Prophetic Word: You Are Leaving the Wilderness!

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Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; but the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you” (Isaiah 60:1-2).

Prophetic Word: You Are Leaving the WildernessI heard the Lord say like a trumpet: “You are leaving the wilderness!”

Many of you have walked through the some of the hardest times of your life in the last two years. You have endured what you felt you would not be able to endure. You have stood when you felt you would not be able to stand. You have survived, when most of the time you did not think you could.

You have survived because you have been leaning upon your Beloved. And the Lord says to you this day:

“My grace proved sufficient for you. I made My strength perfect in your weakness. I am the One who fed you bread which you did not know, nor did your fathers know. I am the One who brought rain down from Heaven to water you in your need.

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    And now you are leaving the wilderness. It is time for you to arise and shine, for your light has come, and My glory has risen upon you.

    Very quickly, you will see tangible manifestations of My glory on you. You will see positive affirmations of My hand on your life. Expect sudden changes. I am going to move quickly on your behalf to bring you completely out of this wilderness and into the land I have promised.

    Beloved child, I have sheltered you. I have protected you. I have hidden you in the palm of My hand, where no enemy could access your life. It may have felt to you like they did, but My Word is true and no weapon formed against you can prosper. Even though I create the fire that acts as your forge, the fire of melting can only benefit you in the long run–for I am God who forms you.

    I am now bringing you into a land fruitful with milk and honey.

    There will be a new protocol for your new land. You won’t be able to live your life in the Promised Land the same way you lived it in the wilderness. Focus is required. You must destroy the giants of doubt and unbelief. You must press into the sacred mandate I have placed on your life with everything you have.

    When the Israelites entered the Promised Land, they compromised. DO NOT COMPROMISE.

    Compromise hurt My people Israel, and compromise will hurt you. Instead of compromise, review My covenant with you often. Keep the promises I have spoken to you in your heart. Talk about them with people who also believe. Write them down. Allow them to become part of your DNA, for they are already part of your DNA from My point of view.

    I am renewing My covenant with you.

    There are times in your life, at periods when you need a new beginning, when I will renew My covenant with you. It doesn’t mean My covenant was ever broken. It doesn’t mean My promises were ever less than sure.

    But sometimes you need a new beginning. When I renew My covenant with you, I make My words fresh in your heart. I renew the promises in your spirit, and I give you fresh revelation of all My promises.

    Watch for Me to speak to you about the renewal of My covenant.

    You have forgotten many of My promises. Many of them have languished in your heart, for they were long in coming. But like the Bridegroom who waited until the midnight hour, I will still show up. I AM ON THE SCENE.

    I have never forsaken you. I have NOT forgotten you. I will never, ever, ever let you go. And I am renewing My covenant with you.

    Listen to Me, for I am speaking in the smallest whispers. But My whisper is mighty enough to change your life forever. You will hear My voice, and your joy and faith will be renewed. You will know it is I who speak.

    Who is this coming up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved?” (Song of Solomon 8:5a).

    Precious child, you are leaving the wilderness.

    Where I am taking you, you have not gone before. But the Angel of My Presence will go with you. I will go up with you, and I will hold your hand. I am making all things new in your life.

    Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I do a new thing; now it springs forth. Shall you not know it? I say to you today that you will know it. You will know it as intimately as a husband knows his wife, for you shall experience these new things from My hand.

    Beloved child, I love you. You are the apple of My eye. You are the passion of My heart. I am with you always, even to the end of the world.

    So go forth. Go forth and conquer.

    I am with you. I will help you. I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. I will keep you, and you shall find victory because of Me.”

    Wow! Thank You, Lord!

    Beloved reader, does this word speak to your heart today? If so, please leave a comment below! Let’s share what God is saying as this word resonates in our hearts!

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    1. Thank you Jamie for that awesome word! This lines up with what the Lord told me just a few minutes ago! All I have to do is follow His instructions and keep my eyes on Him! Hallelujah!! To God be all the GLORY!!!!

