When You’re Frustrated With God

What do you do when you’re frustrated with God?

I don’t have all the answers on this, but I do want to share some thoughts about this today.

Yesterday was a frustrating day for me, and I ended it feeling very frustrated with God.

I’m still there today, honestly. That doesn’t mean I’m backsliding or in doubt and unbelief; I’m working through it using faith, belief, prayer, and worship as my tools. But, I’m still frustrated.

Sometimes we get frustrated with God.

It just happens, and pretending it doesn’t is unrealistic. But how do we handle it? That’s what’s important.

I spent the last two days helping the student pastor that our ministry is blessing hunt for her new car.

(For those of you who don’t know, or who read this later, the precious people in this blog community pitched in last week to donate the money for a vehicle for a local student pastor who needed one. Between donations for this project (which have continued to come in) plus money we allocated from the ministry for this purpose, we have raised over $11,000. THANK YOU, LORD.)

We drove to Atlanta and looked at multiple cars.

The first day, in the evening, one of them we found seemed perfect, but we couldn’t find a car garage to inspect it that night. So, we had to go back the next day. That was 7 hours of driving the first day, to not be able to bring a car home.

Then, yesterday, we drove down to Atlanta again.

I left my house at 6 AM, (with the baby in tow, mind you), and were at the car lot when it opened at 10 AM. We took the car to a garage to be inspected. We were so excited!

But, the car didn’t check out. It’s a really good thing we had it inspected, because the inspection revealed that the car had been flooded. It had sand, silt, and pine needles shoved into the underneath-parts of the car, in the undercarriage, and even under parts in the interior. The CarFax report was clean; no accidents, no damage–but the mechanic said it was so bad that it should have had a salvage title! We couldn’t see any of those things until the car got up on the lift; it looked like a perfect car. But, no. 

(And of course, we were thankful to God for delivering us from it; but, read on …) 🙂

After that disappointing result yesterday, we tried other cars.

Nothing. Finally, at the end of the day, we located another one that we were so excited about. I even went to the bank to get cashier’s checks (otherwise the bank would have closed) while we had the car inspected. 

But, again, no. That car–which looked nearly perfect, mind you, and drove like a dream–had an oil leak in the engine plus other mechanical problems. It needed $2,200 worth of repairs! And, it was already at the very top of our budget!

So, no. That one didn’t pan out either. We left with no car. And the pastor was okay with it; she made the decision. But honestly, I was frustrated.

I was frustrated with God, not with people.

We’ve all been praying. We prayed again before we started looking for cars. And God is so big, and so powerful. He knows everything:

  • He knows exactly where that student pastor’s car is that she needs.
  • It’s going to be the perfect car for her.
  • It’s going to run great, be safe, and look good.
  • It’s going to have all the options she asked God for.

That car is out there, somewhere. So why didn’t God take us to it?

I don’t know, but I asked myself a lot of questions. I second-guessed myself and God on the way home yesterday.

A lot.

These are the things I asked myself/God:

  • Is “The Car” in another city? (We were in Atlanta, Georgia.) Did we make a mistake in going to Atlanta? Should we have gone somewhere else instead?
  • Is it in a higher price range? Do we need to try and raise more money? Are all the cars in our current price range going to have mechanical problems?
  • Are we looking for the wrong makes/models of cars?
  • Do we need to look for an older car? (We were already looking at cars that were from 2-9 years old, so I hope not; but you never know.)
  • Is “The Car” not on the market yet?
  • Is it not time yet?

I ruminated on all of these things, and I prayed about them. But, I felt zero answer from God. Zip. Zilch. Nada. The only thing I felt from God–and I only “felt” this; I didn’t “hear” it–was to wait and see what He would do.

And “wait and see” is a frustrating answer.

The thing is that God always has a reason. We just can’t see it.

He always works things out for our good. As an example, yesterday, during the flooded-car fiasco, someone messaged me and said they wanted to help out a little more with the car purchase if we needed it. They wanted to bless this pastor some more.

So, right in the middle of hearing the bad news about this car that she had been SO excited about, I also got to share with her that someone wanted to bless her more and maybe it would help her get a nicer car in the long run. Father did that. How sweet is that?

In the evening, with the second car we thought we were purchasing, as well as the first, God DID answer prayer. We’ve been praying for Him to send us into contact with the right car, and to deliver us from all the wrong cars. So He DID deliver us from this car that needed $2,200 worth of repairs–money we didn’t have. THANK YOU, ABBA, for Your deliverance!

