your life.
          God loves you very much. It is your choice whether you want to live rejected or accepted. Acceptance is only found in Christ Jesus, and you have to yield control of your entire life to Jesus, making Him your Lord, Boss, Master, and Savior, in order to find acceptance with God, forgiveness of sins, and eternal life.
          I pray you will do that today.

          1. Esther Chow says:

            Amen! and Amen! I believe and receive my God-ordained husband in Jesus’ name. Thank you for the wonderful prayers, Jamie, may the Lord bless you a hundredfold in return for the prayers. We bless you in Jesus’ mighty name!

      25. DEBBIE TUCKER says:


    2. Maria Dimba says:

      Thank you Jamie, I had already started my prayer so this will help me to fill the gap for things I never thought of. This prayer came right in time for me. God bless you and your family and keep you healthy for your unborn child. I thank you in Jesus name Amen

      1. Nambozo Diana says:

        I belive that aprayer with faith makes the impossibles,possibilities & iam very sure that my husband is around the corner.

    3. I sometimes feel like the Holy Spirit is speaking to me through u Jamie . I love all the prayers u send me and u repeat it daily even while I am driving . Thank u soo much . I am a divorcee and I am looking for a partner and praying too and that’s when I received your email about prayer to find a partner Jesus has kept for me and someone who loves Jesus . I keep waiting for your emails and I love every prayer and article u write .

      Thank u soo much

      God bless you and your family always



    4. Jolitta Pinkney says:

      Hi Jamie the prayer was amazing and Thank you sharing it. God Bless you

    5. I have the desire for a husband. It’s been on my mind for awhile. Honestly I thought about it this morning. Not long after i had a talk with the Lord, I checked my email and saw this post. I am so blown away right now. For me it’s confirmation that the Lord heard me and will answer my prayer.
      Thank You for allowing the Lord to lead you to reach out to us.
      God Bless

      1. same thing happened to me. 10 mins ago before I read this article, I had a strong desire of writing a letter to my future one everyeveryday. And I done that 🙂 Then, my friend sent me Jamie’s article, when I read it, I was shocked as lots of words she wrote were match what I wrote to my future husband! it was the holy spirit lead me to keep trust God and it’s in His control. also a confirmation that I am on the right track. thank you so much Jamie. I am very sure God will keep showing you His heart and desires for the nation! You are His special chosen one. Love you

        1. Joseph Kelleher says:

          Father,Jesus,l pray that l have found my wife but do not know her deepest feelings about me.l know she is not Roman Catholic and has commuted fornacation and has 2children by her ex-partner.l know she regrets it but what should about her and even went public on social media about how bad her ex-partner treated her so l know she is struggling.rearing her children and so that she desperately wants a man in her life.Today when I saw her I said hello my darling Kelly am l allowed to say that and she replied “say what you like”.l would like to know from any of your female readers does this mean she has strong feelings for me.She is a lovely woman and l feel very sorry for her and about her past.She has a very loving,giving,nature and do like her so muchand think about her a lot.Will we become one at some point.She has’nt been brought up in truly religious family and Jesus and the Father are just someone they have heard of whereas I was brought up in a very religous family.Can someone out there help with this situation.My website is [email protected].

          1. Hi there. The Bible says we are not to be unequally yoked. Has she given her life to Jesus Christ? Have you? If she has not, and you have, then she is not the woman for you. After that, only God can tell you if she is the right woman for you. But I would certainly take stock of her character before even considering it, if I were in your shoes.
            Thanks for reading.

          2. Thank you Jamie for this prayer praise the Lord that He May ask Father God to grant me the spouse I desire .
            I have been a widow a long time and now that my two children are grown and out of the home I long to have a spouse for me to take of and he take care of me.
            Amen and Amrn

    6. Thank you for this prayer – I so need it. Thank you Lord. In Jesus name. Amen

    7. Barbara Ramsey says:

      What a blessing coming across this prayer. I prayed it as I was reading it. I have full faith that my Father will bless and reconcile my marriage to my ex-husband. I claim it in Jesus Mighty Name.

    8. Thank you Jamie for the prayer.
      It was just what I needed.
      God bless you abundantly.

      1. Thank you. I pray that God reunite me with a men I met 3 years ago. We still talking but he said no feelings for me. I’m a single mother and need good, loving men, who put God first before us. In God I trust. Amen

    9. If only I could give you a BIG hug!!!! Thank you for this precise and power-filled prayer.

      1. Lord thank you for leading me to this post on marriage! I know you hear my desires! In Jesus name!

    10. Thank you Jamie for this amazing prayer and for everything else you impart into us. May God bless you 100 fold of everything you pour out!

    11. LaShaunda says:

      Hello Jamie. Thank you for the prayer, I’ve been with my future husband for almost 9 year now, and God wanted us to separate and also to stop having relation with one another, we both obeyed. It’s harder for him …and for me at times, but I will continue to trust God and His timing..

