Prophetic Word: Don’t Be Frustrated; You Are In Gilgal!

The Lord showed me this morning that many of you have crossed over into the Promised Land, but you don’t feel like you have. Instead, you feel like everything has stopped. This is because you are pausing for a moment by the Lord’s design. You are in Gilgal.

What is Gilgal?

Gilgal means “rolling.” In Joshua chapter 5, Gilgal is the place where God rolled away the reproach of Egypt from off of His people. He did this by instructing the Israelite men to be circumcised.

It’s very important to notice that Gilgal is on the Promised Land side of the Jordan. It’s not on the wilderness side.

Why is this important? Because our Papa has a pattern of insisting that we leave our old thing before He can bring us into our new thing. Just like He told Abraham (then Abram) to leave his hometown–and even to leave all his father’s house–and go out to an unknown land of promise, He tells us the same thing.

He says: “Go out! And when you do–not a moment before–I will lead you to the place you should go.”

This is what He did for the Israelites. He told them to leave the wilderness and enter the Promised Land … but He did not tell them all the details about what would happen later.

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The Israelites did end up taking the Promised Land and occupying it. But they had to stop at Gilgal first.

And you also are stopping at Gilgal right now.

Your Gilgal is a place of healing. It is a place of cutting away of old things. It is a place in which you are being renewed, restored, and prepared for the conquering mission God has set before you.

From where you are, you can see your promises.

It might frustrate you to have not been given permission to go conquer them yet. However, you ARE in the Promised Land–just not in the thick of it yet. You are in Gilgal, and Gilgal is necessary. Gilgal is where the Lord is rolling away the reproach from off of you.

Gilgal is a pause before the victory …

… for a moment, a painful pause …

… a place of letting go …

… a place of surrender …

… a place of renewed devotion and commitment …

… and a place of healing.

But your Gilgal–your place of rolling–is going to be the wheel that rolls you right into your destiny.

Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things the Father has prepared for you (1 Corinthians 2:9). Just as He promised, He does have houses you did not fill, vineyards you did not plant, and wells you did not dig in store for you. All will be just as He has spoken, and just as you have believed.

But this pausing is from Him …

So embrace your Gilgal.

Eat the buffet where you are. Don’t fret over your lack of moving and progress. Simply dine on the rest and refreshment the Lord is giving you, and let Him roll away the reproach from off of your life.

You are in Gilgal. The entire Promised Land will be yours soon enough. Has not God spoken? Can you not see it? Indeed, your feet are standing within it right now. And Father has not brought it to birth in order to forget you. No; He will carry you through. But first, the healing. After you heal, you will be ready to progress.

Does this word resonate in your spirit, confirming something Holy Spirit has already spoken to you? If so, leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Jamie as I began to read this, my heart became full and tears began to run down my face. It resonated with my spirit. Thank you Jesus and thank you Jamie.

    1. PearlSparlin says:

      Hello Jamie the Lord spoke to me back in 2002 and told me eyes have not seen ears have not heard and neither has entered into the heart of man of what God has prepared for me so that scripture is right on thank you so much. Pearl Sparlin, keep doing what God say.

    2. This is AMAZING it sounds like what i’m experiencing right now. I embrace renewal in the Lord and embrace my healing, Gods wisdom , knowledge and understanding. UPM-L

    3. Oh my goodness this Word resonates deep. For the past few days I felt as though everything around me was in a holding pattern. I asked Father, what’s happening. Thank you for the revelation and clarification, right now, in this moment, as we are standing in the fullness of time.

      1. Amen thankyou Jamie for all your faith I can’t always reply but you are a blessing may God increase everything concerning you and yours

    4. Amen
      Thank you so much for this insights
      Am ready to embrace my Gilgal as I wait the greater testimony

  2. I am trying to believe this… It doesn’t feel like a time of “rest” for me – yet I know in this moment I am to TRUST HIM. So I shall. Thank you for sharing Jamie. <3

    1. Good morning Kelly I will believe for you, because I do believe it!! His word says let the strong bear the infirmity of the weak I will bear it for you, I will believe in your breakthrough and break out for you and I will pray for you!! I love him and you we are coming out!!YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS HALLELUJAH THANK YOU FATHER!!

