How I Learned to Use My Prayer Language

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How I Learned to Use My Prayer Language | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

In recent posts, I shared my story about how the Lord encountered me one day in 2003 at a Joyce Meyer conference in Pensacola, Florida. He baptized me in the Holy Spirit and fire, gave me a prayer language, and completely wrecked me for Jesus.

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Everything changed that day. The Holy Spirit filled me with passion for God and started giving me more of His fruit than ever before. He also gave me some of His gifts, including the gift of tongues–which is actually one of the last gifts in the Scriptural lists; but it’s still very important and tremendously helpful. (He only gives good gifts!)

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    Today, I want to share how I learned to use my prayer language.

    The thing about spiritual gifts is that they come to us in raw form, but you have to learn how to use them. It’s just like what would happen if you gave your child a bicycle, but she had never ridden a bicycle before. She would be ecstatic!–but then would come the learning.

    Spiritual gifts work the same way. As I said in my previous post, when I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I began to spontaneously speak in another language that I didn’t know. I was pouring out my heart and passion to God. It was a holy moment, a supernatural thing that magnified Jesus and made me feel closer to God than I had ever felt in my life.


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    But it was just those couple of syllables over and over.

    I wasn’t sure what to think of that, but in the teaching tape Joyce Meyer’s volunteers handed out, Joyce taught that when the Lord gives you a few syllables, you should use them and He will give you more. She said it works the same way a baby learns to speak English. That baby may only say “da-da” or “ma-ma” at first, but over time, he develops a full command of the language so that he is fully able to say “Give me a burger, fries, and a large orange drink.” 🙂

    Well, that made sense to me. So I talked in my two or so syllables to the Lord much of my drive back home from Pensacola.

    But the problem was, when I got home, I didn’t feel that flow anymore.

    Those syllables weren’t pouring out of my belly anymore, and I didn’t know how to get that flow back. Nevertheless, just trying to be a good steward and also to obey what Joyce had taught, I kept using them some when I prayed over the next few days.

    Fast forward a few months. I don’t remember exactly how things progressed for a few months, but I do remember that in October of that year, I visited my church for the first time (the place I love, which has become the house of my fathers). And the worship was outstanding. We have and had a huge choir, and the worship was so powerful and Spirit-led. And it was very much accepted to stand up and worship with hands uplifted and hearts poured out to the Lord.

    So I did.

    And when I entered into that flow of worship and focused on the Lord, all of a sudden that divine flow that I felt when I got baptized in the Holy Spirit came back …

    … and those syllables of my prayer language flowed out like a river.

    No effort required. Just me and Father God, connecting at an intimate level.

    It was awesome, and I loved it. I hadn’t been able to replicate that flow at home at that time, but boy-oh-boy, could I ever enter in at church. So I did.

    Things stayed that way for awhile, but it got easier and easier to begin speaking to God in this other language He had given me. I had to get past a lot of “is this just me?” thinking and learn to purposefully connect with Him with my spirit and heart. But as soon as I did, I found speaking to Him in that prayer language was flowing more and more.

    Then one night, out of the blue, I was asleep in my bed and I woke myself up shouting in my prayer language and calling on the name of Jesus!

    I literally woke myself up! And the words and syllables that I spoke weren’t just the same two or three syllables I had had before, either. This was a torrent, a river. It was a complete language with inflections and recognizable patterns and all the words I needed. It just flowed out of my belly to Father God, and I could feel Him … and I felt like I could sense what I was praying about, too.

    From that day until now, I’ve never had any more challenge in using my prayer language fully. It has completely flowed, and I use it very often when I get alone with God and pray (and when I worship Him, too). It’s tremendously effective and it gets answers quickly.

    But in order to get there, I spent a long time just praying in my few syllables and trying to honor what God had given me. And when I stewarded the small thing He had given me, He gave more.

    I obeyed two huge kingdom principles–1) that what you bless will increase in your life, and 2) that a grateful heart brings more of what you’re grateful for–and God came through. He will do the same thing for you too.