      1. Awesome! I love it when He says the same things to us all! It’s so encouraging to know we are not alone and we have brothers and sisters walking into the same season with us! It helps me be brave. 🙂

        1. I am from INDIA.Last night I gave up on the hope of entering into promise land and I thought I will remain in the cobweb of wilderness forever…I was given a word through my dreams a NEW BEGINNING…I thank LORD and you for reminding me what does it mean…

          1. THREE MORE WORDS I got through my dreams….ABUNDANCE,FIRE and DEATH OF ANGEL OF TORMENT…I saw milk,red roses and coal…Milk for ABUNDANCE,Red rose for NEW BEGINNING and coal for FIRE. ..Your message has all the words which is a confirmation from LORD…I also saw when the ANGEL OF TORMENT went to ashes I was given a beautiful ring along with other jewels and jewellery….Right now I m going through very hard time and your prophetic word is the light for me from LORD to not give up and keep on walking as I am very near to promise land…And it has been exactly 2 years since I am facing the worst time of my life and you also talked about 2 years …thanks a lot for this wonderful message…I was in tears while I was reading your message as I needed it the most this morning after giving up last night..

            1. Rebecca M. Hodges says:

              The song “Empty my hands” by Kutless lyric video on YouTube has been helping me not to give up. Phillippians 4:13

        2. Amen, well needed encouragement at the appointed time!

          1. Yes….I am thankful to Jamie and LORD…It stirred me up…

      2. Mimi Williams says:

        Thank you for the word. Please pray for me, my husband wants to divorce me and I do not want that. Please pray that God will speak to him and he will put God first in his life.
        Thank you so much

        1. Debbie Acosta says:

          MiMi My heart goes out to you, I have prayed for the LORD to move in your husbands life, and the enemy be destroyed in your marriage. As Jamie said, the LORD wants to renew us and get us out of the wilderness. May God comfort your heart dear one.

        2. Priscilla Maleka says:

          Mimi, I have only read this message today, at the time that I am fasting. You are in my prayers. I am praying for God to restore your marriage. Stay in faith, God is in control.

          1. Mimi Williams says:

            Amen and all the glory to GOD. Thank you all for your prayers and for Jamie ‘s blog. My husband has file for the divorce but I know I serve a great GOD who is with me and does make miracles for his glory and honor.


            1. Faith montoya says:

              Hello Mimi, I want to tell you that I went through divorce. But before that happened God still told me it’s not over and He is going to change my husband and we will be married again. The divorce finalized and Gods word is still valid. So ill tell you what God told me. Stand still and know that I am God. No matter what happens or what you may see God will uphold you and fight for you. Just keep standing. I will pray for you and your husband. Grace and peace to you and your family.

      3. Lula Williams says:

        Thank you! I know in my spirit that God is doing a new thing in my life this very month of May. Newness! Newness! Newness ! Is all around me, and I know His grace will see me through.
        May God continue to shower you with his blessings! In Jesus name .

        1. Mimi Williams says:

          Whatever God’d will is, I shall accept. He knows better tha me. Love all of you ans bless you all.

      4. Thanks a million, Jamie. This is certainly MY WORD which GOD has communicated for ME. I have received it and have received the new life which God has ordained for me. I thank you for being the messenger which the Almighty God has spoken through. Thank you for your faithfulness.

        Remain blessed and continue being a blessing to the children of God.


    2. Absolutely this word speaks boldly to me today! It is a confirmation! Praise God!

    3. Belinda Dede Tetteh says:

      This is it. This prophetic word is for me. I have been on a 7 days fasting and today is the 5th day. I have been praying against giants keeping me in the wilderness and preventing me from walking into my promised and fruitful . Sometimes, I really want to give up but someway , somehow, he shows up with a word for me. Thank you Lord. You are indeed the God who answereth by fire. The Lord who never fails. He still reigns. Thank you.

      1. Thank You, LORD! HE IS AMAZING! I’m so excited for you. Hang in there on that fast! You are moving angels and demons in the heavenly realm–bring angels and they are conquering those demons and YOU ARE WINNING!

    4. christabel osunde says:

      Thank you Jamie.God is true to his word.

    5. Rumbidzai Mwedzi says:

      Thank you Jamie, God indeed reiterated the same message to me through you.