      (Jamie I hope I didn’t overstep my boundaries but my spirit is so full and I just felt her spirit and I needed to stand in the gap for Kelly, but if I did please correct me and I apologize. I never want to invade anyone’s territory)

      1. Misty – you have made me just that. 😉 I appreciate your prayers and welcome them Sis. Hugs and may God bless you richly for your thoughtfulness in standing with me at this time in my life. It could not come at a timelier need. <3

  3. Good morning Jamie, when I tell you that reading your blogs is like confirmation on top of confirmation!! I receive it all in the name of Jesus. I knew I was in the promise but just like you described it’s almost like I can see it without seeing it, and I know it without seeing it truly operating out of faith. I have been just basking in the love of my best friend Holy Spirit, my sister Wisdom and most of all Daddy. I thank you for just following His lead I am trying to do the same to speak when He says speak and walk when he says walk. He has put ideas in me that before my healing I would have never stood on and now it’s just as simple as saying ok Lord I hear you!! Everything in me is saying I have arrived and even to the point where I am like “nope just think on today baby steps just little steps of faith , don’t stop moving, don’t think on the result, just walk today and I’ll do the rest.” because even in that I know I am being lead by His spirit!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I AM JUST SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED HE EVEN TOLD ME YESTERDAY THAT HE IS GIVING IT ALL BACK TO HIS PEOPLE He was prophesying to me and I went to read Jeremiah 29:11 through Jeremiah 30 and it was saying how people we prophesying lies and I did a self check and was like Daddy I don’t want to say anything you didn’t say and He showed me in His word where He said what He spoke out of my mouth.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE RISING UP IN HIS NAME YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    1. LaShaunda says:


  4. Thank you for sharing this Jamie. It brought me much comfort that I need today. I am ready for the healing. Thank you for sharing your prayers too. I am now praying many of them each day as they help me build a closer relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I pray for blessings upon you and I ask that you pray for me too.

  5. Jamie, this Word resonates with me so deeply! God promised me a home of my own for me and my family years ago and I have held on to that promise. This year I had almost received that home and it all came to a standstill. I was confused and asked God why? Today He has spoken through you and my heart is filled with joy and hope once more! Thank you for posting this I’m not giving up on my promised land.

    1. LaShaunda says:

      My God, He promised me the same thing. When Jamie went to say “He does have house you did not build and vineyards you did not plant” I’m at work and my heart sunk(tears) my God!!


        1. LaShaunda says:

          Lol yes I’m struggling to make ends meet too…and He also had one of His disciple to tell me that God was gonna bless me with a 5 bedroom house now that was in 2015 and I been in waiting lol I been staying with my daughter, I have tried to go out and find my own place every door has been closed. I recently decided to stand still, I knew that if every door was closed it was on purpose. My God…but He brought Jamie to help me in the area were He knew needed stirring inorder to receive it…and He also sent her to let me know what was going on and how close Iam YESS GLORY TO HIS NAME!!!!


          2. Làshaundalshndrice@yahoo. says:

            Yes misty, I will be praying for all of us and I just ask if you would do the same, we almost there..Thank you Jesus!!!

      2. Thats the verse that brought tears to my eyes too! Wow we must keep standing my promise is from 2008 and Im still believing☺

  6. Hi Jamie,this has resonated with my spirit and it is refreshing,I thank God for being with me even when I like am all alone.

  7. Wow! This is exactly where I am. I know the promises are being fulfilled and leading into destiny. The path is difficult and to me…somewhat slow. But I know in my spirit that it is a necessary part of the journey. I can survive on that knowledge… thanks Jamie for always sharing what Father gives you. I thank him for you often. Be blessed today!

  8. Danielle Bedford says:

    Thank you for your word today. Im in a place of healing from the death of both my parents this year. God has given me property. It is in probate and waiting for it to be released to me so God can use the property for ministry.

  9. caroline naidoo says:

    yes a timely word indeed;because I felt like I was going backward and have become frustrated because I want the upgrade n good stuff;but definitely the healing has to take place I know that for sure;for me n both my kids.i know the best is yet to come.God knows I have been patient n waited long enough.thank you Jamie continue to pray for me n both my these messages.

  10. Hi Jamie, God bless you so much. He’s used you to speak to me esp your blog on 2018 prophetic messages and this one today. It’s the healing and message God knows I need. I was delivered from an evil relationship few months ago where I lost everything I ever had, but I know my God is awesome, stronger, healer than any other.
    I hardly open subscribed messages sent to my mail cos there’re lots of them (though I first read yours the first time I subscribed many months ago, but never opened any since then), but God chose to speak thru you that day and led me to open your mail.
    God bless you and I hope I’ll spend time in His presence just as you do.

