What Is the Baptism In the Holy Spirit? and How To Receive It

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Do you love Jesus ever so desperately, but you sense that He must have more for you? Do you feel dry inside, and feel like you need to be anointed with fresh oil from Heaven? 

Do you read the stories about how God moved in power in the book of Acts, and long for Him to do those things in your life too?

Do you lack real POWER in your life?

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    If you said yes to any of those questions, then you need the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

    In our series about who the Holy Spirit is, we helped you get to know the amazing, beautiful Person of the Holy Spirit. Now, I want to talk to you today about how He can radically transform your life, TODAY, and you will never, ever, ever be the same.

    What is the baptism in the Holy Spirit?

    The baptism in the Holy Spirit is a radical infilling of the Holy Spirit. It is a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit that will change you forever.

    It is called a “baptism” because it is a big, permanent dunking in the Holy Spirit. Just like what would happen if you got dunked in a big pot of red ink. You go in one way, but you come out totally different. When Jesus dunks you in the Holy Spirit, everything changes.


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    Who gives the baptism in the Holy Spirit?

    Jesus does. In Luke 3:16, John the Baptist foretold this:


    John answered, saying to all, “I indeed baptize you with water; but One mightier than I is coming, whose sandal strap I am not worthy to loose. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”

    Jesus is the One who baptizes us in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the One who changes us and fills us, but Jesus is the One who sends Him.

    In decades past, the baptism in the Holy Spirit was called “the blessing,” because it is indeed a life-transforming blessing from above.

    When Jesus baptizes you in the Holy Spirit, everything changes. For example:

    • Your heart changes; you have a fresh passion and hunger for God.
    • God suddenly seems more real than ever before. He feels tangible.
    • YOU suddenly feel more alive than ever before. Everything about you and your relationship with God comes alive.
    • You will feel a fresh and overwhelming gratefulness rising up in your heart.
    • The Scriptures will suddenly make sense; they begin to burn in your heart as you read.
    • You will notice that it’s suddenly easier to hear God speak to you than ever before.
    • You will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit with you more easily, and more often, than you used to. (And you can train yourself to pay attention to Him always, so that you feel His presence 100% of the time.)
    • You will most likely notice new spiritual gifts begin to operate in your life after you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit–gifts like speaking in various tongues; words of wisdom; words of knowledge; healing; mercy; etc. (We will talk a lot more about the spiritual gifts in upcoming weeks.)

    When you are baptized in the Holy Spirit, you began one way but you come out another way. It’s like Jesus dunks you in a boiling pot of His Spirit and you come out totally transformed. Like Saul, when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you become another person!

    The baptism in the Holy Spirit is not the same thing as your salvation experience. It is a second work of the Holy Spirit, in addition to salvation.

    It can happen at the same time you are saved, but it often happens some time after. For example, I was saved in 2001 and baptized in the Holy Spirit in 2003, probably because it took me two years to hear about Holy Spirit baptism! But when Jesus baptized me in the Holy Spirit, my life totally changed.

    In the book of Acts, the early church was praying in the Upper Room in Acts 2. They were already saved; they believed in Jesus Christ as their Lord. But then they were radically filled with the Holy Spirit.

    In Acts 10:30-48, on the other hand, Cornelius and his household were baptized in the Holy Spirit while Peter was still preaching the Gospel to them! They believed on Jesus because of Peter’s words, and were instantly filled with the Holy Spirit AND with His gifts, for they started speaking in other tongues!

    It is a baptism of fire.

    In the Scripture quoted above, John the Baptist prophesied that Jesus would baptize people in the Holy Spirit AND FIRE. When Jesus baptizes you in the Holy Spirit, you start to burn with passion for God. BURN. He literally becomes your Everything, the Love of your life, the Desire of your heart, your Bread and Water. You are filled with fire for Jesus.

    It is an infilling of power.

    The baptism of the Holy Spirit fills you with power to do real things in real life. He gives you power, strength, and endurance to live successfully, to make good decisions, to have physical stamina when you didn’t have any before, to have mental and emotional fortitude.

    He also gives you power to witness for Him, and to help and minister to others. In Acts 1:8, Jesus said:


    But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

    What does that look like? A very common example would be, if you’re praying for someone, you won’t pray weak, dry prayers. Instead:

    • You’ll pray in the power of the Holy Spirit.
    • He will tell you exactly what you need to pray.
    • He will show you how to speak and decree His Word into their lives.
    • You will often see Him move on the person you are ministering to in visible ways, such as touching their heart so strongly that they tremble, weep, and even lose physical strength such that they have to sit down and rest because the Holy Spirit is touching them so powerfully.