      Glory be to God forever and always…

    6. Beth Stiver says:

      This really encouraged me today. I have been dealing with some really tough stuff, and this was like a balm for my spirit. Thank you Jamie for your faithfulness to speak God’s word to all of us.

    7. Urma Abraham says:

      Thank you for your reminding word. GOD IS ALWAYS WITH US.
      Papa let me hear your voice today, keep me closer to you. Break every chain’s that keep your clidren in bondage.
      I stand in your word Jeremiah 29:11 today.

    8. Gerri Murray says:

      I so receive this word. Thank you! Bless you. I will ponder it and keep it close. I believe God is doing a new thing and I am so ready. Pray I keep focus and in his word. I know this is my confidence to walking in His promises.

    9. Sondra McDermott says:

      Thank you, Janie for this prophetic word! This is just what I needed to hear from the Lord!

    10. debbie baker says:

      Thank you so much, this has touched my heart in so many ways and I hear the Lord with so many of the prayers and things I have been asking for in my life. I feel like it is wrote directly to me and for me. Thank you

    11. This couldn’t have been more accurate if the Lord had manifested at the foot of my bed….. This is exactly what He’s been telling me. Love your messages

    12. Laura Mancinelli says:

      Absolute confirmation of what papa Abba has been saying to us! Thank you for putting it together in such a beautiful way jamie! Glory to the most high!

    13. Hallelujah!! Praise You Lord!!!

    14. Praise be to God for the confirmation of HIS WORD Jamie. I have been walking in a new Wilderness the past 11 months but still keeping my eyes on HIM. There were times I feel like giving up, but i say,” give up and do what?” My son and I have been. Thank you Jesus

    15. Yes!!! Hallelujah!!! Today is the very day before my “wilderness” period began exactly 2 years ago! I will NEVER forget that date! I have regretted leaving my job for so long, even though I have learned sooooo much and grown so much in these past couple of years, it has been the struggle of my life! God confirmed to me multiple times that I was on the right path but everyone in my life said I was crazy and I was about to start believing it! But God helped me just a couple days ago to let go and remember that it is HE who is in control and not me, and once I did that, I began to SEE how He was controlling my life! And now today He has confirmed it yet again and we are entering a new season! Praise God, I am so ready! This Word confirms so many things for me! Thank you so much for allowing God to use you the way He does! It’s so amazing! I pray He continues to use you mightily for His Kingdom! God bless you Jamie! I’ll be praying for you! Love you sis!

    16. sarah herdien says:

      Thank you Jamie. This word is just a confirmation on what God gave me through an Apostle a few weeks ago. Keep up the good work of faith.


    17. You have breathed fresh life into a fainting heart. Thank you for being obedient to share this vision. It is life giving in the battle.
      Bless you!

      1. Wow. I love how the words that God speaks are spirit, and they are life! Praising Him with you!

    18. Glory to God. I could not contain my tears from flowing, it’s right on time speaks directly to me. It was so touching reading it as I read it aloud. God is good all the time, he’s never late never early but always on time with what he wants us his children to hear. Thank you Lord. Thank you Jamie. God bless.

    19. Geraldine Espinal says:

      Praise the Lord!! I receive this ????????. This is so much what I needed to hear and have been praying for diligently!!. He is such a good good father!! This is brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Jamie for sharing!

    20. Tina Sufrin says:

      Thanks for Awesome word. Out of the Wilderness into the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey. Thank you Jesus for the land to possess it.

    21. Yes thank you this too for me is a confirmation of departure of the wilderness and the new thing God is doing. Blessings of abundance.

    22. Thank you, thank you, yes Lord, I so needed this word right now, i believe it and receive. It spoke to my heart ❤️ confirmation to the promises!

    23. Thank you Jamie for this amazingly beautiful word. The Lord has been showing me that it is time for me to enter my promised inheritance. Deut 11:11.This is a special confirmation from him..All praise And Glory to God.

      1. I praise theLord for this word !! I receive it .
        No matter when it was written Gods word is always alive . The devil tried to tempt me by looking when this was written and if it was for me . I’m in a wilderness of heartache from loss . and not able to focus on anything . But have been crying out to God and resting in him . This Word was like a refreshing stream in the desert to me . I’m writing every word to speak over and over , drinking from the stream of Jesus words . Blessings to you all in abundance .

