Prayer for Judgment from the Courts of Heaven

Prayer for Judgment from the Courts of Heaven | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Have you been embroiled in a controversy that seems like it just won’t end? If so, today’s sample prayer for judgment from the courts of Heaven is for you.

Whether you’re in a legal battle or any other kind of dispute, unending controversy can wreak havoc on your life.

Fortunately, controversy is not God’s will for you; peace is. And since God is the judge of all the earth, if you’re tired of being embroiled in a controversy, you can ask God to rise up and make judgment from the courts of Heaven.

First, what are the “courts of Heaven”?

The principle of the “courts of Heaven” is not a new one. There’s a book out there about the courts of heaven that has been getting a lot of buzz for the last few years, but I haven’t read the book. However, years ago, I did learn about the principle of legal prayer from reading the book Power, Passion, and Prayer by Charles Finney.

Charles Finney (1792-1875) was the great preacher of the Second Great Awakening. He was an attorney before he became a Holy Ghost-filled preacher. Because of his professional experience, he knew how to lay out a case and present his thoughts in a persuasive manner.

Finney used his case-arguing skills when he preached.

He laid out his points clearly and concisely, repeating them as necessary in order to push his audience toward salvation and holiness. Thousands of people were saved as the Lord sat on Finney’s messages. 

But he also used his legal skills when he prayed.

Finney understood that God is not a man, that He should lie. Therefore, when we present God’s Word back to Him in prayer, that Word becomes legal evidence that basically obligates God to give us whatever we are asking for.

This is the concept that I call “legal prayer.”

When you pray legal prayers, you are praying like an attorney would–presenting your case clearly before Father God. You come boldly before Him, recognizing and calling upon Him as the Judge of all the earth, sitting on His throne in Heaven.

Since a courtroom is simply where a judge sits to make judgment, and the Judge of all the earth is sitting in Heaven, you can call the throne room of God the “courts of Heaven.”

See? It’s actually pretty simple. The buzz about this phrase “courts of Heaven” may be new, but the concept is old. God has always been the Judge, and presenting His Word back to Him has always been the way to get Him to judge your case. 🙂

So now that we’ve established that …

What is a judgment from the courts of Heaven and why would you want one?

Well, if you were embroiled in a legal case here on earth, would you want your case to go on and on? Or, would you want justice to rise up? Wouldn’t you want your case to be decided quickly and fairly, so you can move on with your life?

Of course you would.

In the same way, you can ask God to intervene in any situation–and you can call on Him to rise up and decide the case NOW on your behalf. You can call on Him as the Great Judge of all the earth, and throw yourself on His mercy.

How do you apply this? When should you ask for judgment from the courts of Heaven?

I think you should ask for judgment from the courts of Heaven anytime you would ask for judgment from the courts of earth! Even if you aren’t actually in a trial, if you’re embroiled in any nasty, ongoing issue, like:

Then you can ask God to rise up and make judgment, cutting off the controversy and the trial and deciding your case with finality.

If this word is resonating in your spirit, it’s time to pray for judgment from the courts of Heaven.

I’ve written a sample prayer below that you can use to pray, if you’d like to. Of course, use this as a model prayer only and change/adjust the words as you pray, based on the leading of God’s Holy Spirit.

That said, are you ready to pray? Here’s a sample prayer for judgment from the courts of Heaven:

“Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before You in Jesus’ name.

Abba Father, thank You for allowing me to come boldly before Your throne of grace, that I may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Thank You for sacrificing Your Son Jesus, who died for me, so that the blood of Jesus now makes a way for me to be Your child, and to have all my needs provided for.

Lord God, I love You and I am so thankful You have adopted me as Your child. Thank You that You are alive and doing well, and You’re hearing me pray right now. Thank You that I am seated with Jesus in heavenly places, and that Your ear is open to my cry right now.

Abba Father, I come to You today because You are the Judge of all the earth.

Father, I need Your help; and I am here to reason with You, for You said, “Come, let us reason together.” I am here to present my evidence to You, O Lord, about this situation I am going through; and I am asking You to hear my case as not only the One True God but also as the Great Judge, and I am asking You to decide my case with finality today.

Abba Father, You see what is happening in my life. You see (insert your circumstances here). And Father, You see the evidence that I am innocent of these crimes. (Tell Father God about the evidence here, USING SCRIPTURE TO BACK UP YOUR ARGUMENT.)

Abba Father, You see that I do not deserve the wrongs that have been worked against me.

