Ask God to Expose the Witches

Have you been fighting witchcraft in your life? If so, the Lord gave me a strategic prayer point for you today that is going to help you win in spiritual warfare.

As you may know, recently, the Lord gave me a prophetic word for you about how you’ve been fighting witchcraft, and you didn’t even know it. Of course, that word was for me too–and I started praying and taking communion, just like I encouraged you to do.

However, the Lord didn’t stop there. I also felt led to begin praying that the Lord would expose the witches. I didn’t write very much about that at the time, because I didn’t know how on earth He would answer it. But very recently, something happened that I feel I can share with you about this particular prayer …

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    … Because you need to ask God to expose the witches and warlocks in your life too.

    [mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”wj6xhdymgggcxqwbhtwv” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”” title=”You’ve Been Fighting Witchcraft, And You Didn’t Even Know It” volume=”70″] Here’s what happened:

    I was talking with someone (not because I wanted to talk to them, but because I had to) on the phone. This person is someone about whom I can say, “The fruit of their life that I see is the exact opposite of what the Word of God says it should be.”

    I had been sick for days, and I felt there was a spiritual component to the sickness. I felt specifically that it was warfare and witchcraft because NONE of the medical staff I saw could figure out what was making me sick. Yet, I was violently ill with a debilitating sickness.

    Well, people began to pray for me. I prayed. I took communion. I received medical care. And slowly, things began to get better. But I knew that there was a witchcraft component to all this.

    Anyway, I was talking to this person who demonstrates the opposite of godly fruit. It came up in conversation that I had been sick, and this person said, “I’ll pray for you.”

    When I hung up the phone, after a minute or two, I felt a horrible wave of nausea.

    It was like all the sickness I had been experiencing came back and hit me again at one time. And immediately, the thought crossed my mind, “That person is praying for you.” 

    The thought was the Lord’s voice. I know His voice. And suddenly I understood: the person I had been talking to was very likely operating in witchcraft, because they worship a god who they believe does things that the Bible says my God wouldn’t do … meaning, they don’t appear to worship the God of the Bible. Therefore, they would be operating in witchcraft if they are praying for me to that god that doesn’t match the Bible.

    I also realized immediately that God was answering my prayer to expose the witches … even though this was someone I never would have thought of if I had been trying to list people I suspected of witchcraft.

    Why is it important for God to expose the witches who are attacking you?

    Because you need to be on your guard. Of course, we should always have on the armor of God. We should always be on our guard against evil of every sort. But sometimes, people who operate in witchcraft hide it really well. And if we aren’t discerning and prayerful, we can accidentally allow these people access into our lives that we shouldn’t allow.

    What’s the solution?

    The solution is simple: Ask God to expose the witches. Ask Him to show you who and what they are. Then, when He shows you, believe Him. 🙂

    This doesn’t mean we should attack people who are witches. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, and rulers of this present darkness. So when God shows you someone in your life who is operating in witchcraft, don’t attack them and call them a witch. There are no people skills in that.

    So what should you do when the Lord exposes a witch in your life?

    [mv_video doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”fpycjjkmtniw4tno0nb0″ ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”” title=”How to Pray for Those That Hate You” volume=”70″]


    Here are the steps I would recommend that you prayerfully take:

    • Put up godly boundaries.
    • Refuse to allow them personal access to your life.
    • Be nice to them, because it’s the goodness of God that brings men to repentance (Romans 2:4).
    • Pray for their salvation and deliverance.
    • Be aware that “greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.” 🙂
    • And of course, always take communion every day and keep the armor of God on at all times.

    But knowledge is power. Knowledge helps produce victory. And if you ask the Lord to expose the witches that are operating against you, He will. You may be surprised at what He shows you, but you will also be better, safer, stronger, and healthier for it if you’ll believe Him.

    Does this message resonate with what the Lord is saying to you today? If so, leave a comment below!


    1. Laurna Tallman says:

      I would add to this wise teaching someone who is involved in idolatry. I battle both situations and they both involve deception, a kind of “play-acting” that can be persuasive and confusing. We know that “Confusion is not from God.” Last night, my husband confirmed something I have suspected for six months when I brought my observations and discernment to him as a conviction. I agree that physical reactions to that kind of evil/sickness can be very strong.