    We talked on Monday about why Scripture says speaking in that prayer language—the gift of tongues—is so important for believers. But for now, is the Lord speaking to your heart and giving you a desire to pray in tongues? If so, pray this short prayer with me:

    Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name, thank You for saving me. Thank You for making me Your child, and thank You that I do have the gift of Your Holy Spirit.

    Heavenly Father, Your Word says we should earnestly desire all the best gifts. I know that every gift You give is a good and perfect gift, and I want everything You have. So Father, I ask in Jesus’ name that the Holy Spirit would give me the gift of tongues right now and help me to pray in the prayer language that You have for me. Help me to speak the words of my prayer language back to you boldly, and to have full command of it. And give me discernment and teach me how to use it rightly.

    Thank You, Father, for hearing and answering my prayer. Thank You for giving me this gift. Thank You that in the Spirit I will use it to speak directly to You, and please help me to be a good steward of what You have given me and use it often and in good order according to Your Word.

    I love You, and I give You all the praise. In Jesus’ name, amen.

    If you just prayed that prayer with me, go aside and get alone with the Lord and begin to speak to Him out of your spirit (which physically feels like the deepest place of your belly).

    Open your mouth and speak in faith, believing and knowing that He has answered your prayer. When words or syllables come out that aren’t your native language, just go with it. Focus on Him and let your spirit commune with Him. Pray and speak to Him in faith, knowing that He hears and answers the prayers of His children and earnestly desires to give you this good and perfect gift, so He will.

    Does my story help you or encourage you to know that there’s no pressure and you can start small? Where are you on this journey of practicing God’s gifts of the Spirit in faith? Leave a comment below and let’s grow together!

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    1. Clement Amoah says:

      Wow so powerful.. I love speaking in tongues because its a special gift from my heavenly Father to me. praise and glory be to God. I had it after my water baptism when I was around 16 years. During that time I was feeling shy because I thought to myself if I speak that language people will laugh at me, I always did suppressed it flow in me.
      Then when I went to high school it came forth strongly in me that I could not suppress it again, shyness was gone, now boldness took over me. hallelujah!!
      The more I pray in tongues, the more it grows in me, its a powerful weapon in ones prayer life….Its heavenly language ,only God understand and when a believer use it, he or she speaks a mystery to God.
      I want to understand Jamie, how tongue speaking changes levels when one prays and how it operates in the realm of of the spirit world.

      Thanks and God richly bless you Jamie!

      1. I’m glad that shyness is gone and the Holy Spirit has given you boldness, brother! Keep on exercising that gift and speaking those mysteries in the Spirit!

    2. Rebecca L Jones says:

      Getting over the fear of it is important. And don’t be surprised by the things that can be uttered. My aunt thought I was snoring once, but I was not asleep, fortunately, we were in a hotel room, five family members attending a convention. I was sure that because I said very few words, I was doing something wrong, not so. I encourage people to use that gift. It is a powerful weapon. I have seen it save lives, and people healed only to never change their thoughts about it or receive, wind up even more ill or passing.

      1. Yes, when we pray in the Spirit, we can win battles we didn’t even know we were fighting. Amen.

    3. Thank you, Jamie. I especially appreciated that you mentioned that you had to get over wondering if it was just you doing it. It’s still fairly new to me, and I have wondered the same thing! I often feel prompted to do it when I’m not even particularly thinking about Him, so maybe that means that it is Holy Spirit led?

      Can you go into any detail about how it is effective and how you have received answers quickly? Does this mean that you also are able to interpret what you are saying, so that you know when it has been answered? I’m curious, because although I do this as prompted and out of a desire to grow closer to the Lord, I’m not sure I’m seeing results. Shouldn’t it be obvious to me?