    12. Thank you for this prayer Jaime!! Some of these things I didn’t have the words to ask God for but they were in my heart.

      God Bless

    13. Yes indeed this was a wonderful and bless prayer. I decree and declare it and I will continue to pray it everyday along with my own personal one as well. To God be the glory. Amen

    14. Rufina Rodney says:

      Thank you for this prayer.. may God richely bless you..

    15. Jamie, I don’t know how we got connected, I don’t even remember how I got to your site! This prayer answers my prayers for a mate because I did not know how to ask God for one! This prayer of yours that I was guided to let’s me know my new husband and I are getting closer to meeting! I ask God for you to be blessed abundantly for posting this! Heartfelt thanks to God for placing you where I was searching for help and to you for this prayer…thank you Jesus in advance!

    16. Heavenly Father thank you in advance for the husband that is meant for me!
      What a Divine Blessing it is to have found this website!
      I wish everyone who reads this receives the desire of their hearts!

    17. Loretta N says:

      To God Almighty be all the glory ,forever and ever,Amen and Amen!!!

      1. Thank you for this wonderful prayers may God continue to bless you. I believe God will manifest soon in my life as finding the right partner in Jesus name Amen.

    18. Thank you Jamie for this. I believe my spouse is on her way. The prayer is really a good model. Thank you.

    19. This is beautiful , good sample prayers.God bless you.

    20. Thank you Jamie. I believe God has done it in Jesus’ Mighty name!

    21. Cassandra DiLeo says:

      Thank you very much for this prayer. It encouraged and strengthened me.

    22. Toshi S Togba says:

      I felt release when I read this prayer and I believe in the Lord and know that his blessings is on me.

    23. Daniel Rodger says:

      Thank you for this awesome prayer. God bless you.

    24. Dear, I loved your prayer and I have to admit that I am desperate to find a life mate I have been alone all my life and never figured out why it never worked with anyone i am so lonely and feel life is meaningless i need love that heels me and praises God, can i ask for your prayers because i just can’t pray properly recently and can’t connect with God, He may be talking to me but i am confused and lost.
      I thank you a lot i just need it

    25. Thank you. I needed this. I needed my faith to be restored. I recently was lift in a 6 year relationship (yesterday) and I felt lost. I felt afraid that I would not find the man that was right for me, to stay with me. Reading this, reading this has helpped me feel better. that I will find that spouse sooner then I think. I hope god hears, and knows my true disire.

    26. Katrina Pritchett says:

      God Bless you for this wonderful prayer. I’ve been waiting for a long time and I believe My mate is coming soon for me. Thanks again! I just love your pure prophetic ministry. It’s very refreshing and encouraging to my soul.

    27. I’m praying this every day. Please pray for me too, that God will bless me soon with the best man that He has for me. I’ve been praying for a husband for 12 years. I want God to choose because when I tried to choose myself before I made mistakes and was fooled. Please ask God to bring the man He has for me into my life, because I want to have children (in a few years I’ll be 40).
      God bless you.

    28. Blessing Isire says:

      This is an interesting work of God. Thank you so much and the Lord shall continually give you more wisdom and knowledge to do more. God bless

    29. Awesome. I will certainly use the sample prayer. Couldn’t have come at a better time. We thank God for using you to direct others how to pray using Gods promises.
      God bless you too.

    30. Lord Jesus thank you for granting my request. I shall celebrate the goodness of Jesus in my life this year 2018. Amen

      1. Chris Mabaso says:

        God bless you with your greatest heart’s desire as my own desires are fulfilled

    31. Timely prayer Jamie. God blesss u abundantly ohhhh. Chaiii, when i saw this prayer, i was like, you wrote this prayer for me. God bless you. I believe its my time to get my own spouse in JESUS’ name ohhh . Amen. Thanks lots.

    32. Daniel Onu Emmanuel says:

      Dear publisher of this website thank you so much,my name is Emmanuel from Nigeria I am a young man aged 37, seeking earnestly to marry a God fearing woman, who is calm and calculative in words and deeds. Please join me in the prayer

    33. Thank you so much about a prayer may he God bless you about this post

    34. This sample will certainly be my on daily routine to seek for a good husband thank u so much in advance

    35. Thanks and I believe in it

    36. Nwokocha Uchenna says:

      Thank you for the prayer it was really helpful

    37. Thank you so much for the detailed sample prayer. I prayed it, I felt it and I believe God will bless me with the desire to be married. I am waiting on my husband while seeking God and his kingdom.

      God bless. I’ll keep you posted.

    38. Such an awesome prayer. Thank you.

    39. Inspired by the prayer

    40. Be blessed! I thank God for what He is doing through you and I thank you for allowing God to live in and work through you! This prayer is just perfect because of how scripture – filled it is and it covers all the bases! I’m praying it every day! Thank you!