      My first tendency is to rush into a confrontation and teaching. But I accept your cautionary Word. I appreciate your scripture on kindness. I recall that in regard to one of those people in my circle the Lord said, “You have paved the way with Love. Now I can act in power.”

      Thank you for your timely message!

      1. Jaimie You are truly a Woman of God; You touch in everything that concerns His children.
        Praise the Lord that I found your site; and can be enlightened and strong in Your Word.
        I have battled witchcraft all the times with regards to the man I love my relationship and it is in my family they worship idols and they have kept him and I apart doing all kinds of evil spiritual stuff and sending it to us. We are still apart it’s like nothing is enabling us to be together; pastors from various churches have prayed over me trying to break that evil hold but now that you brought this to our attention we are going to rely on your Faith to release this hold over my life so that we can be together but I will do as you say but keeping them away from personal access to my life is going to be difficult please pray over this access Jaimie.
        I live in South Africa.

        1. It becomes difficult when its a matrimonial partner. What would you advice Jammie?

      2. Seyifunmi peters says:

        This message came In just in time.Please pray for me Jamie.Thank for always sharing the word. It has been really helpful.

      3. Thank you for this powerful message that has brought forth deliverance in our lives.

      4. Jamie, do you possibly have all of these posts in one large book? They are a real blessing. I would like to have them all in book form to refer back to when needed. If so, how may I purchase it please? Thank you. Peace and blessings to you.

        1. We have many books to choose from, Dee, with dozens of our articles, prayers, and prophetic words in them! Over 20 titles! Please check out our store here:
 and you will find both paperbacks and printable ebooks!

    2. Can you please be more specific about this suggestion you made, “ Refuse to allow them personal access to your life.”.
      Thank you Jamie!

    3. Do you have a sample prayer for this?

    4. Thank you Jamie for sharing this teaching. It is a very enlightening message to the body of Christ.

    5. Sharon Cole says:

      Hi Jamie Do you have a prayer for Witch craft I had one years ago from internet? We are surrounded they are across from us next door they moved in so fast! I was not aware this area was witchcraft city for 25 years. We are only Christian’s in area. The darkness and oppression is great! My depression is bad! We were told to get out! Can’t sell house nasty things all around every day thing is rotting lad th two had spiders so bad….any advice?

    6. Hi Jaime yes this message resignates with my Spirit I have been battling with witchcraft and I asked God to show me who the witch was she’s very close to me ,but I’m sure there are others but I drew the line with her today. She is not allowed to be in contact with her at all till she stops repents and returns back to God. Thank you Jaime God bless you

    7. Thank you Jamie… I’ve been battling witchcraft for a while so much I moved back up north from GA..90% of the people where I worked are witches..always trying to touch me. I sang all day..praised God..then moved..thank you for all you do..I needed to see this today

      1. Maloy Ashley says:

        Father expose them all in the name of Jesus 🙌🏻 Give us kingdom wisdom and knowledge to move forward in freedom from this bless us and our marriages our family and our children in jesus name i ask for a hedge of protection around us and our minds let your fire fall upon us and our homes and our lives and burn up any witchcraft shut the door o lord send your angels to stand guard over your sons and daughters break all un godly cycles all strong holds any generational curses In jesus name in Jesus mighty name !!!! The blood of Jesus is against you !!!!! Break off any ungodly soul ties o lord sever them now in jesus name

      2. Can’t believe the day this came to my email. I have dealt with this now for a couple of years. Again today things have escalated. I have just about thrown in the towel. Again this email has reminded me that God is in control! Thank You

        1. At work Today certain people tryed to get me fired by the grace of God it didn’t work

    8. Andrea Anderson says:

      This is a message to me from the Lord!

    9. Bless you Jamie, for this powerful teaching.

    10. Thank you Jamie. Yes this message is for me. I have battled deception and opposition in the most unlikely places. As I stand at the gate of 2020 I have been praying against this. Also relinking from my blood line and my children. Have not been consistent in taking Holy communion. Thanks for the reminder. With the Lord I will triumph.
      Thank you for sharing. God bless you.

