Notes from the Trenches: Ministry Update through April

Hey everybody,

I get wrecked every time I think about what the Lord has done and how He uses all of us in this community. Today, I wanted to encourage your heart and show you some of the amazing FRUIT of our collaborative efforts to reach people for Jesus through this ministry.

In the last few weeks, the Lord:

1. Helped us to team up and raise enough money to send 15 kids to evangelistic youth camp, PLUS pay for a bus to get their entire 40-kid youth group, plus chaperones, to the camp.

This was money that the youth group didn’t have, and their pastor reached out to me. I felt God when I read her inquiry, and I knew He wanted to do a great exploit through us–and a day and a half later, we wrote a check for the entire $4,675.

YOU made this possible. (Yes, God did it, but He used YOU.) The youth pastor cried when we gave her the check. She was overwhelmed at how God had provided for her ministry, and for those kids that couldn’t afford it. GLORY BE TO GOD … I get messed up over this stuff. 

God is SO GOOD.

2. Allowed me to send out hundreds of prayer cloths (like in the book of Acts), believing God to release miracles through each one.

Check out what just one person said about her cloth:

“Dear Jamie,
I thank God for every remembrance of you! The Lord continue to bless you for your obedience in speaking His prophetic word to His people for the glory of His kingdom. I received one of your prayer cloths the other day. I have kept it with me since I received it. I truly feel God’s presence and know He is guiding my every step.

My desire is to be that swan that boldly trumpets for God glorifying Him so that others will be drawn to Him. Knowing God and I have an intimate relationship where love abounds means everything to me! Thank you for this prophetic word!

Together, we have sent hundreds and hundreds of prayer cloths. By the time I finish sending the ones I have available right now, we will have sent over 1,000 of them.

And I say “we” sent the cloths because, even though I’m making them, anointing them, praying over them, and stuffing the envelopes and mailing them, so many of YOU have given to help sponsor this work. I have had people tell me that they sensed the presence of the Lord when they opened the envelope. I believe there is a miracle in every cloth, for it’s according to our faith that God works.

So, for the hundreds of prayer cloths already sent and the few hundred I am still sending, THANK YOU. (Everything we do takes all of our efforts combined.)

(And if you received a prayer cloth, please send your testimony as God moves!)

3. The Lord wrecked some people through prophetic words that really hit home. Check out some of the testimonies we have received:

“I’m wrecked. Yes, yesterday was a very important day between Him and I, where He reminded me of intimate moments that only He and I know. And yes, He spared no detail to use this word from top to bottom as confirmation of what He has already been saying, even the simple signature has a particular meaning today. Unbelievable! Praise be to God Almighty …!” – Sister I.

“Beginning to end… this whole Word was confirmation of the VERY WORDS that He has been speaking to me. Praise the Lord I felt like I could storm the gates of hell with a water pistol this morning already, but now…. oh it’s on! Thank you Jamie!!”  – Sister J.

“Thank you so much for this word! I wept when I read it because I am soooo there! I have been so frustrated because the enemy of our souls has been so against my work and has been coming, literally, at me from all sides, including neighbors, co-workers, family members, etc. I am so exhausted, but will keep on as God, and people like you, encourage me.

I keep taking small steps as I see the need, and so I’m happy to at least feel that I am moving forward in some small way, but am so desirous of the BIG step and move. I feel torn apart! God bless you and keep you in your work and calling!” – Sister B.

“Thank you Jamie.. you’re a true blessing to me. I don’t feel alone when I read your posts I actually feel like you are truly plugged in to Gods life line.” – Sister L.

4. We have reached 26,221 people through our free Bible Reading Plan devotional series on YouVersion. (That’s huge!) And 10,911 of those people have already completed the Plan they are reading.

Here are some of the testimonies that have come in from our YouVersion readers:

“Jamie, I just started your 5 Days to Victorious Fasting reading plan on the bible app and I am so amazed and thankful that God led me to your writing. I can so relate to failing at fasting and I feel God calling me into intercessory fasting for my husband and my daughter and her husband who are currently separated. Thank you so much!” – Sister J.

“Hello Jamie. I loss my job in 2015. After receiving rejection after rejection from applying and interviewing for countless jobs, I’m at a low point. I felt so alone and very depressed, so I decided to start a 21 day prayer and fast. Your plan was the first that I saw on the YouVersion Bible app, so selected it. Day 1 scripture was so profound, it conveyed everything I praying for in this situation. I just finished Day 2 and it too is powerful. Thank you for writing this plan and your words of encouragement. Although, I don’t have much I will be sowing a donation seed to you and your ministry.” – Sister D.

“Dear Jamie,
Once again, thank you for your timely word. I thank God for connecting me to you the way He did. I have read every email and even doing the 21 Days of Breakthrough and 15 Days of Supernatural Encounters from the Bible app.

Funny how cunning the devil can be. I have prayed this prayer about soul ties before without even realizing that it was always there. Maybe I never did pay attention while praying. Your explanation was very detailed and practical so much so that it was an eye opener for me.

Immediately I prayed the prayer; and with the clap at the word break, I felt the sound of broken chains and I repeated that three times. After I thanked God for the release and the freedom.

Thank you so much and I really do appreciate [it].” – Sister A

5. We also were able to host a 3-day pastors’ retreat for 5 pastors in need of rest and time to work.

You all know that supporting pastors is one of our special assignments here at this ministry. We LOVE pastors; they pour and pour into their flocks day in and day out, and they rarely get much in return. Their reward is in Heaven, but we want to see them blessed and cared for here on earth too.

So, the Lord uses us to serve and bless the pastors that come our way. We don’t always talk about it much, and we never talk about the specifics to preserve their privacy. But, this ministry to pastors MATTERS. It’s increasing every day, and YOU make it possible. THANK YOU.