    41. Dear

      I want to thank you for the prayer above.I have been praying but this has filled the gaps i had in my prayer. I know am going to succeed and become a blessing

    42. Abade Magdalene says:

      I need my husband oh God ,thank you

    43. Amen , thank you and God continue to bless you and to make you a blessing IJN.

    44. best shoke says:

      i love this prayer,i have faith and believe that it is done for,and i give my testimony soon on this comment box,in jesus name Amen

    45. wonderful piece of prayer! it has come at a better time for me. be blessed.


    46. Thank you father for the gift of my husband. I am a widow and have been single for 14 year. Father in heaven I want to get married. Please kindly show me mercy and bless me with a good and loving man in Jesus Name. Amen

    47. Lord I am 38 year old young . I would request you to find me a Partner

    48. Wow! When I landed on your site and saw this prayer I cried, just what I have been praying for! Thank you for help with the perfect prayer to guide me pray for my future spouse and that God would heal, preserve and prepare us for each other even in our 50s?Thank you Abba Father for your faithfulness!

    49. Thanks God for directing me to this encouraging page. Thank you Jamie I BLESS YOU in Almighty Name Jesus Christ


    50. OLUCHI HOPE says:

      thank you so much for these few prayer points am blessed by it I see my husband coming my way already Amen

    51. Hi Jamie, this came at a right time for me. I have prayed for a godly wife for more than a decade but no avail. I thank God again that i found your article very interesting for praying for my rightful wife. I will be going to a Christian gathering this week and i have settle with my Father God that He’s going to give me a wife in the Lord. I strongly believe that it is done. I will share the testimony here by His grace. God is good.

    52. I Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sample pray & I thank the lord for his promise to me & others on this site..may they all be blessed with what they seek….I feel I’ll be blessed with a husband soon….thanks again Amen.,..

    53. Amorelle Granger says:

      Thank you for this prayer. The Holy Spirit directed me to this prayer because God knows this is exactly the prayer that I needed. My husband is on his way and any day soon he will walk into my life and I will realise why it never worked out with anyone else.Lord I thank you for my God ordained marriage. I am ready to say I DO!. To all of you who have commented here I want to challenge you for week to come daily to this site and choose a name of a person or persons and just call their names out to God and thank Him that …… (-whose ever name you choose) spouse is in route . I declare that divine encounters and before the month of July is many of us will have met the spouse we are praying and believing for. Receive your spouse today in Jesus name Amen.

    54. I accidentally landed on this site but again in God’s kingdom there are no accidents! Anyway let’s believe that God guided me to this site and oh how I thank you today for this sample prayer for a soulmate! My word to everyone is to have blind unreasonable faith. Faith that you nor any mere mortal could comprehend- but you are soaking wet with faith, and feel love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Chris above all things! Prayer for others to see a relationship with Jesus Christ. Prayer for others to be healed, be prosperous and blessed. Do this every day all day long! God heard you the first time so keep thanking HIM and glorify HIS holy name. We too one day soon we will have a testimony beyond anything we mere mortals can imagine! I declare in Jesus Holy name that we will continue to trust in your love that you may bless us with a spouse who we will recognize it’s your blessings though he/she does not have the “it” factor that we have foolishly pursued! Father God close my eyes and redirect us to abandon what is not worthy of our time and know without any conviction that you are never wrong! We thank you for our Boaz, and for others their Esther in the “most awesome name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ ! Amenoooooo! “

    55. Hi
      How you
      Hope u te ok
      Please I really need a wife …so help me ABBA father in his holy name..Amen ???

    56. This is a very helpful and thorough prayer and I so wish wholeheartedly that I’d prayed such a prayer before getting married. I got married last year at age 45 after spending 22 years single ( I broke off an unsuitable engagement aged 23) have been married almost a year to someone who I feel is a terrible fit for me and who it turns out is lukewarm in his walk with the Lord. We also have a very difficult situation regarding blending families and bitter ex etc. It is soooo important to pick the right person and really believe that God has the best for you. God bless you Jamie for this information and teaching. I hope that others can really use it and be blessed.

      1. I’m sorry that happened, AJ. But Father God can still work. He can heal your marriage and make it better than it ever was or ever could have been without His help. He is in the business of making all things new! Find a promise in the Bible for your healed, restored, awesome marriage, stand on it, and pray for your husband! You will see Father work!

        1. Thank you Jamie I will do that.

    57. Divinefavor says:

      I receive the blessing of this prayer in Jesus’ Name, AMENx4!!!! Thank you so much for this prayer!!!! God richly bless you.

    58. Oladipupo says:

      Thank u lord I know it settle tonight in Jesus name

    59. This is EXACTLY what I NEEDED TODAY! I have been experiencing hope deferred and I’ve gotten to the place where I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. This prayer was a blessing. Thank you!

