How To Plead the Blood of Jesus In Prayer

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How To Plead The Blood of Jesus in Prayer | FromHisPresence.comIf you want to know one of the strongest ways to pray that there is, you need to learn how to legally plead the blood of Jesus in prayer.

If you’re not sure what I mean, you’re in luck! I wrote about it recently over on, in How to Plead the Blood of Jesus In Prayer.

When you pray, you have to understand that you are appearing before the courtroom of Heaven.

You have a legal right to be there because you are in Christ. Also, you have a legal right to receive whatever you ask God for, according to Scripture.

So, pray in faith! Plead the blood of Jesus so that Father’s Kingdom can come and His will can be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

Want to know how it works?

Hop over to and check it out How to Plead the Blood of Jesus in Prayer … and please share the article on social media if it blesses you!


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  1. Rebecca L Jones says:

    It’s certainly something I pray.

    1. Claire McQuarrie says:

      Your prayer site is absolutely wonderful and God sent! I found this after my brother sent me a link for prayers about my car and finances and I found this. The Holy Spirit was definitely leading me here. Thank you so much for all the wonderful prayers and scriptures, you are doing a wonderful job and you shine for our Heavenly Father. God bless you and keep you in His perfect will!

        1. Claire McQuarrie says:

          Hi Jamie, thanks for responding to my comment. It’s very nice to meet you too!

          I have a question for you. I saw something on here referring to Dreams, Visions, Tattoos and Strange Events meaning dream and tattoo interpretations. I’ve never heard of tattoo interpretations. What are they?

          I am currently standing for the salvation of my husband (he divorced me seven years ago) and the restoration of my marriage which God has called me to do. I have had many dreams about my husband, my marriage, his relationship with the other woman and many other things which I record in a journal. I have a friend who is a strong, Godly, prayer warrior who is like a mentor to me standing with me for my husband and my marriage.
          This friend has a very close relationship with God and has been helping me to understand my dreams. I know God is speaking to me through my dreams.

          What is a tattoo interpretation in a dream? Do you have any advice for me in my stand for my husband’s salvation and marriage restoration?

          I have been saved since October 2004 and this stand has brought me so close to God in ways that I would never have imagined. We definitely serve an Awesome God! Thank you for your thoughts, Jamie.

          God bless you.

          Claire McQuarrie

  2. Yes, the blood of Jesus is really powerful. It has helped me tremendously . Thank you Jamie for urging us to plead the blood of Jesus. God bless you.

    1. Bobbie Jo Franson says:

      Is Luck in the Bible?

  3. Bobbie I don’t get your question . The WORD is not about luck. It is real. It’s always with us. God answers our prayers in different ways – immediately or you have to wait. Before we ask He already knows it., that is what the Word of God says. God only wants us to have relationship with Him ALWAYS, that is why He waits for us to ask Him before he answers. Just trust and have faith that He will do it. May God increase us all in our faith in Him to give glory to His name . He is all-knowing God.

  4. Hi. Can you tell me where in the bible it teaches us to plead the blood of Jesus? Scripture references would be great. Thanks. James

    1. Hi, James. The Scripture references about the blood are in the article referenced above, on If you’re asking about why to pray this way, you might want to read this article here.

  5. Sheri Kucera says:

    Thanks for the information on the teachings I’m going to receive on the blood of Jesus Christ.

    1. Sheri Kucera says:

      I love you Jesus Christ very much Jesus is the Arthur and finisher of ALL creation he is the way and nothing other he is life amongst all things he is glory and we shall survey no other he shall go before us and he shall strengthen us in our darkest hour he is all love and everlasting HOPE he is Life For The lost and for rich the poor the strong the prideful he is the and he holds all creation upon heaven and earth sins upon his shoulder so we could live and have life.He has been persecuted for all creation and for all wicked and evil detestable upon earth .he has played our random. I love you Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen.,

  6. This prayers are so encouraging me i was so down full of anger all your message help me to understand and love others according of God rules now i start to feel myself different and living in peace,tjank you so much Sofia God bless you

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