What You Bless Will Increase In Your Life

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What You Bless Will Increase In Your Life by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com BlogOne of the governing principles I live by is that what you bless will increase in your life.

I first heard about this principle when I listened to a sermon by Chris Gore from Bethel Church in Redding, CA. It intrigued me because it made perfect spiritual sense. So I thought I’d try it out.

I started looking for things that I wanted to see increase in my life. I found lots of things that fit this category:

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    • Friendships;
    • Finances;
    • Joy;
    • Peace;
    • Great feedback in the workplace, etc.

    So wherever I’ve noticed things in my life that I want more of, I’ve been blessing them.

    I don’t try to sound really spiritual when I bless something. I just say out loud (but with no one listening, so they won’t think I’ve lost it): 😉

    • “I bless that gift that my husband just gave me, and gifts increase in my life.”
    • “I bless that great conversation I just had with my friend, and I bless myself with more conversations just like that.”
    • “I bless that compliment I just got from my coworker, and I declare that I get more compliments all the time.” (Hey, you can never have too much encouragement!)

    I also make sure to thank God for each of the things I want to see more of in my life, because thanksgiving brings increase as well.

    And sure enough, it works! Whenever I thank God for something and speak a blessing over it, I see more of that thing–sometimes immediately!

    Here’s why what you bless will increase in your life:

    Blessing something is just like watering a flower. If you water a flower, it will bloom. When you speak blessings over the things you want to increase in your life, you are watering those things, and you will actually see them bloom!

    The things I bless increase continually. This stuff really works.

    Are you skeptical? Why don’t you try it and let the results speak for themselves? You have nothing to lose.

    Here’s how to get started:

    Identify several things you experienced during the last few days that you want to see increase in your life.

    • Bless them right now, out loud, just like I did above.
    • While you’re at it, thank God for them (because thanksgiving honors God and will also bring multiplication in your life).
    • Keep doing this as you notice more good things happening.

    And you will see increase. It works every time, because blessing God’s work in your life honors Him and opens the conduit for Him to bless you more.

    Have you ever noticed this principle working in your life? If so, please leave a comment and tell me your thoughts!


    1. This is great! I have noticed this working out when Im prayerfully thankful in blessings. Now Im going to try be much more intentional! Chris Gore is so good! his sermons have been pivotal for me. Thank you Jamie, I love your blog! its one of those blessings 🙂

      1. Aww, thank you so much. I praise God with you! And I’m trying to be more intentional as well. 🙂 Thank you for reading and sharing!

        1. Edgar Williams says:

          I love your blogs! They remind to do the things that I dontvdo and by the way they work! THank You so much Jamie! Best. Edgar

    2. Thank you Jamie for this blog.
      In just two days of stumbling upon it, it has blessed my life tremendously
      I have signed up friends and family. You are a blessing! Thank you

      1. Kathryn williams says:

        Wow Chinny, I stumbled onto this wonderful site yesterday, and I am so thankful the Lord directed me here even though I was unaware of His leading. I too, am sharing this site to friends and family.

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    4. Chris Tann says:

      Dear Jamie,
      It’s so true that when you Thank and Bless the things you’re lacking in, you see an increase.
      I’m an impatient driver. When I started giving way to other motorists for example, I get the same treatment from other drivers and almost at times instantly just round the corner..
      I am praying to own my own place and so I give to homeless by way of donations and I offer my home to 2 stray cats that would be hard to have forever homes bcoz they are 5years old and not kittens. I know they’re not humans but I can’t offer my home to strangers but I believe God sees the act of Faith. God is Good, He has given me more than I will ever deserve!!!
      It’s amazing how animals can teach humans humility and thankfulness. I’m their world and I want to emulate them and say Jesus is my world… Amen

      1. Wowwww thanls for the sharing.. i needed that one too …

    5. Mary Coleman says:

      I have never tried this but as of to day, l Will can’t wait to see how God move, Thank you so much for the incourgment, you are a blessing from God.

    6. Hi Jamie – do you have a scripture/s that confirm this word of yours? Effective principal I am sure … But always appropriate to provide spiritual back up from the Word in confirmation thereof.

    7. Renato Cortés says:

      Hi, I just discovered your blog and I really like it.

      It has been two years since I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and since then Im on a journey and a path of hunger abour God, and his power to us his sons.

      About the power of blessing, can you please provide me with some scriptural references about it?
      I just “discovered” Luke 9:16 as some scriptural backup for the power of blessing, but if you can give me more backup I think it should be great!

      Thanks in advance!

      Greetings and blessings from México!

    8. Praise God !!!
      This is exactly what i wanted !!!
      So am blessed …
      I pray the Jabez prayer for you and the team..
      May God of Israel who is covenant making God .. God of blessings .. God if life .. not survival but life in abundance …God Who desires to share His heart and fellowship in the cool of the day… and The God Who is a giver … This God Who says He is The God of Israel Whose love is so jealous and fiery … Uncompromising…

      May this God of Israel .. The Living God . Of Jabez .. enlarge .. your boundaries of the functioning of the gifts placed in you .. and may you be enlarged in all the areas of your life ina good way … And may you be a blessing.. where ever you you go …Mas His Presence come along .. and may His Hand be with you cz when God start s to bless you can’t handle it by your own you need His Hand .. with you …

      Keep you from evil so it may not harm you .. May His Name be on you and all the things you do ..
      Praise God ..

      The article is so easy to understand and i like the way you xpalin things .. irss been a blessing .. to me .. :))
      Keep up the good work !!!!

    9. Hi Jaime,

      Again, I say I am so blessed that God led me to your prophetic speaking and I am so thankful for that. I have experienced a closeness with God that I would not have experienced, had I not been brought to my knees or had the time and opportunity to be able to have 1 to 1 time with God the Father.

      I have prayed for those who hate me, I have prayed for the reversal of injustice, and I have prayed for the fullness of health not only in others, but myself as well. Undoubtedly, through Gods word, I have seen Gods work in all of these areas in such a short amount of time. I am so happy to feel his love in me that I pray that others can feel his abundant love as well.

      Jamie, thank you for being a turning point in my life, giving my steps direction, meaning and giving me more understanding to bring closer to a Father God. I have never met anyone who is authentic as you are in using Gods word and blessings. Some people search a lifetime and don’t find this. I will pass your teachings and blessing on to as many will listen! Thank you God for speaking to us all through Jamie and God bless you and your family Jamie!

      Spiritually Grateful,

    10. Just wanted to thank you for this encouragement, I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence as I thanked God and blessed the favor He has given me in just the last few days alone. You have a wonderful blog that is a real blessing to its readers, thank you for your heart for the Lord!

    11. Hi Jamie, I`m one of the ones who was searching on the internet and stumbled to your blog.
      Thank you for being use by God so mightily. May you be blessed abundantly. Can you send me your free material to learn more about praying in tongues

    12. I just want to be doing it but now that I read this my though change back.

      Bless you the founder of this page

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