    11. Thank you for sharing. I asked for God to show me the true and the false in the church, and He honored that prayer. I’m so tired of it though, it feels like it will never end. I cut a lot of people out of my life, it was the only way to put up boundaries with most (can’t reason or talk to someone who have their own opinion and sticks to it). The one person I still work with but cut my personal ties to was a prayer partner. I confronted this woman about mutual respect, and she ended up turning the people we work with against me. Holy Spirit showed me to get rid of everything she gave me, I also removed her from all social media – when the last connection to her was removed, the atmosphere lifted. She did not stop there though, I was called by a man who I had previously cut ties with because he told me that God could make me attracted to him. She said i was too harsh so i decided to give him another chance at friendship, since he was now married and would not pursue me. He just ended up telling me that i have a lack of character, but that he could help me. I immediately cut him off again. But this must have been a setup by the woman I work with, because the next day she and the other prayer partner i had at work, walked past me with the most bitter look on their faces I’d ever seen. They both got me books about “character” and “who you are in Christ”. I have kept my distance since. I was attacked because I kept my distance also. I’m so tired of manipulation and intimidation, but that being said. God has come through for me, between all the injustices, that the people who’s tried to discredit me, who’s tried to get rid of me, who’s tried to stop me from growing and succeeding … have discredited themselves. When they tried to keep me back, I asked God to teach me. I have to fix other peoples problems who studied the same thing now. When they tried to replace me, God made me irreplaceable, in such a way, that when they don’t give me the specific work, they lose customers. God has honoured and favored me, and protected me in this way. I’ve even seen a change in attitude in this specific woman towards me, not completely, but enough that she doesn’t put me down all the time. There is still a lot of injustice and witchcraft at work, but I’m not alone, and no longer the only one targeted. Some of the psalms I’ve prayed … Psalm 64, Psalm 59, Psalm 35 … they do make a difference. I’ve also prayed Jamie’s prayer to reverse unjust situations and prayer for help in spiritual warfare. I would appreciate your prayers also, for God’s will, deliverance and breakthrough please. Thank you.

      1. Wow! I am glad the Lord has kept you. I too am experiencing this now and await the Lord’s revelation regarding this matter on how I can proceed. Have you heard of Minister Kevin Ewing? He preaches and teaches about this witchcraft. You should check him out.

      2. Sharon Jane Cole says:

        I am completely surrounded by a Coven. My prayer language is hardly edifying I am angry the whole time praying. I have no fruit. I attack my husband and son. Son saved spirit filled. Husband not saved free mason in his family. My 3 neighbors in front and both sides are witches. I am drained. Can’t sleep. So much manipulation and control. Mocking, I am ready to walk out front door never come back seriously. My son lost his youth mentor of 4 years devastated won’t go to church or try another youth. He is 17 now hooked with dad and hours of gaming. No respect or boundaries, my husbands demons pushing me out. I am so grieved I want out, hurt so bad because this was not God. Can anyone give me resources where I could get of here with help from a church. My son won’t come if I stay I will die it surroundeds me. This city elder told me under coven 25 years. My husband grew up in this house has issues of major fear. Extremely passive aggressive. Sorry to be so negative but I am truly scared I have glasses explode in my hand. I hear Leviathan also…anyone?

        1. Dear Sharon Jane, the only thing I can offer is that I have had considerable success using fasting ( I’ve done a few Esther fasts even over the years, these are very intense obviously but entirely doable if you’re healthy but all fasting is beneficial and a powerful component of warfare) and then wielding the Sword of the Spirit for 3 days also. Remember He has given you ALL authority. God hates witchcraft and loves you and your family. The blood of Jesus is way more powerful than ALL that is warring around you. He will make a way for you and your marriage and your family. His Word and His Blood is powerful, those demons cannot stand against it. Anger in praying in the spirit is more than okay as I understand it, I have often prayed this way when under attack – I suspect it warns satan and calls on warring angels I to come to your aid. His weapons are mighty. God bless you mightily.

