Encouraging Word for You If You’re Lonely

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Dear sister or brother who’s lonely,

I want to encourage you today because I can feel the burden for you on Father’s heart.

You already know All The Stuff. All the words that are supposed to make you feel better … and sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t.

I’m not here to talk to you about those things today, because you already know them.

But I am here to talk to you about Father’s heart for you, right here in All The Loneliness.

Because you see, beloved: Father cares more about the fact that you are hurting right now than He does about your Passing All The Tests Perfectly.

Wouldn’t you?

If you had a baby, and your baby was hurting, wouldn’t you just look at the tears on your baby’s face and want to make them stop?

Wouldn’t you want to kiss it and make it better? Wouldn’t you comfort your little one, wipe the tears off her face or his face, and hug them tight to yourself?


And see, you didn’t get that instinct out of thin air. You got it because you were created in the image of God, who is the original Father. That instinct is from Him. That comforting thing is what He is like.

And comforting is exactly what He wants to be and do for you right now.

Life stinks sometimes. Things happen. Hard things. And the joyful are not always happy; the strong are not always vigorous.

But Father doesn’t expect you to just keep on hippity-hoppitying down the bunny trail as if everything is fine. You wouldn’t tell your baby that if she or he had just been attacked by a bully and gotten their arm broken. And Father wouldn’t tell you that either.

In times like these, it’s okay to crawl up on Daddy’s lap and cry awhile.

It’s okay to rest.

It’s okay to be comforted. Just to snuggle into Daddy’s chest and shut out the world.

And I felt like Papa wanted you to know that today.

That is all.

Much love and big hugs to you in Jesus,


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  1. Bless you for sharing this post today. Much needed today .

  2. Pauline Borgan says:

    How did you know that yes I was sitting here crying at this very moment. Thank you. ?

    1. I didn’t, but Jesus must have! Love and hugs to you, dear Pauline. Papa loves you so very much and He wants to make everything better for you today, love. I pray you’d sense His love and affection right now and that Holy Spirit would comfort you and dry your tears.

  3. Rebecca L Jones says:

    I had the same thought a couple of hours ago that I was on His heart today, did He tell you to write this for me?

  4. Hi
    I thought no one understood or cares. I have been down so many times and pick up myself. this time its way too hard. the world is quiet I would give anything to let this pain and despair go away. I will be crying again tonight

    1. Skate, Father God loves you very much. He told me to tell you today that He knows all the deepest thoughts of your heart, and He cares about every one of them. More than that, though, He longs to make them better if you will let Him. All you have to do is come close to Him and sit on His lap. Stay there so He can help you and heal you. Don’t let yourself wander even a foot away, for help and hope are found only in Daddy.
      Blessings to you, friend. Thank you for reading and sharing.

  5. Amen ! I have been going through so much lately and today o was crying feeling like i needet a hug from Abba ! Thank you so much for sharing!God bless you!!

    1. Oh, Doriana! He wants to hug you again and again! If you haven’t already read it, please read this post about A Big Hug from Daddy God For You. It’s one of my secrets that works every time … because Father ALWAYS wants to snuggle you!
      Love and blessings to you today, dear heart.

  6. I’ve been feeling lonely and crying a lot lately. I really needed to hear this. Thank you for sharing. God bless you!

    1. I’m sorry you’ve been going through that, Nani, but I do pray that you would climb up onto Papa’s lap and let yourself cry on HIS shoulder. Tuck yourself in under His wings, where you will be safe and warm and it will be quiet. You will be sheltered from the world there, and He will make everything right for you.
      Much love and big hugs, friend.

  7. Thanks, its exactly how I have been feeling today..

    1. I pray that Father God would continue to comfort and encourage you this very day, Rosy. Thank you for reading!

  8. Hmmm… Thank you God ,for inspiring this. I’m encouraged already. I had cried earlier…

    1. Nneoma, I am so glad that Father God encouraged you. I pray you would continue to climb up into His lap each day and receive ministry from Holy Spirit. He is so wild about you, and He is more comforting than any human father or mother could ever be! He’s the ORIGINAL Blessing–the original Comforter, Nurturer, Provider, and Sustainer!