    He’ll also give you the power to impart gifts and graces into other people’s lives by the laying on of your hands. He’ll give you power to heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, drive out demons, and work signs, wonders, and miracles to demonstrate His goodness and love to the lost, so that they are compelled to be saved.

    What does the baptism in the Holy Spirit feel like?

    It feels like a marvelous, powerful, total immersion in the love of Abba Father God–our Papa.

    Remember that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of adoption. He’s the one who cries out “Abba! Father!” (“Abba” meaning “Daddyyyyyy!” in Hebrew) in your heart. So when Jesus baptizes you in the Holy Spirit, the Spirit manifests Himself in power… how? You guessed it: with Father’s love! He brings you close to our Daddy! His heart joins with your heart and together you cry out:

    “PAPA!!!!” 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Want to go deeper?

    Listen to Jamie’s podcast about the power of the Holy Spirit:

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    What else does the baptism in the Holy Spirit feel like? It feels like a river flowing through your spirit for the first time, bringing new life into every place that was dead before. That’s why Jesus said, in John 7:37-39:


    On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” But this He spoke concerning the Spirit, whom those believing in Him would receive; for the Holy Spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified.”

    It also feels like an amazing encounter with Jesus. The Holy Spirit is obsessed with Jesus. He is the Spirit of Christ. So when you are baptized in the Holy Spirit, the Spirit shows you the Person of Christ, and also the love of Father God, in one magnificent, powerful encounter.

    It involves your complete surrender to the Holy Spirit.

    When you give your life to Jesus and are saved from sin and given eternal life, He gives you the Holy Spirit to live inside you. But you will not see the Holy Spirit operating in the total fullness of His power in your life until Jesus baptizes you in the Holy Spirit. You will see some of His work, of course. But there is SO MUCH MORE.

    And to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, you must fully accept the Holy Spirit as your Lord, just like Jesus and Father are your Lord as well. You must be willing to accept His gifts, His instruction, and His power.

    To sum that up: When you get saved, you get the Holy Spirit. But when Jesus baptizes you in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit gets you. 🙂

    So how do you receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

    You ask. In Luke 11:9-13, Jesus said:


    So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

    If a son asks for bread from any father among you, will he give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will he give him a serpent instead of a fish? Or if he asks for an egg, will he offer him a scorpion?

    If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!”

    So pray this with me:

    “Dear Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name, I thank You for Your promise that You will freely give the Holy Spirit to those who ask You. Father God, I love You so much. I want all that You have for me. Jesus, please baptize me in the Holy Spirit right now. I accept the Holy Spirit as my Lord and Boss, and the Spirit of adoption who binds me to You, shows me Jesus, and will teach and guide me.

    Precious Holy Spirit, please have me completely and totally for Yourself. I surrender to You. Thank You, Father God. Thank You, Jesus, for baptizing me in Your Spirit. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for living inside me and transforming me right now. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

    Now stop and let Him touch you. And as He touches you, talk back to Him–even if all you can do is cry out, even with sounds or words in languages that you don’t understand.

    Believe for more in your spiritual life! John 14:21 | FromHisPresence.com

    Did the Holy Spirit touch you as you read this post? If so, please leave a comment below (later, after you let Him have His way in your heart!). 

    Read all the posts in this series about the power gifts!

    If one or more of these encouraging words spoke directly to your heart, would you leave a comment below and share? I’d love to hear how Papa is speaking to you.


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    1. Rebecca L Jones says:

      Jaime, I was a little girl who watched Kathyrn Kuhlman at eleven but I was afraid of her. I only heard one woman speak in tongues at a Pentecostal church, that scared me too. I was baptized in the Spirit in my thirties, to people reading this, don’t wait, don’t be afraid, just believe. You can avoid so many obstacles by obeying the Holy Spirit. He is the power, love and sound mind, we all need.

      1. Amen and amen. The Holy Spirit is the missing Person in so many of our lives, and we sense our need for Him keenly, but without being fully surrendered to Him and filled with Him, we don’t even know what’s wrong! But He is all we need.

      2. Judith Makunga says:

        Thank you Jamie recently I have been feeling uncomfortable calling Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit you just confirmed that to me.I am grateful for this teaching its been the missing link in my life.

