Prophetic Prayer Directive: Ask God To Send You Signs of Land

Prophetic Prayer Directive: Ask God to Send You Signs of Land | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

This is a special bulletin with a prophetic prayer directive about how to pray today and get results that will encourage you.

Have you been praying for something a long time? Have you been waiting on God to come through for you and do something specific in your life or in the lives of those you love?

Me too.

And just recently, I’ve been asking God to send me signs of land … and His answers have been sooo encouraging!

What is a sign of land?

If you’ve been adrift at sea a long time, all you want is to see (and arrive at) land. But when you’re out in the ocean, sometimes land is nowhere to be seen. That can be pretty discouraging.

But you know how you can tell there’s hope ahead? When you start to see signs of land:

  • Maybe you see a piece of driftwood floating by.
  • Maybe you see a fish of a particular kind that only lives near reefs, which are near land.
  • Maybe you see a land bird landing on your boat.

Whatever the sign may look like, you can sometimes see signs of land before you get to the land itself.

And prophetically speaking, a sign of land is a special sign that God sends you to show you He is hearing and working on your prayer.

A sign of land is something that only you may notice. It’s something that affirms to you that He’s in the process of working things out, as you have asked Him to do.

He sent me a sign of land just the other day.

I’ve been praying for something specific for quite awhile, and honestly I haven’t seen that much in the way of results. I’ve seen little things, but those little things haven’t seemed to combine to make the specific kind of progress for which I’ve been praying.

But I’ve been praying for signs of land, and just a few days ago, Papa sent me an answer in the funniest way.

The sign of land was something that only He and I would have understood. An inside joke, if you will; except it wasn’t humorous. It was simply “inside”–just between me and Him–and I cherished it. It meant the world to me … because it was Papa’s way of telling me and showing me that all my time and passion poured out to Him in fasting and prayer has NOT been wasted.

That sign of land really encouraged me.

And buddy, I needed encouragement, too. I needed a fresh wind in my sails; fresh motivation and inspiration to go on praying and believing and standing and waiting.

So in what area do you need encouragement today? Ask God to send you signs of land!

I’m asking Him for more signs of land because you can never have too much encouragement. I know He’ll answer, too.

So for what are you praying? For what are you contending? What is so near and dear to your heart that it has inspired you to stand in the gap and assail the throne of grace with your prayers?

Whatever that thing is, ask God to send you signs of land–signs that He’s working on it:

  • Ask Him to show you what He’s doing behind the scenes.
  • Ask Him to show you the visible work that He’s doing.
  • Ask Him to re-speak His promise to you so you can have courage and faith to keep on standing.

Has Papa ever sent you a sign of land before? Do you need a sign of land right now? Stop and ask for His help, and watch Him send that holy driftwood floating by!

Pray this with me:

“Abba Father, I come before You in Jesus’ name. Father God, I love You and thank You for hearing my prayer.

Father, I believe You are hearing me and answering my prayers because You said You would. I know You’re at work, and I don’t depend on seeing things in order to believe You. I simply believe You because You are not a man, that You should lie.

Every word that You speak is true and has power, and Your Word will never return to You void. Your promise will never fail, and Your ear is always open to my cry. Thank You, Abba Father. Thank You.

Father God, I need encouragement right now. I need strength right now. I know You are always eager to strengthen, help, and encourage. 

So Father, I’m asking You right now, today, to send me signs of land.

Send me secret messages, just between You and me, or even visible messages that are evident to others, that show Your hand at work.

Abba, in Jesus’ name, I ask You to renew Your promise and Your covenant in my hearing. Show me what You’re doing, and increase my faith and courage to go on praying and standing in faith.

And Lord, please help me to recognize Your signs of land for what they are; and I’ll be careful to give You all the praise.

Thank You, Papa God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Does this word resonate with your spirit? Is the Holy Spirit bolstering your faith to receive signs of land? Please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. If I ever needed signs of land,dear Lord,it is now.

