Prophetic Vision and Prayer for Deep Soul Rest

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Prophetic Vision and Prayer for Deep Soul Rest | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comMy friend, do you need deep soul rest? Have you been dealing with so much fatigue that it has been nearly crippling?

And, most frustrating of all, are you wondering where this level of fatigue is coming from–because you’ve already been resting, so you shouldn’t be dealing with this level of fatigue?

If so, the Lord gave me a word for you today.

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    In a vision, I saw a bucket of rotten food.

    The pieces of food at the top of the bucket were moldy and chunky, but you could still see the individual chunks. However, at the bottom of the bucket, all the nasty juices had collected and everything had rotted to the point of not even being recognizable. The whole bucket was gross, but the bottom of the bucket was the absolute worst.

    And I heard the Lord say:

    “You have been resting and getting your health back, but I am doing a deep work of healing right now by dealing with the rot at the bottom of the bucket.

    The rotten pieces of your life consist of stress, worry, anxiety, fatigue, and a need to provide for and protect yourself. Earlier this year, I dealt with the surface level of these things in your heart. I have rooted out so many of these painful layers of stinking thinking, and you have cooperated with Me.

    But now, the worst is coming out.

    The worst parts consist of the layers that have been in you the longest AND the layers that hurt the most. I am showing you even now which layers these are, and they are things you have never seen before–things you have never noticed about yourself.

    My beloved, I am with you to comfort you and I am with you to heal you. This is always who I am, for My Spirit is Comforter and I am Healer. 

    But the same way it would hurt the most if I performed a physical surgery deep in the innermost parts of your body, it also has the most impact on you physically when I perform surgery on your heart, on your thinking, and indeed on your soul.

    You have been exhausted and stressed for many years, and I am soaking that exhaustion and stress out of you with the poultice of My Spirit.

    I am the healing Balm of Gilead, and I am pressing on you to ever-so-gently remove the toxins that have made you sick. This is why I have asked you to rest–and indeed, I am pushing on you so hard that you cannot do anything but rest.

    The problem is not yours, but Mine. You need to understand while I perform surgery on your soul and body that I will perfect all things that concern you. 

    So don’t worry.

    Ask Me to help you, but rest. Pray over what concerns you, but rest. Believe for more and greater and miracles and breakthroughs, but rest. When I am done soaking up these toxins out of your body, soul, and spirit, you will be a whole new person.

    Love, your doting Abba.”

    Beloved, if you are dealing with a deep, wearying, bone-level fatigue right now, this word is for you. 

    And in order to cooperate with our Father, I believe we each ought to pray for a deep soul rest. We each need deep soul rest in order to allow Father to finish His work in our heart.

    And if my understanding of what the Lord is doing in His Body is correct, then we cannot receive the physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental healing that we need without deep soul rest.

    Does this word resonate with you? If so, pray this prayer for deep soul rest with me:

    “Dear Heavenly Father,

    I come before You in Jesus’ name. 

    Father, thank You for hearing my prayer right now. Thank You for loving me and tuning Your ear to hear my cry. I need You now, Lord, 

    It’s been years that I’ve been striving. Years of exhaustion. Years of responsibilities that wear and tear on me, without a break to truly heal. Years of not having the help, support, encouragement, or nurturing that I should have had from Day One.

    Abba Father, I’m tired.

    I’m tired in my bones, Lord. I’m tired in my spirit. I’m tired in my soul. I’m tired of having to protect myself because nobody else seems to want to protect me. I’m so tired, Lord.

    But Father God, Your Word says “Come unto Me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Your Word says that, when my heart is overwhelmed, You will lead me to the Rock that is higher than I–and You are that Rock who is higher. You are my safe and sure place.

    Abba Father, I come to You. Please give me rest right now.

    Holy Father in Heaven, as I come to You, let the weariness and fatigue drain out of my soul. Let the pent-up frustration drain out of my bones.

    I cast every burden upon You, Lord, for You and You alone will sustain me; You will never allow the righteous to be moved.

