Prophetic Word For You If You’re Feeling Frustrated

Prophetic Word for You If You're Feeling Frustrated | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comBeloved, have you been feeling stuck and frustrated? If so, the Lord gave me an encouraging word for you today!

I heard the Lord say:

“I am releasing a new season on the earth in which you are going to see the winds of change blow where they have not blown before.

Things that have felt like they were stuck in the mud are going to be suddenly loosed. I am uprooting things that are in My way, and I am loosing angelic assistance to you in ways you have not previously known.

I know where you have been, and I know where you are going. YOU do not know where you are going like I do. I have given you a glimmer, a glimpse, of the road before you in the past. This was because the fullness of My plan would have been too great for you.

But now I am pulling back the curtain and allowing you to see farther into My plans for you than you could see before.

Don’t be surprised if I show you something completely unexpected. The unexpected is My playground. The new and different are My specialties. I have favor up My sleeve for you that you could never have anticipated; could never have imagined; could never have planned for even if you tried.

So ask Me for this favor.

Ask Me specifically to do things for you that you cannot even imagine. Then thank Me for the things I do as soon as I do them. Cultivate a thankful heart, for your thankfulness brings more of My help.

Look up. Things are not as you planned. Indeed, they will be better than you planned. I am bringing change. I am cultivating hope in your heart. I am the Author and the Finisher of your faith, and I do all things well.”

Thank you, Lord!

Does this word encourage your heart today? It sure does mine! If the Lord ministered to you using this word too, please leave a comment below and share what’s on your heart about this!

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  1. Jeffrey L Burke says:

    Yes; I’m waiting for my Pastor to return and we are going to anoint and Pray for my brother to bring him back to health!
    So when we ask I do expect a miracle!

    1. Mimi Williams says:

      Thank you for this prayer, it really give me more faith and hope in the Lord. Thank you Jesus.

  2. Oh my goodness ! Jamie that was for me sooo awesome!
    I didn’t see any other comments as yet so I knew it was JUST for me . I’m sure there will be others
    I was just feeling a bit frustrated because I know I am being drawn to move to Redding, but I had set a goal of March 1 to be out of my house and on the way .
    I spent 3 weeks in California in April. 4 of those days in Redding.
    I had to realize that my timing was not His timing and I was shown I have to stay here a while for some inner as well as outer healing.
    I had asked for prayer for a car and am still waiting on that . What is really weird is that while I’m typing this an ad pops up on my screen that says, ” it’s time to get your hands on the right ? “

    1. Grace cobb says:

      So encouraged beyond blessed!!

  3. Sondra McDermott says:

    Hi Jamie, this is a right on word for me as I am feeling stuck! Thanks for posting this!

  4. Jayson Bennett says:

    2 power house words Jamie. Thank you Lord. Thank you Jamie for being a vessel the Father uses. I receive that word.

  5. Pauline Borgan says:

    This is so amazing that the word Frustrated was spoken. God certainly read my journal this morning.
    I bring my needs before you Lord and seek Your Favor and yes may the wind blow a new season into our lives. May this storm be gone. Claiming your Word Lord.?

  6. Priscilla Maleka says:

    Wow; thank You LORD!!

  7. Yes! Amen! With all honesty, this is what I felt this morning, stuck and frustrated. Like I’m in a stagnant water. And I thank you for this prophetic word. When I woke up this morning, I ask Our Father to send me a message of confirmation that He hasn’t forgotten about me and this is it! I will soak up into this . I claim every word! I am so blessed by this Jamie! And I bounce back the blessing to you in 100 fold!

  8. Millie Williams says:

    I thank you Jamie, May God continually bless you.
    Love Mrs. Millie

  9. Amen! Thanks Jamie! I have felt stuck recently and I have been sensing the winds of change. This post and your post on 15 May have encouraged me and your blog has blessed me too.

    Thanks so much and God bless you Jamie!

