Your Prayers Are THIS Important To God!

Your #Prayers Are THIS Important To God by Jamie Rohrbaugh | BlogHave you ever felt like your prayers didn’t matter? Have you ever wondered if God even heard you at all?

Maybe you’ve prayed and prayed and nothing seems to be happening. Maybe you’ve gotten discouraged. Or, maybe you’re brand new to prayer and so you’re just trying to figure it all out. Prayer might not feel comfortable to you yet, and you might not be certain it even does any good.

Oh, but it does, dear friend.

Do you have any idea how much good your prayers do?

Do you have any idea how important your prayers are?

  • Your prayers are so important that God gives His promises over and over in Scripture that He will answer them.
  • Your prayers are so important that God says that His house–His temple, His church building–shall be called a house of prayer.
  • According to Daniel 10 and 11, your prayers are so important that they shake Heaven and earth. Your prayers move angels and vanquish demons.

But most moving of all…

God actually keeps your prayers in Heaven. He stores them up, and they rise before Him as incense continually.

The book of Revelation tells us so. Look at Revelation 5:8:

Start-quoteNow when He had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each having a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints” (emphasis mine).

The twenty-four elders who are seated before God the Father are holding golden bowls full of your prayers and mine.

We see this again in Revelation 8:3:

Start-quoteThen another angel, having a golden censer, came and stood at the altar. He was given much incense, that he should offer with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne(emphasis mine).

In this scene, an angel in Heaven is offering the prayers of the saints upon the altar before the throne of God as an offering to God.

You know why this is so powerful?

Because God hears your prayers the first time you pray them. He hears and answers. The answers might not come right away, but God answers! And yet, in this scene, we see the prayers of the saints–your prayers and mine–being offered to God not just for the original answer, but over and over again!

Your prayers are so important that God actually keeps them, and they are offered up to Him over and over as a continual sacrifice.

That means the prayers that great men and women of God throughout the ages have prayed are still being offered. It means the prayers of St. John of the Cross, Count Zinzendorf, Charles Finney, and D.L. Moody are still being offered. It means the prayers that your great-great-grandmother, your grandmother, and your mother prayed are still being offered to God.

It means YOUR prayers are continually offered to God.

Yes, that’s right. YOUR prayers.

  • The prayers you prayed out of the agony of your spirit, when you felt nobody cared and nobody listened.
  • The prayers you prayed when you used to be on fire for God, even if you’re not feeling very fiery anymore.
  • The prayers you prayed for your spouse this morning, yesterday morning, and every morning for the last 20 years…

THOSE prayers are still being offered to God.

Have you ever thought your prayers weren’t important?

My friend, your prayers thunder in Heaven.

  • Your prayers are being stored in golden bowls in Heaven.
  • Your prayers transcend time and space.
  • Your prayers are ascending into the nostrils of God as sweet incense.

Your prayers are being offered as a sweet offering to God Most High, who sits on the throne forever.

Your prayers matter.

When you feel like you didn’t break through, your prayers matter. When it was hard to pray, your prayers matter. When you felt inadequate and inept at prayer, your prayers matter.

So keep praying. Pray, for God hears you. Pray, for He answers. Pray, for He keeps your prayers before His throne.

What do you need to pray about today?

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  1. Very encouraging words! Thank you!

  2. Hi Jamie,
    This post about how to pray has been a big help for me.Your post are an inspirational to me especially about God’s word.
    God bless you Jamie and will pray for you this morning.

  3. Trish Schuster says:

    Hi. Jamie
    Thank you so much on. ” what God does with our prayers “. I took great comfort to know that God hears my prayers again and again. It put a smile on my face!
    Thank You

  4. I found your post on Pintrest and it’s very timely because I havw recently given up on my unanswered prayers. This gives me hope. Thank you!