    60. I got so tired of praying at some point. But this prayer brought back hope. Thank you very much as we wait on God.

    61. MARTHA AWUAH says:

      Thank you for the wonderful prayer. I know my long delay marriage is settle in Jesus Name. I pray that God will remember me. God hear my prayer

    62. MARTHA AWUAH says:


      Thank you for a wonderful prayer. I believe my long delay marriage is settle and restore in Jesus Name.

    63. Anyaghara Chinenye says:

      Very good prayer after this prayer I no God almighty has already hear my prayers AMEN God bless you.

    64. I love this post about finding a partner. This is exactly the prayer I need. Thanks for all the scriptures. I know will show up for me. I’m really bothered about not being married at this age. But with God, it’s never too late. I know He will make all things beautiful in it’s time. Thanks for the prayer. Father God, I thank You because You have already answered me. I love You Lord, I will trust you at all times.

    65. I am in a “relationship”…kind of?? I live in Missouri but he lives in my hometown of Carrollton, Texas. Please pray for me that he will be a strong, God-fearing man i need him to be. I am very much in love with him but he has a lot of things going on, as well as financial problems. A couple of weeks ago, he was telling me how much he loved m & couldn’t wait to see me, and now..i have no idea what he really wants! :'( Please pray that if he is not the one for me, he will let me know…
      Regardless, i will pray these prayers — as if he ISN’T the right one, i don’t need to waste anymore time in something that’s going nowhere fast…he also wants to live together before marriage, “to make sure we’re compatible”!
      Thanks to all of you and blessings to each of you! Your site is a true blessing and will be coming back for more!

      1. Hey Kimmi. If he wants to fornicate before marriage, he is not the man God has for you–or else it’s not the right time if his heart isn’t right with God yet. God wants you to be holy. “Without holiness no man shall see the Lord.” If a man is leading you into sin, or you choose sin to be with him, then that relationship is not from the Lord. Even if our hearts are really in it–Papa God has something better for you.
        Hugs and prayers. I pray you would wait for God’s best.

      2. Amen to that Jammie. This prayer is inspiring a lot. The day papa father God will answer me l will tell you children of God. I believe in him and trust him. Has performed so miracles in me except getting married but l trust in him in Jesus Christ name Amen

    66. Hi Jamie
      Thank you so much.
      This prayer is heavenly. It’s almost as though you read my mind/heart while writing it. I have really been blessed and touched by it, and I believed it will come true in my life.
      Again, thank you so much , i am more than grateful, and may the Lord our heavenly father bless you in all his riches.

    67. The prayer has stilled my heart and wiped away my tears.
      I thank God for equipping you with the right words and pray for more grace and anointing upon your life in the mighty name of Jesus.

    68. I love this prayer and I know my prayer has been answered. May God be with you always


    70. Francisca barnabas says:

      May God bless you for this prayer. I and my sisters have been believing God for a husband for a while. I was writing some prayer point for us before holy spirit led me to this site. I was amazed with the prayer.Instantly I know that God has answered my prayer before I even stated. am very sure that my husband and that of my sisters will show up any moment in Jesus name. May God bless you and household for giving me this prayer point.

    71. God bless you for leading me with such prayers. I have been asking God for a husband through prayers but after praying this ur strong words to God…..I’m so relieved. I thank you God for answering me even before I opened my mouth. Thank you holy spirit for leading me to this site. Shalom!

    72. I thank u God for this prayer. I believe I will meet my wife in earnest. My testimony is loading .
      Thank u God!!!

    73. Mary salini says:

      Please pray that my marriage should get fixed immediately this month only without any delay as I am waiting from long time IAM so upset n depressed feeling lonely IAM 32 age now many are hurting iam feeling ashamed to face people no happiness in my life. I want my life partner I can’t live this life alone.please pray for my marriage

    74. Amen. Thank you lord in advance for my marriage.

    75. Eunice wanjala says:

      Thank you very much for the powerful prayer, I have faith God will give me a husband. Amen

    76. Ayeobasan Deborah says:

      Thanks for this wonderful prayer points….. please help me in prayers too. my name is Deborah from Nigeria

    77. Many thanks for this wonderful prayer, I now believe that there is a wife for me somewhere, Dear Lord help us to locate ourselves soon in Jesus Name, Amen

    78. Thank you for this sample prayer. Got really emotional while praying for my future husband. And I believe God has heard my prayer. Remain blessed

    79. Wow, Am so relieved right now. Thank you so much for this powerful prayer and l sure promise to pray on that everyday and l know God will answer me

    80. Thank you so much for this sample prayer. May the lord truly bless you in all that you do!
      Again thank you.

    81. Hi Jaime, I thought I was content being single, after all I’ve been praying for years and years and years for a husband and he hasn’t shown up yet. Till recently I had was in company with a friend who I took interest in. The attraction I have caused me to seek God again for a husband which in turn lead me til your page as I was searching a Christian, godly perspective on how to get our what to pray to get married. Long story short, your blog encouraged me that my desire to marry can treat happen. You prayed EVERYTHING I needed to go to God in prayer concerning His Will for my desire of wanting to marry, so I thank you for putting this online for ask of is seeking a spouse. Thank you thank you thank you!!! May God continue to bless you and your husband and your family.