    2. Good teaching! I love it! Thank you for doing this. It’s one of the most misunderstood aspects of modern Christianity.

      Will you be doing a teaching on receiving the gift of tongues? Or getting started actually doing it? That’s a very misunderstood topic, also.

      Thank you.

      1. Thank you, Nettie. Yes, I’ll be talking about that also. 🙂 It’s a good gift from the Holy Spirit, a weapon we all need for our spiritual arsenal.
        Thanks for reading! <3

    3. All last night the Holy Spirit came upon me. I was sleeping and I woke up to a feeling of “heaviness” as if someone was pushing on me and there was intense heat in my body ( he emphasized different parts – for example at one point my knees were very very warm) this went on for about two hours. As I read your blog and asked the Holy Spirit to baptize me, I felt a weakness in my body. The other night while worshipping at a particular song I kept wanting to fall backwards. Are all those the baptism of the Spirit? ( yes I am Christian – you call Him Papa I call Him Daddy ?)

      1. Reggie, that sounds like a beautiful experience. I don’t know if that was the baptism in the Holy Spirit or not–I couldn’t say since I wasn’t there and don’t know how it impacted you. But Luke 11:13 says that Papa will give you the Holy Spirit if you ask, so if you have asked, then just thank Him for the Holy Spirit’s baptism and believe you’ve received it!
        And people often feel heavy when the Holy Spirit sits on them, including sometimes losing their strength to stand. That’s totally normal. If you need to sit down or lay on the floor and rest, do so. When Holy Spirit wants to do surgery on our hearts, sometimes it’s a distraction to try to keep standing. Sometimes just resting and focusing on Him lets Him do His work faster in us. 🙂

    4. Marshae Scott says:

      Thank you so much Jamie! I really desire to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I will press in!

        1. Adela Garza says:

          Thank you for show me this gift of the holy spirit. I had been asking father to give me a helper and he lead me to you. Now I feel complete in God. Thank you God bless you

    5. Hello, I have a question about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. My husband as well as myself have asked many many times to be baptized in the Holy Spirit but still He does not come. Are we not good enough or have we done something wrong or bad that maybe Holy Spirit doesn’t come upon us? It is so very disheartening when I go to receive Him at some of our church events and everyone around me is falling down and nothing ever happens to me.

      1. Hi Carie. What a great question. Falling down doesn’t have anything to do with the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is a gift whom you already have if you have received Jesus as your Savior and made Jesus the Boss of your life. And if you already have Him, then all you have to do is surrender to His power and boldness. Luke 11:13 says Father will give you Holy Spirit if you ask Him! So since you’ve already asked, all you have to do is believe that you have received Him and that He dwells in you. Then just start getting to know Him. Talk to Him! Talk directly to Holy Spirit! He is a Person and wants to have a relationship with you. Look up Scriptures that describe who He is and what His personality is like. Get to know Him like you would any friend, and invite Him to have His total and complete way in your life! And He will. He will NEVER say no to that prayer. 🙂
        Much love in Christ to you. Thank you for reading my blog.

      2. I agree with this, Carie. I also asked for baptism in the Holy Spirit MANY, many times, never believing that I received him because nothing seemed to happen. No falling down, no anything at all. I continued to ask and felt just like you do–like I just wasn’t special enough to be given such a gift. I was wrong–we’re ALL that special to him and he WANTS us to have it! It was only when I finally decided to *believe* that he’d given me what I asked for (Jesus promised that the Father would give us the Holy Spirit if we only ask!) and determined to just receive it by faith, that I started to walk in the Holy Spirit’s power. I started believing I was Spirit-filled, and now I know for a fact that I’m Spirit-filled! Still not from any dramatic falling-down moment, but just from the less-dramatic things that come as I walk with him. He speaks to me, he shows me things I never saw before, he puts love in my heart for others that I would never have on my own, and he gives me visions and prophecies. Just believe that you’ve been given what you’ve asked! Believe it and receive it, and start walking in it—like Jamie said, just start talking to him and getting to know him, and start listening for him and paying attention to the “small” things that start to happen and change. 🙂