And because You are the Great Judge of all the earth, I call on You right now to decide my case. Holy Father, I ask right now:

  • That You would make a declaratory judgment and state for all the earth to hear who is right in this case and who is wrong.
  • That You would rise up on my behalf and for the cause of justice.
  • That You would become indignant and angry against the evils that have been perpetuated against me.
  • Because You love justice–and because righteousness and justice are the foundations of Your throne–that You would rise up and cast judgment on my behalf right now;
  • That You would cut off the assault against me; and that You would judge my case today, refusing to let it linger any further.

Abba Father, again I ask You for a “dec action”–a declaratory judgment stating unequivocally what my rights are in this case. And additionally, Father, I ask that You would take it even further and make sentence right now upon Your adversaries who hate both me and You, banning them forever from interfering in my life again. 

Father, I ask that You would judge my case today on my behalf:

  • That You would make me the winner based on the evidence I have shown You;
  • That You would force the enemy to repay me seven times for everything good that has been stolen from me–and that You would send angels, Your bailiffs of the courts of Heaven, to force the enemy to repay me quickly;
  • That You would forbid and cast down any appeal on behalf of the enemy; and
  • That You would even award me punitive damages of double blessing for all the trouble I have endured.

Abba Father, I thank You for hearing my evidence today.

I thank You that forever, O Lord, Your Word is settled in Heaven. Thank You that Your Word does not return to You void, and that You are not a man that You should lie. Thank You for obligating Yourself to me by Your Word, and that You will keep Your Word and Your promises forever, as You have sworn.

Thank You for Your judgment on my behalf today, O great Father, Judge of all the earth. I give You glory and praise for who You are.

In Jesus’ holy and precious name, amen.”

Beloved, if you prayed that prayer, our Father–the Great Judge of all the earth–heard it.

If you laid out the evidence of your case, our Father heard it. And if you presented God’s Word back to Him as the evidence for WHY He must judge in your favor, then He will. Go ahead and rejoice, and give Him praise today!

Did you pray this prayer with me today? Is Holy Spirit speaking to your heart about legal prayer right now? If so, leave a comment below! I love to hear from you!

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  1. Christopher Lee Mendez says:

    Thankyou Jamie for thus now word. I´ve been enduring great persecution from family and my exwife. Thus prayer I just prayed will bring justice. I love you in the Lord. And Thankyou so much. Means more than you know

    1. Gail Segars Rainey says:

      Sister Jamie, Absolutely this prayer is for me for such a time as this. I believe that by my praying this prayer and dwelling on it and writing in my circumstances that justice will finally prevail in my case which has caused me much hardship, emotional pain, no access freely to my own banking account and savings accounts, and not having seen my own grandchildren since 2012. Yes, I am believing the Courts of Heaven. Have been declaring for several years now, but I need our Lord’s guidance on the best way to proceed. Thank you, my dear! I am declaring 2021 as my breakthrough, turnaround year, and I do expect punitive damages. However, I would just love to have my family restored back to me. Nothing is impossible with God!

      1. Jamie, this word was so timely for me. I have court matters for 3 situations that I was brought into without my agreement or desire to be in court. 3 entirely different situations and all 3 need to be settled or abolished right now.
        I have petitioned the highest judge now to settle these matters and advocate for me. Praise his holy name!

    2. Edla Maurihungirire says:

      Good evening this prayer is for me I have submitted my court count claim on the 16th of November 2020 to court for the judge to make a decision regarding my case.Its been going on for nearly five years now: My ex- husband claim a share of my property something He didn’t even contributed a penny Even to make the matter worse He dumped me 12 years back : Out of the blue because we where married in community of property. But he benefited from His , He shared his good and or anything at all:The lawyer who handled my divorce case He neglected me and do my case in the favour of my ex- husband who’s His friend apparently.

      My only trust and hope is Jesus the finale.Judge of my case Lord I thank you for hearing my prayer for my daughter sake Jesus Jesus Amen Hallelujah

      I am believing in Court of Heaven for Justice in my favour

      Court of heaven judge my case no more delays Jesus Justice and righteousness are foundation of your throne
      Jesus silence the lies of my oppressor I need peace Jesus I hope in Court of Heaven

      Court of Heaven Give me Victory and Vindication with my name on it in the name of Jesus Amen

  2. Thank you! I’ve been going through a heart wrenching struggle at church and needed this.

  3. Marivel Ortiz says:

    Thank you Jamie, I needed to pray this prayer today as I have just recently lost my husband. I have a heavy responsibility ahead with unfinished issues, that have caused alot of stress and burdened me financially. But I also addressed something else to the Lord and as I was praying, about my husband, and the sun started shining brightly through the window. Thank Jesus for hearing mine and all the others who came to you with their prayers