    82. Thank you so much for the sample prayer. I have been helped. May the Dear Lord continue to bless you. I am looking forward to a Godly spouse in Jesus Christ’s name.

    83. Thank you for this. I am in my sixties now and have been single for the past 20 plus years. I dread being single for the rest of my life so I hope God will answer my prayer and send me the right spouse to share the rest of my life.

    84. I really blessed with this prayer,and know God is at work concerning my own case to give me divine Godly husband in Jesus Name.

    85. Theresa Boadi says:

      thanks for the prayer. may God helps you in all your endurance. i pray i meet my right husband who is God fearing

    86. So greatfu, am overwelming now, hoping for my spouse to meeting together. Amen.

    87. Is good to know that we are not alone that God is alway there for us and all he does is for our good thanks a thousand times Lord

    88. ESNART CHIKHASU says:

      Thanks so much for such a powerful prayer. it is my prayer as well that God helps me in finding the right husband God gas in store for me. praise to GOD

      1. This is powerful. Thank you so much Jamie for this prayer

    89. Thank you for the prayers…I pray to meet my husband this year 2019 in Jesus name amen

    90. kundan kumar says:

      father provide Aastha Agrawal as my true love and life partner.Bring her into the faith.join us together in heart,soul and mind. ijnip. amen.

    91. Thank you for the wonderful prayer! I pray this year will be my year. I will write down this prayer in my dairy and pray with it every night before bed time… I pray that the Good Lord will grant those of us that are waiting our heart desires, this year will not pass us by in the mighty name of JESUS (amen). I will come back to this site and give my testimony. Thanks Jamie ,may the Good Lord strengthen you and your household in Jesus mighty name (amen).

    92. I been praying f or a spouse and i am believing.iin Jesus sweet name God going to do it i receive i Amen

    93. Amen Jamie. You’ve said it all, God bless you.

    94. My name is Daniel. I thank God for blessing me with a perfect spouse that I desire. All I want from God now is a financial breakthrough and a miracle marriage.. And I promise to serve him for the rest of my life.. I believe my blessing is so close. And my testimony is sure in Jesus name. Amen.

    95. Pandora Paige says:

      Thank God for this beautiful prayer it help me alot be blessed. To God Be the Glory!!!! For He Has Done Great Things. Amen

    96. Amen and Amen .finally my husband will be delivered to me.Thank you lord.I give you the glory..

    97. mitch jenkins says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this! I have been a widower for the past 5 years, and I so desire a new wife to share my life with. I am going to pray this prayer until God answers it! AMEN!

    98. Thank you for this prayer. And advance thank you Lord Jesus. I lift up my hands to you. And I trust you Lord that you give me the right man for me… I’m excited to meet him. Please guide us lord the right path. Thank you Jesus 🙏🙏🙏

    99. I thank you for leading me through this prayer. May God answer me speedily together with your faith, Amen.

    100. thank you for the prayer. i really pray that God will answer my prayer and give me a loving husband. please remember me in your prayers. i have been praying for a husband for very many years and i am almost giving up. Most of my friends got married many years ago . I feel very depressed and sorry for myself . i do not know what to do.

      1. Hi CN, I feel the same way too. Everyday I wake up and wonder where my Husband is. May The good lord answer our prayers.

    101. Amen. I know God will grant all this prayers and even the one’s we did not pray for. May God hasten my husbands steps to locate me. God please bless me with a man that would love me and cherish me and be everything that i have prayed for. Amen.

    102. Thank you for the awesome prayer. God bless you.

    103. Thank you very much for the beautiful prayer. May God bless you abundantly

    104. Mary salini says:

      Please pray that my marriage should get fixed immediately, iam 33 near now, losing all my hopes, many hurdles in my marriage, from long time iam waiting, I saw only failure and struggles in my life, my family upset on me , please pray for my marriage fixation

    105. Mary salini says:

      Please pray that my marriage should get fixed immediately, I am near 33 now, from long time I am waiting for my marriage, still my marriage not fixed, facing hurdles, don’t know what to do, feeling very lonely and helpless, iam crying like anything, please pray for my marriage fixation.

    106. I am grateful for the love of Jesus in this lonely time. He is not only my Savior, but also is my best friend and comforter. Waiting for God to send my future husband. Thank you, Lord for love.

    107. I am so glad I came across this prayer. I am from Uganda and I am believing that God is answering my prayer now. God is so good. Bless you all.

    108. Thank You in Advance Jesus and Father God for my Future husband; May he be a child of God a Christopher and May he pray and worship with me.