But He still didn’t send us into contact with the “right car.” And I don’t understand why. When I’ve needed to buy a car personally before, we just prayed and went right to it. But, that didn’t happen yesterday.

My point is this: Sometimes we get frustrated with God.

We get frustrated:

  • Because we don’t understand why He allows what He allows;
  • Because we don’t understand why He does what He does sometimes;
  • Because we don’t understand why He doesn’t do what we want Him to, the way we want Him to do it;
  • Because we don’t understand why He doesn’t answer the way we want Him to, all the time;
  • And probably for a lot of other reasons.

We get frustrated with the unknowns sometimes. (At least, I do. But I don’t think I’m the only one.)

We also get frustrated with delays.

This very morning, I’ve been frustrated with God because I haven’t been able to find reliable office-type help with this ministry and blog, and I need help badly. I know He will provide help at some point, but I don’t know when. I’ve been praying for it a long time, too.

But at the end of the day, what do we do with our frustration? That’s what matters.

God is a compassionate God. He fully understands our frustrations. He knows that we like to have all our “i”s dotted and our “t”s crossed. He knows we like to have everything nailed down on all four sides. He knows that we like to be, well, in control.

If we can.

Because “being in control” and having the answers means we don’t have to TRUST.


There’s that word that’s so hard: TRUST.

Heaven knows I’ve had to trust God before; but when you’re being squeezed, it’s hard to remember the lessons you’ve learned sometimes. Is anybody else with me on that?

Because here’s the test:

  • Will we pray, believe, work, and pursue even if it’s hard?
  • Will we press in even if things don’t come easy?
  • Will we take our frustrations to God and CHOOSE, choose, choosechoosechoosechooseCHOOSSSSECHOOSE to believe that He will perfect those things that concern us? 
  • Will we choose to believe that He’s got it all under control in His hands and that He knows what’s best for us?
  • Will we choose to believe and know that He knows what we don’t? And that ALL THINGS work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose? 
  • Will we choose to believe God and trust His timing, trust that His plan is perfect, trust that He will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus?

Or will we doubt and whine?

I’m not doubting and I’m not whining right now; I’m just sharing my very real experience today because I believe it’s going to challenge and hopefully encourage somebody else. But I have definitely been tempted to whine and complain; I’ll tell you that right now. I don’t understand why God didn’t immediately and breezily answer our prayers.

But He knows. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. Because, ultimately, our God WILL do what He said He would do. He is not a man, that He should lie. And just because He doesn’t act on OUR timing, OUR wishes, and OUR _______ doesn’t mean a blessed thing.

Except that we need to continue trusting, knowing that His plan is perfect.

Are you frustrated with God today? If so, you have two choices:

A) Doubt and whine; or

B) Believe, worship, praise, and pray … whether you understand or not, and whether you like the circumstances or not.

You and I have the same two options. I’m choosing to believe and trust. I’m choosing to work through the frustration using tools of righteousness.

The frustration is still there, honestly; but I’m determined to get through it and not be dominated by it. I believe that God is going to finish this miracle for this pastor, and I know that, when He does–in His time, His way, and His vehicle–we’re all going to stand around and laugh with joy.

As a precious friend told me yesterday, when talking about this car, “Those who sow in tears will reap in joy.”

God has something up His sleeve that we haven’t seen yet.

And He has something up His sleeve for YOU, in YOUR situation, that eye has not seen and ear has not heard about, too.

Believe it. Receive it. Pray for whatever it is that God knows about that you don’t know about yet. And keep trusting that He will perfect those things that concern you …

… In His own way …

… And in His own time.



Is the Lord talking to you about a situation about which you’re frustrated as well? If so, please share what Papa is telling you in the comments below!


  1. Angela Harshman says:

    What a blessing that the Lord provided for a car for that pastor, and also delivered you both from choosing a car that would have cost more in the long run! My hubby and I have no money for a car right now, but we are believing the Lord for the money to buy one. Last winter was a very rough one without a car! We are believing by the start of winter this year God will have provided for us.

