Pick a Radical Prayer Experiment!

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Pick a Radical Prayer Experiment | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comAre you ready for a radical surprise (or two or three) from the Lord in 2020? If so, then I feel led by the Lord to challenge you today to pick a radical prayer experiment for this year!

What is a radical prayer experiment?

A radical prayer experiment is an experiment in which you pick a promise from God’s Word–or several promises that all pertain to the same thing–and you pray and believe God for BIG things, even if you don’t have a felt need for those things. In other words, a radical prayer experiment is where you get out the promises of God and DECIDE, by faith, that you ARE going to receive them and will not be denied–simply because you believe God.

And then, you press in and watch God move.

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    A radical prayer experiment exercises your faith muscles.

    That’s why you don’t have to be praying for something that is a felt need. You can, of course; but when you pray for something that is a felt need, your “feeler”–or emotions–get involved. And sometimes it then becomes your emotions that drive your prayers.

    But when you pick a radical prayer experiment that isn’t about a “felt” need, your CHOOSER gets involved. Your FAITH drives your prayers. Your determination to experience and receive everything God’s Word says you can experience and receive drives your prayers.

    And that, my friend, is how you build FAITH MUSCLES.

    Major faith muscles.

    This is the kind of prayer that resulted in my having a miracle baby after 11 years of marriage.

    Before I got pregnant with my son, my husband and I had come to the place where we were just fine without a baby. We were enjoying our lives just fine. We had total freedom to do what we wanted to do, when we wanted to do it. We could go where we wanted to go with no cares or concerns. And honestly, we were happy that way.

    But the reason I pressed into the promise of God for a baby was because I refused to accept anything less than EVERYTHING God promised. And God’s Word promises that every woman who wants a baby can have one: a healthy, whole baby. We had been trying for years and years, and all sorts of doctors had told us it wasn’t going to happen for us.

    But I had one problem with that: God’s Word says otherwise.

    So I decided to do a radical faith experiment; a radical prayer experiment.

    When my pastor prophesied over us that 2017 was “the year of everything,” I decided that meant 2017 was truly the year of everything. And the only thing missing in our lives that God had promised us was a baby.

    I knew the Word and knew His promises. There was no doubt in my mind that His Word promised us a baby. So, even though we didn’t “feel” the need for a baby like we had in the past–having become so accustomed to living the “dual income, no kids” life–I decided that we WERE going to manifest the promises of God for a baby.

    That’s when I went to a craft store, bought magazines and stickers, brought them home, cut out pictures, and made a vision board that contained all the Bible promises we had received for a baby. I wrote the vision about exactly the kind of baby we wanted–his personality, his calling, his appearance, etc. I even wrote down that he would be born by December 31, 2017.

    And just 2-3 short months later, I was pregnant … with a due date of December 29, 2017. 🙂

    God is never late, but He’s not always early either, praise the Lord!

    Today, our son is a joy in our lives. He is amazing and wonderful, and he’s a miracle … a miracle we would currently be living without if we hadn’t decided that we WERE, by faith, going to manifest the promises of God.

    What kind of radical prayer experiment could you do this year?

    I’ll tell you what mine is going to be. I’m going to manifest this promise:

    “Yet when he is found, he must restore sevenfold; he may have to give up all the substance of his house” (Proverbs 6:31).

    This Scripture talks about a thief, and what the thief must do when he is caught.

    Well, when I was a child–probably less than 10 years old–someone in my family gave me an acre of mountain land here in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee. I remember seeing the title deed and everything. Through the devices of the enemy, however (nothing to do with me), that land was stolen while I was still a child.

    Last year, my family and I drove by that land, just to remind ourselves of what it looked like.

    Honestly, I was hoping it would be ugly land so I wouldn’t feel so bad about the land being stolen. But you know what? It wasn’t ugly. It was GORGEOUS land, on the top of a mountain plateau, three creeks nearby and big hardwood timber all over it.

    And I started mourning again.

    Then I realized: I can pray in the restoration of that land.