    109. Thank you so much. I’m glad I read and prayed the prayers. I believe in my heart that all my desires have been granted. May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you strong as you do His works. Amen

    110. Thanks so much for sharing this great prayers. I really appreciate.

    111. This prayer is a blessing. I believe God is preparing me to receive what I have been longing for and praying about, he has been doing some amazing great works in my life Thank you God for all you done and for sending Jamie with these life changing prayers. The Prayer for unjust situations is what first caught my attention and it’s working.

    112. Twyla sparks says:

      Thank you for this prayer for a spouse! God is faithful to His word! I look forward to the manifestation of His word.

    113. Nailah Taylor says:

      I truly thank you for your samples of prayers. They are truly a blessing for me and others as well. May God continue to use you and bless your ministry. IJN, Amen 🙏🏽

    114. Sandie Whitmore says:

      Thank you for this prayer. Lord you know my heart and you know I so desire to have a spouse. Thank you in advance for the answered prayer.


    115. I’m Sam. What a beautiful prayer. I joined this group in the middle of twenty-sixteen because of Jamie’s words of inspiration. I believe my wife is here. And together we shall honour the Lord and we are meeting soon. It won’t be long.

    116. I appreciate this simple prayers. It will help me alot and i believe my time is now. God bless us all.Amen

    117. Thank you for your beautiful prayer. I believe that the words I spoke out are being heard and that God will have something special for me. God bless you and everyone who comes on your blog. Amen

    118. Brittany Janae’ says:

      I prayed the prayer in deep sincerity. Even though I don’t cross every T & dot my I’s, I do desire to walk uprightly before God. I’m not perfect at all & I have things I struggle with. However, I believe that God knows the very desire of my heart & that this prayer was not said in vain. I believe the words that I spoke in prayer & I also pray that God helps me to be more dedicated & to be more like him.

      1. l bless the lord for this prayer.l have prayed and believe in the power of God to perform wonders. His love endures for everc

    119. Elizabeth says:

      God bless you for this prayer sis.

    120. Peace okwara says:

      Thanks a lot for the prayers. I met someone few weeks ago and after a lot of conversations he told me he likes me and I like him too however we both wouldn’t want to go into a wrong relationship which is not God’s will so he asked me to pray about it am still praying and he is praying too. so how do I know that he is the one?cos I really want to be with him. I will make this prayers with all sincerity.

      1. Make sure your desire to be with each other is not from the list of the flesh…if u both excersize the fruit of the Spirit it will work and He must be the head of the relationship leading spiritually (how is his knowledge of the Word compared to yours)and u are the support pillar, when he is weak u must be strong and visa versa . Ask confirmation from God in scripture.

    121. Hello and good day to you. I hope you are well. Thank you for this beautiful prayer. I love it. You said everything that was on my heart. I truly believe God led me to your prayer and I look forward to meeting my husband. I will come back to let you know that I met him and again to let you know our wedding date. Praise God I’m getting married, in Jesus name Amen!
      God bless all you my brothers and sisters. I am praying in agreement with you for your spouses. Get ready, God is gonna blow your mind!


    123. Redchel Vivian says:

      Praise God All
      I Really thank you for the beautiful Prayer you have given out , when l was taking this prayer my heart was happy and joyed You mentioned exactly what was inside my heart . l have faith ,hope ,trust and believe that God led me through your prayer and l look forward waiting for my future spouse the one God prepared for me . this not my first or last l will tell a testimony to you that l have got my spouse and getting married soon because of prayers united . Praise and Glory be to God Amen .
      THANK so much for having given me wonderful prayer

    124. Thank you for this prayer! A prophetic woman of God prayed for me last year that God would send the His dream husband for me now and not 5 years from now. I am 64 and all my kids are raised. I had a prophetic dream where I a met a nice man. He was standing at a doorway and
      knew that he was going to marry me.
      The Lord told me He was here and to be ready. I prayed this prayer tonight and am in expectation of being in the right place at the right time for my husband!
      Bless you! Kim

    125. Kim Lockett says:

      First I would like to thank God and thank you Jamie for those right on time prayers. I met a Pastor who is the man of my dreams and he is talking marriage. He first laid eyes on me in a picture. His niece took a picture of me and showed him. I had been praying 2 years for a spouse and I had detail character traits and the Lord honored each one. I am 61 and he is 65 and we truly act like teenagers in love. We both know the Lord put us together for such a time as this. Being both widows we were deprived of affection and love. Everyone pray those prayers Jamie have with specifics on what kind of a spouse you want. The Lord gives us the desires of our heart if it goes with His will!

      1. Aanuoluwapo says:

        Thank you so much for this ample prayer. God bless you

    126. Thanks for this beautiful prayer. God Almighty bless you more in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen

    127. Pastor Stella Maoto says:

      Hello there, i`m really grateful of what God is doing in your life, by being the support and encouragement in my life. The prayer is too powerful and i believe that my husband will locate me and it is done. And will continue to pray it and everyday will make sure i declare it in the realm of the Spirit..i`m rest assured of prophetic acceleration of my marriage this year and speed and nothing will stand before me in Jesus NAME…Amen

    128. chinwendu says:

      Thanks for the prayer..May God bless every singles in search of their life partner in Jesus Almighty. AMEN

    129. Charlene Hushie says:

      I have just prayed to get a husband.