      1. I definitely think the Holy Spirit will prompt you to pray in tongues at seemingly-random times. I think this has to do with “speaking mysteries” as Paul wrote. The Holy Spirit will cue you because He has something He needs you to pray about. You may not know what it is, but if you will pray, He will take care of it anyway. It could be intercession for someone else. It could be to pray in a blessing that is in His heart to give you. It could be to ward off a danger that only He knows about. Any of those things would require spontaneous prayer, and if you will pray, after a time the burden will go away and you’ll know that He answered whatever He needed you to pray about. Remember that God has given men and women dominion over the earth, and He moves on it in answer to our prayer.

        About its effectiveness–I think it’s all about the burden of the Holy Spirit. When God is ready to move, He’ll tell you exactly how to pray so that He can do what He needs to do. So your prayer becomes a bulldozer that paves the way for Him to do His work. And since praying in the Spirit is completely driven by the Holy Spirit, it’s the most efficient way for Him to bless us. You might want to read my post about heavenly prayer directives and how they work for more about that, if you haven’t read it already.

        Regarding interpretation–if you will ask, you will notice the Holy Spirit start to give you a sense of topic. You may not understand the words you are saying in your prayer language, but as you pray, your prayer will move from topic to topic and you can sense the change in topic with your mind. So I may be praying in the Spirit and suddenly I start thinking about a son or daughter of mine who needs help. That’s the Holy Spirit telling me what my prayer language is talking about. And my prayers will get more intense as I lay out the agony of my soul to God about my spiritual child. Then that burden will lift but I’ll keep praying in the Spirit, and suddenly I’ll have my blog readers on my mind, or my husband, or finances, or whatever. And when that happens–if it all flows together and contributes to your prayer–that’s the interpretation of what you’re praying about.

        You can tell the difference between that kind of interpretation and a distraction. A thought that’s merely a distraction, and not from the Lord, will keep you from praying in the Spirit. Those are the ones you just have to write down and get off your mind, or press past. But an interpretation will be different because it will flow with your prayer and press you into more fervent prayer. Ask the Lord to show you the interpretation of what you’re praying about and you’ll start to notice this. Then, you’ll be able to see how quickly He answers (because you’ll know exactly what you prayed).

        Does this help?

        1. This helps so much, thank you! I have experienced some of the things that you mentioned, but didn’t realize that they were all connected. Sometimes I get frustrated because I feel like the Lord is trying to speak to me and I’m just not getting it, like I have the puzzle pieces in front of me but I can’t seem to put them together. He is using you a lot to help me understand, though, and it sure makes me feel loved. 🙂

            1. Wow this was so helpful ! I have recently recieved the gift of speaking in tongues ..a few syllables like you did at first ! I can totally relate to your feelings on this gift being new to this ! Thank you for sharing !

    4. I’m so grateful to you for touching upon this topic. You’re helping many to understand this gift and not to be afraid of the gifts of the Spirit. Our prayer language is so very important to us a believers in the body of Christ. As believers and soldiers in the army of the Lord, our prayer language is a mighty weapon against the enemy and should be used everyday; all day, as the Bible says to “pray without ceasing” and this is how we can effectively do just that.

      1. Amen and amen. Couldn’t have said it better, Maddie! I think you may have a little “preach” rising up in you! 🙂

        1. Thank you Jamie! I took it no other way; Spirit to Spirit!

      2. Thank you so much for this post. I think I am waaay late but I have been having a hard time with releasing my prayer language and just letting it flow. I hear it in my head ALL THE TIME but I’m hesitant about letting it come out of my mouth bc I am having a hard time with the “is this just me” thing as well. I definitely want to activate this gift bc I know it will be such as blessing to me and to those around me. This makes me feel a lot better about just going with the flow and using my two syllables consistently until the Holy Spirit gives me more. Please keep me in your prayers.

    5. This was very encouraging to me. I got my prayer language this fall and it flowed, bubbled out of me for about 3 days and it was more than a few syllables. I *felt* a difference praying that way. Then it became increasingly harder to use because it didn’t flow as easily and I didn’t *feel* different. This is a good reminder I need to do it anyways and be a good steward of His gifts! Thank you!