    I don’t have a “felt need” for the land. I mean, I own a house and live in the house I own, and so I’m not lacking for housing or a place to live.

    But you know what? There is a righteous indignation in me.

    This righteous indignation says, “That land was mine, and it was stolen! It was meant to be my inheritance! An enemy has done this, and God promised He’d rebuke the devourer for my sake! THIS SITUATION DOES NOT LINE UP WITH GOD’S WORD!”

    This righteous indignation in me sees this situation on earth and knows that this situation does NOT look like Heaven. It should look like Heaven, though … where we all have a home and land that were provided by God’s grace and the blood of Jesus, which we didn’t have to buy or pay for.

    In other words, based on the Word of God, that land that was given to me should still be mine.

    So I’m going to perform a radical prayer experiment and pray in the sevenfold restoration of that land.

    You may ask some questions, and here are my answers:

    • Who is it that restores the land? The thief–the devil–must restore sevenfold.
    • Who do I speak to about it, then? I speak to God, asking Him to enforce His Word and force the enemy to give over the required restoration.
    • What specifically will I ask for? I will ask Father God to force the enemy to restore to me seven acres of mountaintop land, with road access, with utility access, with gorgeous timber and creeks, with flat space on it for building … because one acre like that is what the enemy stole from me.
    • How do I know God will force the enemy to restore the land? Because God’s Word says the enemy MUST restore, even if it costs him all that he has.
    • How do I know God will force the enemy to restore NOW, rather than later? Because the Word says, “When [the thief] is found …” … so since I have discovered his thievery now, NOW is when the enemy must restore.

    So even though I don’t “need” land (although I do dream of land to build a timber-frame home on, at some point in my life), I DO need my life to look just like Heaven. I do need the Lord to execute everything in my life that He promised to do. And I DO require full manifestation of ALL His promises.

    There’s a new Sheriff in town, folks.

    Many of us have been allowing doubt, the enemy’s tricks, sicknesses, lack, and the status quo to rule our homes and lives. But you know what? We don’t have to allow that anymore.

    As soon as we decide that we refuse to allow the works of the enemy in our lives, and that we ARE going to experience the total manifestation of God’s promises, then we are essentially electing a new Sheriff over our lives: the Word of God, Jesus Christ.

    And as soon as we put the new Sheriff in charge and determine by faith that we will accept nothing less than His complete promises, everything changes.

    I’m not going to put up with anything less than 100% of everything He promised me in His Word anymore. Are you?

    So what do you need in your life?

    What has God promised you that you haven’t seen manifest yet? Could it be:

    • A home?
    • A spouse?
    • Land?
    • A raise at your job?
    • A new career or job?
    • A business?
    • A promotion?
    • Victory over an enemy stronghold in your life?

    Whatever is in your life that doesn’t look like Heaven yet, THIS IS YOUR YEAR to manifest Heaven.

    It’s simple, too. All you have to do is:

    • Find a promise in the Word that promises whatever it is you desire.
    • Start meeting His conditions that are attached to that promise. (In other words, obey God.) 🙂
    • Pray and claim the promise in prayer!
    • Keep reminding God of what He promised to do, and DON’T WAVER.

    What radical prayer experiment will you choose? Leave a comment below!


    1. Pearl Abotsi says:

      Thank you so much for this!!! What a great way to start off the year! Restoration in 2020! God Bless you!

      1. Thank you so much for this!! My husband and I have been praying for restoration of all the enemy has stolen from us but this really has helped inspire me to focus in with laser precision … I had a huge beach lot given to me as a child also, bought for me by my parents, over 685 feet of pristine white sugar sand beach on Lake Huron in Michigan that was stolen and turned into a park by the state to put a marina in… I also have believed God for a baby for ten years but gave up after four miscarriages and adopting my nephew and thought we were just getting too old.. I’m in my late forties. And the enemy has attacked my health all this past year and our wealth just recently … so much I want to see restored! Please pray for restoration in every area! I already started creating my vision board a few weeks ago and think I need to add a few things to it for 2020!!! Bless you!!! Thank you so much ♥️♥️♥️ Absolutely love your teachings and the wisdom you walk in!

