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Are you ready to experience everything God has for you? If so, this new prayer and Bible study challenge about seeking God first and receiving ALL He has for us–including blessing, wealth, favor, and prosperity–is for you! It’s the 8/28 Challenge, and I am inviting you to join me.

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Here’s the theme of the 8/28 Challenge:

We are seeking God first, and His Kingdom and His righteousness—and believing Him to add ALL the blessing, wealth, and success to us that He promises in His Word as we do so.

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    Here are the 8/28 Challenge details:

    • The challenge lasts for 28 days—exactly 4 weeks.
    • At least once a week, read Deuteronomy 8 and Deuteronomy 28:1-14.
    • Every day, spend 28 minutes alone with God reading your Bible (I recommend the Gospel of John). Set your timer for 28 minutes, open your Bible, ask Holy Spirit to open it up to you and give you revelation, and read with pen in hand so you can highlight and underline. 🙂
    • Every day, spend 8 minutes alone with God in uninterrupted prayer.
    • Every day, speak 8 Biblical confessions about wealth and prosperity over yourself. I wrote 8 Biblical confessions specifically for this challenge below.
    • Take communion every day.
    • At some point during this challenge, I also encourage you to sow a seed to the Lord of either $8.28, $82.80, $828.00, etc.—anything with the numbers 8 and 28 in it, and write it down when you do. Sowing a seed links your faith with God’s promise in a concrete way that nothing else accomplishes, and God will always honor your seed. 🙂

    Here are 8 Biblical confessions I wrote for the 8/28 Challenge:

    1. I have favor everywhere I go. Favor chases me down in the street! God’s goodness and mercy follow me, and His favor accomplishes for me TODAY what I could never do by my own effort.
    2. As I have sown seed and poured into others, now God pours into me. I receive the thousand-fold harvest today. And, just as I have allowed God to use me to make others’ dreams come true, so now God Himself makes MY dreams come true.
    3. The wealth of sinners and of the nations comes to me today from the north, south, east, and west.
    4. I believe God, and by my faith in Jesus I receive everything from the Father that Jesus Christ Himself bought and paid for me to have with His own precious blood. My inheritance from Christ comes to me today in manifest and visible form.
    5. The Lord gives me power, ideas, and strategies to get wealth, make profit, save money, invest, and manage money. Not one cent that passes through my hands is wasted; I excel at stewarding wealth to the glory of God.
    6. I am a skillful entrepreneur who serves others diligently. My products and services bring me vast wealth and profits today, in Jesus’ name.
    7. The Lord brings me helpers and Kingdom-running friends with whom I can share my life, dreams, goals, desires, prayers, sorrows, and joys. This is a time of great prosperity in ALL my relationships.
    8. I labor diligently as unto the Lord, but the Lord blesses me with money and profits far beyond anything for which I could ever labor. I receive wealth from the Lord by grace through faith today, in Jesus’ name.

    Beloved, you can do the 8/28 Challenge!

    This is not a hard challenge, but it will require diligence—and it will be life-transforming. Are you in or are you out? You can begin anytime; leave a comment below if you are IN, and tell us when you’re starting (or if you already started) so we can pray for you!


    1. Tsooana Sebatana says:

      I am starting the challenge from the 18th August 2022


        1. Susan Estevez says:

          I am starting the 8/28 today ! September 5,2022.

      2. LaTonya Byrd says:

        I’m in I started the challenge on August 15

      3. Lorenza Passarella says:

        Yes Good morning Jamie!
        I’m in !!
        Taking this 28 day August challenge started August 28
        Sowing a seed too!!
        Thank you 🙏
        Have shared with family and friends to come on board too!!

      4. These 8 conformations bring a smile to my face every time I read them. Thank you Jamie

      5. Rita Cruz says:

        I am starting this challenge 9/2/22

      6. Margarita says:

        I’m in jamie thanks snd Shalom.

      7. Helene Herlemont says:

        Je commence aujourd’hui 3 septembre

      8. Qenehelo Malibeng says:

        I was In, some weeks ago. However, I lost the details of doing the 8/28 challenge. So it means I didn’t complete the challenge. I became extremely happy to see the details of Challenge again.
        Besides that I also didn’t have the seed even the communion i have to prepare to buy something to represent vain. So I want to do it well.
        I am very happy for the challenge because the time recommended is affordable for me.
        I already feel triumph in my spirit.
        Thank you so much Jamie for changing my prayer life and so my life as well. Stay blessed more and more.
        In His love
        Qenehelo Malibeng

    2. I’m in ive already started thankyou for this challenge Jamie, please pray for me

      1. Michael Morris. says:

        I’m in and will start the 24of this month

      2. Latishia Rawls says:

        I’m in I will start 8/19/22! Glory be to God!!

