You Existed In Heaven Before Your Birth

You Existed In Heaven Before Your Birth | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comDid you know that you existed in Heaven before your birth?

It’s true. There are several Bible verses that show us this beautiful truth.

First, in Jeremiah 1:5, God told Jeremiah:

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    Start-quote‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.’”

    God clearly says in that verse that He knew Jeremiah before He (God) formed him in his mother’s womb. You can’t know someone that doesn’t exist.

    Then there’s Psalm 139:15-16, which says:

    Start-quoteMy frame was not hidden from You, when I was made in secret, and skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth. Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.”

    This passage again tells us that God knew you intimately–and knew everything that would EVER happen to you–before you ever lived your first day.

    Before you ever took your first breath, He knew you.

    Before you even had a body–before your mother’s egg and your father’s sperm came together–God knew you. That means you had to exist.

    Check out this amazing story:

    I heard a story recently about some parents they knew of who had two children. One child was very young; not even school age yet. The other child was a baby.

    One night, one of the parents heard the older child in the baby’s bedroom, talking to the baby. The parent was concerned and stopped to listen… only to hear the child say: “Tell me what Heaven is like. I’m starting to forget.”


    That child knew what Heaven was like.

    In order for Papa to have known us, we have to have existed in some form in Heaven.

    Can you imagine all the children in Heaven that Papa knows, that have not been born yet? Do you think they are all saying to Him, “Pick me! Pick me! Let me go now!”

    Maybe that was you.

    Before He formed you in the womb, you existed in Heaven. I don’t pretend to understand how it works. But somehow, in some form, you existed in Heaven before your birth.

    That means Father God ordained your birth. He chose this moment in time for you to be revealed on earth. He planned your birth and rejoiced over it!

    Whether you feel like it or not, our Father’s heart beats for you. He thinks of you every moment.

    And He wants a relationship with you. You are His, you see. His baby. And He loves you. He craves you.

    Will you answer His call and seek Him today?

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    1. Here is a song I learned as a child and that my kids learn at church today;
      I lived in heaven, a long time ago, it is true.
      lived there and loved there with people I know, so did you.
      then heavenly father created a beautiful plan
      all about earth, and eternal salvation for man.

      Of course we lived with Him there. We are His children. He created us. He sent us here to get a physical body, and learn things we never could learn there. One day, we will return again and return full circle. He sent a savior for us so that when we mess up here, we will have the opportunity to repent and be worthy to go home. Life is ETERNAL, from beginning to end. I don’t pretend to understand the how either. But I know without a doubt that it is true!

        1. There are thousands and thousands of stories from people who definitely died (flatlined or whatever you want to call it,) who say they had an out of body experience hovering over top their bodies and then traveling very fast through a tunnel (or portal to another dimension.) Once they get there they are in the heavenly realm, but not in heaven itself because it wasn’t their time yet. The first feeling they have is this is REAL and where they came from is not real to them anymore. They feel a oneness with the whole universe and then they realize why this feels so real. They recognize their REAL home and instantaneously know that this is where they started. None of them want to come back to their ‘fake earthly’ lives including small children and a mother who died giving childbirth. That’s how strong their desire is to live in their real home. By now most people have heard of these stories and they are called Near Death Experiences. They provide us with such great detailed information about heaven yet no major religions will give them the time of day unfortunately, even though there are thousands of detailed stories saying the same things about our real home, heaven. There is so much credibility in their stories and they really help explain key points in the bible!

    2. Jean Bradfield says:

      I am sure you’re going to find this interesting Jamie. My granddaughter’s birth was announced to me one day when I was in prayer and fasting. I didn’t know my daughter was trying for another one, and my son had just died. The above in detail is quite a testimony. Nevertheless, my granddaughter was born when I was told she would be and they named her Gabriella. When she was 5 years old she said to me, “Granny, do you know that I have seen Jesus?” I said, No, I didn’t know. She told me she was in heaven before she came here. I asked what she did there and if she played with other children and she said, “Only my cousins!” That is the one’s who hadn’t yet been born!! I was wondering whether this was all her imagination when she piped up and said, “Granny, do you know that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one?” She asked me to baptise her last year. She is filled with the Holy Spirit and speaks in tongues. She is 9 now. She also prophesied over me when she was 8. I don’t think she realised she was prophesying. And….think about it, Jesus was also in heaven before He came to earth. Thank you so much Jamie for your inspiring and encouraging blog. We all love you!! <3

      1. Wow. This story utterly freaks me out. I love it! Thank you for sharing! This just gives me Holy-Spirit-led chills. I bet we will be awestruck by the things we learn in Heaven about just these kinds of things!

        1. Jean Bradfield says:

          Thank you so much for responding Jamie. I appreciate it. There is so much going on in the spiritual realm that we are totally unaware of. Someone prophesied over me once that God would show me things that other people wouldn’t understand. I saw a photo on Facebook and immediately, in a flash, I knew something that I think people would look askance at me if I stood up in church to share it! 🙂 I keep these things in my heart. You are such a blessing to me. Thank you for your blogs, Jamie. I love them! Lots of love Jean

    3. Rafael-Olivier Somma says:

      We are all children of God and we were all in Heaven before our birth. Even a sick man like Hitler was in Heaven before his birth. It’s just that when we come on earth, we lose our heavenly touch.

      1. We don’t have to lose our Father’s touch, Rafael-Olivier. If we will seek Him with all our heart, we will find Him. If you have given your life to Jesus, you never have to walk another moment without His manifest Presence another day in your life. It’s up to you.

        1. Rafael-Olivier Somma says:

          I was not necessarily talking about me, but about most of humans. We tend to forget that we are divine beings while here. It’s like you say, when we connect with our Father, everything goes better in our lives.