        1. Joseph Dominic says:

          Thanks Jamie. I think I am already enjoying the chance to take back what the enemy has ever messed with around me.

      2. Lillian Chebosi says:

        Thanks much Jamie for this word! Very timely for the start of the year. I will start thinking of what my radical prayer experiment would be on. Be blessed!

      3. Thanks so much for encouraging me to move on and to claim all the promises for God to my life.l

      4. DEE SANDERS says:

        Im Thanking God for you right now!!!
        This was such a Powerful and Inspiring Teaching
        that the Lord has Graced you to share with his People
        who so Desperately Needs it..
        Especially Me!
        Thank You.

    2. This just got me super excited…I am on it.🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️

    3. Financial breakthrough and prosperity. Malachi 3:10. I give my tithes, but never first. God’s Word is saying I must give FIRST to Kingdom building before spending the rest. I always give to bills and myself first, never to Him.

      1. Hi Erika! Yes, tithing first is a really big deal. Doing so will absolutely change your finances–and God’s Word invites you to test Him, so go for it!

    4. I cannot wait for God to get some major glory in my life and in my family in 2020!

      Thanks for sharing, sister Jamie!
      Amber B.

    5. Christina McCrory says:

      As always, this Word is right on time! You totally Rock Minister Jamie!!! 2019 was a year of learning for me and it was also a year of much loss; my job let me go, I loss my home and relationships. Thank the Lord however because just as quick as the first tear fell, Jehovah stepped in with some finances, new relationships and fresh revelation!
      For my radical prayer experiment, I’m believing God for:

      •God’s Spirit
      •Covenant Relationships
      •Healing & Restoration
      •Ministry (as an author)
      •Wealth & Riches
      •Power, Love & Sound Mind
      •My Son’s Steadfast Love/Walk in God
      Thank you again Minister Jamie for your diligent obedience to the Lord. May your 2020 overflow with the blessings of God!!

    6. Chimfwembe says:

      Im definitely praying for a business and a new job for my husband thanx for the tip on how to go about it I’m super excited

    7. I am on it. I had already started but this had additional information I needed!

    8. This is powerful. Thanks so much. I am definitely going to get my manifestation of what God has promised me and my family. Bless you Jamie.

    9. Wow! This word was definitely a confirmation to what I felt the Lord toldl me three days ago. Hidden dreams, promises that don’t look like they will happen, pray with boldness, expecting God to show Himself. Glory to God! Blessings to you, Jamie ❤️

    10. Thank you so much for this!! My husband and I have been praying for restoration of all the enemy has stolen from us but this really has helped inspire me to focus in with laser precision … I had a huge beach lot given to me as a child also, bought for me by my parents, over 685 feet of pristine white sugar sand beach on Lake Huron in Michigan that was stolen and turned into a park by the state to put a marina in… I also have believed God for a baby for ten years but gave up after four miscarriages and adopting my nephew and thought we were just getting too old.. I’m in my late forties. And the enemy has attacked my health all this past year and our wealth just recently … so much I want to see restored! Please pray for restoration in every area! I already started creating my vision board a few weeks ago and think I need to add a few things to it for 2020!!! Bless you!!! Thank you so much ♥️♥️♥️ Absolutely love your teachings and the wisdom you walk in!

    11. Donald patrick says:

      Thank u Jamie for this wonderful eye opener.2020 shall be my year of total recovery. God bless you.

      1. Thank you so much Jamie. I have been praying for financial break through,for my spouse and God answered me with my man of God spouse l thank him for that. Now l need to have my own home with my husband and kids.

