Radical Prayer #13: Lord, Load Me with Benefits!

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Would you like the Lord to load you up with good things–unexpected surprises, financial blessings, happy events, and more–EVERY DAY? If so, then pray this radical prayer: “Lord, load me with benefits!”

Psalm 68:19 says:

Blessed be the Lord, Who daily loads us with benefits, the God of our salvation! Selah.”

I just noticed this Scripture recently. When I did, I was in awe.

Immediately upon reading this verse, I saw a mental picture in my mind’s eye of a big Euclid (“uke”) dump truck: the kind that is used on VERY heavy mining and earthwork projects.

Those trucks are HUGE; much bigger than a regular truck. (The driver may only be as tall as the tire!) They carry tons of material. They aren’t for sissies; and when they are loaded, they are REALLY loaded.

Well, after I read Psalm 68:19, I saw a mental picture of one of those uke dump trucks.

I saw the truck coming toward me and then DUMPING its entire load right over my head. All over my house. All over my husband. All over everything.

And I knew that even THAT big of a load could never compare to what the Father wants to give us, each and every day.

After all, doesn’t His Word say:

“But as it is written: ‘Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him'” (1 Corinthians 2:9).

… ?

It does. It surely does. 🙂

So I began to pray, “Lord, load me with benefits!”

My prayer went something like this (and you’re welcome to use this prayer too if you like!):

“Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name, I want to thank You that You ARE loading me with benefits right now. You load me with benefits every single day, and I know it. Thank You.

But Father, I know that Your “loader” is bigger than I can imagine. I know you want to load me with more benefits than I’ve ever received before. Your Word says You want to give me things I’ve never even thought of or imagined.

So Father, I’m asking You to load me with benefits today. Load me with more benefits than I could ever imagine. Load me down, Lord, with those things that eye has not seen, nor ear heard; those things that have not entered into my heart to ever even ask for or dream of.

Lord, I’m believing You big, but this is what Your Word says. And I believe You. So thank You, Father. Help me to notice every blessing You bestow, and help me to thank You for them all.

Thank You, Father. Thank You for loading me with benefits today and every day. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

That was it. It was a very simple prayer, but I immediately began to see results.

Praying God’s Word is so powerful! His Word shows us His heart and will for us. You can never go wrong when you remind God of His Word in your prayers!

When I began praying this verse back to God, I saw an increased flow of blessings in my and my husband’s lives immediately. Blessings of all sorts.

So then I decided to go a little further to really build my faith for this promise!

I went to a local store and purchased a package of five tiny little children’s toys: little models of a Uke dump truck, front-end loader, bulldozer, and more. All big, industrial loading equipment.

I got the toys because I wanted visual reminders of the Lord loading me with benefits. I wanted to keep the reminders in front of me! So I hung some of them from my ceiling (in the room where I work and pray) on a ribbon, like this:

And I kept one of them on my nightstand beside my bed, where I also work and pray:

And I began just looking at them and meditating on Psalm 68:19. And do you know, my faith for this promise is growing every day! And every day, I’m praying it back to God … and seeing Him move in response to those prayers!

Do you want the Lord to load you with benefits every day too?

He will. His Word promises that He will. So dig in! Meditate on this Scripture. Chew it and absorb it until you really believe it. Pray it back to God every day. Thank Him for what He’s already done, and ask Him to do more!

If you will, I believe you will see radical blessings flowing into your life in a whole new way.

Does this promise in Psalm 68:19 excite you as much as it does me? Does this prayer resonate with you? If so, please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear what the Lord is saying to you!


  1. YES! Oh thank you for sharing! I LOVE that! 😉

    1. Mary Washington says:

      Very powerful Prayer prior two days before my birthday God has loaded me daily with his benefits 4-6-2018 My birthday was offer a job.and received another offer also for another Job . Prayed Psalm 68:19 back to God for a birthday gift .Very Powerful Prayer Thank You God

    2. Yes indeed Lod send me me a truckload of benefits! Hallelujah! Thank you so much woman of God!!! You are such a blessing to the kingdom for what you are doing. I pray that God will continually bless you richly as you pour yourself out to others. I am believing God for another house. I am in the process of selling mine right now. So I’m waiting on God to send me that buyer that wants my property. Will you add this in your prayers too? Thank you!!!

      1. Hi Ticia
        I am also in the process if selling my house to buy a new home.
        Let us agree according to
        Matthew 18: 19-20 together as we pray for each other.

      2. Very powerful and I believe that I’ll also be sharing the good news by faith,,,thank you Jamie

    3. Christina says:

      Psalm 103:5 actually just all the benefits HE loads us with daily if you want to follow up on this verse. We need only to thank Him for them because He loads us with these daily.

      1. Christina says:

        Actually * lists all His benefits

  2. Rebecca L Jones says:

    I could use the healing and rest benefits first. I still push myself too hard.

