Prayer Focus for Fasting Day 15

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Prayer Focus Day 15:

As I was praying this morning, I felt led to encourage you this morning to pray for the healing of relationships.

If any relationships are in trouble in your life, ask God to heal them.

Also, ask Him to show you specifically what you should do to pursue healing and reconciliation.

Pray for courage to take the steps God tells you to take. Pray for wisdom and clear guidance from above. And throughout the process, ask Father to heal your heart, bind up your wounds, and strengthen you.

I also encourage you to read the book of 1 Peter, which has so much to say about relationships. So much comfort. So much encouragement. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you out of it as you read, and to minister to your heart. And He will.

His ear is always open to the cry of His people.

Much love in Christ,

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  1. Annamerie says:

    Thank you Jamie, that is the exact problem I am battle with at the moment. I know if I want to see my son and my grandchildren then I ‘ll have to take all the blame and asked for forgiveness. Even when we are not to blame. My heart is broken. Every time we have a family issues with our adult children we have to be the least an go back pretending nothing has happened. I really pray today that God will heal our relationship with our inlaw children. God bless you.

    1. I’m sorry that’s happening, Annamerie, but I believe Papa God can heal even that. Forgiveness is essential. As you forgive, and even forgive again as needed (sometimes I have to forgive every day for the same thing), you’ll find more and more comfort and healing for your heart also. Grace to you and peace today in Jesus’ name.

  2. I was just thinking about this recently. There is a special relationship that I would like to see God restore. Thank you for the timely word!

  3. Rebecca L Jones says:

    I was remembering to pray for my enemies Will read 1 Peter, this has been easier than I thought but I ‘ve had a lot of stuff pop up.

    1. Stuff always tends to happen, but as we press through, God honors it and blesses us so much. I pray you’re doing well today.

  4. Wow. I was already feeling led to pray for a specific relationship today, and then this :).

    It’s hard because the other person has only wanted to loony fingers thus far, yell at me through email and then tell me not to contact them. I really don’t know what to do, especially since this is a believer.

    Great timing. Thank you :).

    1. I’m sorry, Lauri. I know what that’s like. It stinks. I pray God would give you the grace to forgive totally, no matter how badly the other person acts.

  5. Thank you so much for this reminder! Today is two years that I lost a friendship, but I’m still believing for complete restoration. I know that God is faithful to complete and He will bring us back in unity.

      1. JOSEPH OTIENO says:

        Thanks alot Jamie you have beeb to me a great prophet that God has used to help me in my weaknesses and to focus on a vision that was long dead.
        I just realised this is a guide to fasting day 15,iam sorry i did not realize but i really want to request you for all the guides from the begining of day 1,iam in serious need for your ministry.
        God multiply more grace to your life and ministry in JN.

  6. Eileen Mutanhu says:

    I was praying this morning and fell asleep and then saw a list of prayer topics. The first one was ‘crisis’. So I began to search for how to pray against such events and stumbled into your website. It is very helpful and as a woman who is learning to pray, there is so much for me to learn from your blog. I wish I could develop a blog too but cannot afford that currently. God’s best to you Jamie today and always.

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