    24. I cannot even express what this means to me. How do I know it is for me? God has promised me many things and the way it looks now there is no way any of it can ever be possible.

      1. Hi Lana! God’s Word is for everyone. But He consistently says that, in order to receive, we have to believe! Check out James 1:5-7. Over and over, even in Jesus’ ministry on earth, He said: “According to your faith be it unto you!” That is how He answered people who came to Him looking for miracles, healings, etc.

        So what’s the takeaway for us? We have to set our faces like flint to believe God’s Word is true, no matter what! “Let God be true and every man a liar!” If you believe God’s Word and confess it, it will happen. But if we waver and doubt, it will not. Be encouraged, friend. Don’t let the devil trick you out of your inheritance. If God promised you something from His Word, it will come to pass if you will believe! (And confess verbally… because the Greek meaning of the word “faith” requires both the inner belief AND the spoken confession.)

        Great question!

    25. Christine says:

      Isn’t the God that we serve beyond amazing?!?! So many of us have been getting the same message and you have confirmed that Jamie. I cherish this message because it speaks so deeply to me. Thank you. *Hugs*

    26. Yes, Lord. Amazing word and exactly what I needed to hear today! I receive this word and and stand in agreement declaring it over my life, my work and my family!

    27. Doreen Sarah Chng says:

      Amen! Thank you Lord for this is the Word I have waiting for… 2 years of wilderness… Persecution by my boss and then unemployment and lack till now. I trust Abba Father to lead me out of this wilderness! Amen!

    28. April Davis says:

      Thank You so much.. I really needed this today it spoke volumes. Praise God

    29. Fran Werezak says:

      Thank you for this Word! It was just what I needed to hear. It was confirmation of what God has been doing in my life lately.

    30. Christine says:

      Thank you so much Jamie. This is confirmation for me. Thank God!!!! God Is Good all the time, and all the time he is good. I receive and believe and claim this blessing in the name of Jesus!!!!!!

    31. Christine says:

      Thank you Jamie. This is confirmation for me. God is good all the time. I receive and believe and claim this blessing in the name of Jesus!!!!!!!!!

    32. Karen Hykin says:

      Oh wow…God is good. I have been in the wilderness for a long time…much of the last few years have had uncertainties, but this year has been a year of restoration and transformation for me. My soul has been receiving healing, my clarity has been graciously returning, visions and dreams have begun again…it was a long haul, and this word has been a confirmation of His glorious covenant with me…I am leaving the wilderness, and all the baggage it came with is staying behind too…moving into my promised land. Halleluiah…God is singing over us a new song…We will ALL walk into our promised land. I declare and decree it in Jesus name. Amen

    33. I wept as I read thats how deeply I felt the Lord speaking to me.I’m so humbled by His love and care.
      I’m at a loss for words.

    34. Every single word is power and nourishment to my soul! Lord let it be so in my life!
      I’ve been in the pit for so long, unsuccessfully scaling the walls to escape, time and again. Show me the way out Lord. Make sure I know my part so I don’t miss it. It IS the midnight hour. Please come for me!

      1. Thank you Lord for every word spoken . I have experienced a very challenging period and it has been for two years . Praise God for a new beginning . I know He is doing a new thing in my life .
        I am strengthened and renewed .

    35. Way to go girl. I needed this today. Such a freshing word. Have a blessed day Jamie. I am coming out of the wilderness.

    36. Hi Jamie. Never commented before, BUT this word was, is JUST spot on for my Hubby Mike and I. We’ve had two years of most terrifying hell on earth and people who owed him money did not pay him. And we became totally destitute! Ended up living with people for two years and its Living hell. Night and day! Hubby is 60 now and we need that miracle, own home. Vehicle eytc as he lost All! This word SO encouraged me! Bless u tons!

      1. I pray the Lord would bless you, Fiona! Thanks so much for jumping into the conversation!

    37. Tears of joy. Because this Word is right on time. Praise God for you and your obedience.

      Erica W.

    38. Veronica Puskas says:

      Ok, this is the 3rd time this verse has quickened my spirit – yesterday same verse. First time I heard Him say “arise” when I was waking up back in September about 2 weeks after being delivered from my addiction. I know this is a confirmation of God answering my question I had asked him. Praise be to God, my Father who loves me so much.