      1. Angie, you’ve got it exactly right. As you press through in faith, knowing that He gave you the gift, it will become easier and easier to use it. Remember – just like riding a bicycle. 🙂 You’ve got this! PAPA’s got this! 🙂

    6. I appreciate your talking about this topic. For I, personally, have not received this gift. But, I have questions about it and you seem to be well versed. So, here goes. I understand the ‘tongues’ given at Pentecost in the book of Acts. But I am not familiar with scripture that refers to speaking in tongues being a “prayer language.” Could you direct me to that scripture? Thanks for the help=)

      1. Hi, Tammy. Thank you for reading. 🙂 The term “prayer language” is a colloquial expression derived from 1 Corinthians 14:2, which says: “For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God, for no one understands him; however, in the spirit he speaks mysteries.”
        Basically, speaking to God = prayer. And the praying described here is done in another language–a language or “tongue” given by the Holy Spirit. So, people often refer to speaking in tongues as a “prayer language” just because the main purpose of that gift is to pray mysteries back to God, and it’s done in whatever language the Holy Spirit gives you.

        Throughout the centuries, people have colloquially referred to the use of this gift in various ways, such as “praying in the Spirit” (which phrase is in various verses in the Bible) or “praying in tongues.” In the Appalachian revivals from the 1800s and even to this day, when someone received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, if the person spoke in tongues at the same time, the people would say, “She lost her English!”

        It all means the same thing–speaking in another tongue given by the Holy Spirit, and praying to God with those words. 🙂

        Does this help?

    7. Thank you for posting this! I believe that I have received my prayer language but have always struggled with the thought that it is just me “coming up with something”. If I’m speaking in tongues I want to make sure it is of God and not of me. I struggle so much with the thoughts of it coming from me that it keeps me from using my prayer language at all. I so desperately want to use my prayer language with boldness but just don’t know how to overcome the thoughts that it is just me coming up with stuff. When I do use my prayer language (even from the beginning) it just seems to flow. It was never just a few syllables (which is what threw me off and made me think it was just me). I often feel prompted to pray that way but don’t because I’m fearful that I’m just making something up. If this is of God I don’t want to ignore it and I want to be a good steward of it. Do you have any advice? Thanks.

      1. Hi Chelsea. Thank you for reading my blog, and thank you for sharing!
        My advice is: use it, baby, use it! 🙂 It’s not just you. If you have a heart like that, I don’t think you’re making it up at all. Get alone with God, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to intercede for you and through you–from Romans 8:26-27; pray that verse back to God to claim it, as it will give you confidence and Holy Spirit will help you. Then go ahead and use that prayer language. If you have peace while you’re praying and you sense Holy Spirit drawing you to Jesus, that’s solid evidence right there that it’s God working through you and in you to pray mysteries back to Father.
        Does this help at all?

        1. Yes! Thank you so much 🙂

    8. I love praying in tongues especially when I sense a need to pray and do know specifically what to pray about. I desire more of the Holy Spirit and wish to develop my prayer language further. I have also experienced God give me meaning of another person’s tongues and seek more of the Holy Spirit operatives such as in the word of knowledge and healing because I see that as my gifting. Thank you for sharing such wonderful insights, helps to know I’m know I’m not being weird especially at work.

      1. Praying in tongues is definitely an awesome thing, not a weird thing, sister! So glad you are putting this gift that Holy Spirit gave you to good use. Keep it up!
        Blessings to you! Thank you for reading!

    9. Susan Jones says:

      I had a similar experience when I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. My prayer language was a short phrase which I prayed over and over again. I was getting frustrated when a more mature Christian lady told me to be faithful with what I was given and more would be added. She was right and Father has been faithful over the years to add to my prayer language. I love how sometimes I can pray in tongues and the Lord will give me the interpretation. One morning I was praying this way and the interpretation was ” the day is coming when the Holy Spirit will be the Match that strikes and sets on fire the fuse leading to the dunamis (dynamite) power that is lying dormant within many believers. We are not using the power within to its full capacity. When the Spirit of God lights that fuse we will be “blown up” in the spirit! A Holy Spirit explosion! Immediate expansion!” Yess!!