        1. I already started from the first day you mentioned it. Praise God!

      3. Latishia Rawls says:

        I’m in I will start 8/19/22! Glory be to God!! Please pray for me as well!

        1. I’m in and I will be starting tomorrow because I just got the mail

    3. I’m in ive already started this powerful God given challenge please pray for me Jamie you and your team

      1. I am in, if I understand well. Doing the 4 weeks prayer

    4. ThisIs exactly what I need thank you in Jesus name God bless you and I will be starting if not today tomorrow but I plan on today in Jesus name Amen 🙏🏾💕

    5. Francie Robertson says:

      Hi Jamie!
      I am flabbergasted!
      I just finished saying to Lord I cannot go beyond the 28th AUGUST. I need You I need…etc,etc!
      28th AUGUST = 8/28!!! WOAH!!!

    6. I’m in and thanks for these confessions! I’ve been doing this for a couple of days now.

    7. I’m in. I just started and will go beyond 8/28

      1. Makala Ramocan says:

        I’m in will be starting today till end of month . My birthday is29th

    8. I’m in! Thanks this is Great!

    9. Mark Montgomery says:

      Jamie, God Bless You for this!! I am definitely IN!! Starting Friday morning! Please pray for me as I pray for you!

    10. I’m in!
      I started on day one and I’m enjoying it !

    11. Stephanie Baker says:

      I am so in! I expect change as a result!!

    12. Margareth says:

      I will start today!

    13. Denise Foster says:

      Hello Jamie,
      I will begin on Friday 19 expect great thing in Jesus Christ.

      Thank so much for caring.

      Denise Foster

      1. I’m in Jamie. I have already started. Thank you. I love the creative way to sow a seed…so much fun. 😊 Please pray for me.

    14. NuBlessings says:

      I am IN Jamie. I love this :). I will begin today and go beyond 08282022. I want more.

    15. Thank you Jamie for these confessions,it’s indeed a blessing.

    16. Deborah Adams says:

      Hi Jamie
      I will begin Friday August 19th

    17. I already started. Thanks for the confessions-they are very helpful.

    18. I started on day 1 .
      It’s been exciting to me .
      I needed selfcdisclipne to just read. And just pray .
      I’m doing it no matter how I feel .
      Most days I’ve done it all early so I can be seeking him first am selfcdisclipine .
      The prayers over family and communion are powerful .
      My son 18, Seth
      Fell off a roof 11feet backwards landed on his face
      On gravel. Broke his nose , cut his lip , fore head , concussion .
      17 stitches .could have been on the concrete or the sharp things .
      Doc said it could have been way worse .
      I believe God spared his life .praise God .

    19. patricia kungu says:

      Hi Jamie
      I am in and started on day 1

    20. Hello Everyone,
      I am in! I can’t wait for the move of God in my life. We have been through so much!

    21. Sue Tracy says:

      I will begin on Friday, Aug 19. Going to visit PA for a wedding Aug 30-6 will need opportunity for personal prayer time. Please pray for me.

    22. I also started several days ago. I’ve had misconceptions about God’s prosperity, but now am learning and He is confirming along the way. Certainly appreciate the prayers because Satan hates for one to breakout of a poverty mindset.
      Thank you! And May God continue to protect and bless you!

    23. I’ve already started. Thank you Jamie. You are blessed.

    24. ELLEN SMITH says:

      Praise the Lord🙌🏾🙌🏾
      I’m starting today. 8/19‼️‼️
      Thanks for your obedience
      Blessings abundantly 🙌🏾❤️🩸🔥🙏🏾🕊

    25. I’m in and I started today 😊

    26. I am in, I will start on the 22nd August.

    27. Pravitha Singh says:

      I am in.. I am starting on 22 Aug 2022. Thank you Jamie for the word.. God bless you and your ministry. Please keep me in prayer.

    28. I’m in! Started on day 1.

    29. Thanks Jamie. I am in. I will start today 8/19/22. God bless

    30. I am in will start on 20/8/22

    31. Tyrone Cochran says:

      I am praying for strength to start on 8/28/2022 and I know that I truly need this challenge in my life. I have always believe that God’s blessings in my life are truly meant for me. I have gone through two Category 4 Hurricanes Katrina and Ida and I am still waiting for my house to get repaired ASAP and the insurance company makes me me back whole. I am spiritually and personally bankrupt at this point in time amen.