    39. Ogundare Titus Oladele says:

      I thank God for the beautiful exhortation. May God bless and renew and upgrade this ministry. You will minister up there. Ride on God is the renewal of your strength and the lifter of your head. Allelujah!

    40. Beth Cochran says:

      Thank you Jamie and ABBA for this WORD ???. I receive it and I PRAISE HIM for the experience of the wilderness which has taught me so much, but I am ready for what HE has for me ?? Let’s go into the promise land!!!!
      Blessings Jamie ?

    41. What an awesome and timely word for this hour when so many of us are hungry for MORE and ready for the wilderness to be behind us .
      I love ❤️ that the Angel of His Presence is with me/us, as we journey into the promised land.
      That is the same angel Jacob wrestled with when his nature was changed. We have wrestled as well these many years desiring to be changed into His likeness .
      Welcome Angel ? Peniel
      Guide us and hold our hands as we enter into His rest
      Thanks Jamie for passing on a precious anointed Word

    42. Yes! Solomon 8:5 whispered love to me years ago…….I was refreshed reading this with that memory of how I meditated on those beautiful words.
      I do believe something wonderful is coming or needs to be embraced now.

    43. manko tele says:

      Thanks Jammu forawkening me by the word of god pls pray for my son get job and my daughter in Jesus name

    44. Thank you Jamie ! This is confirmation for me. I truly have enjoyed hearing the prophetic word from our God. God bless you and keep you.

    45. shaundaboo43 says:

      Thank you so much Jamie, you don’t know what day I was having , I kept trying to keep it all together, the enemy kept telling me that God wasn’t gonna rescue me..I cry as I write this..thank you so much Jamie~tears of joy~

    46. Rebecca L Jones says:

      I was reading a prophetic word about a spirit of chaos against believers as the administration changed in January, actually, I think it is more like chaos and confusion and I will happy to step out of the wilderness, even everything I’ve been doing to help others just seems to bring chaos back to me, time for that to go, in Jesus name.

    47. Thank you Jamie for this wonderful word from God. This is a confirmation of what I have been praying for. My wilderness started 2 years ago in May and I have been pleading with the Lord the last couple months saying we are coming up on 2 years of this wilderness please release us in to our promise land. In the past couple of weeks he has giving us small little shifts in our situation. I know that those small things are just an indication of bigger things to come. My heart feel so relieved that you were able to confirm so much. So grateful to God for you and your ministry. You have helped me in the last couple of months like you have no idea. God bless you and your family. May you continue to grow and help others just like you have helped me. Big hug!

    48. CONFIRMATION! Thank you Jamie!! I have seen myself in the Promised Land lately and asking God to help me with these giants. I knew He wouldn’t forget me PTL, no ‘evil heart of unbelief here’! This season of fighting to stay in faith has been so long I was starting to forget what the Promise felt like but your prophesy means (to me) that this new season will be even greater than any former season of Favor. I almost cried at my work desk I was so happy 😀

    49. Bill Vickers says:

      Thank you, Jamie. I know that this word was meant for many more people than just me, but it felt like it was just for me personally.

    50. Ann Johnstone says:

      Thank you Jamie. When I received this Word last night, things started to change dramatically. This morning I received a message from my family in the US (I live in Australia) and it was the best conversation I have ever been able to have with them. It was as though all the legalism and tension of the past few years had disappeared! My estranged daughter then contacted me and asked me out to dinner – something that hasn’t happened in two years (long story)! I sensed a spiritual change that was not only immediate, but would be far-reaching. And in my spirit I had the assurance of these prophetic words that you spoke: “You will see positive affirmations of My hand on your life. Expect sudden changes. I am going to move quickly on your behalf to bring you completely out of this wilderness and into the land I have promised.” I am stunned and amazed by all this, and all the glory must go to Him!

    51. My Father I receive it in Jesus Name!

    52. Akinbowale Isaac Adewumi says:

      Thank you Jamie for your prophetic word. I am encouraged! May the zeal of the Lord bring them to pass in Jesus name. Amen!