    Abba Father, and my precious Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, You and You alone have the power to heal me from this fatigue. You and You alone have the capacity to bring me rest.

    So Lord, in Jesus’ name:

    I ask that You would bring peace to my very cells right now. Let every fiber of my being come into a place of rest and peace in my body right now, aligned perfectly with Your resurrection body, Jesus–for I am crucified with Christ, therefore I no longer live; You, Jesus, live in me.

    I ask also, Father God, that You would give me peace in my emotions right now.

    Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, and let Your precious Spirit rise up in Me and bear His fruit right now–fruit of “love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control” (per Galatians 5:22-23).

    I pray that You would shelter me and keep me safe from all the people who want to abuse me in this world.

    So many people have attacked me, Father, and it hurts. I forgive them, Lord–even people close to me. I forgive them all. But I need to be protected, Abba Father.

    Lord God, You are the only One who acts with perfect, undying love–and I need Your love. Hide me so deeply in Yourself right now that no person of the world–and no being from the realm of darkness–can access me or attack me in any way:

    • Put a hedge of protection of Your flaming glory all around me;
    • Send angels with flaming swords to watch over me; and
    • I ask that You would fight for me as I hold my peace in You.

    Lord Father, I am so exhausted. I ask right now in Jesus’ name that You would water my bones all the way down to the marrow.

    Water my spirit, soul, and body with Your wellsprings of life. Apply Your healing Balm of Gilead–which is simply Yourself–to my healing, from the skin level all the way down to the deepest gut level of my innermost being.

    Abba Father, I love You; and I just want to thank You today:

    • Thank You for understanding and knowing how I’m doing even when I don’t understand how I’m doing.
    • Thank You for knowing exactly what I need before I ask You.
    • Thank You that, before I called, You have already answered this prayer.
    • Thank You for the deep soul rest that is seeping into my spirit, soul, and body right now by Your Spirit, for You are God Who Heals.
    • Thank You, Abba Father, for sending Your Word and healing all diseases that have plagued my body.
    • Thank You, Lord Jesus, for accepting the stripes upon Your own back that I deserved–the stripes by which I stand perfectly healed in Your presence today.
    • Thank You for healing me from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet, from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside–spirit, soul, and body.
    • Thank You right now for making my thoughts, my words, my cells, and my hormones line up with Your perfect resurrection life, power, and healing through the blood and stripes of Jesus Christ–who is the Same yesterday, today, and forever.

    I love You, Abba Father. I couldn’t live without You, and I thank You so much that I don’t have to.

    You are the breath that I breathe. You are the air in my lungs. You are the beat of my heart. You and only You sustain me, Lord Jesus, by the very word of Your power. 

    So thank You for doing this for me. Thank You for teaching me to rest, and thank You for hiding me in the secret place of Your presence. Thank You for giving me Your deep soul rest, and help me to abide in Your rest and in Your love forever.

    In Jesus’ mighty, holy, and precious name I pray, amen.”

    Beloved, did you pray this prayer with me today? Do you feel the Lord’s deep soul rest seeping into your bones even now? If so, please leave a comment below! I would love to hear your testimony!


    1. desmond Greene says:

      I have prayed with you Jamie. I feel god is with me and that gives me peace and confidence that I have not to do it all myself thank you Jesus

      1. Thank you dear father for this word for me today. I believe and receive it!

        1. I have prayed for it you Jamie I experienced fatigue stress anxiety Because of the years of working a lot I know it’s not an accidentally that I follow you here because I need all of this words of God more encouragement. Godbless you always

          1. Sharon Jane Cole says:

            Thank you Jamie
            I Receive this precious word not only for my self but for my daughters and sons!
            God bless your ministry!

