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How To Blog for Profit 101 recorded webinar | by Jamie RohrbaughI’ve received a number of emails from our Presence-seeking family asking me to make my 2-hour How To Blog for Profit 101 recorded webinar, which I taught in November 2016, publicly available.

Well, it took me about 6 months, but I finally got it done for you today. 🙂

If you’re thinking about starting a blog or have already started a blog, this helpful resource may be just the thing for you. And if entrepreneurship is not your thing, no problem. Check back tomorrow for more regular encouragement. 🙂

But if you do dream of online business, read on! There’s a coupon code below. 🙂

In this class, I take the information I have learned about how to reach people–which I do for ministry, but the same principles work the same way even if you want to blog about DIY, cooking, travel, fashion, etc–and I teach you how to apply them to any online blogging business.

In two hours, I teach you the biggest tips that have taken me YEARS and thousands of dollars to learn.

Here are the details:

In this 2-hour recorded webinar, I teach how YOU can build a blogging business in any niche–parenting, cooking, DIY, travel, and yes, even ministry–that will reach people and earn you an income.

In How To Blog for Profit 101, I share from my years of research, study, practice, and thousands of dollars of investment about HOW TO REACH PEOPLE online.

These tips and techniques will help you build a profitable blog in any niche the RIGHT way–the way that will last. (Yes, there is a right way that will set you up for success. There are also plenty of wrong ways that can waste your time, energy, and money!)

Specifically, I teach:

  • Why blogging is THE essential tool you can use to build a prosperous online business in any niche;
  • 3 different ways to start blogging–and which way is best if you want to blog for profit;
  • 8 keys to finding your voice and connecting with your audience;
  • 8 time-management techniques that help you get optimum return on your time investment;
  • 5 ways to build blog traffic;
  • What is search engine optimization (SEO) and how to harness its power to build your blog;
  • Overview of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ usage for bloggers;
  • What is the #1 social media platform for bloggers (hint: it’s not in the item above), and how to use it to your fullest advantage;
  • 12 ESSENTIAL blog design factors you MUST get right;
  • 4 essential steps to take before launching (or re-launching) your blog;
  • 5 legal pitfalls to avoid (blogging advice only since I’m not an attorney; contact your attorney for legal advice); and
  • How to monetize your blog so it will bring you income.

This bundle also includes recommended resources AND my getting-started guide that I wrote specifically for bloggers, sharing each step to take at the beginning of your blogging career–plus an all-important pre-launch checklist.

How To Blog for Profit 101 is a comprehensive course that will help you set your online business up for success.

It’s a course you’ll want to listen to multiple times. Listen to it once for an overview, so you will catch the vision of the possibilities available to you!

Then, go through it again step by step, taking as long as you need to carry out each step. By doing so, over time, you can build a business that reaches people, meets real people’s needs, and brings you the pay you deserve.

Sound good? It’s $80 for the two hours of training you can listen to over and over, PLUS my getting-started guide, PLUS my recommendations for who to follow and how to keep learning. Click the button below and get your copy!

Also, through May 27, I will offer a $10 coupon code off this particular product. Use the code “blog” (no quotes) at checkout, and it will take $10 off your purchase of How To Blog for Profit 101.

And as always, thank you for your product purchase. Your purchases help keep this ministry online AND fund a massive amount of work that I do in person. Right now, your product purchases are going toward paying musicians and guest honorariums for our Inheritance conference! So, thank you. 🙂


  1. Rosetta Mason says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I think I just signed up for your Blog 101 Webinar but haven’t received my confirmation from PayPal. I may have done something wrong, but not sure if I should try to pay again. Would you mind checking to see if you received my payment. If not I will do it again right away!

    Thanks so much
    Rosetta Mason

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