    1. Amen, Hopeful. I pray Papa would continue to lift you up and show Himself to you as your Glory and the Lifter of your head today. He is still listening! Keep praying! He is righteous and deeply desires to bless you – and He will!
      Thank you for reading my blog! I’m sorry it took me so long to reply. The whole site has been in limbo for 2 wks while we moved hosting providers. But now it’s done! 🙂
      I hope you have a wonderful day. 🙂

  5. Hi Jamie
    About 2 months ago my dog died -it was a horrible 2 hours that he suffered and all i knew to do during him struggling to survive was lay hands on him and pray-even though i prayed he passed on and my heart was ripped out of my chest-i love animals more than anything and my dog was my everything…i blamed God in my heart but did not say anything…for weeks i decided to ignore the Lord as he ignored me during my prayer.One day he audibly told me to pray and i responded..i wont
    Days went by and again He told me to pray and i started to reason with Him about why i should?
    Two days later i had a sever attack from the enemy but during that attack a bright white light whisked into my bedroom and splashed blood all over the walls in my bedroom…i sat amazed about what had happened and the following morning mumbled something that was supposed to be a prayer.Beautiful things started to happen and are still happening so yes we must PRAY

    1. Hi Hugo. I’m so sorry for that bad experience. I pray you would continue to seek the Lord during this hard time and that you would come boldly before His throne of grace, that you may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. May Papa bless and encourage you today! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Dear Jamie, the beautiful image in my mind of the 24 elders and the angel with bowls and incense with our prayers being offered to Abba Father is AMAZING!! I had a dark period in life and the prayers of my grandmothers and my 4 year old delivered me. My little girl said “Mommy I knew you were going to be ok because I prayed for you”

  7. Hello Jamie,
    You are such amazing woman I am very encouraged when I read your post. Thank you so much for your commit to Christ. Thank for letting me know my prayers are not in vain. I will continue ?. And stroming the gate of heaven.

  8. Gwendolyn Lewis says:

    Hello Jamie, I was so blessed when I opened my email and this topic was there. I am fasting with my church and I had been praying, most of the day yesterday, when I ran into a situation with my husband. I was so hurt and in my hurt I was wondering if God had heard my prayer. I know He does hear our prayers, but because of the the pain I have been encountering with this situation, my mind was a little cloudy. But when I opened up my email and read Rev. 5:8, I could have screamed! The word was on point and right on time. Thanks for being a faithful vessel of God. May God bless you always!!

  9. Hello Jamie,

    God bless you and your family, May your family and generation to come never lack anything and may your ministry grow in Jesus name Amen

    With love from Africa

  10. God richly bless you for your words of encouragement all the time.May the face of God continue to shine upon you and your family. May the good continue strengthen you and expand your territory.

  11. joseph d schiavone says:

    Jamie, I just started following your page last week. can’t tell how encouraged I am. I really love and needed this teaching about prayer. Praise Jesus, who always gives us what we need at just the right time. Who else but God can do that right ?
    I am very involved in my home church, and recently joined the prayer group. And have wondered if I have been weak in my prayers ? We compare ourselves to others, and should not measure how our prayers measure up. God knows the heart of everyone of us.
    So thanks for the encouragement Jamie !

  12. God bless you Jamie for your words of encouragement. For the past few days I have been feeling quite stressed, alone and not being able to control over so many things happening in my life. Although I have been praying I feel my heart has not been in it. Your words have made me realise that this isn’t so. Thank you!

  13. okeh samuel o says:

    thankssss a lot , I was searching the internet to see if someone out there supports my point of voice….. and gladly I found you… I AM INVESTING PRAYERS AS AN EXCHANGE TO RECEIVE MY NEEDS ON EARTH …. HEAVEN NEEDS MY PRAYER , EARTH NEEDS HIS RESPONSE…. PRAYER OF FAITH, A LEGAL TENDER …. Okeh Samuel o

  14. Tonya George says:

    I was looking for images of golden bowls filled with prayers and clicked on your image above. What an encouraging page about prayer. Praying for you! Thank you!

  15. Jamie I have been in intense spiritual warfare for the last 3 years before that but none so intense as the last year….my husband passes in September from covid pneumonia and I asked Hod did any if those prayers fasting and I mean hours of prayer not matter??? God show me if they did or not and then today you send this email. Thank you Father I am humbled and thankful praise the Lord

  16. IRMA NORTJE says:

    Amen, we love you Jamie for your bold faith and faithfullness in sharing.daily, we Pray for your family and ministry for abundant blessings in the New Year. Beloved! thank you -be healthy wealthy and wise..allways!

  17. I really love this…🙏🏼🧡

  18. Please pray for my family as we have a situation on June 6th, we need a favor from God to move this moutian I have prayed for signs of the land asked for the Holy Spirit to fill me and grant me wisdom as well as those involved. Thank you for the word my sister in Christ.

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