    12. Gina Williams says:

      I’m asking for a HUGE financial blessing and to meet my future husband!!! This article has me fired up, and I’m believing for God to accelerate ny blessings and favor. May God bless this ministry and all if my fellow Presence Seekers. I send you all my love. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    13. Jamie, this is a powerful Word and it lines up with something the Spirit gave me this morning in my daily devotional. The Spirit came on unexpectedly this morning and I went to my knees. Then He told me, “Read your devotional.” Judges 18:9 King James (KJV) ‘“And they said, Arise, that we may go up against them: for we have seen the land, and, behold, it is very good: and are ye still? be not slothful to go, and to enter to possess the land.”’
      The Lord has been telling me “Fight for what is mine.” This morning’s devotional (‘Streams in the Desert’ by L.B. Cowman) said, ‘“We need to have appropriating faith when it comes to God’s promises and should make His Word our own personal possession… Pick any word you want that He has spoken and say, “That word is my word.” …By how many of His promises have you signed your name and said, “This has been fulfilled in my life?” …Do not miss your inheritance through your own neglect.”’
      Wow! You underscored EXACTLY what the Lord had told me, and I admit that lately I’ve been letting ‘spiritual things slide’ because of discouragement and seeming roadblocks, wondering if I just got ’it’ all wrong.
      Thank you dear Jamie!

      1. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

        Amen Debra for that message,i reallywanted to cry when i read your comment.I need God .

        1. God is with you dear Elizabeth. Shout that reality out and decree and declare that, “I am a child of the Living God! NO weapon formed against me shall prosper! My story is NOT over, it’s just BEGUN, in Jesus Name.

    14. This is conformation! Thank you holy Spirit

    15. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:


    16. This is a great idea. I’m not sure what to pray about though. There are several things I can think of, but none of them stands out as the one thing I should pray radically for this year, so I am seeking his wisdom about it. Thank you for sharing this word from the Lord and making it clear to us.

    17. Stephanie Moore says:

      God spoke to me in 1991 “don’t be afraid to stand on my Word” and that’s what I am going to do. Thank you Jamie.

    18. Thank you so much Jamie!!! I must say God has lead me to some of the best Spiritual Advisors for my life and for all He plans to do in it. You are definitely one of them and I can’t wait to contribute to your cause. He has not revealed everything He plans to do in my life yet but He is definitely ordering my steps. I’m here to reclaim everything my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother couldn’t and didn’t receive. There are many radical prayer experiments that I want to do. One being owing no man nothing, being a lender and not a borrower. Another is receiving my spouse after becoming a divorcee. I even want baby #3 . My life may look messy to others but it will represent God’s molding at the end. And I claim a long prosperous healthy life as well. Thank you so much for your different ways of approaching our Father!!! Hallelujah!!! I’m in for this project!

      1. Hi Kimberly! So glad you are believing for God’s best! Go ahead and dream that impossible dream; the Lord says nothing is impossible with Him!

    19. This is definitely God confirming his word to me, we don’t only need to be reactive in our prayer life to only situations that rise up in our lives but be proactive – standing on the promises we are already anointed to walk in. Its ours to receive on earth as it is in heaven.

    20. My radical prayer experiment is for my own husband & financial breakthrough.

    21. YOLEINE CAPRI says:

      Thank you God and Jamie for this word. I come into agreement with this word. For my radical prayer experiment, I’m believing God for my deliverance, peace, justice, my marriage in 2020, my husband, my family, financial blessings, debt-free and that God please continue to bless and protect my family and I. Thank you God for the blessings that your about bestow in my life in the might name of Jesus 🙏🏾🙌🏿💍👫🏾💑👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❤❤❤

    22. Thank you Jamie you’re amazing in Gods kingdom I will continue to pray and by faith receive in Jesus Name 🙏🏻🙏🏻 I’m claiming for my land also .. the thief has taken it away since 2009

    23. Ibeziako Ibeziako says:

      QThank you so much for all you do. More Grace to you. Praying for you,your family and your ministry.
      This year I am claiming my healing
      Claiming my money people owe me.
      Claiming God’s promises on good paying job.
      Claiming God’s promises on my lost land.
      Claiming God’s promises on salvation for my family members.
      Claiming God’s promises on winning for His Kindom this year.

    24. Thelma Wells says:

      Targeted! Timely! Needed! Wisdom! Revelation from above!

