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LIVE webinar: Healing from Emotional Abuse | June 7, 2024

Notes from the Trenches by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comDear Presence seekers,

God has been doing amazing things lately. I’m in awe, and I wanted to share lots of news with you today. Most importantly, I wanted to share TESTIMONIES … because you need to know that YOU have a hand in reaching people and changing their lives EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 🙂

So for the February partner update (+ the first half of March; please forgive my lateness on this update), I’m going to intersperse all the awesome newsy ministry updates with even more awesome testimonies that readers like you have sent in. (I’ve even included a prophetic word or two below.)

And for all this news and awesomeness I say: to God be all the glory! Will you help me praise Him today? He is AMAZING! 🙂

Testimony 1:

“This is actually true. While praying, last night, God has amazingly healed my anxiety! My heart is full of peace.” – From a brother, while reading about God’s cure for anxiety and depression.

Newsy ministry update: In the calendar month of February (a short month!), Father gave us 89,657 pageviews on this blog. WOW. Thank You, Lord. Right now, it looks like we may be on track to exceed 100,000 in March. All glory be to God.

Testimony 2:

“The webinar was awesome!! I was so thrilled and learned so much…I did have to go after listening to a few questions but I would have liked to hear more of them as questions are also a great way to learn…

I love how you had the open chat and questions afterwards… I am sure had I had the time I would have had many more great notes!!! But it was a wonderful webinar/seminar. I found it so easy to work as I disconnected myself once, but got right back on by the link and did not miss more than a couple words!!!

Thank you again! … Thank God I had “From His Presence” bookmarked awhile ago and was led to it again this past January… as I was reading New Years Day, everything that I read was exactly what I needed to hear and also confirmation from what I had already heard!!! God Bless You and Your Ministry.” – from a sister, after listening to February’s How To Live In An Open Heaven webinar.

Newsy ministry update: In February, 297 people watched my free How To Live In An Open Heaven webinar (either in a live seat or by video replay). That’s ginormous; 297 people getting equipped to live in the manifest Presence of God! Thank You, Lord!

Of note: Others have since purchased the webinar as well. Also–this is huge–my friends over at Spirit Fuel used the webinar replay as a fundraiser for their ministry a few days ago. That fundraiser helped them raise funds to continue getting prophetic words out to over 25,000 people all over the world by email. Thank You, Lord!

Pausing so I can exhort you for just a moment:

Prophetic exhortation: Beloved, if you want to reach your destiny faster, NEVER WASTE WORK.

Some people in the Body are working way too hard because they’re not being efficient. They’re not stewarding what God gives well. Always capture and preserve anything you do in whatever format you can. For example:

  • Save it;
  • Record the audio;
  • Write it down; whatever, as applicable.

But never waste work. If you steward your effort well, God can use it to MULTIPLY the Kingdom and multiply His blessings in your life–not just to “add.” Multiplying is always better and faster than adding. 🙂 But it depends on you to be a good steward.

#Word #WordToYourMama

🙂 🙂 🙂

Testimony 3:

“Thank you for show me this gift of the Holy Spirit. I had been asking Father to give me a helper and He led me to you. Now I feel complete in God [as a result of learning about the Holy Spirit]. Thank you. God bless you.” – from a sister, upon reading What is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit? and How to Receive It.

Newsy ministry update: In February 2017 alone, this blog reached people in 178 countries. That’s just this blog–not counting the duplicate posts from this blog that were re-published worldwide by other websites. 178 countries. Thank You, Jesus.

Note: If you know anyone in the interior of the Middle East (the “-stan” countries) OR in central/northern/west Africa (Libya, Chad, Mali, the Sudan), please feel free to share posts with them! Those are countries we have not yet accessed. I know there are many there who are bound in chains and would love to have a radical encounter with the God who loves them, so please pray and keep sharing! God and His angels will do the work! 🙂

Prophetic exhortation (prayer directive for your own calling):

Regardless of what your calling is, there is no reason on earth why you shouldn’t ask God to give YOU an entire nation for Jesus.

That’s what Heidi Baker did. She asked for a nation, and GOD gave her Mozambique. He’ll do the same for you.

God is no respecter of persons. He’s been giving people nations for Jesus throughout the ages. It’s all to bring every generation and every kindred, tribe, tongue, and nation into the inheritance of Christ.

So, beloved: if you desire to reach people for Jesus–no matter what method you use–ask God for NATIONS. Read Psalm chapter 2 for more.

Testimony #4:

“Hi Jamie. . . . I am so very encouraged by your website. I got the 21 Kisses that included Finding Deep Soul Healing 101. I am going to order 102 as well, but I am deeply in need of your materials.

I lost my husband 4 1/2 years ago and I reached such a low point that I could not move. I am just now pulling myself up to eye level with the ground … half of my heart died. I figured out that I had put my husband in the place where the Lord should have been. I guess you could say I am starting all over again. 

I thank you so much for your website.  It is such an encouragement!! I pray the LORD will bless you over and above all you could ask or think!!!” – from a sister by email.

