Sometimes You Have To Contend

This is a prophetic word for you if you know Father God has promised you things that you haven’t seen manifest yet.

Beloved, you know what God has promised you. You and God know, and chances are that your dream is really too precious to tell anybody else about the fullness of your dream … and too precious for anybody but you and God to understand anyway.

And you’ve been praying. You’ve been praying for your dream. You’ve been claiming those promises. Maybe you’ve even been fasting. And all of those things are great.

But you still haven’t seen the results you long for. You still haven’t seen the manifestation of what God promised you.

Beloved, if that’s you, it’s time to contend.

Sometimes praying isn’t good enough. Sometimes even adding fasting to your prayer isn’t even enough if you aren’t contending through your prayers and fasting.

What is contending?

Contending is when you get in a birthing position, spiritually speaking, and you travail in the Spirit for the thing YOU KNOW is in God’s heart to come forth.

Contending is when you become aggressive and offensive in your prayer and in your fasting. It’s when day and night, and night and day, you strike God’s heart with your intecession for HIS dream, which is your dream too.

Contending prayer is when you don’t just pray, but you also decree a thing, in accordance with God’s Word always, and you speak it out loud–and by doing so, you enforce God’s governmental decree on the earth.

Contending happens WHEN YOU WILL NOT BE DENIED. Contending happens when you insist and demand that Father answer your prayers and bring forth the thing for which He has sent you to war.

Some of you are not yet walking in your promises simply for lack of contending.

So it’s time. Start contending. Do it now. Birth those promises in insistent, declarative prayer that will not be denied.

Does this word resonate with your spirit? Is God confirming something to your heart? Please leave a comment below if so.

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  1. Kristi Fritch says:

    Would really love more examples on how to contend..practical ways to do this. Resources for reliable information to learn more…I am totally in this place.
    Thank you!

    1. Hey dear! The best resources I can tell you are the books about prayer that changed my life and that God used to inspire me to become a person of prayer.

      They are here:

      There are 6 books about prayer there, most of which are from some of the greatest men of prayer that have ever lived. I would get them all and read them as soon as you can. Read the short Bounds book first. Save Finney for last. (But he might be the most important.) Those books will change your life like you wouldn’t believe. <3

    2. I would also personally recomend reading ” The Battlefield of the mind’- by Joyce Meyer as well as -” Shattering Your Strongholds” – by Liberty Savard
      Those two changed the way i fought in the spirit realm over 2q years ago!!! Still practice there principals and just praying Gods Word in praise as well as prayer!!! To speak out his word in power of the annointing of the Holy Spirit! Father watches over ” HIS WORD , and He manifests it and performs it’!

    3. Contending may be all that’s left but I don’t have the strength. At this point all I can get out is a whispered “God please help.”

  2. Jamie , I feel like God specifically asked you to write this for me. I have been in this position for as long as I can remember , but never thought contending with God is acceptable. As always I appreciate your divine wisdom . Always timely and prophetic indeed! God bless!

    1. Contending with God is not only acceptable, but necessary. God Himself commands us to do so in Luke 18 and in the book of Isaiah also. Think also of Matthew 7:7-8. Ask, ask, ask. Seek, seek, seek. Knock, knock, knock. God has placed us in authority on earth. He requires us to ask and contend in order to give Him permission to move on the earth. Anywhere on the earth–including our lives.

  3. Ann Johnstone says:

    Yes Jamie, this definitely resonates with me . And in desperation I am prepared to do as you suggest…, and with God’s help will keep on contending until the answer comes.

    1. Keep on keeping on! Be like that widow of Luke 18 who would not relent until she got what she wanted!! THAT is what Jesus said was a sign of faith!

  4. Rebecca L Jones says:

    Contend seems to mean fight for to me. I get it.

  5. Absolutely The word resonates in my spirit! I declare the complete fulillment of God’s promise for my life and family to manifest in Jesus Name. God is a convenant keeping a God! ?

  6. Millie Williams says:

    Jamie, May God bless you and your ministry.
    I am Declaring everything I want for me and my family today. And I know God hears all my prayers and he will answer all of them today.
    In the mighty of Jesus. I Thank you again
    Love Millie

  7. I have a dream that I know God has for me in the area of entertainment, however I’m feeling resistance and not getting anywhere. I had an agent for a tear and Not One Audition. I’m not giving up just not sure how to contend.

  8. Jamie!! When you urged us to write our prayers out a few weeks ago, I updated my prayer list and prayed over each one of them, and as soon as I was done, I heard the Lord say, “Contend.” I wasn’t even really sure what that meant, but I thought of Jacob wrestling with God, and figured it meant about the same. To hear from you about contending now is absolute confirmation. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your words of encouragement and for being faithful in sharing what the Lord puts on your heart. The Lord uses you mightily! May He bless you over and above what He pours out on us through you.

  9. Evangeline says:

    Hi Jamie,
    This is exactly what I need to do,please teach me how. I have had dream after dream after another dream of breakthrough, but I don’t know how to pray for manifestation.

    Thank you.

  10. Sally Santella says:

    Oh yes this one is for me! Just before I read this I ordered the book decree a thing by Patricia king from spirit fuel so I think God is preparing me for the contending of my dreams now! I’m so on this. Thank you for sharing this word I really needed it! God bless you abundantly ❤❤❤

  11. As usual, you are right on .
    I felt like I was dead in the water this morning and realized I was being more passive than aggressive, allowing unbelieving family members to deposit fear because they do not understand my dream or how I could be doing such an irrational move to Redding

        1. Lets pretend i wrote “again” twice on purpose for emphasis. ? Hmm…?

  12. Raul Torres says:

    Praise God! I decree and declare a thing and it shall be established for me. and light will shine on your ways. I decree that I am a King and a Priest. As a king your words are backed with divine authority. When I pray I issue commands. Kings don’t beg, they rule with suprem authority. I am a king

  13. Amazing how your messages always come right on time!

  14. Thank you so much Jamie for the messages right from the Father’s Throne. I’m one of those people who is so aggressive in prayer but as of late had lost all hope of seeing God’s promises manifest in my life. I just dropped from hot to lukewarm. In search of word to minister to my soul and spirit ( with an attitude of ” I want to see if God still care”). This blog caught my eye and l spent about an hour going from topic to topic all them were an answer to what l really needed. Today lm saying, I’m ready to contend in prayer again!!! Thank you for encouraging us.

  15. Susan Jones says:

    Yes, it touched me – deeply. Been praying for 22 years. I’m not sure what contending is but I will get the Holy Spirit to show me what it is tomorrow and He can join me in contending prayer for the answers. Thanks Jamie.

  16. This resonates definitely with me, I’ve been fasting, praying and seeking everywhere for our creators guidance. I read aloud the reversal prayer for my husband’s mind to be healed and to come back home to his wife and family. After I read it yesterday I believe God was letting me know he heard my prayer, because I looked up in the sky and there was a rainbow around the entire sun, next to it was a cross. Please I would love more information on contending BC I declare the soultie be broken with this other person and Jesus poor his blood over my marriage, I just refuse to move until I know it’s from God. Everyone is telling me to give up but I feel like I just can’t, I will be obedient to the Lord’s words and be still and know he is God. Pray for us

    1. **Pour not poor… ✝?✝

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