    25. EVANS KIRIMI NJERU says:

      This is a confirmation of what I perceive the Holy Spirit was ministering to me last night about God answering our prayers because of his promises.
      The bibles says in James that we pray but not get answers because we do so out of luststiful desires but through the many promises we became partakers of his divine nature having escaped corruption that comes from lust! Oh God,am not lusting for this things but am asking for it because you’ve promised!

    26. Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you SO much for this! Praise God! I am getting started on this tonight!

    27. Rosemond Daniel says:

      First of all happy New Year,
      This is a great idea. I’m not sure what to pray about though. There are several things I can think of.I will like to join youall,but for start I dont know how and for what to pray for and will you all to help me I really need help 2019 was a year of struggle alot happen and I know God is asking me to pray and pray but i dont know how ta pray so He can hear me.please need prayers and help.

    28. Thanks Jamie for this WORD!

      I’m believing God for restoration in many areas of my life. Thank you for empowering me on how to go about it. God bless you and Happy blessed 2020!

    29. Rosemond Daniel says:

      This is a great idea. I’m not sure what to pray about though. There are several things I can think of, because I dont know how to pray the rigth way and I will like to know how to get closser to Jesus so He can hear my prayers.please help me.

    30. faith Kabiite says:

      Thank you for the word
      am believing God in 2020 for the following
      – Boost my husband is business
      – A well paying Job
      -Winning our family Land case that has lasted for 10 yrs now
      – Holy matrimony
      – Healthy & long lives
      – Wisdom , Knowledge & understanding for my children and family

    31. 1. A close relationship with God/Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
      2. Restore my marriage.
      3. Remove all health issues; healthy.
      4. Abundance in all areas of my life.

    32. Radical Prayer
      My Son Ferguson s Health restoration and he start to walk properly without difficult
      My lost Wedding Ring when i was with my Husband in our marital bedroom.
      Financial Break through to pay all Debts i own
      Victory over my Co wife who has just introduced two daughters into my official marriage 2019
      High raised car by 31st december, 2020

    33. Hi Jamie, what a great word and thank you for sharing it. I believe all of this is possible because all things are possible in Him… Praying and expecting great big things from God this year….blessings!

    34. Crystal hill says:

      God’s Spirit
      .New location Of peace Neighborhood
      .Finish college nursing assistant classes on time
      •A Husband have the same heart as God
      •Peaceful Relationship wit My daughter Daddy
      •Healing & Restoration
      •Guest speaker on healing women)
      •Wealth & Riches
      •Receive all my money the enemy stole from me
      •two 🏘storage home own Land
      • Clothing boutique Businesses
      •Power, STRONG MINDED Love & Sound Mind Traveling the world meeting new educated business partners connect me with Positive vibes only Break all soul ties on moving forward and never look back on pass And I claim all my promises in Jesus name amen

    35. Robin keller says:

      Thank you for this. Im going to do this. Maybe it will build my faith

    36. Delphine Finney-Scott says:

      Thank you for sharing. I needed this word to boost my confidence. I am going to take on this radical prayer exercise for the restoration of inheritances stolen from me and my family.

    37. God is good all the time. He always give His Word at the opportune time to bless His children. Thank you Jesus. Bless you Jamie. Happy New Year! Through it all Abba Father is with us.

    38. Lucretia Wingate says:

      Thank You Jamie 😊

    39. Steven Haag says:

      Thank you, Jamie. I will pray for my city, Saint Louis. Psalm 122:6, 7; Jeremiah 29:7; Psalm 23. I didn’t realize how much the Bible says about “cities” and those who live in them.
      Also, our home was destroyed in August and my wife will be looking for promises for it.

      This is timely for our family.

    40. Thank you Lord for your Promises. I wish God can bless me with a Husband , healthy marriage and beautiful Children for 2021 as He Promised me through Dreams and Prophetic..

    41. Hi, thanks for this message but i have been alone for over 12yeras now and been hoping to find myself a spouse but so far nothing. Can u please help me with a radical prayer or two to help me in this area. I thank u very much Sincerely Ed

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