    53. Amen! This right there is for me!!! I’m currently in Israel on a biblical pilgrimage following the footsteps of Jesus and waiting on The Lord. God bless you!

    54. ABSOLUTELY on point multiplied CONFIRMATION! GLORY!

    55. Priscilla Maleka says:

      Thank you Jamie
      Praises be to God Almighty; He still reigns!! I have long been in the wilderness, two years in an unfruitful relationship full of lies, cheat and being many times being rejected and of second best. Today, I am being delivered out of the wilderness. Talking about God being on time, I am only reading this message today when I have embarked on a day of fasting.
      The land flowing with milk and honey, My Canaan; here I come!!

    56. Thank u Jaime for the prophetic message from Daddy God???He’s speaking directly to my heart. Last night I cried out to Him for new life new everything & real families & friends. He heard my cry?. Thank u again for sharing His luv with us. May the Lord continue to bless you & use you in mighty ways.????

    57. Confirmation!!! Thank you Jamie for your obedience to our Lord! It has been a tough season for many months. But have been holding on to the promises of God. Experiencing a shift in the right direction a few weeks ago. It was a sudden change. At first it looked like a terrible tragedy. My brother committed suicide just 3 weeks after his wife died of cancer. He left behind 3 beautiful children and 3 awesome grandchildren. We’d been estranged for several years until recently. Had been working on restoring that relationship. His death has really opened the door for his children and my family to get to know each other. So thankful for this new beginning. Amoung other woderful things that are happening also very suddenly. Thank you Jesus for making a way. God bless in Jesus name. XO

    58. Rhonda Richards says:

      Thank you Jamie for this word! A much needed word!!! I have lost all hope and joy lately…this is confirmation that the Lord does still hear my prayers!!!

    59. Thank you very much for this word! I’m ready for a trip to be with my son who is struggling right now, and the Lord has been telling me how His Word is True and that He will do the things that He has promised, also that He is in control, and with us in the middle of the storm… so this message really is a confirmation of His Word!

      Thank you Daddy, thank you Jesus!!
      and thank you for your obedience in writing.

      God bless us all and to God be all the glory!!!

    60. Thank you dear Jamie! Love this word! I believe and receive it! Whohoo! Glory to God! Let’s go. We are well able to go up and take our inheritance. The Giants are faint and terrified of us!!!!
      God bless you richly for your faithfulness ?

    61. Wow! These words are released for me, and I say for me because I am in deep darkness and in the midst of the wilderness of life. I always believe the omnipresence of God is with me helping to pass through the wilderness and its darkness. And now here is the assurance to me in this post. Woman of God, God bless you. You are really doing God’s bidding.

    62. Wow this post was very powerful. It spoke to me. I BELIEVE IT!!! THANK YOU GOD!!

    63. Glory to God, thank You Papa! Sister the Lord just gave me this word yesterday and again minutes ago before reading this along with another word I will post later on my blog as well. Hallejuah! I love how the Holy Spirit is confirming through so many, we love You and thank You Abba Daddy. I agree and receive Your word Lord in Jesus’ Mighty Name amen!

      God bless you Jamie! 🙂

    64. Pauline Borgan says:

      Hallelujah, it is time to rise and shine. All glory to God. Leaving the wilderness behind and ready to walk in His light. Praise the Lord.

    65. Glory, Glory to our Lord. His name be praised for His mighty hands on us.

    66. carol gilson says:

      Hi Jamie, I have been on your website since April 25 and the word about land. I have enjoyed your maturity and your heart. We lost a 31 yield old grandson May 2 who took his own life. It has been very painful and we believe this is the Jubilee Year. It also is a specific 40 year period in our lives that ends May 27. We are experiencing a great battle much like Elijah on the mountain top. Yes earthquake and hurricane for sure but we are listening for His still small voice through the sorrow. we know He will meet us. This word about coming out of the wilderness meant a great deal to us.
      Thanks, Carol

    67. Carlo Grobler says:

      Hi Jamie, Wow! What a day this has been. In the morning service I stood up for 3 things – one was finances – the other two I will just keep in my heart. This afternoon I received a call from a friend asking if I’m still looking for work and if I am, and if I’m still interested, can I start tomorrow.