  2. This is so good Jamie. My husband and I walked through this about two months ago and are currently walking through again. Funny enough, the first time was with a car. We heard the Lord say to give away our car and so we did. Obviously, we expected the Lord to instantly give us another car for being so obedient but boy did He have some heart shaping work He had to do in us to learn how to really trust Him fully. We looked and prayed and there was nothing. We kept hearing Him say those same words, “just wait”. To be honest, I hated to hear those words – we wanted answers NOW. But when we truly let go of all expectations, plans, and ideas, God delivered in a way that was even better…THREE months later. The last year God has been doing this in our lives constantly. We want the promises to be delivered NOW when He keeps saying, “just wait”. You just never know what He’s doing to bring forth that promise! And it’s always better than we could have imagined.

  3. Mia Grant says:

    Oooooooo how I needed this. Yesterday was a very frustrating day for me as well. I got in a funk that took me more then half the day to get out of. Simply because of battle fatigue. Tired of the wait and the mundane. But last night I gave it to God, I let go of the frustration and relaxed. There is always breakdown before breakthrough. My frustration was my breakdown. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and standing. God is faithful and God didn’t bring me this far to leave me. I will see what God said. My morning devotion was Isaiah 26:3-4. Very timely.. Have a great day Jamie, that car is just around the corner. 🤗

  4. Jamie!
    This past weekend and , actually….up until yesterday. I was completely frustrated and I vented to Father on my way to work yesterday. You know my situation with my son and the program. After he left it and all the naysayers came out of the woodwork informing me that my son has not changed and that I should do this and that and stop hiding behind God….saying he will take care of it and do something myself, I struggled with even how to answer them. But I did not doubt that it was all going somewhere good. God was working something in me and my son…. I am already amazed by it and your word about heavenly downloads yesterday kept me focused and though I can’t give details…. I was able to share something with him that he needed to know. Something I kept to myself all these years because it is a new season in our lives. We are a “want it now” people but patience works deeper, lasting character traits that make God smile….

  5. Chestener says:

    I have to get in this line. My daughter needs to have repairs to her car, my only access to a car. Last winter the right ball joint failed in the curve of a In n Out burger! The Lord provided for a gentleman there to repair it in the parking lot however having it checked out later well… the front end needs repair. I have prayed for the finances to repair it since that time. I have also added a request for a car of my own. Frustrating for sure ! as I live where a car is needed to get any and everywhere. My daughter has been looking for position since graduating college….for some time…not months either. It is beyond frustrating for her and I get frustrated for her. We pray and will continue and trust He is working ALL things together . Yet the frustration of it brings us to our knees….* best place* . I will pray for everyone who has commented, the car situation for the pastor and for you also Jamie. Will you all keep myself and my daughter in prayer also. May we share our stories of praise to our Lord for His blessing of protection and provision !!!!

  6. Sonja R Campbell says:

    Amen and well said. Hearing all these other stories of people going through simular obedience and wait on deliverance is encouraging. Also, all the times you have spoken about “extra” surprises you hadn’t counted on are keeping me steadfast. I do feel like the camel going through the eye of the needle and that needle is straining off all my baggage and even lint hair. Ouch, but press on. I keep thinking just my tail is left to go through and still find myself before the hump. [ I know this image is for rich people entering the kingdom, but it also seemed like a good purifying picture of what His radical love carries out. We have to let Him take off all the extra and just present ourselves for His holiness.] Take up our cross and follow Him, the hole/eye is small ,but mighty in power when we are pulled through by His grace.

  7. I’m struggling with a situation at this time that is leaving me feeling weak and shaky. I’m having panic attacks and nightmares and I feel awful. Thank you for the reminder that I need to give up control and trust God. God bless you.

  8. I’ve been praying, praising and worshiping God for the last 10 years for the return of our land, ( we were financially abused by no fault of our own due to embezzlement from a second party) very looong story, it’s been a very loooong and tiring time , but I’m still waiting and believing for a release of that land .. thank you Jamie for reinforcing that reminder.