    1. Yes, Lord, pour out on Eva the special “sticky notes”–those signs of land that reaffirm Your love for her and Your watchcare over her life. Show her how You’re moving in response to her prayers, in Jesus’ name.

    2. I needed to read your post today about looking for land. This encourages me there is hope my marriage can be saved

      1. Yes, yes, YES! So much hope! Papa, help my sister and brother and RESTORE and redeem all things, including their marriage, for them in Jesus’ name!

      2. I have been praying now it’s time for sign of land. Thank you very much for this prayer 🙏 l needed it.

        1. Kelly Joyce says:

          Hi Jamie,
          Thank you for the teaching of sign of Land.
          Know that for me to just Read it , its a sign of land that I received from Papa Abba Father
          Thank Lord you are indeed working in my life for my good. Amen

    3. Latishia Rawls says:

      Hi Jamie, this really spoke to my spirit, this is the encouragement I need right now on this day, Today. Thank You Jesus and you as well Jamie, God bless you to keep doing His work and desires and will.

    4. Anastasia says:

      Thank you for this direct and focussed prayer – so needed right now

    5. Verlene Cromwell says:

      Just what i needed this very moment! RIGHT ON POINT.
      I asked Papa for signs of land before, and He did show up big time. Thank you for your post. I am encouraged. There is hope for God’s purpose in me

      Thank you!

  2. Diane Wilkerson says:

    Thank you so much, I needed that word today.

  3. Perfect timing. Kairos. This arrived just as i was arriving at my Beloved’s and my special place of commune and intimacy. He greeted me there with a painting that made my heart ache wit love in response to the beauty of His passion for me. Prayed into this prophetic directive. Thank you again Jamie.

    1. You’re welcome! So glad it blessed you. You are such an encouragement to me–I love your heart of love for Jesus. 🙂
      Have a wonderful day!

  4. Laurna Tallman says:

    Such a wonderful metaphor, Jamie! It reminds me of Noah wondering when the time of stress inside the Ark would end and if there would be any land to build upon after the Great Flood. The birds were God’s means of communicating that information to him. Over and over again the Bible stories contain an element of waiting out terrible difficulties. I lean on every one of them! But God certain does speak to us along the way with events large and small that reassure us we are headed in the right direction and that His promises do not fail. Thanks for sharpening my senses to watch for these signs. I do not believe they are in the category Jesus was warning about when He said only a wicked and thoughtless generation asks for signs. He was saying that the signs are there, like the warnings in the atmosphere (“red sky at night” or “red sky at morning”) about how the weather will be threatening or not, and that wise folks pay attention. In my situation(s) we have crossed the ocean but haven’t sighted land. Perfect metaphor and so helpful. I will be using it with other people today.

    1. Yes, I totally agree, Laurna! There’s a big difference between requiring a sign in order to believe versus asking our GOOD, merciful, compassionate Father to encourage us and show us His hand at work. He’s so good and tender toward us, and He always stretches out His hand to lift us up. Thank You, Abba Father!

  5. Gina Trahan says:

    Good morning Jamie
    Thank you for the encouraging words on signs of land. It really hit home for me. If ever I needed a sign of land it is now. And it reminded me of the story of Noah as well.
    God bless you Jamie

    In Christ,

    1. I feel ya, Gina. I know Papa will send you those signs of land. Pray for sharpened eyes and ears to notice them when they come!

  6. Frederick Alderfer says:

    Thank You Jamie, I simply want to encourage You in this very special ministry God has called You to. I know God will continue to enlarge Your coast (Prayer of Jabez) as You prevail in Your calling to reach out to others with a Word of Hope, and Edification. I am Praying, also, that he will continue to open new doors, and close those doors that have served their purpose. God bless You, Jamie. Abundant Love! Frederick Alderfer

    1. Brother Frederick, you have no idea how much that prayer means to me. THANK YOU. I pray the prayer of Jabez often and I do so desire to reach more people and walk in the way that God has for me. THANK YOU so much for your prayers and encouragement.