    10. I over the past few days have been praying about deeply troubling things. Was grown up in church but nobody spoke tongues there, and Im at a different church now which accommodates it. Anyway i started to groan (i guess groaning in the spirit) and noticed i was then talking something like baby talk. I guess this is a possibility that this is a baby talk of a prayer language? Not sure.

    11. Hi Jamie! Thank you for all that you are doing in Christ. I was reading some of the posts and I was most encouraged by them. My experience with speaking in tongues is much like everyone else, especially thinking “is this just me”. But I continued and it became more natural to me over time. As I began to become more comfortable with it my prayer language turned to singing. I was so excited because in the natural I can’t carry a tune, however in my prayer language not so bad (lol). I love it when I begin to sing it is so powerful. It brings joy to my heart and the joy of the Lord is my strength. May god continue to bless you.

    12. I️ want my prayer language back! I️ desire so much. I️ feel stuck. You sharing did help me. I️ just do not know where to start. I️ do not want you o force it either. Your suggestions?

      1. Your prayer language is not gone, M.R. The gifts and callings of God are irrevocable. Even if you haven’t used your prayer language in a long time, you still can. And you SHOULD force it. It’s a language you have. A gift you have. Make yourself speak it! Stir up the gift that is in you! Stir up your most holy faith by using this language! Only the devil is trying to tell you not to. Don’t listen! Go for it!

    13. Roboto Rorentsu says:

      Thank you for sharing your wonderful testimony about how you have been baptized with the Holy Ghost and speak in tongue. I can relate to your testimony because i also struggle with few syllables.

      I was prayed over by many pastors and have been in the altar for many times. I also prayed many times to be filled or to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

      One day, I spoke in tongue during my fellowship with God. All of the sudden the unknown syllables just come out of my mouth. I can feel my mouth was vibrating like electricity when i spoke those unknown tongues. So recorded it with my mobile phone. It was only 4-5 syllables, over and over again. Then i stop doing it after i found out i was just repeating the unknown syllables over and over again. I felt like it was just my flesh doing it. This was more than a year ago.

      I’ve been frustrated a lot of times because I couldn’t reach the flow no matter how i prayed and worship.

      Now, i spoke 9 or 10 syllable or 2 words maybe. I asked Jesus to baptize me with the Holy Spirit and ask God to fill me. I prayed for an increase of flow and to speak fluently. That’s all i can spoke. I’ve read many books about the baptism with the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongue. I followed the instructions or steps given from the books.

      But there was one time when i attended a church service where they baptize people in the Holy Spirit. A pastor laid hands on me and anointed me with oil. I really felt something a fire within me, something will come out of my belly. I am about to cry but i resisted. I feel like i want to vomit something but i didn’t speak out. After that, i went home feeling the presence of God. I was wrong because i didn’t speak out the words that is suppose to come out of my mouth. I didn’t yield to His presence. I was filled with the Holy Spirit but i had problems with the tongues part because i didn’t give sounds to words. In short, i didn’t speak out the words. It was my first time to feel the powerful move of God’s presence in my life. So in the next sunday service, i went there again and a pastor laid hands on me, rebuking something and expecting me to fall on the floor but nothing really happened. I was still there standing like a statue. That night i went home very frustrated and disappointed because nothing has happened to me. Then I stop going to church for months because i was so discourage.

      My Christian life was like up and down. I was in a tough battle. I memorized scriptures but it doesn’t help me with my walk with God because i felt i don’t have power. I struggled with doubts and fear. Oh what if nothing happened. Oh why its still the same. These are sample questions going on with my mind.