  9. I have frustrated too! Deep down I know this loooong wait is for a reason but man I get tired and and think this is long enough! You gotta do something! But nothing yet… only listening to all of these wonderful prophetic words about increase and a new season and promises being fulfilled! God knows I need all the encouragement I can get lately and thank you Jamie for yours as well. I love reading what you have to say 💜

  10. Im Pastor Agnes from South Africa,a small rural town in the western cape. Reading your story &the others,encouraged me not to give up on the Calling from God. We working with Under priviledge children (sharing a meal &the Word of God) We are really in need of funds for the year to at least give a meal to 1000 children every Friday per week . We are pastoring a small local church. Please pray for us for God to help us reaching out to more children &households.
    [email protected]
    Pastor Agnes Banda
    South Africa

  11. I need a car also. Mine has needed repairs for a year and has just been sitting. Its a 1993 so I need a new one or something. Ive been having to borrow a car to get to work. But Papa has been using this time to teach me alot. I wasnt one to sit still for very long so other than work, I havent been going anywhere. But Papa has used this time to get me healed in some places in my soul so I can prosper ” even as my soul prospers”. Even though its been frustrating. I wouldnt trade this time with Him for anything.
    I sowed into this pastors car. I was wondering if the first car you originally choose was a sound car. Is that one still available?
    Maybe that was the car she was suppose to buy?
    Prayers for us all!

    1. Hi Karen, I’m glad you’re hanging in there. The first car was flooded, so no, not a sound car. It was pretty, but not good mechanically!

  12. I am encouraged. I have been writing IELTS since the beginning of last year for my migration to Australia. The reading module was always giving me Band 5.5 whilst i got higher scores in the other modules. At the fourth time God answered and i got Band 6. We proceeded with the Skill assessment , though difficult , the result came out positive. Proceeding with the process, we realised they had increased the band score so I needed a higher Band score, at least Band 7 in all the modules to meet the points requirement. So i had to write IELTS again for the fifth time. I learned, prayed, praised , trusted God. I didnt want to spend money again on the exam but yet still, Daddy didnt come through. I have been thinking why will God give me a possitive asssessment and then not help to pass. I just remembered to check my emails and i saw this. Thank you Holy Spirit. God bless you Jamie. I am really blessed.

  13. Hi Jamie,
    This word def for Mike and I. Big battles against us. We are homeless, jobless, cashless or moneyless but not Godless! We need animal friendly place but whatever we try and do…no go…time is running out! We are BEYOND FRUSTRATED WITH GOD…and need prayer and turnaround.

  14. Heather bly says:

    Thank you for that story, I’m in a storm and it can get frustrating when waiting on God. I needed to hear that story. I’ll be praying for that pastor and please keep us updated about his miracle. God bless you

  15. Timely word
    Timely support
    I am living in Arizona away from friends and family , sharing a house with a business friend, who is going back to Washington (where I lived and sold my house a year ago)
    I can’t afford to , nor do I even know if I qualify to take over the lease, due to lack of income , so I have to find a housemate or another place to live in a few weeks. I’m 84 and God has promised to restore my youth, but I find myself in lots of tears not knowing if Papa is going to come through
    Anyone know of someone wanting to share a house in Chandler. It’s very nice

  16. Amazing how these things come in the perfect timing to reassure what God has previously said…..and of course I relate to the same questions and feeling when being frustrated. But just like you dear Jamie I CHOOSE to TRUST and BELIEVE!!


  17. Paula Gamble says:

    Thank you for sharing your story!! My daughter is dealing with a child custody case with a dad that does drugs, sells drugs, has numerous jail cases, etc., etc. Yes, she didn’t make the wisest choices in men, but she has raised my 11 year old granddaughter, along with some of my help. And people have nothing but great things to say about her. We are working with a guardian ad litem through the court system that got off on the wrong foot with my daughter, so she, in every way, supports the dad, regardless of what we say. While we have tried to work with him, and things have gone fairly well the last few weeks, this last week, my daughter said he looked high from drugs, and she didn’t want him to take her. He blew up, and now the guardian believes him, and his therapist, and wants to give him MORE time with her. It seems he just keeps winning this battle and the courts just shoot down my daughter and anything she has to say. I have been praying along with some friends, for things to go well every time, because we want the very best for her, but each time in court, the guardian tells some hair brain story that is far from accurate, so he keeps winning. I know God is in control and wants the best for my granddaughter, but every time, it seems like another gut punch!! My daughter struggles with depression, and that is another concern each time something comes up. I have to trust God has a better plan, but the waiting is a struggle for me too. We are at the one year mark in court, and we are both truly frustrated!! But as you said, I will keep praying, trusting, and knowing that God has a plan for my granddaughter, He just hasn’t revealed it to us yet!! Thanks again for sharing your story; sometimes it helps just knowing we aren’t the only ones frustrated!! I know God is good!!!

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