  11. Amen n Amen to that. Praise You Lord Jesus. God bless u Jamie!

  12. Marilyn Bucci says:

    God has been leading me this whole year,directing me by three clouds forming an arrow to where I am right now,then through a lady at the church I attend he said he planted me here and it is a safe place but that some of my roots are bare,he unctioned me to look up a bare rooted plant and that is a plant that you take out of one soil and wash all the soil off of it and plant it in another soil that is what he has done for me replanted me in fertile soil,then he functioned me to pray for my pastor and I did,I knealt down at his feet and started praying and in a vision I saw him holding a sceptor over my head,and He said that God placed me under his spiritual covering to that my gifts will intensify and then circumstances beyond my control moved me from the place I was staying and now I’m somewhere else but in this place God spoke when I was looking out the window he said full circle and salt water.

    1. wow my God that is beautiful, I remember asking God to show me arrows in the cloud (when he told me I was getting a car I never saw them, because of course I was asking for a sign (wrong) but to know you did just blew my mind!! HALLELUJAH YES!! MY GOD MY GOD MY GOD, SORRY I JUST GET EXCITED READING OTHER PEOPLES TESTIMONIES

  13. The Lord told me way back in the late ’90s “All that you’ve prayed for, all at one time, all in one day!” I have prayed for a LOT of situations to change and for many many people Though the exact appearance has not come, it will! This word definitely helps me because our life seems like it is at a standstill and in the wrong place. Now I know, it is Gilgal! Thanks ♥

  14. Thank you for your obedience and posting this word! I cannot begin to describe what has taken place within me as I read this. An explanation regarding this holding pattern I seem to be in, a peace about the pause. Wow! How He has calmed my soul, shifted my focus, and reaffirmed some things.

  15. Hello Beautiful sisters in the Lord Jesus,
    Thank you so much Jamie for these words ! I was noticing something yesterday and i sensed the Lord wanting to heal me of it and its soo good to get this confirmation !
    Thank you and God bless you !!

  16. Catherine Thomas says:

    Yes. Thank you Jamie .
    Hallelujah ? ? ? ? ??????? please

  17. Hi Jamie,
    I just told my fiancé the other day that he needs to pray and ask God to heal him everywhere he hurts, give God permission to move on our behalf. As we know everything happens according to God’s perfect timing and will.
    Thanks, for sharing……

  18. He is in process of birthing the vision of Habb 2:3. I will rest and receive His strength for the next part of the journey.
    He has shown me quite clearly that the things of the “Former House” have no part in the “Latter House” that He is constructing on this side of the Jordan. Thank you for this word, Jamie! I know in my spirit that it is for me, and I receive it from Him to nourish my Spirit Man today.
    Thank you for your obedience to deliver it. It is as apples of gold in settings of silver.

  19. Praise God!!! This is exactly where I am right now. God has showed me some promises, but I am standing still, as He is healing my heart and mind. Thank you for this word!

  20. Jamie, I can say nothing else but thank you , my heart has been met by this perfect confirmation !!!!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Every word of this resonates in my spirit ❤️. Thank you for the confirmation. Praise the Lord, He is SO good to me. My heart is leaping with joy as I write this. Blessings to you Jamie!!!

  22. It is true I have been feeling a little more frustrated than I usually feel. Which was why I wanted to open this up. The only thing is I am looking to God almighty to heal me so if this is a place of healing I receive it. It does not feel restful but I will still have to claim it by faith. Thank you Jamie for receiving the fathers heart and sharing it with his children. God bless you and continue to strengthen you.

    1. LaShaunda says:


  23. Amazing! I have felt God’s holy hand on me healing me and restoring me. It started the day after Thanksgiving and has progressed into December. I am so excited for your word helps me to stay in my Gilgal until God is done removing the reproach off me. Praise His Holy Name!! God is so very good!!!

  24. Amen and again I say Amen.
    This word resonates right to my inner most part. I will rest and let my God remove all reproach and restore me.
    Thank you Jamie and God bless you.

  25. Thank you Holy Spirit and thank you Jamie for. Confirmation. Yesterday morning during Intercessory prayer at church, Holy Spirit has me pray for healing and not taking old things into 2018. Healing, healing, healing is the word I kept hearing. GOD is so Awesome. Now I know He is Healing me and others before taking us into the land He has promised. Hallelujah!

