How To Choose a Word of the Year

Beloveds, we interrupt this series for a special report on how to choose a word of the year. I wrote an article for about this subject, and it just went live a few minutes ago!

Want a tool that will equip you, inspire you, and strengthen your faith? Choosing a word of the year can do all of that!

Ready? Read 4 Simple Tips for Choosing a Word of the Year here:


  1. Rebecca L Jones says:

    I already had one before you sent this out Jaime, wisdom.

  2. Geraldine Mcclendon says:

    I too already had one prior to this message “Better”.

  3. Moji Delano says:

    This link appears to be faulty.
    Kindly look into it please.
    I thank God for all that he is doing in the lives of believers through your blog
    God bless you!

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