      Now, I am not worried about that anymore. I focus on worshiping and loving God. I am building faith and developing an intimacy with God. I’m also learning to hear God’s voice and want develop it to hear Him in a conversational way. So one time before i go to church, i ask Him where He want me to go, He said to pray for people. After church service, i went to public hospital and pray for sick people.

      At this time i still speak 10 unknown syllables and keep repeating it over and over again during my worship time with God. So I focus only in God so that i won’t hear the same syllables repeatedly. Honestly, when i hear those repetitive unknown words it distracts me. lol. I also noticed that there are forming new syllables if i focus on worshiping God.

      The fact there are believers who can easily speak in tongue the first time they prayed for baptism with the Holy Spirit. And there are believers who have difficulty in getting to speak in tongue after prayed for baptism with the Holy Spirit but it doesn’t mean you can’t speak in tongue. You can and you will when you are truly filled with the Holy Spirit and ready to open your mouth and speak out in faith.

      Your encouragement is high appreciated.

      Thank you very much for your time and sharing your experience.

      God bless everyone 🙂

      *PS: please forgive of my not good English for it is not my native language.

    14. I have been praying for the gift of tongues for over 30 years. I woke up this morning with a few unknown syllables on my heart. I am praying them and focusing on God.

    15. Thank you so so much for writing this article! Yesterday at church, after years and years of begging God to give me a prayer language, he did! And it was ahhhhhmazing!! But then, as the day went on and I got busy with my children and family came and went, I started to get bombarded with the lies and the doubt that I was faking it. But after reading this, I KNOW without doubt that my experience is TRUTH and I look forward to my prayer language expanding as I learn to use it!

    16. Virginia sekati says:

      Thank you so much for this teaching. I have been desiring to pray in tongues for so so long ! Have been prayed for countless times and yet I still couldn’t pray in my prayer language of the spirit. I started desiring it when I was sixteen today I’m 57. Shoo ! you’ve get the picture…but between 1979 june And 1998 November I was backsliden. I longed and hungered for it so… ,but the Lord is merciful. It is through this teaching and a few others I came across that I started to use the two or so syllable s that I had and indeed my prayer language is increasing ! And because I appreciate praying in tongues so much I dont just speak I pray with all the conviction I can muster. I worship the Lord with a heart that is full to overflowing in this language. Thank you for teaching us to be faithful with what the Lord has given us and more will come. Ha le lu ya ! It’s not long that I have started. I now pray 10 minutes or more just in tongues. Oh. My Lord and my God, thank you for these teachings that finally helped me to get a breakthrough. Glory to God !

      1. Hi Virginia, this is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this testimony! Glory be to God Most High indeed!!!! I am rejoicing with you. Keep on using that prayer language, no matter how many syllables you have at first! Use them faithfully and your language will increase.

    17. I sent a comment yesterday. Did you receive it?

    18. I want to repeat expressing my gratitude unto the Lord for this teaching and other similar ones that helped me arrive where I’m @ right now with praying using my prayer language of the spirit. Glory glory glory to God ! I now pray as I ‘m driving etc. And just connect with the Lord in this way. Ha le lu ya ! Thank you Jesus. Thank you father, uh, thank you for every one of your servants you used to help me. I now am praying beyond 10 minutes almost every day .I agree with your teachings absolutely ! Lord, I appreciate and treasure this breakthrough, that helps me get closer to you my Lord and my God ????? ? ?

    19. Patronela says:

      Wow the Lord is so faithful.
      I thank you for sharing your testimony
      I have desired tongues for the past 6 years.
      I received them last week on Saturday.
      I received a short syllabus I feel the presence of the Lord as I use tongues …our God is good , I m ever grateful for receiving this powerful gift ..

      I remember the night I received them the devil himself came to attack me , we praise God because victory is already ours!!!!