      1. I am praying too for the husband I desire.

    130. dawn gibson says:

      MY GOD. That was powerful and direct. This prayer made me say ” This is it, are you REALLY ready to receive him, after you say this, its final!” I’m shaking in my high heels!

    131. Angie Tocher says:

      Dear Jamie,
      Thank you for this Prayer, I have been alone for 5 years following my divorce, I have been so afraid and feeling that I am not worthy of a second chance at love, my ex has moved on and is so happy, why has it been the total opposite for me, I know better than to think that God does not want me to be happy or find my soul mate and true love but I am lacking faith and hope right now .
      Thank you so much for all you do.
      Warm regards

      1. Dear Jaime
        I too am battling with being alone and praying for a God fearing husband but I still have Faith that the Lord will bring him to me.
        I am waiting and praying………….
        Thank You for your Prayer; it’s very comforting.

    132. These are powerful prayer points.
      Thanks so much.
      God bless you

    133. Dear Lord, I have no time and I suffer from loneliness. come and touch my life and bless my soul with GOD fearing husband. Amen and Amen

    134. Precious Chioma says:

      Thank you so much woman of God! I’m a beautiful, godly and hardworking Nigerian lady who has been believing God for an amazing husband for many years now. I can say that since i got born again and for 9 years now i have not slept with any man because I’m keeping my body for my husband. I have had two failed relationship based on this ground simply because i refused to sleep with them but i know that God never fails and won’t give up hope. I’m 37 and this is my set time for an extraordinary marital settlement and wedding that cannot be explained! I strongly believe 2020 is my year. I am fasting today and praying for a husband when I stumbled on this page. Thank you woman of God. Thank you Jesus 🙏🙏

    135. Alfio Catania says:

      It is just Beautiful.

      Thank you.

    136. May almighty heal you Kenneth andrew i hate being single too …

    137. I am blessed with these prayers and I hope to return with my testimony soonest…
      Thank you and God bless you greatly…

    138. Thank You Soo much Jamie. I really needed to pray for a spouse but I lacked the right words to pray with until I stumbled on ur page. God bless you more with so much insight and wisdom. More Grace to you.

    139. Edetanlen Peace says:

      Thank u for this prayer…I believe God has answered my prayers already….Pls put me in your prayers for a God sent husband

    140. Thank you for this prayer.
      I know that God is going to help me to meet the right man for me.

    141. Uplifting prayer and pray he gives me a life partner

    142. Vanessa Williams says:

      Thank you for posting this prayer. I believe the set time for me is now, according to God’s word in Psalm 102. I’m thanking God in advance for my husband that he has already hand picked for me. I know it’s a man with a heart after God. Thank you for those that are in agreement with me for we know there is power in agreement. I will give my testimony once my husband and I are connected, for a man that finds a wife, finds a good thing. Even in this season of a pandemic, I believe God will release that man of God, my future husband and we will become one.
      I also believe and stand in the gap for my daughter, that God will put her in a place where her husband will find her. His word says it’s not good to be alone, and a three fold cord is not easily broken., that he will give us us hearts desires and we delight in him. I’m standing on God’s promises.
      God bless you and thank you for your heart to pray for singles.

    143. This is a very powerful prayer and it’s contents is what I want to communicate to the Lord…I pray this prayer to God for my earthly husband…thank you so much…the words in this prayer have life!

    144. Thank you so much for sharing this prayer

    145. Thanks for the prayer guide,I sometimes feel it won’t happened because of the situation around but thank you for the encouragement

    146. IKECHUKWU AKAGHA says:

      A very good prayer with inspirations.

    147. It was actually great and touching dear. Working in line with my own prayers. I think right now what I need to work on is how to make myself prepared for my future husband also how to be at right place and time to make things happen. I’m black wish he be white.

    148. Praying God for connecting with my helper wife

    149. Jeremy Neal says:

      I know this will help me in me relationship with GOD and the wife GOD have for me. Thank You! GOD, JESUS CHRIST, and the HOLY SPIRIT!!!…

    150. Kasangaki Alfred says:

      Amen! Thank you. I have prayed and now I am waiting for my wife according to God’s word.

    151. Maria Gekondo says:

      Thank you such a powerful prayer…lord Father your timing is the best i believe you have already answered me in Jesus name i claim my husband in spirit and fresh.

    152. Maria Gekondo says:

      Ameen in Jesus name

    153. I’m sorry but after 9 years nothing has changed and I am still single. I desire a wife and I have asked God so many times and He knows my heart but He is not moving or making it happen so I’m very, very disappointed in Him. I expected better and I am really tired of waiting plus also getting put in the friend zone by women.