    32. Andrea Scott says:

      I’m in and started challenge August 19, 2022. Thank you Jamie! please pray for me

    33. ARMINDA MALLARI says:

      This is a good opportunity for me. Please pray for me that I can finished this challenge. I’m in and will start on August 28th.

    34. Praise the lord Jamie i just started mine today 20/08/2022 pray for me not to lose faith.

    35. Ijeoma Mbah says:

      I am starting this challenge today..22nd August, 2022

    36. I have started the challenge on the 19/08/2022 please pray for my consistency

    37. Josephine says:

      I am Josephine Biira and I am starting the challenge today the 24th of August 2024. May God bless us all as we seek Him. Thank you so much and be blessed.

    38. Marie Carmichael says:

      Hi, I am Marie, started the 8/28 challenge today 25th August. May the Lord bless us all.

    39. Greetings, I started today. Thank you. God bless!

    40. Navin Gore says:

      I have started the challenge today. Thanks for the 8 powerful confessions.

    41. Emma L Hubble says:

      I will start the challenge September 1, 2022. How do you do the Communion?

    42. Im in but starting 09/02!!!

    43. Relebohile says:

      I’m in , starting 02/09/22. Thank you for this. May continue to bless you.

    44. Yes, i will be starting today, the 09/02. A bit late but very excited!

    45. Taniqua Burns says:

      I’m in, I started today 9/1 and I have faith that god will transform my life. I am so thankful to worship an awesome father.


    46. Camille Heid says:

      I am starting on Sunday, September 4, I am doing a house cleansing, and embarking on this challenge fits right into what God is calling me to do for this month!!

    47. Am starting today 2nd September.

    48. I love this! I’ll start tomorrow 9/2/22. Thanks for adding the confessions, Jamie. 🙂

    49. Victoria Udongwo says:

      Starting 09/02. I receive for successful completion and manifestations of all the declarations in Jesus name. Amen

      1. Victoria Udongwo says:

        I receive grace for successful completion in Jesus name. I receive the manifestations of all the declarations swiftly in Jesus name

    50. Adelaide Mabetoa says:

      Hi Jamie, I’m in starting today on the 2nd of September.

    51. Lois Tyrrell says:

      I’m in starting today September 1, 2022.

    52. Minnie Traynor says:

      Good morning from Nottingham UK. I’m starting the challenge today 02nd September 2022. I’ve only just discovered this. I’m looking forward to receiving Revelation and cultivating deeper Relationship with Almighty God. Prayers please 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    53. Hello Jamie. I would like to start this challenge, but I want to know what is the meaning of number 8. Is it how God do thing? Blessings, prosperity, healing , délivrance come only when we do this challenge. Please reply in my inbox email. Thanks. Be blessed

    54. Im definitely in this is great thankyou Jamie I have taken notes so I dont forget anything God bless you

    55. I’m in from 2/9/2022. Got this email today!

    56. Hi Jamie,
      I’m in as well, will start today Sep 3, 2022. God bless u.

    57. ARMINDA MALLARI says:

      I started the challenge last August 28.

    58. Hi Jamie

      I’m starting today 4/09. Thank you

    59. Rose Gold says:

      I have started today ,the 5th of September 2022 and sowing a seed too.Thank you Jesus for your word 🙂

    60. Cathy Hall says:

      Today, Sept 5th, I am starting the Aug 28th challenge! I have been in a hard place, but today marks the day that I am choosing to turn my face to God and to His Word in a more deliberate and focused way. I believe He will restore my soul, heal my family, and increase us on every side. Blessed be His Name!!!

    61. Alberta Baker says:

      Good morning Jamie I am starting the 28 Day Challenge today, Sept 5. It sounds like a great challenge, I am in!!!! Blessings dear friend!!

    62. april davis says:

      I am starting the 8/28 challenge on 9/9
      Thank you for prayers

    63. Sherri Ablao says:

      I am in, starting my 8/28 challenge on 9/26/20222.

      Thank you, Jamie for your loving heart to serve.

    64. Cassandra says:

      Yes I am in. I am ready for a new discipline in my relationship with Abba. I want to experience an encounter with him

    65. I AM IN…Starting June 19, 2023

    66. I am in. Starting August 4, 2023

    67. Iam in. Beginning tomorrow 27th Oct, 23

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