    20. Debbie Fobbs says:

      I was brushing my teeth on the morning of Thursday, Nov 8th and just like that…this unknown 4 syllable word, like you described happened to you at the Joyce Meyers event, literally I sensed bypassed my own thought and lodged in my mind. I remember questioning myself “Am I “thinking” in a prayer language”. “Did God just give me a prayer language’ It was so strange and odd. But it felt right. I don’t have a clue what the 4 syllable word mean. I know though that it came from the Lord. I’ve been using it since then. Mouthing it silently, speaking it out loud when I’m by myself. This morning I added it to my prayer to God because I’m battling the evil that has taken over my husband and I need him loosed from the bondage of the enemy. In Jesus name. Please pray with me sisters and brothers. I definitely will continue to use the 4 syllable word in obedience and wait for him to mature me in the language as he sees fit. I’m glad God led me to your story. I actually was attempting to google the 4 syllable word to see if I could find a meaning and found your story. Praise God for his love patience and guidance. Thank you and may God continue to bless the work that you’re doing to further his kingdom.

    21. I am on a journey to LOVE God more and more. I feel Holy Spirit prompting me and I please that He would make me aware and in-tune with His prompts. Will u all unite with me in prayer that I would be baptized in the Spirit? I feel God stirring this desire in me and I will answer. Thank-you Jamie for this support group. I believe there is power in God’s people. Praise God. And the person who interrupted a God explosion…this is true and accurate. I wait on this also.

    22. Jamie, I feel like i’m doing something wrong. I love God with all of my heart. I’ve been water baptized. I’ve been going to church most of my life. I’ve learned over the past few years, that I was missing out on so much at church. I grew up in a very traditional Lutheran church. People did not mention speaking in tongues. It was not heard of. I always thought it was something bad, when I was growing up. You didn’t talk about healing either. That was believed to have been during the time that Jesus walked this earth, but not in present time. It’s sad that the truth of the real Bible was not taught in church. I want to badly to speak in tongues. I want that intimate relationship with God. I pray to Him that He will give that gift to me. This may sound weird, but for most of my life, and this does not happen daily, I’ll have a dream and somewhere down the road, the dream comes true. I had a dream one time about a car accident and I watched the dream take place. A young girl died in my arms. Before she died, I said the Lord’s pray to her. I held her while she took her last breath. I believe that I was supposed to be there for her. I’ll never forget it. What am I doing wrong? I do read my bible, not every day. I pray to God every day. I pray for everyone around me. I love to do random things for people, good things, without them ever knowing that I was the one that made it happen. It only happened because God gave me the idea and the ability to do it. I do have peace within me. People tell me that they feel peace when I walk in a room. I want that closeness to God that I’m missing out on. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Thank you for what you do. Maybe this will help someone else going through this same situation. Big hugs….. Sandy

    23. Erimopc Onuoha says:

      Please I would like help in my case. I am believing to receive the manifestation of the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, but sometimes when I am in a prayer meeting, I find myself speaking little in tongues but privately I have a hard time doing so. Could it be that I have received and not exercising this gift or am I in unbelief? Thanks

      1. Hi! Great question! Your story sounds very much like mine. I don’t know your heart, so I don’t know if you’re in unbelief or not. But it sounds to me like a matter of exercising the gift. “To him who has, more will be given,” Jesus said. So use what you have, and you will be given more!

    24. Yes and Amen! I can remember for years wanting to speak in tongues, but couldn’t. I would get so frustrated as I’d leave a church service or church conference without it, because I’d pray before hand “Lord let this be the day I get my heavenly language.” A dear man of God visited our church one day and first time meeting him he said You have the Holy Spirit, but you’re over thinking it; trust God. Just listen for His voice. As he laid hands on me and prayed, I trusted. I began to hear something and I opened my mouth trying to replicate what I was hearing. It sounded like jibberish to me, but I trusted and I’m so glad I did. He told me to practice everyday and as I did, God gave me more and more. Through the years I’ve heard changes or shifts in my tongues and even as recent as a few days ago another shift. Hallalujah! God is so faithful.

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