    1. I’m so very sorry for your loss, Marivel. I pray the Lord would comfort you in all things.

  4. Jamie, you know the perfect message for my life, my brother, we both suffer from anxiety, he got into some trouble 2019 a court appointed lawyer, about to take a plea, I prayed for the Holy Spirit to give him wisdom and knowledge, surely God, the Holy Spirit sent him in a different direction, he hired a lawyer, he felt the other had convicted him before the case was even heard, my brother has drawn close to our Abba Father, he knows he is the way maker, the deal maker, the Judge, the Prosecuter the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, I give God all the Glory for this intervention, this prayer is right on time! Thank you Papa God, thank you Jesus, I will pray this prayer daily until this situation is turned around. Bless your Holy name, Bless you Lord Jesus! Thank you Jamie, I love getting emails from you!

  5. This is conformation!!! Thank you Lord for your FAITHFULNESS and thank-you Jaime for being led by the SPIRIT to release this to HIS people, i just studied on this and there is a GREAT teaching on this from Robert Henderson on YOUTUBE about the courts of heaven……ABBA FATHER, thank YOU for making every crooked path straight……GOD BLESS YOU Jaime

  6. Hi Jamie

    Im uncomfortable praying this prayer.
    My husband has accused me of certain things ….some true and some false.
    should I still pray for justice for myself?
    I feel like I dont deserve justice especially if I was in the wrong

    1. Hi Sandra, great question. If you were wrong, you should repent and make things right with God and with people. That’s when you ask the Lord for His mercy, rather than His justice. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

      1. Jamie i thanked God first for this prayer and secondly to you.for this is relevant to my present situation right now. I know God will hear my plea because all things are possible for Him and will not fail to help us in hos present situation. More power to you

    2. Thank you God and Jamie for this prayer. I’ve been praying for God to call my situation into judgment. Thank you God for hearing my prayers and not forsaking me 🙏🏾🙌🏿😭

  7. Halleluyah, Thank you abba Father for granting me judgement this day.

  8. Thank you for the on time word from an on time GOD. I know that I am VICTORIOUS in this case moving forward in Jesus Name. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!!!
    Love you beautiful Sister in Christ!!

  9. Phumla Stofile says:

    Abbah Father thank you for your faithfulness and intervention in our situations.

    Thank you Jamie for the prayer.

  10. Crystal hill says:

    I received this message and I thank you so much

  11. Thank you so much for this prayer, and for all the work you do! My husband and I have 4 lawsuits right now, all completely unjust situations and we have done everything in our power to reconcile, but these people are determined to harm us. We prayed this prayer together over each case. One in particular is a horribly fraudulent and frivolous case against me, and I am so amazed that the people harassing me have suddenly decided to drop the case! I have been in so much distress over this case since it started 18 months ago, crying out to God to help me through this storm and praying for the justice He promises. There was a hearing last December where God did amazing work protecting me, the judge clearly saw how my accusers were lying and I never even had to take the stand or say a single word, the judge ruled in my favor. That was such a beautiful day and I have continued to look back on it, keeping faith that God would do it again as these people have continued to harass me, refusing to give up their fraudulent case and preparing for a jury trial until just yesterday. I am still financially burdened by the costs of defending myself and have been praying that God will provide a way to pay my attorneys fees and I have every confidence that He will. I am still processing this amazing turn of events and answer to prayer! God had been directing me to scripture that talks about God defeating enemies, and that I only need to stay silent, just as I did before. It has been so stressful waiting, and it has finally happened!! My faith has been stretched and grown so much, we will continue to pray this prayer over our other cases and wait patiently on the Lord’s perfect timing and provision.

  12. Thank you Jamue for this prayer.will ve going to court for the final judgement on the 8th of December for surgery negligence.Please stand in me in prayer as I have presentednt evidence to our heavily father and has heard my cry all these past three years.l claim victory is ours and my lord has fought and passed judgement on my cases.Halleujah Amen.

  13. Thank you. So much persecution against me, since last 6 years. Changed 4 jobs and left the last one due to the same reasons, hate, being treated badly, gossip, over worked. Husband’s business been down since Covid. Just trusting the Lord and keeping the faith!

  14. Hi Jamie, definitely resonates with me.
    That was so powerful. I said the prayer, I felt it too, I felt it with much power today, I even felt a satisfactory wave and feeling go through me straight afterward. I felt as if I am already receiving “back pay” and compensation and for all damages inflicted.
    Together we say ABBA FATHER.

  15. This rips things open. Situations I thought I was praying for, and others are brought up. It just rips me back open.
    Hopefully to heal.