      And NOW I went through my emails and read this word from the Lord!!! Wow, it’s very quickly. Can answers come so quickly? I’m used to waiting and waiting and waiting – I’m so overwhelmed I don’t really know what to do. Our pastor prophesied over me about a year ago from Isaiah 62 and I’ve been waiting for that – wow I’m still overwhelmed. Thank YOU GOD for Your faithfulness and promises. You are truly an incredible amazing GOD.

      Thank you I receive it Lord in Jesus Mighty Name.

    68. Joe Whitelaw says:

      I immediately started to cry. Please Father God let this be for me. I am so tired of being homeless. Arn’t I faithful to your house? Arn’t I a good son. Please Father let this Word be for me. Please! I cry almost every day! My pillow is soaked every night from my weeping! When will the morning come! It has been night for so long I’m beginning to forget what the day looks like!

    69. God’s word never eva, eva , fail. I was riding to work in my car and I was playing this gospel song by Jonathan Nelson, lead singer, Kim Burrell. The song is titled “Brand New.” God will make you brand new, and I was playing it on repeat until I arrived at my job. Then I come and read your post that God will make all things new. God word never return void and he uses vessels like you to confirm his promises to me. Thank you for being a willing vessel to be used by God and I thank the AMIGHTY GOD for being who he is and I praise him forever and ever. God Bless !

    70. I didn’t see this until today as it was in spam folder. Thanks to the Holy Spirit leading, I found this and wow. Just when I thought God wasn’t listening, he spoke. I have been needing confirmation and direction in my life. I’ve literally felt like in the last 9 to 10 months that my life was spinning and wouldn’t stop. I’ve been dealing with an nasty divorce and at times just wanted to give up. Had it not been for my two boys, I’m not sure if I wouldn’t have given up. There has been so much injustice that myself and kids have endured. I’ve been broken, hurt, betrayed by so many people during this time. I’m very thankful for God’s hedge of protection. Not only has he used the Holy Spirit, but he also has been using his angels to speak to me like never before. Thank you for allowing God to use you to deliver his word. This is such a blessing. God blessings over you and your ministry.

    71. Hi Jamie
      I was feeling down before reading this and my mind was beginning to doubt about sthing and I was getting fearful as I was reading this it was as if God was talking to me
      I receive all in Jesus name

    72. Maria Dimba says:

      What can we do without you dear Father, you are an awesome God. Who else can take us out of the wilderness except you dear Lord!! God who will never forsaken or forget us wooh what a love you have for us. Feel like jumping and shout ” I love you Father, I love you Jesus, I love you Holy Spirit” I am out of the wilderness, thank you Lord.

      1. Yes, yes! Amen! Jumping and shouting with you, Maria! Look around, for the enemies we have seen, we will never see again! He has brought us out! He has gotten us the victory! Glory!

    73. Julie Ann Filter says:

      Praise be to the Lord. This is so timely. He told me over four years ago He was sending us into the wilderness, and these last two weeks I have felt that He is leading us out and about to destroy the Walls of Jericho within our spiritual roadway. This is coming into my sight at such a perfect time. As usual, Jamie, I am so thankful He connected us! Thank you, sweet sister!

    74. Hi Jaime??
      God bless you for sharing Daddy Gods message. Confirmed all of where He’s has me at this moment. Thank you again, may He continue to use you in extraordinary ways. I thank Him for you & your ministry it’s helping changing lives.

    75. Hi Jamie, thanks so much for the word ,very true and uplifting,really needed to read this .i need ur help pls .My fiancé is not a strong believer of the gospel I need him to believe and firmly hold unto the Christ. Thanks

    76. Hi Jamie, thanks so much for the word ,very true and uplifting,really needed to read this .i need ur help pls .My fiancé is not a strong believer of the gospel I need him to believe and firmly hold unto Christ. Thanks

    77. Catherine Hunt says:

      This word is truly for me. It confirms and affirms what God has been saying to me and what I desire. Thank you for sharing. Be blessed.

    78. Baldorf Anyu Ateh says:

      Jamie. Thanks for this prophetic word, i believe and receive it in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

    79. Jamie,we need a parting of the curtain answers from God.

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