    6. Carie Mccowen says:

      Wow!! Thank you so much for your wonderful responses to my question!!! I cannot tell you how relieved I feel!!! I do believe Holy Spirit is in me and I do hear his voice and I’m trying to learn to hear Him more clearly. It’s a relief to know that even though I don’t fall down while everyone around me is being slain in the Spirit doesn’t mean that I’m not baptized in the Holy Spirit although I still don’t understand why that doesn’t happened.
      I had a spiritual dream (my only one so far) about a year ago it was so beautiful! I dreamt that I was out in the countryside with my husband walking in a big beautiful golden wheat field when all of a sudden I saw a tornado in the near distance and then another tornado until there was a total of five tornadoes all lined up!! I shouted to my husband and and we begin to run away but all the sudden I found myself in the very center of one of these tornadoes. It was amazing!! At first I was afraid but then I heard a voice that said “just look up” and so I did. What happened next was breathtaking. The tornado was circling around me and it was golden and shiny and sparkly and just swirling!! And I just kept looking up and as I did a beautiful sense of peace as I have never ever felt in my whole life came over me I didn’t want to wake up!!! It was indescribably beautiful!! I’ve asked God to give me more dreams but I haven’t had any since then but I feel quite certain it was from Him. I’m so excited to for God use me to bless him and bring blessings others! I still have so much to learn but I guess life is a learning process isn’t it, when we stop learning is when we stop living. So grateful that I found your blog, I pray God blesses you and that your ministry touches women all over the world.

      1. That’s wonderful, Carie! I actually wouldn’t be surprised for a minute if we got to Heaven and learned that Jesus baptized you in His Holy Spirit during that dream. Just a thought. 🙂

    7. Jamie…
      I was raised in the church. Fell in love with God and the Holy word as an early teen. Stayed. Came back to a call to ministry. Was disillusioned at what was being conferred in my denomination that was anti scriptural. Stayed. Came back to the Lord. Entered ministry. Has my faith dismantled by the enemy in the teachings at my Seminary. I spent 15 years away from Jesus.
      Recently, someone I previously encouraged in the LORD, they had finally believed themselves and their walk ministered to me and I returned to the Father.
      Today my life is dedicated to God. Not in flashy noticeable ways. I would like to be invisible that others may see the Christ inside… That Father would get immense glory and only Father.

      Today, April 18,2017 I have prayed and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and I commit my life to submitting to the Spirits guidance.
      Thank you for your blog.
      Thank you for your course.
      Thank you for dedicating your life to helping others grow in the LORD.

    8. Jamie thank you for your blog ? It answers many questions and especially let’s me know that I am not alone in this journey, I have been a Christian for about 16 years and really thought that the gift of tongues was for a handful of very spiritual believers but the Lord in His great mercy is leading me to understand the truth ? I haven’t seen the manifestation of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit but I have prayed for it. I know I have missed so many blessings and victories in my Christian walk but our Papa is soooo good I know I will see His power manifesting in my life, I am sooo hungry for more. May the Lord bless you!

    9. Georgina Barboutis says:

      Can you lose the baptism of the Holy Spirit? I turned away from the Lord many years ago and now am back. I still speak in prayer tongues but after reading your experience with the Holy Spirit, I thought I don’t have that anymore. I know and I sense there is a blockage. Something I didn’t have before when I first got saved and prayed over for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I was so zealous then and determined to tell everyone in my path about Jesus somehow. Now, that has gone. I so want that back.

      1. Great question. Check out Romans 11:29! And you’ll have your answer directly from the Lord’s mouth instead of mine. And pray for Him to help you regain your fire! He will. He loves that prayer. Fasting is a great key to regaining fire, by the way. Even if it’s only a partial fast, and even if it’s only for one meal or one day.

    10. All I could do was cry while reading this

      1. Maybe Holy Spirit was touching you! Rees Howells, missionary to Africa, said that you’re never truly in the presence of God until you weep. 🙂

    11. Diana tweedy says:

      I was baptized in november4 2012 and received his holy spirit on june8 the 2014 on the day of Pentecost , be t while I was seeking his holy spirit I had this fear of not being good enough to receive him, so the good Lord said to me ” if you fall will I not not catch you” so for those who are afraid shut that door on the devil because God said it is ours for the asking.

    12. Thank you so much for this prayer. I grew up in a Christian church and it’s only now as an adult that I’m starting to have a relationship with Jesus. I got saved last year in April and I had no idea about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I have said your prayer and I felt such a warm presence after saying the prayer. All the glory be to God! I believe I will be able to effectively cast out any evil spirits that torment me at night.