  3. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    a very powerful prayer..thanks sooo much my sister..May God bless your ministry

    1. Rutha Louis says:

      Thank you so much for your prayer it ministered to me. God bless you and your ministry

  4. Manivannan.K.S. says:

    Praise The Lord! Thank you, Beloved Sister in Christ, A much timely needed word & prayer, thank you again for encouraging us as the Father leads you, truly you ate blessed to be a blessing to us, May the Lord God of our Fathers make you a thousand times more numerous than you are and bless you as He has promised you, Now, in Jesus mighty name.


  5. Charmaine says:

    Thank u father God almighty. For all your benefits that u will forgive us .thanks Jamie God bless you in every way xxxx

  6. Charmaine says:

    Thank u father God almighty. For all your benefits that u will forgive us .thanks Jamie God bless you in every way xxxx

  7. Thank you for the reminder.

  8. I love the idea of the cute truck toys ? Thank you dear sister Jamie for this powerful devotional, as I’m reading it I’m realizing that I need to learn how to receive from the Lord, thank you Jesus for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds. (2 Co 10:4) Glory be to God.

  9. Awesome. Thank you Jamie. This is powerful.

  10. Thank you so much I feel great and blessed love it keep up the good work

  11. Owoade Isaac says:

    The Lord is good

  12. Thank You Jamie, I praise God for you and this powerful prayer!!! I am believing to see God load me, my husband and daughter daily with his benefits. I Also, come in agreement with you and your husband that God loads you daily with his benefits!!!God Bless You !!!!

  13. Thank you Jamie this has taken me to a whole nother level in Him . I will wait expectantly believing God for His promises daily loading us with His benefits. I absorb your teachings and give God the glory! Thank you!!!!

  14. Tamie Haley Tyra says:

    Amen Sister! I am seeing that dump truck filled with treasures, benefits! He daily provides benefits into my life, I’m believing in His word to increase those benefits today, in the name of Jesus.
    Through out my daily moments with your blog Sister I have always opened my personal physical Bible to read the scriptures you post at the beginning of each word you share. This one however I wasn’t able to get to my Bible so I put the scripture into Google and once again see where a translation appears to be so far away from the truth of the Word. My King James version is exactly as you have shared (Hallelujah, I receive all that the Father would bestow upon me) but the first one I noticed didn’t even mention “Benefits” at all!
    New International Version Psalms 68:19
    Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.
    Now I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that for my Saviour and Lord to bear my burdens daily is a blessing,a gift a benefit that without it I would be crippled under the weight, but, this is one “Benefit” one gift, one blessing. When I read this translation for a brief moment I was grieved in the spirit with thoughts of all He endures and carries because of me, not the joyous thoughts of the benefits that He wants to load me with.
    I pray that those who read translated versions of the Bible receive truth when the translation seems vastly different from version to version.
    Thank you again Sister for being a blessing to me and my house.
    May Papa, bring that uke ? To your front door! Amen.

  15. Yes ! Thank you Lord I receive this awesome word and prayer, load us daily Lord with your benefits in Jesus name Amen! God bless you Jamie!

  16. So good that you and your husband can stand in prayer of agreement Jamie.I am still believing God for the salvation of my husband,knowing God can do anything.

  17. Yes it really spoke to me so I will pray this prayer everyday and the verse along with it. Thank you Lord and thank you again Jamie for much powerful words of Gods promises for my life. God bless.

  18. Jamie, how cool is that! I love that. You’re awesome ! Just had to tell you that . I rejoice getting In your Presence! You have been a blessing in my life! You light up God’s promises. And I do the uuuu and the Ahhhhhh’s. God is soooooone good! Thank you again, and God bless your ministry☺

  19. Truly right on time…talking about this in ministry PRAY!!! Praying HIS WORD thank you Father for your WORD is never failing.

  20. Sibonginkosi says:

    This word comes to me when am like?Dear God!!!
    I will pray this “prayer”and trust God to really intervene in all my situations.I do need to be loaded with God’s benefits.

  21. We praise the Lord for you my Sister Jamie.This is one prayer i will surely add to my prayers.It did something to my Spirit.

  22. Glory to God!!! I am waiting for God to open the windows in heaven and pour me out a blessing that there is not room to receive it, but thank you I will meditate on Psalms 68:19 To God Be The Glory!!!

  23. Laurie Jones says:

    I am about to use this, just written the prayer down and will go looking for my truck as my visual. JESUS, THANK YOU FOR JAMIE!!!

  24. Hello sis, I av just developed a new habit of writing down prayers, so to be sure its well articulated. This morning, One of the prayer points was written as follows:
    “Thanks for daily loading me with benefits, and daily carrying my burdens.”
    Then i went online to get the reference and lo, I got here on your page. In the course of reading through I added the below:
    “Because I believe in ur word – But as it is written: ‘Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him’” (1 Corinthians 2:9). God pls open the windows of heaven and pour upon me blessings that there is not enough room to receive it. Mal. 3:10b”
    I must mention that your written out version for this prayer point, I find resonating with my soul and I am also going to use it. It’s like an intimate conversation with ones daddy. I love it!
    May God keep increasing you on all sides till the day of our Lord in Jesus name

  25. Christle H. says:

    I am going to go out when i get paid and get some little dump trucks.. Thank you!!