  7. Lana Larson says:

    The exact words I needed to pray this morning! Thank you so much. I have needed signs of land for a very long time. I especially cried out to the Father to renew His promise to me. Oh that He would respeak what He has said to me. I need the strength and encouragement to continue to believe.
    Thank you for those words today.

    1. He will respeak that promise, Lana. He has done so for me in so many dark hours–when I wondered if I had imagined His call or made up the dream! Papa, multiply Your confirmations to my sister of her calling and dream and promises today in Jesus’ name, as You have so gracefully done for me also.

  8. Our God we surprise each one of us in Jesus Mighty name. Be STILL and know that God is in control .

  9. Be Still And Know. By Kirk Franklin.

  10. I love this! I always pray that I can see His hand at work!

    Prayed this prayer over some specific areas I’ve been praying for! Thank you♡

      1. Thank you Jamie. I needed that word to confirm that God is in the process. He is showing me land to prepare my for the arrival of what he had promised. Thank you for your ministry and a ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to His peoples

  11. Wow, so encouraging! I will be looking for a little sign of land on this vast ocean I am on, oh Papa is so Good!
    Thank you for your blog and ministry, I have learned so much from it!
    Much love!

    1. And may you see that sign of land quickly! Help her, Papa, and open her eyes wide to make sure she notices it when you send it, in Jesus’ name!

  12. Rebecca L Jones says:

    Once after a terrible storm there was a double rainbow outside my house. I knew I was protected . I could use an inside joke reply about now, too.

  13. Roberta Elwell says:

    It’s amazing how just the right message comes along when you need it! I have been lost with what to do with my life, a purpose if you will. I’ve been praying that he show me or tell me what to do. What HE wants me to do. We’ll see soon…..Thank you for the encouragement. I’ll let you know what he says (wink!)

    1. Amen. As I was reading your comment, I felt like I was supposed to tell you to claim Psalm 32:8 in prayer back to Him. Remind Him of His promise in that verse and insist that He show you how He is fulfilling it.

    2. I am believing God for assistance with my rent. I was impacted by Covid-19 and been out of work. I serve a Father that takes care of His own. Yes I am fearful for me and my daughter when we have no where to go and no family that can help. I pray and trust God. He is my only answer. Yes I am looking for a sign, a word or confirmation.

  14. Joy Lewis says:

    I am in a position of management on my job . I have worked for ythis company for 15 years and God has blessed everything I have laid my hands too. He has caused it to prosper. I thank Him for that. I have been blessed to have some really good supervisors until recently few months ago big changes in upper management and I now work for Pharaoh. He has reduced my staff and expects his managers make up for the reduction in labor and still be responsible for all the management responsibilities and be extremely efficient in doing so. I am struggling to keep up with the demands of my job and my customers and still be able to devote good quality time with our Father. I have been very discouraged lately the last thing I want to suffer is my walk with the Lord. So your post today is very encouraging as always.

    Thank youp

    1. Joy, I am praying for you right now. Have you ever heard Jason Upton’s song Freedom? It might encourage you if not. Or be a good song to pray to.

      1. Joy Lewis says:

        Thank you Jamie I appreciate your encouragement I certainly need it. I have actually felt your prayers. I will look up that song.


        1. Oluwaseyi says:

          Oh, Lord! Show me the signs of land.

      2. Adeola Odutola says:

        Dear Jamie, thank you for this prayer, i really need signs of land. I have prayed it and release all into God’s hands.

  15. Pastor Sanjay Diwe says:

    Jamie loving greetings in Jesus precious name. Thank you so much for a wonderful prophetic prayer. Actually we are praying for a land. 20 years we are serving in rented place. But now we are praying for our own land for ministry. For Church Bible school, orphanage, oldage home, Technicle training. Papa has given promises. Still I am praying for more confirmations. Today again I am encouraged by reading n praying this prayer. Pas Sanjay Diwe.
    C3 GLOBAL CHURCH, AMRAVATI. Maharashtra India.