        2. I receive and believe that god is with me and doing great work in me thank you Jesus amen

        3. Janie Pinon says:

          Thank you for the prayers, I just went through retinal detachment surgery with no success. I continue to have faith that out Mighty Powerful God will heal me, with or with out a retina I will regain my eyesight back in my left eye. All with faith and hope in our Father God , son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that live within us! Amen and amen🙏

      2. Dear Jamie. Thank you for this words. I have been flat throughout 2020, I feel I wasted this year! Thank Tgee, Abba, for this words Though sent me just in time! Halelujah!


    2. THANK YOU ABBA FATHER FOR HEALING ME FROM THE INSIDE OUT! Thank you for this prayer Jamie…. it was very much needed!

    3. Shailaja Abraham says:

      Thank you Jemie for the prophetic word that is from Abba Father. Yes I want to rest in His arms with joyful dependance. This prophetic word consoled my heart and brought peace to my body soul and spirit.
      You are my spiritual sister. When I read your blog I feel fresh and happy. Thank for being my spiritual sister and mentor. God bless you and your family abundantly. Praise god for His mercy. Thank you.

    4. thank you jamie! this is what i need right now.

      1. I prayed this and I can feel the fire of God in my body. Thank you for sharing this prayer Jamie. God bless you!

      1. Mavis Herring says:

        Thank you Jamie for this powerful prayer. It seemed that it was just for me, once I prayed I felt like taking a nap after that nap I felt so much energy and I know that was the Lord who worked one me. Now, I don’t have that fatigue anymore! God bless you!

    5. Totally resonates right now thank you

    6. Tammy James says:

      Yes this word is definitely on time & for me , Ive gone thru much throughout the yrs. fighting spiritual battles on behalf if myself as well as others, along with being a wife & mother to my niece & nephew, my task have been draining emotional,physically,soulfully, people who I thought were for me as so called friends hurt me but because if The Fathers sustaining grace & mercy I pressed on thru my exhaustion by His strength. I happy that He sent this word & prayer because I so much needed it. I thank Abba for you and by kniwing He heard my hearts cry & my prayer has been answered trust in His way & His process to make me whole & new thru His surgery of reconsruction. God bless you Jamie❤

    7. Yes! This is so wonderful and perfect time when I really needed it. For almost 2 months im facing very bad acid reflux and can’t afford to see doctor as Im still searching for job. My appetite is all messed up and it has been really frustrating. All the stress, anxiety and fear of how will i pay my house rent. Overwhelmed with so many stuffs but Lord indeed God of mercy. I have faith in Him. He will make a way. God Bless!

    8. Thank you Lord for teaching me to rest in Your presence. Thank You Lord for Your healing to come upon me in the name of Jesus. Cleanse me Lord, I pray. I receive these words of rest and healing 🙏 all glory to you Lord.

    9. Yes Jaimie, your prophetic word is right on the mark concerning the last 4 years. I receive this word and have prayed with my whole heart and being. Thank you Abba Father for your timely deliverance , healing and protection. Thank you Jaimie for standing in the gap for me for this very intercessory prayer. Thank you truly.

    10. Greg Miller says:

      Speaks to my ❤️

      Thanks 😊

    11. Christina McCrory says:

      Thank you so much Pastor Jamie!!
      As always, you’re right on time!
      I was literally talking to Lord Jesus about this, this morning. Thank you for your obedience!

      1. Gail Segars Rainey says:

        Yes and Amen to this Word from Abba Father through Sister Jamie. Received and much needed.

    12. Brittne Aigne' Epps says:

      Amen I have just prayed this prayer for deep soul rest. I truly need it right now. Thank YOU Abba Father for deep soul rest right now. I receive it in Jesus’ name. Amen

    13. Patricia S says:

      This word was in response to my secret cries to God. It addressed every concern. I’m thankful to Faithful God and your faithfulness to be used my Him. May you feel over whelmed with God’s presence and blessings today.

    14. This is well received thank you Jesus! Thank you so much for your diligence in bringing God’s timely word to heal hearts.

    15. Thank YOU ABBA FATHER …….

      AMEN AND AMEN…..

