Here is a list of all the prophetic words on this blog, with the most recent on top.

If the Lord speaks to you through a word, believe that it IS for you today! Prophetic words never expire.

Open Your Mouth Wide, and I Will Fill It!

3 Prophetic Words for Your Transition

When Things Seem Dark and Hopeless

Prophetic Word If You’re On the Shelf

My One Word of the Year for 2018

Prophetic Word: Don’t Be Frustrated; You Are In Gilgal!

Prophetic Word for 2018: A Sevenfold Resurrection Is Coming!

Prepare to Receive the Generosity of the King

What You Have Done to Elevate Others, God Will Do for You

5 Prophetic Words of Comfort

If You’re Lonely or Struggling with Seasonal Depression

7 Days of Abundance, But Participation Is Not Compulsory

The Lord Is Dethroning Queen Vashti

The Lord Says: I Want to Redeem Your Worst Things

Prophetic Word for November

31 Days of Supernatural Encounters (series index)

A NOW Word: Seizing Your Divine Moment by Erwin McManus

3 Prophetic Words: Freedom, Delight, and Glory

Prophetic Word: Eat the Buffet Where You Are

4 Prophetic Words about Your New Season

3 Prophetic Words for Jewish Year 5778

Prophetic Word: I Hear the Sound of Marching Feet

A Season of Divine Realignments

If You Can’t Stop Crying Today

Prophetic Word: The Lord Is Breathing Upon Your Waste Places

Stop Waiting for God to Speak (and Start Following the Glory)

Prophetic Word: Rise Up and Build!

3 Encouraging Words for You!

4 Prophetic, Encouraging Words about the Father’s Heart for You

Prophetic Word: Go Long!

Prophetic Word: Ask God for Your New Name

The Waves You’ve Been Under Will Lift You Higher

If Your Heart Is Broken Today

The Parting of the Red Sea Is Coming!

Prophetic Word: New Mantles of Intercession

All You Have to Do Is Outlast the Storm

Prophetic Word: Don’t Despise My Down Payments

You Can Come Back to the Father’s Embrace

Prophetic Word: Resurrection and the Grain of Wheat

When You Stick Out Like a Sore Thumb

When You Feel Too Weak to Stand

Prophetic Word for You If You’re Feeling Frustrated

Weeping May Endure for a Night, But Joy Comes In the Morning!

Prophetic Word: You Are Leaving the Wilderness

When the Darkness Closes In, There Is Hope

Prophetic Word for Those Who Feel Inferior

God wants to rescue you. |

Prophetic Word About Your Finances

Prophetic Word: Prepare for the Kings!

Prophetic Word: Take Risks!

Encouraging Word: Rest and Anoint the Feet of Jesus

4 Prophetic, Encouraging Words for You

An Encouraging Word to Forerunners

A Heart that Receives: Do You Need to Just RECEIVE from God?

Encouraging Word for You If You’re Lonely

Prophetic Word: You Were Made for Strength, Honor, and Glory

News, Testimonies, and Prophetic Exhortation

Prophetic Word: Lessening of Common Grace Is Kicking You Out of the Nest

Prophetic Word If You’re In a Storm

In March Through May, Do Business With God

Encouraging Word for When Things Look Dark

Prophetic Word: I Give You All Things to Enjoy

Prophetic Word: Reject Appearances! You Are Walking In Victory!

Sometimes You Have to Contend

Laugh at the Enemy Today

If You Have a Broken Spirit

It’s Time to Believe God for the Impossible!

Prophetic Word for February: God’s Legislative Answers Are Here!

Speak This Powerful Blessing Over Yourself!

Put A Demand On God In Faith | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Urgent Prophetic Bulletin

Prophetic Word: Gear Up! You’re About to Run!

Encouraging Word: You Don’t Think You Deserve Enough

Prophetic Word: It Is a Season of Intense Asking!

God Wants to Rescue You

God Wants to Kiss YOUR Life with Mercy

Encouraging Word: RUN with Endurance!

Prophetic Word: January Is a Time for Healing

Hidden Ones, Arise Into the Isaiah 49 Mandate

15 Minutes Can Get You Out of a Funk

In 2016, You’ve Been Refined and Positioned for More

Don’t Be Afraid! God Will Work It Out

Prophetic Word: There Is a Resurrection Coming

Feel Hopeless or Dead? Two Encouraging Words

Downcast, Doubting, and Discouraged? Fill Up with the Prophetic Word NOW!

When It Hurts So Bad You’re Afraid You’ll Die

Prophetic Word: We Are Now In an Isaiah 54 Season

Pray for the Releasing of Fire Angels

Prophetic Word: Fill Up on These 3 Things

How To Cleanse Your House and Anoint Your House by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

It’s Time to Appeal to Heaven

Encouraging Word for You If You’re Worried and Uncertain

Encouraging Words and Urgent Prophetic Alert

Prayer Directive: Ask God to Expose the Strategy of the Enemy

On the Mount of the Lord It Shall Be Provided

Has Hope Deferred Made Your Heart Sick?