  16. It was really a powerful prayer I will repeat the Prayer now and again for I really felt relieved when I was praying the Prayer. God will judge and pass the judgement accordingly.. I really thank you once again for the powerful prayer.

  17. Dear Jamie, thank you so much for this timely prayer! I am trying to decide which case I should bring before Abba Father, as I am persecuted by my husband who has occult practice, also being attacked heavily spiritual warfare by his ex business partner who is a witch; I have dreams indicates witchcraft curses against my marriage and she also astral projection to our home and curse; my marital life is under heavy attack, now there is strange woman also trying to get attention from my husband… the condition of my marriage now is 80% spiritual cause and the rest is just earthy dealings. At this moment I don’t know how to summarize all these or put this whole situation together make a case to present to Abba, what’s your take on this? Any insight/discernment is greatly appreciated. Thank you God bless you sister in Christ .

  18. Praise God! A timely message. This was my experience today. Been a single mother for 22 years and the financial assistance of the father was on and off. My PWD had to beg for financial assistance. I rest our case to the Lord. I’m confident that justice will be served.
    Thank you Father God for using Your Precious Daughter Jaime to help us during this time of need. May Your favor and with men overtake her. Thank You for using her mightily in your Kingdom. Thicken her hedge of protection. Thank You Lord in Jesus’Name. Amen.

  19. Jamie, I couldn’t begin to tell you how very grateful I am for this Prayer. I’m going through this very thing from the enemy, and I didn’t even know I Needed this prayer until it was in my inbox. Thank You and beyond!!
    This prayer is a treasure, a lifesaver in the midst of a storm. I thank God for using you as an intricate insurgent in all that you you. Thank You

  20. Thank you Father ❤️

  21. Thank-you,Jamie ! we need this help NOW!

  22. Tommisino Parker says:

    This is so timely, Thank you so much. I’m praying for complete healing of my back and also the stimulus money due me from last year also. Thank you so much for helping all of us.

  23. I feel compelled to give a praise report. I have had a pending case since mid 2019. The Lord had me write scriptures to stand on that supported my case (I am faithful in my tithing, offering and seed sowing and this case had to do with lost wages) My attorney called on Tuesday of this week to tell me that the other side had given a final offer. My attorney stated that they would request another amount and that he would call me in about a month with an update. I prayed this prayer on Thursday in my morning prayer time. I stood on the scriptures that supported my case. Thursday afternoon I received a call from my attorney (just two days later) stating that the case has been settled. The other party accepted the new amount that was requested and I ended up with double than what they were initially offering!

    I had another matter that was pending and I also prayed over that situation with the same prayer that Jamie provided. This situation has been lingering since March 2020. I have been checking the status and there has been no movement. I checked the status on this past Friday (a day after presenting God with this prayer) and it showed that the matter has been resolved and that I should receive my payment within the next few weeks. I am grateful that God has ruled on my matters. He is not a respecter of persons. If He answered me, I know that He will answer you! Thank you Jamie for all that you do for the Kingdom of God!

  24. Thank you God Bless you Jamie. I needed this prayer so desperately. I prayed with all my heart and candles and held Jesus in my arms and heart. I am a widow being battled and robbed 16 years from thieves and evil felons. I have suffered and they are doing Unjust I ask Jesus God the father son and Holy Spirit for Justice. Thank you for this prayer and all the prayers this is the best site I have ever seen I been looking for many years decades. Thank you Jamie Love and all that God has for you be yours in Jesus name Love You Jayne

  25. Bantshang says:

    Thank you Jamie. God bless you. I have been repeating the same prayer or petition in all my prayers. I really want my case to be cleared away according to his will not the will of the enemy.

  26. I needed this. After a long year in court I lost custody of my only child. No I’m not a negligent mother, no I don’t have substance abuse of any kind. Rather, lies were told against me and my lawyer was very weak. The case has rendered me broke in many ways. I feel that a grave injustice was served and didn’t know where to turn. I pray this prayer this morning and will return when my case is settled because though the judge has ruled, Jesus has the final say

  27. Cecilia Ramirez says:

    Thank You ABBA Father, Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit for hearing and answering my prayers! Thank you Sister Jamie for this right on time prayer! I stand in agreement Lord with everyone who prayed and prays this prayer God, let Your Justice and Vindication come forth Now Today in Jesus Mighty & Forever Matchless Name!! Amen & Amen!! Hallelujah!!! To You and only You be all the glory Father!

  28. Thankyou Jamie i have been persecuted and judged and ridiculed in this house for so long I needed this prayer I know now that God is answering my prayers as there is a shift in the behaviour towards me God is closing the mouths of those who have made my life hell for years thankyou Jesus, I am blessed and highly favoured

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