      3. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

        Wow,It is absolutely true.I experienced the same thing at my new working place. Really taught me alot about what you’ve shared.Praise God ALMIGHTY. AMEN

    12. Thank you Jamie for this timely word.My personal challenge is that one lady I am certain about is ‘family ‘and she checks on me and the kids very often but my spirit genuinely knows that she practices witchcraft.And when she calls me she wants to know every little thing about our lives and I am so uncomfortable conversations with her.How do I not allow personal access into my life and still be nice to them!

    13. John Annanson says:

      When I saw the message and read through I became relief and thank God and asked for His forgiveness for being adamant to His promptings. Some of my siblings and and friends anytime they tell me, John we will pray for you or we are praying for you, I get uncomfortable and sometimes irritated and I didn’t know why, now I know. Thank you very much, Jamie for this prophetic message and the many prophetic messages, surely your labour in the Lord Jesus Christ shall never be in vain. Job42:2/Isa25:1/2Chron6:41.

    14. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      thank you so much Jamie for tbe great message

    15. Victoria Rosanwo says:

      Thanks Jamie for this wonderful message it direct to me really I’ve been battling with witchcraft since my childhood up to date is a continuous warfare but the one’s that I know that they’re possessed each time I try to be nice and close to them thing become more tither for me so I decided to pray to God to keep them distance from me and God did so the Bible says suffer not the witches to live for their blood is upon them which means one can as well pray for them so that they stay far from us I truly appreciate your anointing and effort in carrying our Heavenly Father ministry and work among the people in the world which I’m one of them thanks once again.

    16. Tamisha R Dembele says:


    17. Mathapelo says:

      I praise and thank God for this message. I have a sense of relieve that I will suffer not more. I have been a victim of witchcraft in my neighbourhood and at my workplace. I have been discredited and rejected by people without a cause. Now I know why and the other thing is every festive season time I get sick with similar symptoms. I praise God because even if it was the case this year(2019) I was able to celebrate the new year regardless and prayed the Psalms suggested by Renette and I can feel the weight been lifted off of me. Bless you and Glory be to God forevermore.

      1. Powerful message… really appreciate!!

    18. “•——-Refuse to allow them personal access to your life”. Hi Jamie, how possible is this if the person identified is a close person to you, like your mom, dad or spouse. God says honor your parents , likewise he hates divorce in the case of spouse.

    19. David Lockett says:

      Excellent word,something we need to be on guard all time, I daily take communion sometimes more than once,keep it up

    20. This nailed it I have worked with one co worker who does this witch craft everyone stayed away from her do to the fact that people can see what she’s doing now I work for another company she calls me I don’t answer her calls as life challenges was trying to get the best of me I prayed to our Heavenly Father as the days went by he revealed to me this person she was smiling from hear to hear as she seen me she stopped smiling and said “hi” I responded back with a “hello “ and kept on going my way. Thank you so much for your article

    21. Thank you Jamie, for this eye opening message. I do feel that are people I associate with, who are dealing in witchcraft. Thank you for your guidance.

    22. Jamie,

      I was fiercely looking through your FB posts for this message. I must confess that when I first received in in my email, I was stunned. I know of someone within my very family who confessed years ago when she was a teenager that she practiced witchcraft. She also has several narcissistic qualities and once confessed to my mother that she felt no true empathy — her words were that she felt cold towards most things.

      She has rejected me most of my life, I believe mainly because of my faith. Her behavior caused a lot of dissension and chaos within my family until my parents finally gave up on the tough love teachings of Dr. Dobson from many years ago.

      I have wondered over the last several years if she has continued to dabble in the areas of witchcraft and if she had actually attempted to use it for oppression against others.

      When I saw your posting, it scared me, and I quickly discarded it. But since that time I actually encountered her in person — I’ve not seen her in over three years, after I discovered that she had stolen some jewelry of mine from my parents’ home (I currently live with them), when they were at their winter home and I was visiting — leaving the house unoccupied. I only discovered her theft when I happened upon a photo that she had posted on her FB, wearing the jewelry. It was a very unique pair of earrings that I had purchased on a vacation many years before and that I didn’t even realize were missing until I saw the photo and searched high and low for them.

