3 Prayer Directives If You’re Lonely and Discouraged

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3 Prayer Directives If You're Lonely and Discouraged | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comIf you’re lonely and discouraged today, you are not alone. Many precious souls are in this place in the Body of Christ. But you know what? Loneliness and discouragement are NOT God’s will for you. He loves you too much to leave you in that place.

So how do we get out of loneliness and discouragement? By praying for three things.

The Lord spoke these three prayer directives to me recently, and I began praying them immediately. Since I began praying for these three things, Father God has done amazing things in answer to these prayers.

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    Here are the three prayers:

    1. Pray for God to send the people to you that He desires to be prophets to you and prophesy into your life.


    I got this from watching a Lou Engle sermon recently, and I started praying it right away. It’s a powerful prayer because:

    • Every believer needs people who will speak positive things into his or her life.
    • Everyone needs somebody who will see you with Spirit eyes.
    • Everyone needs someone to remind them of God’s greater vision and plan for them as individuals–especially when we get discouraged.

    So pray. Ask God to send you the people whom He wants to be your prophets.

    When I started praying this, God’s answers freaked me out:

    • Leaders and teachers who had moved away years ago, with whom I had lost touch, came back into my life.
    • People who have prophesied reliably to me before–who truly love me and care about me–began seeking me out, even when it was inconvenient, to encourage me.
    • A pastor friend of mine was driving through the parking lot, saw me, stopped and got out of his car to encourage me and speak into my life.
    • Friends who have permission to speak into my life began getting prophetic words of encouragement for me out of nowhere, right when I needed them.

    It has been awesome. So pray for God to send you your prophets.

    Also, pray for God to send you to the people for whom He desires YOU to be a prophet. Freely as you have received, freely give, right? So as you’re being encouraged, it’s only right to encourage others. Ask God to send you to the people that He has for you positive encouragement to speak into their lives.

    2. Ask God to send you a posse to run with.

    We were not made to do life alone. We were not made to run this race of life alone. Life is too hard for that, and we were born for community.

    Even the most introverted among us. 🙂

    So you need a posse. I need a posse.

    I don’t mean the kind of posse that chased down bank robbers in the Wild, Wild West. 🙂 I mean the kind of posse that gets you. The kind of posse that’s a lot like you (although they don’t need to be just like you). The kind of people you can talk to, share your life with, and do fun things with–as well as seek God with.

    • You need people that you can tell if you have a bad day.
    • You need people you can tell if you have a great day.
    • You need a posse you can tell if something great happens.
    • You need a posse that loves to do what you do, so you can run in life together.

    This is a vital need. You need this. I need it.

    Oh, how I need it.

    And Facebook doesn’t count. So ask Father to send you a posse to run with!

    3. Ask God to send you a prayer partner.

    You need somebody to pray with. Somebod-ies would be even better! But ask God to send you at least one person who will pray with you:

    • Someone whom you can tell your deepest needs and desires, and who also tells you theirs.
    • Somebody that you can sit across the table from and bow your heads together and weep together before the Lord if necessary, imploring His help.
    • Somebody who doesn’t mind admitting their own needs, so you can both acknowledge your neediness together, looking together to Father for answers.

    You need a prayer partner. Ask Father.

    James 1:17: “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.”

    Psalm 84:11: “For the Lord God is a sun and shield; the Lord will give grace and glory; no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.”

    Beloved, if you’re lonely and discouraged, ask God to send you your prophets. Ask Him to give you a posse to run with. And pray for a prayer partner.

    Does this word resonate with you? If so, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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    1. Gina Trahan says:

      Dear sweet Jamie
      If ever I needed the encouragement that comes with the right people to prophesy into my life, if ever I needed friends and most important to me a prayer partner it is right now.
      And so I prayed for these things.
      As always, you gave me a word in season. Thank you!
      I am grateful for you and your blog.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
      Love ya
      Your sister in Christ

      1. Thank you for reading, Gina. I’m sorry you’re in a lonely time, but I pray Father would comfort you and sing His love songs to you this very evening. In Jesus’ name.

        1. Thank you, I really needed to hear this. Family has moved away & churches seem to be so political. Been praying for true community.

    2. Kahn Johnson says:

      Oh my goodness!!!! This is so on target. I’m a loner. I am very friendly, but I’m careful of who gets close to me. There are many times I’m lonely. It has just been a part of my life. However I do want very close friends. Somehow, it doesn’t end that way when I tried to have close friends. I’ve felt and experienced a lot of envy and competition. I hate that, because I’m not competing with anyone!!! I want the best for myself AND OTHERS!! I would love to have a spiritual mentor as well as my own prophets. Would love to have close friends( posse)as well as a prayer partner (s). Please stand with me in prayer on this.