    13. Wilhelmina P. Pearson says:

      I Praise God for this place of teaching and an opportunity for expression.
      I invited Jesus into my heart and life on Dec. 22, 1971; having no knowledge of the infilling of His Holy Spirit until April 2, 1979. Since that time I speak or sing in the Spirit every day.
      Thank you for putting into words exactly my thoughts on what it has been like over the years to be so “Blessed”. And especially in those early years.
      Life has not always been a garden for me since that time, but the Spirit of the Living God has been my sustainer and the lifter up of my head; He has proven to be sweeter as the days go by!!!

    14. Sara Carolina says:

      Jamie, Hace 26 años recibí al Espíritu Santo. Por circunstancias muy difíciles dejé de congregarme aunque nunca me aparté del Señor. Sí me enfrié un poco y quiero retomar mi comunión con Él, lo anhelo profundamente!!

    15. Dear Jamie – I grew up Catholic and was baptized as a child. I feel this need to be baptized as an adult to make sure that I am saved. Is that necessary? I believe that Jesus is my savior and that he died on the cross so that my sins are forgiven. I pray to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit every day. I am trying to learn my life around and have put them all first in my life. I still am not sure if that’s enough. I prayed the prayer that you shared above and will continue to pray it daily. I want to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Please pray for me.

      1. Hi Scott. Yes, we are to follow the Lord in baptism AFTER we are saved. I too was baptized as a teenager before I was saved, but I got baptized again after I got saved. Several times, actually! So go for it! Follow Jesus in everything!


      Hi jamie
      Thank u for the structure about being baptized in the holy spirit no one ever told me that before and im greatful for you on letting me know. I thank you and god bless. Keep pressing forward god is good all the time .

    17. I fully believe I am filled with the Holy Spirit as He guides me speaks to me gives me direction discernment and speaks to me so clearly that I’m in conversation with Him??I usually don’t come to full realization until later. I tend to make groaning sounds. It’s Him who I seek ❤️Father Son Holy Spirit

    18. Hello there,
      I am a believer and believe I am filled with the prescious Holy Spirit.
      I’ve came across your blog and enjoyed it very much. I was particularly interested in the gift of speaking in tongues. For a while now I have had this shuttering of my mouth that has been happening and I was wondering if it was a sign that God wants to or is trying to give me this gift. Before this ever begin happening to me, anytime I would hear someone speak in tongues it would make me smile and I’d feel happy to hear it. Not exactly sure why. So I was just curious to know why this mouth movement is happening, even though I have not asked for or prayed for it. But I certainly welcome the gift. Hoping you can shed some light on this for me.

    19. Mwanamuke Mwiya says:

      Thank you Jamie for message, i have had my question answered, i didn’t know when a person received the Holy Spirit and when the person received the baptism.

      Please keep up with the good works.

    20. Thank you Jamie for the prayer. I received more of the Holy Spirit and it was such a sublime feeling the Holy Spirit touching me going deeper into my heart! Thank you and God Bless!

    21. Hello Jamie!!
      I just started Presence Seekers University today. I was saved 9 years ago, and baptized 5 years ago, but never baptized in the Holy Spirit. BUT…. I was this morning!!! And was so filled with the Holy Spirit. After praying the prayer, I just let the Holy Spirit move and I collapsed to my knees and wept, cried and bawled – in awe of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit upon me. I started to make sounds that came out of nowhere and just kept weeping and praising Jesus!!! Then, as I was on my knees and head down and arms straight out in front of me – I felt my torso raise and arms raised high to receive more and more of the Holy Spirit. I felt Holy Spirit wanted me to just praise upright and praise Holy, Holy, Holy to the Lord – I felt the Power of the Holy Spirit upon me in such a powerful way! I also felt Holy Spirit tell me to start praying in my house for everyone in the house and to start touching walls in every room. I am so grateful to coming across your blog. You are a special blessing to me. I will continue to pray for you and your oh-so important ministry. God Bless you Jamie – Love in Christ <3 I'm on Holy-Spirit FIRE!!!! And I surrender it all to Jesus – All Glory To God! THANK YOU

      1. Jean, this is AMAZING!!! GLORY BE TO GOD MOST HIGH! I love Him so much! Thank You, Jesus, for filling my sister with Your Spirit!
        And Jean, it’s so nice to meet you. I also saw that you began donating to our ministry–THANK YOU! What a gift that is to us, and your testimony even more so. I’m believing Him to do this more and more and more for SO MANY PEOPLE!
        Blessed be the name of the LORD!!!!!!