      This was not the first time that she had stolen from me. She had taken items from my childhood as well as items of clothing, and possibly more.

      No one has ever believed me. Even with proof of the earrings and the entering of the house when unoccupied…. it was as if there were scales on their eyes.

      Back to when I encountered her, it was out in public, and I was so happy to see her, and I was filled with only love and I wrapped my arms around her, telling her that it was an answer to prayer to see her. She actually gave me a compliment on my appearance, but as usual, there was no affection coming from her, whatsoever, as has been the case for most of my relationship with her. No matter how many times I forgave her mistreatment and attempted to teach out to her, told her I loved her, or tried to establish a relationship, she continued to reject me. And so much more.

      I feel awkward even writing this, and there is a part of me that feels like I might somehow be deluded in thinking that she could, in fact, have been operating against me all these years….

      But, I feel that something is just off. And, since I have been set free from so many lies within the last few months through things being revealed to me through both you as well as several other Godly mentors, my vision is much clearer now.

      I have not actually read your posting yet, but if you do see this, would you please pray for both me and my family member?

      I love her, and I know that she is in denial about many things. I pray for her most days asking for our Lord to reveal Himself to her — to convict her and to protect her from any influence of Satan. I have prayed aloud my own prayers of cancellation of any assignments by Satan both towards her and towards me and for a hedge of Protection around us both.

      Would you please join me?

      God Bless you for giving yourself Fully to our Father and allowing Him to use you so Powerfully to advance His Kingdom.

      You are something (and someone) else! Love in Christ,


    23. After weeks without a computer I am finally connecting back in to online sites. Today I have had 2 conversations with others primarily on infrequent topic for me. So ..having just put in your name .. this page appears first. Very interesting. I will follow your guidance, taking communion etc..
      Thank you. Your blog is a very great blessing
      God is so good.
      His name be praised forevermore.

    24. Thank you Jamie, God bless you.

    25. Bridgette says:

      Thank you for this. May God continue to bless and speak to you and through you.

      I had a dream a few weeks ago and this particular person said to me in the dream, “I’m praying for your children”. Her appearance was dirty and she was holding a dirty toddler.

      I knew when I woke up that her prayer wasn’t godly. This person is a member of my church and is a great pretender – an impostor. I pray she repents before it is too late.

      I thank God for confirming what I had suspected and pray that HE will continue to reveal ALL the witches. I thank HIM for the Blood of Jesus that never loses its power!

    26. Thank you for this revelation. I believe what you saying to me and others. I will pray concerning this witchcraft attacks. I have been sick for the past months. I pray for God’s healing power to overcome my whole body.
      Please pray for me and thank you for praying me.

    27. desmond Greene says:

      Thank You Jamie this resonates with me at the moment big time. I am searching and praying to God as best as i can .but I do feel that I have let the evil one in. I am now trying to change all that at the moment. with the help of God I WILL GET THERE.

    28. Thank-you Jamie,we all have a discernment inside of us we mature it as we age it is intuition an it is like the Lord speaking to you always an its his truth for us Thank-you!

    29. Thank you Jamie for always looking out for your brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. May the Lord continue to bless you with His Word and teachings for us
      Thank You Lord God
      Thank you Jamie

    30. Delia Gonzales says:

      Jamie please help me in spiritual warfare yes I have been feeling nauseous having people pray for me but I will ask him as you have instructed me I need prayer for my family grand children great grand children also son in-laws that are not saved my sons and daughters I have been fighting but not enough because I feel sick but I claim decree and declared that my Lord is my healer and my doctor did help me I need it I have been fasting and praying God bless you and your family

    31. Wow am moved to another level by this testimony.Thank Lord for exposing such people.

    32. Natalie Williams says:


      Wow! When I got this in my inbox I went, “Mmm!”. Very informative. Thanks for sharing this. I will certainly be praying over this in my life.