  26. Illonda Madison says:

    Thanks for sharing! This prayer is awesome and couldn’t have come at a more present time during a season in my life. I’m so inspired, excited and seeking. I’m pushed to purchase the trucks as well. Thanks my sister in Christ! Be blessed and forever flowing for the kingdom of God 🙏!

  27. God bless you , think you for rocking my prayer life. I’ve been saying this psalms 68:19 for years, however I could not remember where I learned it from, until today, reading it from you. You have just showed me a more powerful way of praying psalms 68 :19.
    God bless you

  28. Hi Jamie,
    I came online to search for your prayer on unjust situations so I could pray for and share with a friend when I saw the link to this prayer at the bottom of the page. I clicked the link cos its a verse i often use at Morning prayers with my family. I began to ask God to load me, my husband and children with benefits and midway through the prayer I got a bank alert of unexpected money in my account from my husband. Praise God!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!

  29. A few years ago I prayed for a special person that God would her truck loads of blessings and I habitually prayed the same for me. It made sense to me, but I thought to myself, ‘who prays things like that, what are people going to think?’ Then today I read your article. Totally God! A lot of things you say really resonate with me Jamie, it is very striking. God is about to do something!

  30. Rochelle Howard says:

    This is such an awesome and powerful word! I receive it and stand on it. I especially love the part about having a visual of the trucks. Thank you so much for your obedience and encouragement!

  31. Nnamdi Anyanwu says:

    My name is Nnamdi Anyanwu from Nigeria. I came back from work and my family was in darkness, thankfully God had provided me with resources to bit fuel for the generator so as I walk to the generator I started thinking of how good God is then this part of the Bible came to mind “how he loads my day with blessings” I wasn’t such how it’s written or where it’s written in the Bible. The moment I got into the house, now the generator is on and there was light, I decides to search the internet and suddenly I came across your pageant I must confess that it has, ….. … blessed me. I will hold on to it with faith until I begin to see the result and I will share it with my men’s group in the church. Thank you.

    1. I praise God for blessing you, and for that generator! Thank you for reading and for sharing!

  32. Ramotikoe M Khiba says:

    Indeed my God instructs me to medidate and pray on this prayer on a daily basis.

  33. Kim Evans says:

    I prayed the prayer for my dream car yesterday and
    I’m giving God praise I went and test drove my dream car this morning and God worked it out that I will be getting one when they come in someone turned their down so I got it 💜🙏🙌 praise God he is so good 😊 I’m also going to start giving back to your minstry I truly believe in what you stand for you are an awesome Godly person and I really appreciate the work you do for God and am standing by your side 💜😊🙏💜🙏

  34. It’s happening DAILY!!
    Too much to type .
    Low on funds for rest of gifts for family . Wanted few more for grandchildren (13)
    Felt led to stop at a thrift
    Found bag of little trucks for boys , dolls for girls , even more trucks dump trucks too
    Clothes needed
    New scarves in bag still for girls married ones
    57 cents !!!!!!
    Never happened that cheap there .
    Much more specific to desires of my heart for them
    Thought it may be 50 or more , was seeing what to put back .
    But took it up to pay and asked the price as she went ….
    And it was 30.00 and a few cents she even paid the penny so I would get piles of change back . !!!!!!!
    Declare among the people his doings !!
    And he’s done much more !!!!

  35. Thank you God for loading your many benefits upon my life. Thank you God for doing exceedingly and abundantly above that I could ask for. I know your about to blow my mind Father 😭🙌🏾🙏🏾🤣 thank you. Thanks Jamie for this prayer blessing to you.

  36. Praise the Lord God Almighty for this message. Powerful one. Yesterday I had this verse as a rhema. I believe God wants to load me with his many blessing and benefites. Thanks for prompting me to continue to meditate on it. I am ready for the blessings and favour God has for me. Hallelujah. Amen.

  37. I receive it in Jesus name Amen and Amen

  38. Denise Moore says:

    Thank you My sister in Christ, I use to say this All the time, I thank you for the reminder,Yes LORD, in Due time my Father his benefits will flow, I believe this, I’m claiming everything that gotta tooking From Me and My families…. my King Jesus Love All

    1. Truddy Kgaladi says:

      Thank you very much God is great all the time may the almighty continue to bless you more Amen.

  39. Thank you , Jamie, for another encouraging word. I remember visiting Northern Minnesota and seeing those uke machines at work. I am guessing that the diameter of the tires is at least 20 feet–maybe more. They can pick up several tons of dirt at one time. I am so very glad that our God is so lavish in all His works and ways. And, that He is so faithful to give us daily benefits. Hallelujah!!

  40. Hannah Agunkejoye says:

    Few days ago, the Lord dropped in my heart when I woke up that I should confess this scripture first thing when u wake up every morning. For a week now, have been doing this and my prayer life has been amazing! Am trusting Gid for change in status spiritually and physically as well as for my family!
    The Word of God is real
    The Word of God is Life
    The Word of God is too powerful to fail.
    I have so much peace and calmness around me, I can’t explain.
    Thank you for sharing.

  41. I have been very concerned lately on various things concerning financial, debt entrapment and my family’s future. I’m going to trust the Lord on this and thank Him in advance.

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