Stop Waiting for God to Speak (and Start Following the Glory)

Are you in a miserable situation, and you need change … but you aren’t sure if God has told you to do anything about it or not? If so, this word is for you! I believe it’s time to stop waiting for God to speak–and start following His glory!

The Lord has been speaking to me about learning all the different ways He communicates with us.

Too often, we tend to think that God isn’t speaking unless we read a very specific verse in the Bible …

… or unless the angel Gabriel shows up in our bedroom …

… or unless we hear 7 blasts of God’s trumpet …

… or whatever.

You get the picture.

But God speaks in many ways, and we need to learn how to hear them all.

And one of the ways He speaks is through the placement of His glory.

This has really been on my heart recently, and so I recorded a teaching message about it for you. It’s called “Stop Waiting for God to Speak (and Start Following the Glory).”

I recorded it over on YouTube, and you can watch it below. Please also remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Does this word resonate with you? Are you in a situation in which you need to begin following the glory? If so, leave a comment below! I love hearing from you!

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  1. In need of prayer i am part of the childrens ministry team at my church but i feel like negative stuff hapening my car broke down water pump several days ago & like yesterday on my birthday i burned my hand with greese the pan lit on fire i grabbed handle to take out the door & my son inlaw through water to put out fire & it splashed on me so i dropped the pan but fire was out thank the lord but yesterday i found out my car has a blown head gasket & i just paid a $400 car payment on a car that i got way over charged for 06 kia spectra since 12/2015 & my warranty ended 3000 miles ago & i still owe over $7000 on it i live in country my homes falling apart that was signed over to me but paying on it as it has a lien till paid off but title deed every things in my name its a older single wide 2bd 1 bath on 2 acres my credit is in 589 im just stressing & need a serious miracle i need prayer i always post prayer quotes etc. To share with friends & family on facebook & i am a giver type of person i always offer help pray & try hard staying positive?! I compliment people as much as possible daily i have a big heart.

    1. Dear Delfia,
      I am able to understand what u must be going through, since I’ve been through much over the past 2+ years. But, know for sure Papa God is doing a work in u and u will come out victorious. Take hear, dear Sister, for it is the Lord, (y)our God Who is fighting for u … u will come out as pure gold!
      In His love n service,
      Jemimah (from Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

      P.S. The enemy always fights the hardest, when he know that God has something great in store for you.

  2. Winnie chiweshe says:

    Hello Jamie! I have found comfort in reading you teaching messages. I thank God for opening my eyes to come across your during the time I was searching for sample prayers. May God continue to bless you ,open your spiritual eyes to the hidden challenges tormenting the children of God and continue to open your ears to hear the cry of the needy. Within 1week I have learn a lot in terms of how to communicate/pray and how to be able to forgive. I thank you please continue to pray for me to overturn the negative immigration decision.

  3. Winnie chiweshe says:

    Jamie, thank you for powerful teaching messages. I find joy and comfort in them. I have shared with family members your prayers. Thank you God bless you.

  4. Pauline Borgan says:

    Thank you Jamie. Walk in faith. Eph 3:20 Glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work WITHIN US…
    Trusting God!

  5. Good Word of encouragement Jamie!

  6. Courtney strickland says:

    Thank you Jamie. I’ve been a bad situation at my work for a long time and unfortunately have made some horrible decisions with I’ve yet to recover from nor have anyone else let me forget including my boss. I’ve heard God speak through my spirit several times and just like you said I have now and since been waiting for him to tell me step by step what to do. Even trying to make it right with the church since I can’t I can rarely tell when things are right with me and God. You spoke straight to my heart tonight and first thing tomorrow I’m going to put out my resume and pray that God will open up the right job for me that He feels is fit and I can grow in Christ finally. I know He loves me and my family without a shadow of a doubt but right now we aren’t growing like we need to or like He needs us too. I’m holding us back by waiting so I’m moving forward first thing in the morning. Thank you for listening to Him speak in so many waysand sharing with all of us so we can grow also.

  7. Thank you Jamie… this helps me in knowing what God wants me to do in a situation where I need His answer and guidance but just hearing silence.

  8. God answers my prayers so quickly these days…. so this post is just what I’ve been seeking, but I’m still on the fence. It’s a reeeeeally long story so I’ll cut to the chase – my husband and I have 4 children still at home, and he is gone for long stretches at a time for work. I work 6 days a week so my children are now being raised by wolves and it shows. Of my 6 children, 2 have walked away from God entirely and there is chaos in my household every day. We moved to Kansas 4 yrs ago from Southern California where I was a successful REALTOR® and mom and I was home weekends and evenings with my kids. Even then I felt I needed to be a stay-at-home mom but had no real calling… here in Kansas I took a ridiculously low-paying job in a small family owned retail office where I’m the only Christian, just to make ends meet. God has called me to write – but I literally have no time! We live paycheck to paycheck so even though I know, I KNOW that this is not where I’m supposed to be – I don’t know how or when to leave?

  9. Mutebi Joseph says:

    Hi Jamie thanks for opening my spiritual eye,you don’t know you’ve blessed me.I bless the lord for you ministry to us all,it’s may prayer that God will shower you with super natural provision for His service.Love you all. regards to all those that are in Christ.

  10. Hi Jamie, wow!!! What a timely message that was for me. God has been obviously speaking to me for a whole year regarding gathering people in my home for teaching/
    ministry. Today you have just sealed the deal for me.

    God bless you Jamie.

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