    4. Stephanie Staker says:

      What a wonderful revelation! Thank you, Jamie! What I thought about after reading this was all those souls whose lives were extinguished by abortion. How sorrowful our Lord must feel about those souls who didn’t get to see life here on earth. It breaks my heart just thinking about – imagine how Papa feels! I also know that the enemy tried to kill me in the womb – my mother nearly miscarried me. There have been several times in my life when I have almost died and I keep wondering why I am still here! Two years ago was the closest call and I was unaware that I was under such a demonic attack. I was in the hospital for 7 weeks but the first 3 weeks, I was fighting for my life and didn’t know it. I was seriously ill and drugged so I didn’t know I was fighting. Does that make sense? Anyway, my best friend came 3 times in those days and read healing scriptures in my ear. When I started feeling more conscious, the verse that came to me was “I shall not die but live and shall declare the works and recount the illustrious acts of the Lord.” (Ps. 118:17) I couldn’t talk as I was intubated but I said that scripture in my mind many times during those weeks when fear would try to come upon me. I still don’t know why God didn’t call me home (I was 69 at the time) but I know I am supposed to be here. Thank you again for this revelation.

      1. Thank God for your life and testimony

    5. Rebecca L Jones says:

      Hi Jaime, I was going back over some of your post’s today and this caught my attention because I have always worked with children.. From expeirnce I think babies are sensitive to angels and the Lord, I have had two 6 mos. olds even say Jesus, one as I held Him, I wish I had turned to look! I had one little girl who was seeing snakes in a window, my mother and I worked with her to overcome her fears, her family was really under attack at the time. Always the writer, I gave my mother a little pink book for Christmas, I wrote what I thought was going on in heaven,, I read it a couple of years ago and commented, you’d think I had been there. Also dealing with children of people who are addicted is difficult, their behaviors are always in need of discipline, even with limited visitation. I dont think there is a particular age to be saved but the sooner the better.

    6. Is there a quote that -babies DO pass through heaven before birth,? Seeing heaven and everyone who is there before they are born? Trying to give comfort to an expecting mother that also has a child in heaven, I’d like to give her a quote to assure her that the new babies knows her late son.

      1. Hi Jessica. There is no Biblical evidence I know of that would indicate that babies know each other before they get to earth. But Father God DOES know them all. It is two different things, though.

    7. Hi Jamie, I was talking to my new great granddaughter last night and she relayed thoughts to me. I want her to remember Heaven while she is here on earth. My time here is somewhat limited because I am 75 years old, but that doesn’t bother me because Heaven is my destination. If we stay close to our God while on this temporal mission He will guide and direct us.

    8. This is a bit silly. Just because God KNEW everything about us and what would happen in our lives before we were even concieved, it does not necessarily follow that we pre-existed in heaven. We all agree that God knows the beginning and the end, past and future but foreknowledge is NOT the same as pre-existance. Just because Jesus knew the cock was going to crow three times when Peter denied him does not mean those cock-a doodle-doos pre-existed!

    9. I always felt this to be true and I knew these passages in scripture but got told a firm no from a pastor once that we were not in heaven before being conceived. I didn’t accept his answer because I simply know and believe we were. We are souls with a body, not the other way around, so then we are spiritual beings held here by a physical body. If God is spirit and heaven encompasses all spiritual beings, we were with God prior to earth. I also know we are not to lean on our own understanding, that is scriptural also. We will know more when we return to our Father.

    10. William Wordsworth once penned:
      “Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:
      The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,
      Hath had elsewhere its setting,
      And cometh from afar:
      Not in entire forgetfulness,
      And not in utter nakedness,
      But trailing clouds of glory do we come”
      Of course we came from our Father in Heaven. We lived in heaven before we were sent to this earth to use our free agency to choose the right way to live and be happy. With choice comes accountability. If we mess up, we have the gift of repentance and forgiveness because of the atonement of our Savior. When we die we return to our Father in Heaven and his Son Jesus Christ and live together as families for eternity. Beautiful Plan of Salvation!

      1. Janet Havens says:

        I love this, Cindy, it’s what my soul believes. Thank you for sharing it.

    11. I had a dream and God told me I was pregnant with a boy in this dream before I even knew I was pregnant. When I woke up I felt it was true so I took a pregnancy test and I was pregnant! Weeks later found out it was a boy. From the moment of that dream God told me my son was going to be a warrior for Christ over and over again. He is now 2 months old and he uses his hands and facial expressions to communicate to the environment around him no matter where we are. I believe he is communicating with angels and God. It’s amazing!! I truly believe children come from Heaven also. We can never forget that and have to always seek the Lord in all we do! God bless!

      1. Amazing and congratulations on the birth of your baby! I’m so happy for you! Thank you for sharing!

    12. There are many verses in the Bible that tell us we did live with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ before this earth was formed. John 1:14 states that in the beginning was the Word(Jesus Christ) and the word was with God (God the Father), and the Word was also a God (God the Son). In the beginning means before the world was created. Also, in Corinthians 10:4 Paul says that in the days of Moses, 1200 years before Christ was born, the children of Israel drank from the spiritual rock that followed them, and that spiritual rock was Jesus Christ. In John 17:5, the night before Christ’s crucifixion, Christ prayed to his Father to glorify Him with the glory he had with the Father which he had with Him before the world was. Job 38:4, 7, God asked Job where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth, when the morning stars (females) sang together and the sons of God shouted for joy. We were together and agreed to come to earth to get these mortal bodies and learn from opposition in all things. We are to learn, love, and grow, and someday return to our beginnings.

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