6. We have reached people with the encouraging words of Christ hundreds of thousands of times.

The blue areas are where our readers were from January 1, 2019 through April 30, 2019. This is for only and does not include, social media, or any of the other outlets that publish our teaching and articles. Praise God!

Check out these numbers that show part of what God is doing:

  • In January, this website alone saw 191,766 pageviews.
  • In February, this website alone saw 177,649 pageviews.
  • In March, this website alone saw 176,592 pageviews.
  • In April, this website alone saw 165,764 pageviews.

We also had multiple words published on The Elijah List (reaching over 350,000 people), Spirit Fuel (reaching over 50,000 people), and (reaching over 1.3 million people), not counting our own social media or YouVersion. (And I haven’t even sent out all the links to our recent iBelieve articles yet.)

YOU make this possible. THANK YOU.

7. We have been providing free consulting and website support for multiple pastors and prophets and their online ministries.

This isn’t something we can do for everyone, but we help the pastors in our network whom God tells us to help. This is one of the ways we help preach the Gospel–by equipping the equippers to be LOUDER.

Helping one pastor with even one website generally saves them between $7,000 and $10,000 (the market value of one website build for a blog like this site, not even counting any ongoing support). But we provide these services for free when God says so–and He’s been saying so a lot lately. 🙂

8. We are actively having From His Presence translated into Spanish.


This is something I haven’t talked about publicly yet because it is going to be a slow process. However, my board voted a few months ago to begin pursuing this, so we are.

We already have 17 articles translated into Spanish and are building out our Spanish website (a totally different site) and Spanish social media outlets.



For this, I am partnering with a dear friend and fellow minister–a native Spanish speaker–whom I have known and worked with for many years.

Although I do speak some Spanish, there is only so much of me to go around–so I need her help. You will hear and see her along with me–both translating my words and teaching/prophesying herself–on our Spanish site and Spanish social media branches. I know her; I trust her; and if you speak Spanish, she is going to BLESS YOUR LIFE.

Y’all, I don’t know if you realize how important this Spanish effort is, but this is HUGE. Absolutely huge.

The Spanish-speaking world is ginormous, and translating our material into this language is opening up 410 million people to the Word that we couldn’t otherwise reach.

And yes, we are paying our Spanish minister. (Intro to come later.) So again, YOU are helping make this possible.

9. We have reached people over 2,000 times with our webinars this year–and most of the webinars have been FREE.

Check out the number of people we’re seeing on webinars just this year so far:

  • Faith That Sees the Impossible Happen: 683 people registered for either the live event or the replay
  • Understanding the Transfer of Wealth: 683 people
  • How to Receive Divine Strategy: 408 people
  • Operating in the Gift of Miracles: 250 people
  • Understanding and Activating the Gift of Healings: 267 people
  • IMMUNITY: Finding Victory In the 7 Healings of the Cross: 59 people

Of those, only “IMMUNITY” was a paid webinar that raised money for the ministry. All those other ones are FREE ministry, and YOU helped make it possible to provide this ministry and Word to all those people! 

In the webinars, we had people healed, delivered, receiving gifts of the Spirit (including their prayer language), and so much more! The webinar attendees have been fantastic, and God has showed out in power EVERY TIME! 


10. We provided a one-night personal retreat to a young pastor who yearned to get alone with God and listen to His vision.

Many people don’t know that they should retreat–or don’t have the money to get away. You could retreat in your bathtub if you needed to, but when it comes to pastors, we want to honor them and bless them. So, we provided a one-night retreat to a pastor who needed time alone and away to think and pray. Praise God!

There are more things than these 10 that I’ve shared, and I will share more as time goes on. But I want you to know today:

Beloveds, all of these things are absolute miracles–and God is using YOU to accomplish them all.

It’s a team effort, but none of this would be possible without you. Every one of you. THANK YOU. Your prayers, your emails, your comments, your social media shares, your donations, your product purchases, your webinar attendance, and your partnership makes all of this possible.

THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.

We have a huge forward vision. If you aren’t partnering with us already, would you help us?

Although manifesting the total vision takes time, we have amazing things in the works the rest of the year. So much more of all the things listed above, plus:

  • officially launching of our Spanish-language ministry;
  • a lot more posts on OverNotUnder, helping people with their finances and practical living;
  • live events;
  • an inner healing retreat in the UK hopefully;
  • more video teachings and Facebook live ministry;
  • the School of the Prophets (next one is July 13);
  • a women’s retreat in December;
  • and more.

There’s a ton going on, and all of it works together to help us reach massive numbers of people for Christ every day.

Would you partner with us to make this forward vision come to pass?

Ministry takes money, and every dollar (and every yen, pound, and peso) counts. If you aren’t already doing so, would you prayerfully consider becoming a monthly partner with us?

You can partner with us via PayPal (using the recurring donation dropdown box below), or here via Gumroad: (the very first product).

You can also make one-time donations via Gumroad (second product in the store), or via PayPal here:

Choose your monthly amount:
Email Jamie for other amounts.


Beloved, I appreciate you so much. You are better than amazing. You are a godsend–a blessing from on high.

Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for helping make this ministry possible. Thank you for helping me reach the entire globe for Christ every single day.

I love you, and I pray for you always.

Love in Christ,


  1. Every good deed is a faithful demonstration of your devotion to Him and His kingdom .. thank you Jamie for allowing God to use you mightily to help expand His kingdom ♥️

  2. May the Lord’s name be praised as we give Him all the glory for making it possible for you to be a Shepherd to His flock. Without you, Jamie, being obedient to His visions, knowledge etc. nothing fruitful will have come out.
    Abba Father thank you for your grace on us and the anointing on your Shepherd .

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