    22. A really nice teaching. I desire to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues

    23. Hi Jaime I just want to thank you God is so awesome as I was reading the prayer tears were just falling down my face as soon as I finished the prayer I just cried so hard for about almost 7 min I felt the fire of God all over my body Thank you I really needed a touch it was do powerful. God blesd you

    24. Tessie Richardsonn says:

      I moved here to Spokane, wa. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and I am a born again believer, in Jesus Christ. I have been going to my sister and brother in law’s church, which is Lutheran, because I don’t know anyone, except for my coworkers and a few of the people in the church. I feel led,to stay in this church, but I also feel like a fish out of water. There are times that I want to look for a different church, because they don’t believe in the baptism in the Holy Spirit. They think that God no longer needs it. But I do feel like I’m supposed to stay in this church. I don’t understand why, but I do.

    25. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      If i missed the Pentecost Sunday causen i didn’t go to church because of this pandemic,do i miss also the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

      1. Hi sweetheart, Jesus will baptize you in His Spirit and fire anytime and anywhere you ask. You don’t have to be at the church building when you ask. So, ask now and let Him fill you up!

    26. Blessing Lucky says:

      Thank you for being compassionate about people this is the will of God that we love just as He has loved us. Thank you for your writings, they are plain, understandable and edifying. Please keep it coming 😊👍

    27. Thank you Jamie. This is what I am always yearning for, baptism of the Holy Spirit. I know I am saved because Jesus is my saviour! Without Him I can’t do nothing. I need the baptism because the word says it is the Holy Spirit that helps us to pray without getting tired.

    28. Leda Shamchuk says:

      I also am longing for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire. When I prayed for it once I was told that there was a blockage preventing me from getting it. I prayed and asked God what it was but I received no answer. I also need deliverance from God for Sciatica which I’ve found out is a demon. How can I be delivered from this demon? Could you help to be baptized in the Holy Spirit? I’d like it today, right now.

      1. Hi friend, sciatica is a medical condition for which you need medical treatment. I’m not sure why someone would say it’s a demon? But God can heal you, and you should definitely seek medical care. Jesus said, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.” In other words, go to the doctor. 🙂 I hope you already are. As far as the baptism in the Holy Spirit, Luke 11:13 says He will give it to you as soon as you ask. There are no hindrances unless you don’t believe.
        I hope this helps.

    29. Laureen Vooys says:

      As I was listen to your podcast “Taking your territory,” I saw a vision of you Jaime as your were speaking. You were speaking with such clarity, a baby would understand. God is using you Jaime to touch the world. Thank you for reaching out to me.

      Laureen Vooys

    30. I’ve prayed today for the baptism of The Holy Spirit. Yes, I asked for confirmation and no I don’t believe anything happened. I must say this is not the first time I’ve done this. It’s been more than a few years because it really depressing. I’m missing so much and I want everything I have been reading about. ☹️

    31. Jamie thankyou I needed this to remind me of what God can do I have faced many challenges and \god has bought me through all of them, I always look forward to the word the Lord has given you to share

    32. Francie Robertson says:

      I had momentarily forgot about PENTECOST 5784/2024…
      Then out of nowhere as I was walking down the passageway of our house up came these Words followed by a flow of SPEAKING IN TONGUES (???!!!). I had to stop for a moment to collect my thoughts (???!!!) and figure out the scripture words that just came through…
      IN THE INNER MAN…” (followed by the gift of speaking in tongues!)
      I quickly went to look it up!
      WOW that’s EPHESIANS 3:14!
      I am thoroughly convinced beyond words that this is a HALLMARK sign of THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT and at such a time as this CONFIRMING THE DAY OF PENTECOST and God’s desire for HIS BODY of people to BE FILLED AFRESH and CLOTHED UPON with His SPIRIT OF MIGHT esp. right now in these CURRENT TIMES AND SEASONS ahead of us AMERICA!
      Awake, awake!
      Put on your strength, O Zion;
      Put on your beautiful garments,
      O Jerusalem, the holy city!
      For the uncircumcised and the unclean
      Shall no longer come to you.
      Shake yourself from the dust, arise;
      Sit down, O Jerusalem!
      Loose yourself from the bonds of your neck,
      O captive daughter of Zion!
      (Isaiah 52:1)

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