      1. Nathania Tongia says:

        My name is Nathania Joy Tongia and I come from Papua New Gionea. I praise, honour and glorify God for being connected to you. Many of your prophetic words and this last email on the Deep Soul Rest Prayer is what I needed. And every word on that message was God’s answer for me. May God bless you over and abundantly.

    16. Thank-you, Jamie, I feel like that little girl who carried the weigh of the world an thought I was alone,in everything I endured,40 years later ,for some reason we draw bad people, I was taught to be kind to all, but the ones that would hurt you an do evil things were who we drew, , I always felt I could not trust anyone, an so many things I have carried over the years ,even my family never knew, an things the evil people have done to me an mine, the scars are deep, so Thank-you, I now know God truly carries us in all,God Bless!

      1. Jamie, Last night as I went to sleep I asked God to give me peace as to what I am going through with my son and my relationship and TODAY I READ THIS…Gods Word through you is ALWAYS PERFECT TIMING and this word He gave you is EXACTLY what I needed at this EXACT TIME!!! Thank you, Dear sweet Jamie, for being Gods vessel to proclaim His good Word!!! Love and gratitude, Sheri from Michigan

    17. Jamie, the Lord has been leading me to rest and I’ve honestly resisted because I keep seeing all that I need to do. This word helped me realize that God is doing a deeper work, and yes He is addressing some of the ugliest things in me. Thank you for making what I’m going through understandable and therefore helping me to cooperate with God. I am so thankful that God is doing this deep surgery, and I look forward to being new. Thank you so much Jamie ❣️


      This is exactly how I have been feeling and just like always it came at the perfect time in my life. I feel so much peace now, and I will continue to rest in Him and let Him do the work that He wants to do in my heart, mind, body, emotions. A much needed word

    19. Thank you Jamie for this precious word!!! I have an autoimmune disease and I just kept getting more and more tired. I went to my Rheumatologist and my heart doctor and neither one could help me or say why. When I read this, it resonated deep in my heart. I’m believing in Jesus’ name for a deep soul rest, and healing of my bones and cells, my heart and my lungs!! Glory to God!!!
      Thank you Jamie and God bless you!!
      with love, Patti

    20. Nadia Slater says:

      Good day Jamie, I thank you for this word, that God, through you have spoken into my life 🧬🧬, thank you for your dedication to your ministry, I 💖u truly.may God bless you richly in your finances 💵💵.

    21. Rebecca Jones says:

      I understand that word, it is my prayer, I know He gives sleep to the beloved. Psalm 127:2. And it is deep sleep that heals.

    22. I receive this word in Jesus’s name! Amen. It’s been a challenging week, but I receive the grace and rest God gives. Amen.

    23. This word was reading my mail!! I love it and prayed it with all if my heart!🙏❤

    24. Francie Robertson says:

      Hi Jamie and thank you for this word. Last week our beloved 10yo cat went missing. Searched everywhere. At my night job I began seeing his face so clear in my mind over and over. I said to the Lord, I feel SICK…and for about 10 whole seconds, 10, 9, 8…I SAW IT! It was as if a veil or something came away and there it was, this SICK spot deep within the core of my being. Later on I said to the Lord “did You arrange this day (our missing cat etc) just to REVEAL this sickness. It was not physical, not even emotional I think but I know that it has been there probably all of my entire life (?!).
      Just knowing that this was the Lord’s doing (marvellous in my eyes) my hope in Him has become more STEADFAST and IMMOVABLE for He who Promised IS indeed so FAITHFUL to COMPLETE us and to bring us into THE PROMISELAND OF HIS REST FOREVER AND EVER AMEN!

    25. Marie Whyland says:

      My husband passed away last January and since then I have had total responsibility for everything. We were married 58 years
      The people I have hired to help me have been less than satisfactory. I feel that they have taken advantage of me. My body aches from exhausted and my mind is spinning making it hard for me to sleep.
      Thank you for this powerful prayer. I will be claiming it for myself. I praise God for your!
      Oh by the way. I am 80.