    1. Pastor Sanjay, I pray Papa God would deliver the land He has for your ministry into your hand. I feel led to encourage you to go find the land you dream of and walk around it, praying in faith, asking God that if this is the property He has for you, to deliver it into your hand. Or to deliver you better land if He has even better for you. Something to pray about.

    2. Hi Jammie plz do prayer for my current relationship situation. He is a God of impossible with this believe I pray to my Holy Father everyday things are out of my hands I can’t do anything but my Father who is on haven can do all impossible. Plz pray for my boyfriend and for his family that the God turn there No into yes no wonder He is able to do this. In Jesus name amen 🙏

  16. Pastor Sanjay Diwe says:

    Jamie loving greetings in Jesus precious name. Thank you so much for a wonderful prophetic prayer. Actually we are praying for a land. 20 years we are serving in rented place. But now we are praying for our own land for ministry. For Church Bible school, orphanage, oldage home, Technicle training. Papa has given promises. Still I am praying for more confirmations. Today again I am encouraged by reading n praying this prayer. Pas Sanjay Diwe.
    C3 GLOBAL CHURCH, AMRAVATI. Maharashtra India.

  17. thembinkosi nkosi says:

    Greetings in the name of Jesus.thank u for de prayer.Pls pray for me to believe in God again.iv lost hope and I feel he is not listening to my abt to b 40 andstill live with my gran with no work .Iv given up to marriage cos I dnt want a child at this age.aall I want is a job thou I dnt even hv a matric but I do believe dat God is a God of miracle.thank uagain for de prayer

    1. Precious friend, Father God does love you and He listens to your prayers. If you are not feeling His presence right now, I would encourage you to read this article:
      And ask Him to show you if there is anything in your life that is preventing you from hearing Him. If there is not, then you may simply be in a season of testing. But your Abba Father does still love you very much, and He is with you always. Cry unto Him, for He will answer you!

  18. Celeste Naude says:

    I needed this encouragement. We pray and believe and trust and have been for many years in our life byt currently husband not finding work. No doors are opening. We feel as if we are drowning. Need confirmation that there is a solution soon. It is not our will but Gods will afterall but were losing hope! Im grateful for being a child of God and for all friends who are praying for us. We all need to admit though that if our lives were in our own hands nithing would have materialised. Father God. I prsy for others who are going through deeper waters than us.

  19. Stacey Shaw-Virgo says:

    I so needed this encouragement. There are times when I feel alone and that my prayers are not being answered. Between health issues and financial issues, it has drained my strength. I keep praying and thanking God and hoping.

    Thank you so so much Jaime for your blog and sharing your gift with us. May papa God continue to bless you. Please keep me and my children in prayers as I do you and all your followers. God Bless.

    1. I’m so glad Papa encouraged you, Stacey! I will certainly pray for you and I so appreciate your prayers as well, and your reading.

  20. Hi Jamie, your post has blessed me tremendously. Father has given my family and I a specific promise, that we have been believing and holding fast to for nearly 16 years… We are really in need of refreshing from the constant pressure and signs if land would be wonderful right about now.
    May you be blessed and may our Father keep you, and shine His light on you.

    1. May our Papa reaffirm His covenant to you this very day, Kara. I feel led to encourage you to watch for numbers that reference Scripture. Sometimes the Holy Spirit sends us bulletins through showing us specific numbers in various places–e.g. maybe you see 333 everywhere, and He’s trying to tell you to pray Jeremiah 33:3. I wrote a post about that here if you want to read it. I say to watch for numbers because that is how God re-affirmed my call when I had waited for what seemed like too long, and I didn’t know if I could hang on anymore. He sent me 555s everywhere, then afterward showed me that He was referring to Isaiah 55:5–which was totally the affirmation I needed.
      May He reaffirm His promise to you and multiply your hearing of His Word, increasing your faith and strengthening you, in Jesus’ name. 🙂