  26. CHRISTINA says:

    This word the Father has given you this morning was so for me. Thank you for being obedient in sharing this Word. I am truly in Gilgal! Blessings.

  27. Karen James says:

    Jamie, I do feel as though i’m stuck. Blooms were just starting to come out and all of a sudden no movement. I feel as though Im over all the hurt. I dont know what’s happening right now and I pray for an answer.

  28. Wow. Praise God. Before I woke up this morning,I recall the words the past is the past. It’s dead. Leave it there. I’m doing a new thing. Then I woke up. Don’t recall anything else but ……thank you. He is not only renewing my strength but granting me the desires of my heart even the new home,lands,businesses lost,greater promotion,favor,blessed going out and in, restoring to my loved ones and I all we lost in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you. Bless you sister in Christ!

  29. Everistus says:

    I use this medium to thank God for this wonderful moment in time,, and as well thanking you Jamie for allowing God to use you to bring this hearts touching massage…thanks holy spiri for confirming your word, I’m blessed and this massage resonate to my spirit which I confirmed , I been living in fear over bad friends who vow to deal with me… I thank God for deliverance, I’m delivered through his words….

  30. Dorothea Mages says:

    Hi Jamie ,

    Definitely! God through his own circumstances brought me to Germany against my original plan…but now I’m getting to like it. He is providing the medical assistance I need to recover from a very bad Hamstring injury that has just now after almost 2 years stopped it’s terrible nerve pain! Today I walked almost normal. God has given me the financial freedom to just rest, tentatively start Ballet training again , and just to look after myself body,mind and spirit after what my husband had done to me. I keep on seeing images in my mind’s eye (the spirit) of me effortlessly going en pointe , effortlessly doing the splits without pain and effortlessly dancing a leading role in Swan Lake….I still have eons ahead of me to get back to the level I used to be but God has provided me with a room that is big enough to turn into a Ballet Studio in the beautiful home he provided me with (and furniture) in fact bit by bit he is restoring everything I lost…today was a lovely red cashmere scarf and wooden stacking Santa Claus (I had lost one in the chaos of the abduction last year). I still feel inflammation in my body but am trusting in God for a full recovery…the intensive 3x per week physio starts after Christmas. Your word meant so much to me ; I’m just in Gilgal right now… thing I don’t understand ; the courts still haven’t processed the divorce from my husband and I still haven’t been able to see my three year old daughter who was abducted by him last year…..but God’s perfect timing and God’s perfect will xx I’m enjoying Gilgal righT now…and I guess that I will be here until I am fully recovered.

    1. Priscilla says:

      The Lord will do it for you… Especially for your little girl. I stand in prayer with you.

  31. Thank you so much for this. I needed this!!

  32. Wow ,thank you for your obedience Jamie, this Word really Blessed me, I know we’re not supposed to understand everything in this walk with the Lord, so it’s very encouraging to get a Word like this about our Promised Land, Hallelujah, thank you Father.

  33. Leonor Pizarro says:

    Let the glory be to God! Amen

  34. What a great and confirming word May the Lord bless you

  35. Julie Ann Filter says:

    This past week has been full of unexpected and unexplainable emotion out of nowhere. I have not effectively been able to explain it at all. But, this resonated with my Spirit so, so much. Our Abba told me that He was sending us into the wilderness while He led us to our Promised Land. He gave me the imagery of Abram and Sarai being sent away from their home and place of familiarity into the unknown. He gave me the story of Moses and the Israelites being sent into the wilderness in preparation for their Promised Land. I’ve known this journey will have a happy ending. We’ve come through the desert…that much I know. But, now it’s the next steps of believing and working in co-laboring to bring to fruition the dreams and desires in our hearts. We are working diligently, but now it’s standing in faith that His promises will come to pass in their proper timing. I will have to research Gilgal. I am certain this applies to what my Spirit has been feeling this past week. Blessings in Him. Shalom.

    1. You are speaking exactly what I have been feeling and experiencing ??Just like you said now it’s time to stand in faith??❤️Blessings ??thank you

  36. I needed this today.. Was just feeling a little bit low and this uplifted me.. Thank you Jesus.. You are always faithful

  37. Hi Jamie,

    I’m just speechless……while reading this something in my heart just explode……glory to our God almighty! Amen!!!