      1. Hi Chris! The question that comes to mind that I have for you is: What are you doing to become the man that the woman you would want to marry would want? I encourage you to make a list of the characteristics of the type of woman you would want in a wife. Then, make a separate list of the type of man SHE, the woman you have described, would want to marry.
        Then compare yourself to the second list and get to work if you see discrepancies.
        Also, remember that without faith it is impossible to please God. If you get all into self-pity, which it sounds like you are based on your comments, then nothing will happen for you. Get up and get back into the faith walk! Strengthen yourself in the Lord and fire up your zeal for God again! Speak His Word out over yourself and your situations whether you feel like it or not. Feelings are irrelevant in getting breakthrough. Only faith matters, and faith is a choice.

    154. Victor Francis says:

      I really enjoy this prayer points in request of a partner
      I really need a wife of my own…which God Has for me
      Have been hearing same message from different prophets of God,how my wife looks like.which even me i don’t know

      I do pray to God to make speed up the process for us seing eachother at the best convenience time and place which God has for me
      This what have been praying for.God help me

    155. I’d like for god to bless me with a girlfriend and break up any girl that I like whose with someone loser faker boyfriend who doesn’t deserve the girl; so that they like me no matter what and can no longer reject me. I want god to prove to me he can actually provide a girlfriend; instead of girls who always reject me for a loser. I want god to make them realize I’m a good quality guy whose worth taking a chance over the fake losers. I want god to break up any girl I like from those fakers; so they can rightfully be with a real guy like me. Thanks.

      1. Hi T,
        Let me ask you this: The attitude you display in this comment (putting other people down, calling them names, being willing to manipulate people and hurt them so you get your own way) is extremely ungodly and hateful, not to mention unrealistic. (Calling yourself a “real guy” and calling other people losers, while you demonstrate the character traits listed above.) Wouldn’t it be better to ask the Lord to change your heart so that you can stop displaying these horrible character attributes, and start becoming like Jesus instead?

        I can hear that you are hurting, but you’re going about trying to find a solution the wrong way. Hurting other people, manipulating them, and calling them names is not a solution. The solution is giving your life to Jesus Christ, abandoning your sin, and seeking to know God, to love Him, and to become like Him.
        When you become like Jesus, you won’t be able to keep the right woman away.

        God loves you very much and wants you to be His child. He will never reject you if you give your life to Him fully, but you will live rejected all the days of your life unless you forsake your sins, confess your sins to Jesus, and ask Him to save you, forgive your sins, and make you a new creation. He will do that if you ask Him. All you have to do is give your life to Him and ask Him to help you. You can read more about that here if you want to.

    156. Nsang Rudolf Nchanji says:

      Thank you so much for the opportunity to pray to find my future wife.
      It was the very first intentional prayer attempt I ever made intentionally while in search for a wife. I liked the prayer so much due to the sincerity, faith and hope it ejects.
      Thank you.

    157. Morning Nkepe says:

      Thank you for this sample prayer. i am struggling to find a wife and i am hopeful that its time to find one through this prayer. May God reveal to me my wife. God bless your days

    158. Thank you God and Jamie for this prayer for my future husband. I know in my spirit and heart we will be connected soon in the name of Jesus. I will testify to glorify your name Father thank you 🙌🏾🙏🏾💍😭

    159. In JESUS name amen 🙏🏾☺.

    160. Kayondo James says:

      Dear sister in the Lord Jesus.
      I humbly take this opportunity to thank the almighty God, for using you to make a good prayer
      God bless you abundantly in Jesus mighty name Amen.

    161. Thank you 🙏.I believe that’s it’s done !

    162. I receive my God ordained husband in Jesus name. I also declare the same for those who are waiting on the Lord!

      1. I’m rest assured my wife is on the way and being under the divine authorization of heaven.
        Thank you sister

    163. I wish to get a godly husband and the wait has been too long and am tired and lonely, please in God’s name pray for me🙏

      1. I too am lonely and tired and I am waiting for God to send me a Husband.
        Please pray fir me.

    164. Taniqua Burns says:


      Thank you dear God,

      I am confident in your word, you are a miracle working.

      Please work miracles in my life.

      2023 will be a great, divine year for me and my family. 2023 will be filled with blessing, peace, and much love.

      I’m Jesus name, amen 🙏🏾

    165. Amen, thank you Father, You have done it. More grace unto you ma’am.

    166. Thank you God for my marriage and husband that your blessing me with this year 2023 🙏🏾🙌🏾💍❤️. Thank you Jamie for this word and marriage prayer.

    167. Racheal Chege says:


      I will come back with a testimony of the greatness of God to my heart desires.

    168. Amen 🙏 thank you for this magnificent prayer I feel the touch and all thanks be to God for hearing and answering them all.

    169. Amen, seeking and asking God for direction, in the future is such a joy…

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