      1. Oh Kahn. I feel ya, sis. Sometimes it can be hard to let other people in, especially if you’ve been around the block more than once with people who betray your trust. However … we were still made for community, and I pray Abba Father would send you the friends you desire who will be loyal, faithful, kind, loving, FUN, and CLOSE. In Jesus’ name!

        1. Carmen Jones-Wilder says:

          Kahn perfectly sums up my experience as well, with the exception that my only siblings have all passed away and my mother and I have never been very close though I’ve tried. With the holidays here I feel lonelier than ever even with extended family. Jamie thank you for this word. I have prayed it and will continue to pray until the Lord works it out. I have also prayed that the Lord would reveal to me the things I am doing wrong. Please keep me lifted in prayer. My prayers are with you both. Continued blessings from above. Carmen

    3. Sherry Leger says:

      What a great word sister! You are such an encouragement to so many of us. I pray blessings upon your life In Jesus name. Happy Thanksgiving!
      Love Sherry

      1. I receive that blessing, sister. Thank you! Thank you for your kindness and encouragement as well. Have a wonderful weekend!

    4. This blog is so on-point. It is like getting soothing medicine from the dispensary of heaven.
      Relevant, appropriate and time-sensitive.!Especially, because the festive season is right around the corner and a new year is 38 days away!
      Pray for me Jamie. I really cannot continue in broken spirit and heart. Is has been monotonous for fours. I am tired of it to say the least. However, I am trusting Abba Father to intervene Supernaturally. I am depending on God for a ” NOW” and “SUDDENLY” manifestation of His awesome power.

      1. Thank you for blessing my sister, Lord! And dear Nicola, I do continue to lift you up. Father, help my sister. In Jesus’ name.

    5. Jamie God bless you in Jesus name for such piece.

    6. I love this!

      You mentioned the prophetic prayer directive in the FB group. I prayed for God to send people to prophesy into my life, and also that I would speak into the lives of my friends, and He delivered! 3 friends of mine had words for me, and He gave me a picture for one of them (I don’t normally get pictures!). It was really awesome. I will continue to ask Papa for this. We really do need the living, rhema Word like we need daily bread. 🙂

      God bless you, Jamie.

      1. Kelsey, that is the coolest! Thanking the Lord right now for speaking His prophetic word into your heart through your friends! I love it. And I love that He gave you a picture when you’re such an artist. We serve an amazing Father. 🙂

    7. Faith montoya says:

      Hello Jamie, I love all your posts and your heart. I was in tears reading this post, I feel lonely but I’m waiting in my Lord and I will feed on his faithfulness. God bless you richly and over flowing.

      1. May our Father bless you as well, sister, with the posse and prayer partner and more and more. May He bring you covenant friends like Jonathan and David were covenant friends. And may He comfort you while you wait.

    8. Rebecca L Jones says:

      Even a sidekick would be great! Happy Thanksgiving!

      1. I pray Father would send you the sidekick you desire, Rebecca! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    9. Hi again you knew exactly what i was thinking today . I heard of someone who is not well and how family and friends surrounded him with prayer and i thought i wish i had someone who could pray with me but really didn’t know how to ask our Heavenly Father. And while going through your blog found out. Thank you. A million thanks to you. And to God be the glory.

      1. Hi Shanu. If you will pray, God will hear. He loves you very much and desires to provide for all your needs.

    10. Jaime Munyon says:

      Thank you Jamie. I’m really believeing God will do this. I’ve been struggling to believe because of some serious issues inside. I was starting to wonder if God even cared or If I was doing something wrong because of this pain. I’m trying to get out of this situation and feeling very discouraged but I know God wouldn’t like that. Trying to hang in there and stay strong but almost gave up then I seen this post. I want to believe so bad for this for I am so alone.

    11. Fran Williams says:

      That is exactly what I need….and I have nothing else to add to that. I’m just going to send forth the prayers and watch God move. Amen.

    12. Yes we all need a posse and I have been remiss in asking the Lord to show me my posse so what a good prompt thank you

    13. I prayed for all 3 of these in Jesus name. could someone please pray and agree with me for these? thank you

    14. I am in need of these people in my life. Our daughters are grown, my husband is at work all the time and then too tired to do anything on days off and I am so lonely. I need fellowship. I need people!

    15. I thought I was the only one feeling this way. I know that God only wants people in my life that get me and my relationship with Him. I am now waiting for God to bring these people into my life, that He wants me to have fellowship with, pray with, so I am praying these 3 Prayer Directives and let God fill the gap. Thanks Jamie

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