  38. Thank you Jamie❤️This has truly spoken to me today as well as receiving some confirmation??❤️

  39. This is confirmation this is exactly what’s going on I believe what God says and His word is true. ❤??
    Thank you Jesus
    Thank you Jaime

  40. Mervin Faro says: this is a word out of the mouth of God this is a word in season when a read this word i burst out in tears because i need a word from God and came in His time this is a powerful word from the mouth peace of God may God bless you

  41. LaShaunda says:

    As always, I go from you to another prophetess because the holy spirit speak through you 2 to me and Iam so grateful for the leading.(thank you Jamie) As of late tho, I wasn’t really understanding why so much more frustration, longing, and more tears. I remember saying to myself “God you must be doing something cause the enemy is fighting me 10x harder”, I will just brace myself and rest while you fight this battle(didn’t have anymore strength to keep fighting) and now I understand why he(enemy) has been fighting me so hard.. HE KNEW THAT HE HAS LOST!!!(the battle was coming to an end) and he had to get one in before he walk away, because he had to walk away after all the sifting(shaking) he caused me…he have to walk away..

  42. Praise God.. Thanking God for your obedience to pen down a timely word for all His Children. All glory to God. I believe God will roll away our reproach for it is time.. Amen.

  43. Lord I needed this today! Was beginning to feel like I was at a stand still. THANK YOU so much for sharing this word today. God’s timing is always perfect!

  44. Rebecca L Jones says:

    Looking over my Pinterest board I kept seeing scissors pop up as I added pins. pair after pair of antique or ornate scissors and even around the house people are looking for scissors to open packages or do a craft. He’s telling me something, cutting away the past, headed for the Promised Land.

  45. Thank you so much for this word. I am believing for a new job for next year, God keeps telling me he has it all in hand, but lately I have been a little discouraged. So thank you for your word.

  46. Daphenie Benders says:

    Thank you Jamie!

    This message came through at the right time. I felt so helpless and didn’t understand what was going on in my life these past months, it’s as if my entire life is on a stand still, no one sees, hears or helps. After reading your message, it gave me the clarity I needed. Praise God Almighty!

  47. Yes Jamie, this is definitely confirmation as to where I am currently at (regarding Gilgal)! I literally just said OUT LOUD today that I am just sooo frustrated!! I was discussing some work-related issues with a co-worker and then again on my way commute home & talking/crying out to the Lord… literally!!! So bless you for explaining what our Heavenly Father asked you to do??My heart & soul both NEEDED to hear these words of assurance today!! I will take a deep,deep breath (of Holy Spirit) and hang on!!! Bless you sweet Jamie for being a wonderful vessel of Papa…you made my day & night ??

  48. Dennis Lorrin Carlson says:

    Yes, this message resonates with me. It says what I needed to hear right now, and confirms what I see in the spirit.

  49. Just this morning, I prayed a prayer of desperation: “Lord, heal me of all of it so that I no longer make decisions from a place of pain & fear, led by my emotions… I want to walk in Your will for my life, not in my brokenness. I want to bless the people You created me to bless.”

    What a powerful & incredibly timely word this is in my life. Thank you Jamie!!

  50. sarah herdien says:

    Hi Jamie

    It’s really a word in season. I’m at my Gilgal now but in all of this I can just see how Gods promises comes into fulfillment. I’m excited for what God is about to do.
    Thanks for your obedience to daddy God.

    Stay bless.

  51. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Praise the Lord Jamie…its mine n I do receive n ready to do n go where the Lord directs me too ..can’t wait n thank God that he chose me to face all these circumstances so I can do what He already planned for me to do..Amen!!!!

  52. Dear Jamie

    Thank you for your encouraging word. I felt stuck on one place. After reading your post
    I understand why I feel this way. I am busy healing and God is busy making me strong and preparing me for what he have in store for me. I can only put my trust in God . Ruth 3:18

    Thank you

  53. This is for me. I surrender all to you Jesus

  54. Georgina Barboutis says:

    This is sooo just where i am!. I live in peru, have reconstructed a beautiful house,had back pain and left work. My heart is no longer here in iquitos and feel that all doors are closing. Even have the house up for sale. Have fasted, spent time in prayer regarding ” the move’ but nothing is coming. Then a beautiful realisation came that this is a time of healing, decluttering, renewing and preparation. I had tried to push the future into being, I felt bored, I felt i was wasting time, i felt He had abandoned me here in the jungle ( beauty as it is). Last night though, something happened and i said to Jesus, i am not ready to leave yet, i just know i am not ready. And then i read your email this morning Thank you so much Jamie for the way you articulated this word you received, it instantly was a rhema to me. Praise God for women like yourself who are a light in the darkness for us.