  10. This is a now word for me I’m crying as I read this, right on word. God is an on time God, God is the same yesterday today and forever, He is so faithful, He’s sooooooo good to us.
    Thank you Lord, and I thank you God for Jaime, Father favor, favor for Jaime in every area of her life Amen

  11. This time I thought this word was for someone else who was feeling frustrated because I wasn’t expecting a frustrating day at the time I received this. But God knew that later on in the evening I would have a frustrating conversation so I opened this up, and it does apply to me and my situation more so than it would e applied to the other person, so bless you, God is good.

    1. I forgot to add to my earlier comment–I like where it says “ask Me specifically to do things for you that you cannot even imagine” because God has given me a gigantic imagination that sometimes imagines some incredible things. So. I know that His plans for me and my family are going to blow me away!!! HE is amazing!!!!

  12. Thato Tsautse says:

    This is just for me. I thank God in advance for all the work He is about to do in my life. He is about to blow His spirit in all aspects of my life that seemed to be stuck. It a season for change a season to move forward. Thanks so much for the prophecy

  13. Rumbidzai Mwedzi says:

    Thank Jamie for the Word, of late l have been feeling so frustrated,let down and rejected, this Word has indeed given me much hope for what Papa God is about to do in my life….

    l receive it in Jesus’ mighty name.

    god bless you always my sister in Christ.

  14. sarah herdien says:

    Hi Jamie

    God is faithfull this is what I’ve been waiting for this week. I asked God why do Ifeel so frustrated? Seems like there is no light, every area of my life seems dull. But thanks for this prophetic word.

    Keep well and keep up the good work of faith.

    Sarah Herdien

  15. This is what I’ve been waiting for “a word for this season” I’ve been feeling frustrated not knowing what to expect… But God. I thank God for you.

  16. Wow! Most definitely this has blessed my heart and my day. I was feeling as if I have been forgotten by God and his promises in my life. Now I can rest assured that he has not forgotten me or leave me. Thnak you Lord you have spoken to me right on time. I give you all the glory and all the praises that you deserve. And I claim and receive this word in Jesus mighty name.
    Thank you Jamie as always for sharing what the Holy Spirit has lay on your heart. Once more am so bless.
    Glory to God. Amen and Amen.

  17. Thank You Lord for this word asking and thanking You in advance.

  18. i receive this ! i have felt like giving up been feeling like ive been under an moving is this why i feel this way ?

  19. Thank you Jamie this is what I need to hear.I love your insight into the word. This word of scripture from your writing spoke loud and clear to me. I need to learn how to express myself. As a child I lived in so much dram, chaos and confusion. I can total relate. I am feeling like a PC being programmed withe the truth. I am learning to relate the truth. I sometime feel and relate to Paul he was very law oriented . This helps me to understand the scriptures better. I am starting to love me. I have had fears of being rejected. I love to be able to express my thought hear. I lived under a lot of lies I could go one for every about my Papa. I love him much. I know that you are busy and might not be able to respond to this respond I love you in Christ. I just wanted to encourage you because of your anointing. Because the words you write encourage me so much. I wish I could be in Tennessee for you so I could encourage you. You help me see God . Thanks for your minstry. This is why I donated to your sight. Have a great day in your Papa arms. I hope you heard the love I am expressing my thoughts to you from the Spirit in me. I am becoming free indeed. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Ann-Charlotte Safstrom says:

    Yes Amen! Thank you Lord and thank you Jamie for beeing obedient to the Lord. God bless you

  21. Brittney Bolder says:

    Such an on time Word that was needed! Thank you!

  22. Debra J Caine says:

    Thanks Jesus for your favor and these words are wonderful and I really needed those words in my life today Amen

  23. Thank You so very much.
    God bless you really good for this encouraging words.
    Lately I’ve had this frustrating feeling that I’ve been fighting.
    Thanks for resurrecting hope again.
    God bless and favor you and your ministry. You’ve been such a wonderful encourager to me.
    Thanks ?? ????

  24. Praise God. Thank you for this word.

  25. Our Lord is good. He is always there for us. I am anxiously waiting. I know He will do it.

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