  9. glenda trembath says:

    Dear one, what a blessing you are, in MORE ways than one!!!!
    You certainly do hear from the Lord & His presence is so obviously your close companion – words of honey & oil of healing ministerd to me as i read His words.
    And to further bring a smile i was reading “the supernatural ways of royality” when your email arrived.
    How loving & faithful is our Abba, the Trinity ♡♡♡
    Hugs of love & blessings

    1. Glenda, dear sister, I am SO glad you got The Supernatural Ways of Royalty! And that Father God blessed you with this word. I pray He would continually and again comfort you and encourage you and lift your head, this very day, in Jesus name–to help you walk as the queen that you are!
      Blessings and big hugs to you today, sister!

  10. Wow! Thank you for this, came right on time. Cried when i open this e-mail because it hit home for me. God bless you for these words.

    1. Oh Sophia, I pray that Holy Spirit would comfort you even right now, in Jesus’ name, and that He would fill the hole inside you completely with His own love, presence, power, and JOY, in Jesus’ mighty name!

  11. Jamie,

    May God’s countenance continue to shine on you!

    God sure gave you a big heart and most of
    all I believe you are a girl after His own heart,
    that is for sure! Amen for that! Thank-you Jesus!

  12. Have been praying about a relationship and nothing has happened except twists and turns, and I’m tired. Work hasn’t been going well too and I’m confused. So thank you for this.

    1. Jo, based on what you said above about how the relationship is going, if you can, please plan to attend the free webinar this Saturday about how to make decisions that are right, 100% of the time. I think some of the things I’ll be teaching on will really help you discern what God could be doing (or what the enemy could be doing) in this situation. You can sign up for the webinar here if you haven’t already done so. You’ll want to sign in early if you’d like a live seat.
      Blessings to you! Thank you for reading!

  13. Amen. God bless you Jamie with this word. Yes, I need to sit on my Father’s lap and cry my heart out to Him for Him to cuddle me.

    1. Yes ma’am, and I hope you did. Father is waiting for you even now. Every moment, every day. His heart beats for you, and only He can fill the hole in your spirit. I pray you would be comforted as you snuggle up to your Daddy God today, in Jesus’ name.

  14. Thank you so much. I really needed to hear this so much. I have felt lonely for a long timw. May God bless you and protect you.

    1. Susan, I pray that Holy Spirit would comfort you and encourage you even today, filling every spot in your heart with His own perfect love. In Jesus’ name.

  15. Wow! This is the second day I have been lead to a message about God’s love for me and how He cares that I am in a season (3 years now) where life has gotten unbearable. I so need to get this message from my head down to my heart. Thank you.

    1. He loves you so very much, dear Alicia. I pray that Papa would show Himself to you as your Glory, and the Lifter of your head–the Restorer of your place of authority! In Jesus’ name!
      Much love and big, squeezy hugs to you today in Jesus! Thank you for reading!

  16. Vincent Del Vecchio says:

    Thank You for that.I am almost 61 years this coming April and i have been living alone since 2012.Its hard you sleep alone you eat alone go shopping alone i have friends but all married and its hard when your the big toe. Even in church it’s hard because people would be with their wife/husband I have a Christian lady friend i will be meeting for the first time this April we met on a faith in Jesus page i think it was Jesus daily not sure and she had posted a bible verse and i made a comment on it and we been sharing our faith every day since Oct 2015 I will be meeting her family and pastor all been praying for me/us but shes 9,000 miles away and want to bring her here until i retire..Its all in Gods hands now.I know Jesus loves me God loves me Jasmin loves me but when i close the door behind me when i come home the closing door echos in my empty home 🙁 and i think of that 70’s song. Alone again Naturally

    1. I prayed for you, Vincent. Thank you for sharing. May you be blessed with every good and perfect gift from Father God, in Jesus’ name.

  17. Peggy Jo Farr says:

    Thank you for sharing that word today, it was the prayer of my heart today. I need my daddy to heal my broken, sad, and lonely heart. Thank you for the words of comfort and encouragement.

  18. Danielle Bedford says:


    Your words are always on time. I definitely need to feel God’s love and hugs. Dealing with the loss of both parents this year and dealing with rejection from other relatives. You begin to feel alone.

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