Yes, together, the Lord is using us to reach both orphans AND widows every single day. Thank You, Lord. (And thank YOU, Presence seekers.)

Newsy ministry update: I feel led to teach a workshop this summer for our Presence-seeking community called Inheritance: Claiming the Blessings that Belong to You. The Lord has given me this whole message series about the blessings of Abraham, and it’s knocking my socks off. The blessings we can receive BY GRACE are simply out of this world!

This would be a weekend revival experience specifically for blog readers from all over–anyone who is willing to come! It looks like we will most likely hold this workshop in a venue here in Chattanooga. We would have to have a certain number of registrations in order to rent the venue. I’ll be emailing you soon to ask if you’re interested in travelling to Chattanooga to attend this weekend revival experience live.

Testimony #5:

“Jamie!! When you urged us to write our prayers out a few weeks ago, I updated my prayer list and prayed over each one of them, and as soon as I was done, I heard the Lord say, “Contend.” I wasn’t even really sure what that meant, but I thought of Jacob wrestling with God, and figured it meant about the same. To hear from you about contending now is absolute confirmation.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your words of encouragement and for being faithful in sharing what the Lord puts on your heart. The Lord uses you mightily! May He bless you over and above what He pours out on us through you.” – from a sister after reading Sometimes You Have to Contend

Amazing ministry update: Speaking of contending, by God’s grace I was able to attend Lou Engle’s prayer summit in Colorado Springs in February. (And thanks to a dear sister who invited me and my friend to stay with her in her home in Colorado Springs!)

The prayer summit was AMAZING. It was an encounter with God that, for me, demanded a response. A deeper response; more sold-out-ness (not a word, but work with me here) than I have had before, even though I felt like I was totally sold out before.

The very cool news:

During that weekend, I met some lovely folks with The Call who needed volunteers. I had asked you to pray for me, because I’ve wanted to serve in the fasting and prayer movement for a long time.

Well, thank you for praying. That door did indeed open. I’m going to be helping them with whatever tasks they send me; it will be writing/editing/media-related stuff. I already turned in my first task, and I’m deeply honored and thrilled to the bottom of my toes to have ANY opportunity to serve in this movement. Anything I can do to help, I want to do. 🙂

Prophetic exhortation: If you feel like God wants to open a door for you, or you need Him to, you need to contend.

Contend for it. Contend in prayer. Contend with fasting and even sowing financial seed.

Beloved, I will tell you that I sowed financial seed, prayed, and fasted for a way to serve in the fasting and prayer movement. I did this continuously, for months without stopping, before a door opened. And at the end, there was much warfare.

But you know what? God told me in Colorado Springs I would have to contend. So I did. And my prayers gave Him the opportunity to open the door.

WORD. Contend, friend. Contend. It’s time to do business with God.

Testimony #6:

“Hello Jamie, our Father is so good. I prayed the Unjust prayer on Sunday and by 12:00 our situation turned around for our family. Praise God. Thank you for being obedient.  I am so thankful, that my Father is so faithful and just.  I am still learning!!! God Bless you.”

More cool stuff to share:

First, I have decided to open up my Facebook online mentoring group, formerly in beta mode just for monthly partners, to ALL Presence seekers.

Want to join? Click here to join us in Presence Seekers Soaring!  And please read the terms of the group when you join. Then, jump into the conversation! We look forward to having you!

Next, I was able to submit another teaching series (from this blog) about the 9 Power Gifts of the Spirit over to the good folks at

The Lord has opened this door and people are soooo hungry for the things of the Spirit. So many people have never been taught about how Holy Spirit works with power in our lives today. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to reach and encourage folks in that venue! These teaching notes are now getting into local churches all over the place through the ministry of WomensMinistryTools.

Also, the Lord has had me doing an extensive amount of discipling people in person–PARTICULARLY in the areas of helping people step into their callings.

This is just part of being a missionary here in my hometown. SOOO many laborers are being thrust out into God’s harvest field–in every area! Papa is bringing people out of the woodwork.

It doesn’t always look like ministry for those folks, either. Sometimes people are called to the school systems or the corporate world or whatever. But God is using them everywhere, so we’ve been having a big time watching Him work to infiltrate those secular arenas.

I also had the privilege of teaching a group of Gospel writers in Chicago about how to reach more people with their messages.

I was able to travel to Chicago over the weekend of February 10 and teach a class during a writing retreat, as well as helping mentor a number of other writers while I was there (people who weren’t able to attend the class). I’m passionate about reaching more people, so I was so honored to be asked to teach. And THANK YOU for helping me go. 🙂

Other news:

  • I was able to serve at a 5-day conference at my church last week.
  • We published 17 blog posts in February and another 12 already in March.
  • We were able to help sow into another ministry, Pastor Madaline McFarland’s Igniting Families, with our March webinar last week. The webinar was a fundraiser for her.
  • We were able to provide materially for several families who needed it.
  • My literary agent plans to present my book proposal to potential publishers next week. Please pray for this–for an outstanding, amazing book contract with the right publisher. (This book is about healing from father/mother wounds and also about how to become a spiritual father/mother yourself. It’s sooo needed in the Church today.)

