Feel Hopeless or Dead? Two Encouraging Words

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Presence Seekers University signupBeloved Presence seekers,

Do you feel hopeless today? Or, do you feel like you’ve been killed by friendly fire, and someone needs to drag you away by your feet, because you just feel dead?

If so, I have two encouraging words for you today. I recorded these two words this week via Facebook video. If you haven’t already seen them, here they are:

Encouraging word for you if you feel hopeless:


And if you feel dead, watch the second video too. It’s about a dream I had, in which I saw someone rise from the dead:


Beloved, I pray these words will encourage you. Have a wonderful day!

Much love in  Christ,


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  1. God bless you Jamie. These are the very words I need for uplift of the Holy spirit. I feel dead . I know from now the dry bones in me is going to get flesh in Jesus name. Papa Lord is great.

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