    33. Hi Jamie
      Please explain more about taking communion regularly during the times of witchcraft attacks

    34. Wow thank YOU ABBA DADDY AMEN

    35. This word is for me. I have suffered from witchcraft for a long time now. This has been happening both at home and work place. I have a female neighbor who practices witchcraft and I have gone through hell. Similarly,at my work place.
      Thank you for sharing this word.

    36. Bantshang says:

      I have not been aware of taking holy communion at home without a pastor. I thank the Lord so much for this revelation. In the past I would pray and try to expose witches and it ended up being me witches expose. They have.been on my toes ever since I got saved.

    37. Tabitha Sekoati says:

      May The Lord be with you Jamie for sharing this. We really needed this revelation.

    38. Annanson John says:

      Hallelujah Amen!
      My kid brother is a muslim. Anytime that boy try saying “good things in wish or ‘exhortation’ or ‘prayer’ for me” I will feel my spirit clinched and unwilling and sort of angry or I get irritated…I remember one time I told not to pray for me, for I am far older than him and I should be praying for him…I NOW KNOW WHY!
      God bless you, Prophetess Jamie.
      Most very grateful.

    39. Sarah Mbinya says:

      Thanks woman of God for this. uh in my place of work there is alot of this.i have experienced accusations,rejections,evil plans against me, it hasn’t been easy but the hand of the Lord has carried me through.pray for me in this season

    40. Maika Kamikamica says:

      Thank you for sharing
      God Bless

    41. Kayondo James says:

      Thank you very much sister in the Lord.
      God bless you abundantly in Jesus mighty name Amen.
      From james

    42. Sister, you definitely heard from God! Thank you.

    43. Jamie, I think this is great information for me. I have battled with witchcraft attack both at office and where I live. I have a witch woman just opposite my home and a lot has happened. The same story with where I work. Kindly, if you could write more on this topic and share with us the spiritual warfare. It looks like witchcraft is so rampant. I used to think it is only in African countries. Many people have been kept in bondages as a result of witchcraft. You can not progress at all. The devil is using people practicing witchcraft to attack Christians
      God bless you

    44. Yes, Jamie, I too am facing witchcraft in my life for quite some time now, even from family members, but thank you for this valuable tool to expose them and for the advice to be cautious and careful of not allowing these people in my close circle, but still loving and praying for them. So grateful for you, Woman of God.

    45. Donia Schultz says:

      This has been right on time. Even in asking The Lord to reveal, He has said some are not seriously into witchcraft and all the dark works but have been seduced into it, or given false teaching like it’s not a problem or for real. Jesus thank You for the Great Awakening that is moving and increasing. I’ve had relatives, close family, pastors and I believe Father is desiring to bring a great victory of setting captives free and great deliverance and healing, maturing in Christ by His workmanship through Christ. Demolishing the works of darkness. Not by our might or power, but by His Spirit!

    46. Thank you Madam Jamie for the guidance you have given me. Indeed I’m fighting with witchcraft and I’m praying to to show them to me. 🙌

    47. Yes, I’m aware of the witchcraft and warlock me and my family been dealing with. I ask God to forgive me of my knowingly and unknowingly Sins, Wash me as pure as snow, strengthen me, purge me with His Son Jesus blood, as I pled His blood, and show me the witches, warlocks, and the one who seek this darkness upon me and my family. I’m now fighting with the armour of God because the evil worshipper of this darkness want stop but Gods mercy is much stronger and powerful. He will prevail against the darkness! I rebuke it! In Jesus Name

    48. Joseph Gandywest Agathe says:

      Lord Jesus Christ please show witches and warlock operating in darkness against my destiny.You said that everyone who invoke your name hidden things that we do not in the darkness will be revealed as you declare in your word Jeremiah 33:3.So today I invoke your name ,please reveal and expose to me those witches and warlock. İn Jesus name I pray.Amen

    49. Jamie,
      This is a timely message. I am dealing with a situation now. At church, I shared too much with those who I thought were my friends. My guards were down at church because it’s supposed to be a safe place. I have had to learn so many lessons the hard way at church in dealing with people because I take people at “face value” as they say. I have asked God for a greater level of discernment. I do believe Jesus is greater than witchcraft, however, it’s important to know what you have shared. Thank you

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