And of course, the biggest news is–as most of you already know:

TOMORROW is my last day at my corporate job.

I want to paint my face blue and yell “FREEDOM!!!” when I walk out the door for the last time. (I’d insert a photo of Mel Gibson doing his Braveheart thing here, but that would probably be copyright infringement. If you could just imagine it with me though…) 🙂

So. What will I be doing?

Breathing. For the first time in a long time. That’s what it feels like, anyway.

But practically speaking, other than having SO MUCH LESS STRESS, I’ll be preaching. And teaching. And writing this blog. And actually having the time to wade through the hordes of emails in my inbox (feel free to ping me if you’ve been waiting for an answer from me; I don’t mind) and responding to comments and mentoring and discipling people and praying and preaching some more.

I’ll be a missionary, just like I am now, except all day every day–and I’ll be able to be so much more effective.

Thank You, Jesus.

The Father’s business requires haste, and I’m all in.

But you know what? NONE of this would be possible without Y-O-U.

It wouldn’t be possible without your being an essential part of this Presence-seeking community. Without your prayers. Without your financial partnerships and product purchases (click here to sign up to partner, donate, or purchase products on my Gumroad store) and emails and social media shares. Without your support and encouragement, it wouldn’t be possible.

People from all over the world got equipped, encouraged, and healed this month and last month and the 4+ years before that because God is using YOU to make it possible.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

There are so many more testimonies I could share, but we don’t have time. Just know I love you. Join our Facebook mentoring group (link above). Check out the awesome product sale I just emailed you all if you’re on my email list. (Sign up by downloading the prayer to reverse unjust situations at the top of this screen if you’re not on the list.) And we’ll see you tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, for more walking with Jesus.

Much love in Christ,



  1. Your ministry is truly a blessing . I love your spontaneous genius.
    Do you know anyone in Redding who would like to meet a lady from Washington state who wants to visit Bethel and possibly move there ?
    I have had scores of confirmations, but I would love to have a living connection.
    I am getting ready to sell my house ?,but am a bit financially strapped until then .
    I would love to contribute to your ministry

    1. Hi Michele! I don’t know anyone in Redding at all; so sorry. I have heard that they have a new members/visitors class of some sort where they plug people in right when they go there for the first time. Is it possible for you to attend an event there to meet people?
      Thank you for reading, and for your contribution. 🙂 You are much appreciated!

  2. Awwwww Jamie! You’re such an inspiration and you set the bar super high for those of us dreaming of being used by God is a powerful way! I’m so proud of you! I will keep sharing your blog and I am looking forward to participating heavily in your Gumroad store soon! Love you! God bless you!

    1. Thank you, dear Fanicia! Thank you for being part of this community! Every person is so important and it takes all of us to do the Father’s work!
      Much love and big hugs to you today!!!

  3. Sheetal Mazda says:

    Loved every one of your testimonies.
    Jesus is so good.
    Praying right now for your book to be published.
    Also I have forwarded your Blog Posts to many in West Africa ( I received Jesus there while visiting my parents – I am now in India, but my church is there and so many friends)
    Enjoy your time with God and His people from tomorrow. ?

    1. Hi Sheetal! Thank you so much for reading and for your prayers. My literary agent is working hard on that even this week, so we need those prayers! Thank you! And thank you for forwarding to West Africa as well. It takes all of us working together to get the Gospel work done!
      Be blessed today! I’ve been checking out your blog; it’s coming along and looking great! You are doing a good job. 🙂

      1. Sheetal Mazda says:

        Jamie that means so much to me that you have checked my blog. Thank you for the encouragement. Waiting each day for God to give me ideas and creativity.

        1. The best thing is to be consistent. Make writing and working on your blog a discipline. Every day, day in and day out. Six days a week. Set a schedule for yourself and keep it. Always show up. If you do that, you will advance faster than you dreamed you could. Blogging is still a marathon, not a sprint; but consistency is the key.

  4. Hi Pattie! I’m so glad you’re part of our community. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement and help! I’m trying hard to get caught up on that reachable-ness, as I’m sooo far behind on emails and comments and many things. But it’s my desire to stay always connected to God’s people–never to hide in a room and work, even though I’m such an introvert! I’m in love with God’s people and I pray Father will continue to bless every person in our community–including you–with such a grace and hunger for Him.
    Thank you so much for everything. You are such a dear sister to me! Have a wonderful day!

  5. George dessy says:

    Hallo Jammie!I’m praying for myself to get a well paying job and overcome my financial difficulties. I need you to pray with me too.Thanks

    1. Lord, I ask in Jesus’ name that you would send George a wonderful job. A job with good pay, good work, and nice people to work with. A good boss to work for, Lord. Show him where to apply for this job, and protect the job opening and save it for him. Usher him into it with your grace, as only you can do. Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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