God Wants To Rescue You

God Wants To Rescue You | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comHas anyone ever told you that God won’t help you if you “birth an Ishmael”? If so, be encouraged: it’s not true. God wants to rescue you today, even if your biggest problems are your own fault.

True story.

I’m going to talk to you today about more of God’s MERCY. His mercy is the manifestation of His goodness, kindness, help, steadfast love, and more in your life. It is His “kiss” on your life.


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When people talk about “birthing an Ishmael,” they are referring to the story of Abraham, his wife Sarah, and Sarah’s Egyptian maid, Hagar.

Many millennia ago, God promised Abraham a son. Abraham clung to His promise, but years passed. Eventually, his wife Sarah got antsy. Frustrated. Impatient.

And she made a bad decision.

She decided to hand over her maid, Hagar, to Abraham. She wanted Hagar to conceive a child by Abraham, and then Hagar would give birth on Sarah’s knees (the custom of the day for these types of situations), making the child Sarah’s. And Sarah would have her baby.


So all that happened. Hagar birthed her child on Sarah’s knees, and Sarah named him Ishmael.

Uh … except for one big problem. Ishmael wasn’t the child God had in mind to receive all His promises. Why? Because he wasn’t Sarah’s child. God promised Abraham AND SARAH a child. So, nice job, Sarah, thanks for playing; but that wasn’t God’s solution.

And THAT is what people mean when they tell you not to “birth an Ishmael.” But you know what? Most of the time, they take it too far, and they preach absolute lies to you after that.

It’s true that you shouldn’t get ahead of God and birth something in your life that He didn’t want you to birth.

No question.

The problem is that we have been told that, if you DO mess up and “birth an Ishmael,” then too bad for you. People will tell you that God won’t help you; that you’re on your own; that you made your own mess, and now you need to get yourself out of it.

And that theory is false. It’s a lie. It’s condemnation, and it isn’t supported by Scripture.

Because our Father is so merciful that He wants to rescue you, whether you messed up or not.

Did you hear that? It’s true:

God wants to rescue you.

Even if you got ahead of God. Even if you made bad decisions. Even if you birthed one Ishmael, two Ishmaels, or a whole Ishmaelite family.

God wants to rescue you. | FromHisPresence.com
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Your bad decisions don’t change who God is. And who God is is merciful, gracious, looooooongsuffering, slow to anger, and abundant in mercy and lovingkindness. That mercy and lovingkindness is chesed–the kind of mercy we talked about on Monday.

See, God isn’t sitting in Heaven saying to Jesus, “Jesus, I sure wish our child hadn’t done that, because now they’re out of Our reach. Bummer … That decision is the one thing I didn’t anticipate … the ONE thing Your blood wasn’t good enough to cover!”

Um, no. He is ALL-Sufficient. His blood covers EVERYTHING for His children.

Our Father is mindful that we are but dust. The arm of the Lord is not shortened, that it cannot save. His ear is not dull, that it cannot hear. His mercies go on and on and on and on and on .. and God wants to rescue you.

He even rescued Sarah, Abraham, Hagar, AND Ishmael.

When Sarah birthed Ishmael, you know what God did? Sarah’s bad decision finally caught up with her; it made her life unbearable. Hagar (who never relinquished control of Ishmael) was mocking Sarah and tormenting her (Genesis chapters 16 and 21). The whole situation was intolerable.

And Sarah was God’s covenant daughter.

So you know what God did?

God gave Sarah a plan. He showed her how to fix her own mess. She told her plan to Abraham, who didn’t like it–but then God told Abraham to follow the plan too. So they did.

And you know what else? God took care of Ishmael. He had already given Ishmael and Hagar their own promises. Not the same promises that He gave Abraham and Sarah, but promises nonetheless.

God both rescued Sarah and Abraham AND took care of Ishmael and Hagar as they went their own way.

See how beautifully that worked out? It had its ugly moments, sure. It would have been much better for Sarah and Abraham never to have gotten ahead of God in the first place. But when they did, God didn’t abandon them. He rescued them. He pulled them out of the miry clay, set their feet upon a rock, and established their comings and goings.

And no matter what kind of decisions you have made, God wants to rescue you too.

He did it for Abraham and Sarah. He did it for David; it’s “the kiss of merciful rescue” that I talk about in my 21 Kisses prophetic word. He did it time and time again throughout Scripture.

And He’ll do it for you.

So have you messed up and gotten yourself into a mess? Call upon God to have mercy on you.

God wants to kiss your life with mercy. His mercies are new every day. His mercy is available to you right now. So call upon Him, for He is near!

Pray this with me:

“Father God, in Jesus’ name, I thank You for the blood of Jesus. Thank You for forgiving my sins. Father, I confess that I sinned and disobeyed You, or got ahead of You, when I __________. Father God, please forgive me. Cover me with the blood of Jesus, and wash me clean. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, and help me to obey You every moment going forward.

Father God, by virtue of the covenant I have with You through Jesus’ blood, I ask You to pour out mercy on me right now in my situation. Help me. Rescue me. I know I messed up and got myself into this situation, but I thank You that Your Word says Your mercy is greater.

So Father God, give me the plan You want me to follow. Give me wisdom. Show me how to get out of this situation. Get me out of this situation Yourself, not because I deserve help, but because You love me and Your mercy is just that–mercy when I don’t deserve it.

Father, I thank You for helping me. Thank you for being so good to me. I’ve asked in faith, and I believe You to answer–and I’ll give You all the glory. Help me to hear Your voice and obey whatever You show me.

Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Does this word speak to your heart today? If so, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Thanks and God bless you for this message Jamie. I have been soothe by this message and have learnt that my Papa will pardon me whenever I ask for forgiveness when I face such situation.

    1. Yes, He will, Freda. Jesus’ blood goes on cleansing, and His mercy goes deeper than the ocean could ever be.

  2. Rebecca L Jones says:

    It sounds good to me, I pray for people to receive.

  3. You may never know how much this speaks to me. I had no idea that somewhere I had actually told myself these lies and although they were deeply hidden lies, I instantly was aware of them when I began to read your message. I look forward to buying the MP3 but in the meantime I thank our Father, Papa, for you and your ministry. Sending love and prayers!

    1. Julie Marcellus says:

      For me it was the same – I’ve actually heard this preached from the pulpit and it never sat well with me, that God would want us to suffer through our own mistakes on our own to ‘teach us a lesson’. Even though I didn’t agree with that, I’ve had problems praying for mercy and didn’t even realize it! Thank you Jesus and thank you Jamie!! <3

      1. I thank you for the work that you do for Abba Father, l just pray that one day I’ll Host you in our Church here in Kigunga, Mukono -Uganda.

        1. Reinhard, I would love that very much! And until travel is possible, we would be honored to minister to your people via Zoom if you like! Let me know.
          Many blessings to you!
          Jamie Rohrbaugh

  4. Julie Lashley says:

    Hi Jamie! Thank you so much for all you do! God bless you and your family. I am asking for your prayers for me. I received bad news from the doctor today. I have a prolapsed bladder which is very painful and uncomfortable with a lot of irritating symptoms. I have no insurance because I am out of work due to an injury, and just had one surgery and am due for another surgery to have pins and rods in my leg because my leg is crooked. I need surgery for the prolapsed bladder or I will die the doctor said. I am totally in shock and don’t know what to do with all that is going on in my life. I need your prayers and prayers of others. Thank you so much. God bless you all!! Julie

  5. Jamie,

    Just. Last. Night…because of an undesirable harvest from a badly sown seed, I prayed SPECIFICALLY for His mercy (to not reap what is deserved). That prayer was very specifically answered this morning. Also this morning, you sent this post.




  6. Sherri Roberson says:

    Thanks for this. My life has been a mess for a year and a half and I don’t know what to do to change it. I will recite the prayer.

  7. Rachel Louise Davis says:

    Wow….just last night at bible study I said to my church sister that I was stuck in a bad marriage because I knew BEFORE I married him God said NO…YET I did it anyway. It’s been 20+ years of constant turmoil, abuse and dysfunction.. I fet just like you said I got myself into this mess so I got to struggle in it or get myself out. Thank you for posting this Word. It was so timely. And while I dont know how my deliverance will come I do now believe God Wants to deliver me. Thank you, Lord for your mercy!

  8. Joe Whitelaw says:

    I think Father has forgot about my kisses!

  9. Joe Whitelaw says:

    I think Father has forgot about my kisses! What about me? I want to be rescued. Why won’t Father rescue me. What did I do wrong? What ever it was I apologise. Can you tell Father that. What ever I did wrong I’m sorry. Then could you ask Him if I can stop being homeless now because I’m really scared and I don’t love me being scared.

    1. Natasha R Mavengere says:

      I am so sorry that I am responding so late Joe but I sincerely hope that your kisses did come already. I just wanted to encourage you again today that if you are still waiting for the kiss of mercy from Father, don’t despair, be still and wait for him. He is Abba Father, His mrcy endures forever and He will rescue you. He will because He loves you, He will. If He has already rescued you, please come back and share your testimony so that we can all be encouraged.

  10. I needed this THANK YOU

  11. Thank you for the reminder that jesus still loves me even though I have had children out of wed lock. Also the current situation I am in again.

    1. He does love you very much, sweetheart. Have you ever given your life to Jesus to make Him the Boss and Lord of your life? Send me a message if you haven’t and you’d like to talk about it.

  12. This is where I am and God used you to send this words to me. I am so grateful! Thank you for allowing God to use you! God bless you and your family. His anointing that baby as it continue to grow.

  13. oh yes it spoke to my heart in a huge way.I so needed to hear what my Papa God wanted me to hear and remove all the lies I had been told.The words washed over my heart and cleansed me and I feel freed from shame and hurt.
    Thank you Papa and thank you Jamie.

  14. Millie Williams says:

    Jamie, I thank God for your word today. Before I open my Facebook page I ask God to give me a word today. Because I was feeling down. I had made some bad decisions. And I mess up again. This was the word I needed today. You are truly my Angel that God sent us to stay encouraged I am praying for you and your family, baby Elijah. I ask God to give you both strength for this bless change in your life. You will be alright. God did this and he answer your prayers for a baby. God is Awesome. I thank you again. Be bless Mrs. Millie

  15. Millie Williams says:

    Jamie, I thank you for this word today. Be bless.

  16. Jamie, thank you for this word.
    I’m so grateful right now.
    Dear Lord, please bless her profusely, Amen.

  17. Kay Sundling says:

    Thank you, Jamie, I so needed this prayer this morning. God IS merciful and mighty. God in three persons, blessed Trinity.

  18. I thank you for the work that you do for Abba Father, l just pray that one day I’ll Host you in our Church here in Kigunga, Mukono -Uganda.

    1. Reinhard, I would love that very much! And until travel is possible, we would be honored to minister to your people via Zoom if you like! Let me know.
      Many blessings to you!
      Jamie Rohrbaugh

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