      1. This actually confirmed and clarified some things for me.
        Thank you Jamie.
        Prayerful for you Kara.

          1. Kara Raubenheimer says:

            Wow, thank you Jamie, I pray blessing and increase in your life! Blessings to you too Trs :o)

          2. Kara Raubenheimer says:

            Hi Jamie,

            Just a thank-you for your reply on looking/ listening for numbers from the Holy Spirit, within 24 hours I realized that Father has been speaking to me for a very long time in this manner and I haven’t payed attention… Thank-you, I got my signs of land in 444 = Psalm 44:4 It was so applicable to our situation, and after I saw the 444 on my digital watch, I immediately prayed and asked which book of the Bible and Father immediately (HS) responded with Psalms 🙂

  21. Paige Gregory says:

    Jamie – I’m curious about something. As in this article, I often hear people speak of the sustaining power that comes with promises received from the Lord. Obviously there are many promises in scripture that apply to all of his children, but it seems like people talk about promises that are just for them from the Lord. There’s no way for this to sound spiritual so I’ll just ask :)….how does one get those promises that are just for them?

  22. My life is in total mess and confusion, am in need of a job urgently. am getting depressed

    1. Hi Rosemary. Thank you for reading. I am sorry you’re going through that, but I encourage you to keep on praying. Pray specifically and fervently, and Father God will lead you and bring you into the job you need.

  23. Debra Hooper says:

    Hello Jamie: I saw this ‘Signs of Land’ icon on Pinterest while searching for material for our Sunday PPoint presentation. I have to tell you that this prayer has brought new hope. I am at a place where I no longer wish to hear good-intentioned Christian platitudes of the love, grace and mercy of God. I know intimately of His love, grace and mercy, I just don’t have any answer to ‘why’ I’m not seeing the truth of His Word, that is alive, without flaw, and steadfast in its promises with regard to my health. Yesterday I wanted to give up, and today I didn’t spend my usual time with Him. This prayer and your insightful words have touched me deeply and I know the Spirit brought me to this door. I just spoke to a dear Christian friend today, who has been feeling the same way and I’ve forwarded it to her. Thank you for this spiritual lifeline that God sent me through you. Also, I tried to download the ‘Reverse Unjust Situations’ prayer, but the link goes nowhere after filling in my information. Thanks again and may God continue to bless and affirm you as you listen to His sweet words of love and encouragement.

  24. I need more than I sign of Land ,I need a Land it’s self, I have grow up living from one family and another. Even now we are still living in a family house where we always told that it is not our house, I bought building material hoping to build a small room outside there but I know that my prayers are way beyond a small room I need a house for my family. As I was praying something says give that material to the church because they need it to building the stage. What I’m praying for is a house, that’s what I need, and I am counting on God on this one, it might be that I don’t qualify but with GOD on my side I do.

  25. Edgar Williams says:

    Your prayers and words not only work but are so encouraging! Thank you for your words and divine eisdpm! It means and helps a lot#

  26. Danny Castro says:

    Although this post is old, it is new to me and I have read it multiple times. I pray that the Lord please send me signs of land that he has my career in his hands and is keeping me on the right track and giving me the desires of my heart. I need to know that he has a plan for me. Amen

  27. Amen Jamie , i woke up had a dream i couldn’t find my way so there is a prayer about bad dreams on your site i often pray it when this happens and then i also came across this prayer and after praying this i feel better Amen

  28. Lucretia Wingate says:

    Thank You 😊.

  29. Thank-you,Jamie Lord give us signs,!

  30. linda harrison says:

    Father send me signs of land

  31. Thank you Jamie.

    If ever I need signs of land; it is right this moment. A job to take care of my children. Pay overdue rent and other bills. Lord please intervene, give me direct signs. I pray in Jesus Name.

  32. Jennifer Landry says:

    I’ve been praying for my husband to grow closer to God and be bold in his faith to grow in Jesus. Also for my children to know they are loved. For my husband and I to speak life over them and ourselves and not death. Things keep going up and down as I push into praying for these things specifically. I need a sign of land.