    26. Gladys Mutungu says:

      Amen and AMEN. This word is for me. Just what I need right now in this season. ABBA FATHER GOD You are so very good. Answering our deepest needs even when we don’t even know how to articulate.
      Thank you Jamie. I bless and thank God for you.

      Love and blessings. ❣️

    27. Lucretia Wingate says:

      Thank you Father loving me unconditionally no matter what happens in my life. I LOVE YOU. And GOD bless you Jamie 😊.

    28. This prayer really encourage my soul I have been working through the whole pandemic just recently supervisor has suspended me no notification no damn I’m gonna come back I get no response when I called concerned about having to pay my rent I’m feeling like every where I turn on running into another obstacle I’m being pressed on every in no matter where I go or what I doI have been extremely tired and my soul in my heart and I thank you for the prayer I trust and believe bath off of finish the good work that he started in May I ask that you will continue to pray for me concerning my job in Jesus name a man

    29. This prayer really encourage my soul I have been working through the whole pandemic just recently supervisor has suspended me no notification of when I can come back I call I get no response when I called concerned about having to pay my rent I’m feeling like every where I turn on running into another obstacle I’m being pressed on every in no matter where I go or what I doI have been extremely tired and my soul in my heart and I thank you for the prayer I trust and believe bath off of finish the good work that he started in May I ask that you will continue to pray for me concerning my job in Jesus name a man

    30. Yes! I feel the River of Life pouring into me from the prophecy and prayer. Thank you for being a true child and servant of the Living God! May the Lord bless you for being faithful to speak his word.

    31. Matshepo Seletswane says:

      Thank you so much Jamie for this, Im so grateful as it’s exactly for me. Thank God for His love, goodness and grace. Stay blessed

    32. 💜…..thank you…💜

    33. Tracy Walker says:

      Hi Jaime, God bless you & thank you! I prayed & cried throughout the entire prayer & I was yawning uncontrollably. I don’t think that’s ever happened to me before. I believe & receive every word that we prayed in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen

    34. Thank you for the prophetic word.
      It is timely.Lately I’ve been feeling exhausted physically,emotionally and spiritually.Thank you for the prayer..Amen…

    35. I sure needed this word . I’m caregiver to my husband who has dementia. It is stressful and exhausting.

    36. Hi,Jamie thank you for the prophetic Word and Prayer,stay bless

    37. Jamie, Thank you for this prayer and Prophetic Word. It resonated with me. I have felt for a long time that I was always running in circles and never accomplishing anything. It was no coincidence that this is the first blog post I have read of yours. I am trying to get my health back and now I do need healing from the Master Physicians. I now need a spiritual healing for the hurts of life. I have been too busy trying to figure out the next move that I haven’t rested in years. I thank you for the prayer and I receive it.

      May The Lord Richly Bless You in All You Do

    38. Leah Preeya says:

      Thank you so much for this wonderful life blessing prayer.
      So needed in my life today, It has bought living water in my life today. so thankful for you and your ministry

    39. I’ve been so exhausted I needed this so much! Praise God I believe and receive this in Jesus name! Amen!

    40. Millicent says:

      Thank you God for being my rock, my hiding place. For perfecting what’s bruised and broken. For your promise to lead me to the rock that’s higher than Mr. Today I take my rest and leave the rest. You are the healing balm of gilead. Thank you Jesus. Have your way Lord!

    41. Kindy Ague says:

      Thank you for this word!!!! I’ve been struggling with what I was calling an “unholy fatigue” for ages now, and after I read this a few days ago and prayed the prayer attached, I IMMEDIATELY felt the difference and haven’t experienced that type of fatigue since!!!!

    42. Yes Amen! I needed a deep rest from Father God. Receiving the deep soul rest in Jesus name!

    43. This was a right now word to my Spirit, Soul and Body. All I can say is Amen
      Thank you
      God Bless you

    44. All thanks and praise to God our Father for this prayer blessings in Jesus name, God bless you Jamie

    45. IRMA NORTJE says:


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