Prophetic Word: Consider Fasting

Prophetic Word: Ask for Divine Strategy

Encouraging Word: You’re Going to Bloom, Not Drown

Prophetic Prayer Directive: Ask God to Send You Signs of Land

Change In Spiritual Seasons Leading Up to Jewish Year 5777

It’s Going to Be Worth the Wait

You’re Not Too Far Gone to Restore!

Do You Expect to Prosper?

Why You Must Have Focus and Kingdom Aggression Right Now

If You’re Going Through a Hard Time or Struggling with Fear

Prophetic Word: Special Grace to Drive Out the Little Foxes that Spoil the Vine

Prophetic Word About God’s Provision

When Despair Looms, Put a Demand on God to Restore

You Are Not Alone, Not Forsaken, Not Desolate

Encouraging Word about Pursuing Your Passions

Grace to Bloom In the Worst of Times

5 Declarations of Revival to Speak Over Your Church

Prophetic Word: Your Dream Is Your Key to Financial Breakthrough

If You’re Being Shaken, Here’s How to Respond

Prophetic Word & Preaching Dates!

4 Prophetic, Encouraging Words for You In this Season

4 Prophetic Prayer Directives About Your Dreams

AzusaNow Impartation #1: Heart of Honor and the Spirit of Elijah

AzusaNow Impartation #2: The Lord Wants to Give You a Baptism of Rest

When Life Slaps You In the Face, God Is Your Strong Tower

If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed, This Is for You

Encouraging Word for Women In Business

Time to Dig Out Your Old Prophecies and Promises

If You’re Burned Out, Worn Out, and Tired …

Prophetic Word: You’re Facing Goliath; Promotion Is Next

When You’ve Been Punched In the Gut

Prophetic Word: Two Keys to Your Victory

Encouraging Word If You’re Lonely

Encouraging Word: Let the Holy Spirit Give You Peace In Sleep

Prophetic Word & Presence Seekers University!

Prophetic Word and Prayer: The Limiting Spirit Is Off!

Encouraging Word about Reward

Comforting Prophetic Word for Today

Don’t Be Less Than You Are

Psalm 27:4 NKJV | Take Time to Surround Yourself With Beauty |

Two Prophetic Words for This Week

Favor Update, Seasonal Depression, and Father’s Blessing

Vlog: A Word about Loneliness

How to Maximize Your Prophetic Transition

Prophetic Transition Is Occurring; Be Aware

FREE Audio MP3: Ask God for Moments of Nobility

An Encouraging Word for the Most Desperate of Times

An Encouraging Word for Parents with Struggling Kids

Encouraging Word about ASKING and Your New Start

Do THIS to Maximize Your New Season

3 Heavenly Directives for the New Season Beginning September 13, 2015

5 Prophetic, Encouraging Words for Jewish New Year 5776

If You’re Waiting On the Lord, You’re In Position for THIS

When Life Feels Like Bugs, and You’re the Windshield

An Encouraging Word for Intercessors: Make Like a Fire Horse and Stand

An Encouraging Word for You If You’re Struggling with Fear

Don’t Give Up! A Harvest Is Coming!

A Prophetic, Encouraging Word for the Heavy-Laden

Prophetic Word Friday: 7 Encouraging, Prophetic Words for You

What God Is Doing In the Spirit Realm Right Now

YOU Are More Valuable Than Many Sparrows

To the Soldier Who’s Been Fighting a Long Time

15 Kingdom Declarations to Speak Over Your Church

Encouragement for Singles Who Desire to Be Married

Prophetic Word Roundup: Spiritual Snipers and Sudden Turnarounds

God Cares About You When You’re Just Surviving

A Prophetic Word for Your Spirit: Come Out of Hiding!

Hang In There, Hang In There, Hang In There!

When You Fall, God Is Mindful that You Are But Dust

Your Trouble Will Be Worth It [guest post on in(Courage)]

3 Amazing Prophetic Words for the Jewish New Year 5775!

What Is the Prophetic Significance of the Scotland Unity Vote?

2 Awesome Prophetic Words About People Leaving

If Your World Is Shaking, This Is for You

2 Awesome Prophetic Words for Today

Worried About Something? The Perfect Solution Is On Its Way!

I Choose to Extend Love (Encouraging Word)

A Word for Today: Banning Liebscher: There Is a Baby Coming!

From My Watchtower: Encouraging Word

Winter Is Only a Season

A Vision of Jesus Keeping Watch

God Is Not Waiting for Revival

God Loves to Visit You at Night

Printable: Blessing for Church Orchestra and Choir

God Transplanted You So You Could Be Watered

Prophetic Art: And She Kept These Things

God Heals You Because He Loves You

Are You Being Pursued by Enemies?

Powerful Encouragement from Pastor John Kilpatrick: Do You Feel Like a Bird In a Cage?

Intercessors, God Has Not Forgotten You!