  33. Amen this word speaks to me as yesterday at night i prayed about His word being so true and it does not return to him void note before i read this message.Thank you Holy Spirit,Thank you Abba Father for your Faithfulness and Power,Thank you Jesus for sanctifying me so the Father can hear my cry.Amen

  34. Thank-you, Jamie ,we need a sign about bad neighbor an for animals well being ,feel we are being side lined ,but know the devil is behind this! god ALL PRAISE AN HONOR LORD!

  35. My husband and I have been believing for a home and land for our family for over 4 years now. We are at our end. We have lost so many offers with the market and our last apartment flooded out. We are now living in my in-laws basement with our 2 kids in a 8X10 room. I know God is a promise keeper but I am losing my faith. We have lost so much. We need our privacy as husband and wife and for our children. My husband and I have struggled with suicide it has been so hard. The enemy has been fighting us so hard. I just need God to show up, please Lord. I feel like no one understands the pain we have had to endure. Please pray for my husband Tavo and I and our 2 children.

  36. Maika Kamikamica says:

    Yes I have been praying for my land for quite some time and this is a confirmation to my prayer. Thank you Jamie for sharing

  37. Yes, I have been praying for signs that He will not let me be put in jail and will show me mercy and blessings. My children need me and I am a changed and Holy woman. Please Father hear my cries.

  38. Dru Davis says:

    I have been dealing with chronic illnesses for a long time and finally got my diagnosis. I’m starting treatments and they are expensive and they help better than past practice.. This has been hard on me financially and also physically. I want to start my new gospel music soon (“ Strong Tower” by D Lashae Davis) but I don’t have much strength. I know He will get all the credit. I’ve been just needing support and redemption of what the devil has tried to take all these years. I really need Him, Abba right now.

  39. a subscriber says:

    OH WOW.

    I knew it had to be a sign from God…I kept seeing it over and over and over again…ridiculously so. In impossible places/ways.

    thank you…thank you so much for this. I wouldn’t believe anyone who said… “now is your season” or “this is your time”. I’ve heard those words so very many times…and got excited only to be crushed. I stopped listening to prophetic cotton candy encouragers. I knew if God wanted to encourage me he would talk to me specifically. Im such an oddball..and I don’t seem to match anyone elses timetable of “what God is doing today”.

    This wilderness has been impossibly long…so much so that I had began to harden my heart. I wasn’t looking, seeing, hearing or receiving anything God was bringing me to. Even though he was dumping hints in my lap this week like crazy… I had just stopped hoping for anything different than what my life has been, how things have repeatedly turned out over and over again.

    I’d given up.

    I posted in another thread about how God mentioned your name during prayer this week (the crusty eagle word). Thank you Jamie for faithfully posting encouragement from our Father. Today I am daring to hope again. I wish I could explain what it means to let hope in…hoping is the most venerable place I’ve ever been. I’m afraid of being crushed again, but today.. im holding onto a tiny speck of hope that this time…things will be different. that a lifetime of cycles is broken and this is something new I have never seen before…and its GOOD. not a new way of being rejected again. I don’t know how this will play out. When we moved to a new state 8 years ago I didn’t make connections. I literally do not know anyone here or have contact with anyone here…and this new wave of covid has everything locked in/down plus the ice storm…

    but God, right?

    I am hoping…its a small spark. but I believe.

  40. Thankyou this is excellent timing because I was feeling discouraged after praying for a house for so long and seeing no signs, this has lifted my hopes that my prayers will come to pass in Jesu name, thankyou Jamie you are blessed and highly favoured

  41. Richard sarfo says:

    Infact rev lady you have received humanity spirit and the words of exaltation,I will do as you did to receive such attitude,I need your prayers, continue to send us such godly love to share ,thank you very much,

  42. Thanks for this prayers. It is working for me. God bless you.

  43. God I need a sign and a miracle breakthrough for my family.

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