  55. Hi Jamie
    This word is confirmation, confirmation, confirmation! Just a few days ago, God reminded me that where I am now is my place of healing and preparation for restoration and possession of the promises! This word is right on time!

    Thank you

    1. Thank you for this word of encouragement. Every bit of it is right where I am at now. Phew! I felt so alone and found it so hard to pray. I thought God had cut me off. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this word. It has brought me back to life. I have hope again. Thank You Father for never leaving me or forsaking me. Thank You for everything!!!

  56. Thank you, this really gave some much needed insight. I am extremely frustrated of late, expecting things to “get rolling”. This spoke volumes regarding my current circumstances.

  57. Jamie thanks a lot and may your coast be enlarged and blessed mightily.
    Finding myself at the deep end where at times I felt that I’m losing my head, very painful experience indeed. These days I feel it in my spirit that it is over. I’m not crossing over with those reproaches. I can feel it in my spirit that I’m in Gilgal and God is busy with me working on me removing all reproaches. Thats the last kick of a dying horse! I know and I know it i feel it in my spirit, confirmation of what I have been feeling all along. I’m coming out. I know my Pappa liveth .I have been praying like Hannah soon guess what soon I will laugh like Esther. Thank you LORD and thank you Jamie with the prophetic words

  58. Ann-Charlotte Karlsdotter says:

    This is so true, I agree in the name of Jesus Christ!

  59. Cindy Hammill says:

    ‘‘Twas a Wonderful word of encouragement for me after dramatically escaping trauma and loss of relationship within a very unhealthy part of the Body of Christ. My soul has been healing for 6 months of this past year and I have also received deliverance from a long term spirit of rejection. I look forward to 2018 and onwards with the restoration of what the locusts destroyed. Thank you.

  60. janis taylor says:

    thank you, now i understan whats happing in my life now to God be the glory. Thank you again.

  61. Oh wow this is so right on. I was wondering why it seemed everything has stopped. Holy Spirit told me that God is healing me from all (spiritual wounds, physical, financial, and relationships). It is a process and I need to be healed to be able to do the destiny He has for me. I am also to remember to enjoy the journey with God.
    Thank you so very much for the confirming word!!
    God Bless

  62. Sandra McDermott says:

    Thank you. God’s timing is perfect. I can relate, I am in the wilderness experience, but I am now about to enter Gilgal. The Lord is my shepherd…I shall not want…. He restoreth my so soul. Thank you so much for the words, which is even more relevant Six months after it is written.

  63. Tonja Moton says:

    I just read that chapter in Joshua last night and Holy Spirit brought ne back to it this morning. I felt the urging of the Holy Spirit to look up the meaning of Gilgal, and I came across this prophetic Word. I know that God was confirming His Word to me. I’ve been seeing the number 11 in times for the past few weeks such as 1:11, 2:11, etc. Last week I saw it on the clock of my car during a road trip from 1:11pm until 4:11pm and then I saw a sign on the highway that said dial 511 for help. I asked the Lord what was He saying to me and I heard the word, “Countdown”. Then in the early hours this morning the Lord was speaking to me about my unsaved husband and unsaved mother-in-law. He told me that because my husband has continued to harden his heart against God despite God’s urging and pressing, that in 3 days He will bring my husband down. God told me to pray for the both of them, and I did. God also said that He will contend with my mother-in-law because she refuses to accept responsibility for her part in my husband’s behavior. A few weeks ago I heard in my spirit, ” You remember the story of Nabal and Abigail?” I said, “Yes, Lord.” And then yesterday I saw a video in which the prophet said God is removing your Nabal. I’m saying all this to say that God is confirming His Word of promise to me. I’ve been in an emotional and was a physically abusive marriage for 4 years. I’ve cried out to God in prayer to help me. I prayed for God’s will to be done. I can see God’s Hand and I know in my heart that God led me to this prophetic Word to reassure me that He’s heard my cries in prayer. Sorry this was so long, but I felt strongly to share this testimony. To God be the glory!! Thank you so much for your obedience to God in relaying His message to His people. God bless you!!

  64. Jamie,
    Thank you so much for posting this word! I believe this is where I am now. Recently I had a dream where a friend of mine wrote the word Josh on a piece of paper. Things have become much easier in my life but I am very tired right now. Have been feeling like the enemy is trying to wear me down because something that God promised is about to come into fruition. I just need to fight the good fight of faith! Amen!

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