Laugh At the Enemy Today

Are you struggling with something painful today? If so, I have an encouraging word for you: go ahead and laugh at the enemy!

This morning, I was reading Matthew 5–the Sermon on the Mount. In that passage, Jesus says over and over that we are blessed when various bad things happen … and that we should count ourselves blessed if we are in bad circumstances.


Not because it’s fun to be going through a trial; it’s not fun.

Not because we want to stay in the trial; we naturally want to escape trials as soon as possible.

But each time Jesus said we are blessed if a certain bad thing happens (sadness, mourning, persecutions, slander, reviling, etc), He finished His phrase with one thing: a description of the truth.

For example:

  • You may be sad now, but the TRUTH is that the Kingdom of Heaven–which is righteousness, peace, and JOY in the Holy Spirit, as well as power–is yours. That’s the TRUTH.
  • You may be mourning now, but you’re about to be comforted. That’s the TRUTH.
  • People may have persecuted you or said bad things about you, but you have a great reward in Heaven. That’s the truth.

And on and on and on. This theme repeats itself often in the Bible: “Count it all joy…” knowing that THE TRUTH is that greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world… and THE TRUTH is that circumstances and appearances don’t dictate reality.

Oh dear brothers and sisters. This is why we must keep our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. HE is the only Truth, and Truth is only found in Him.

Not in appearances. Not in circumstances, and certainly not in feelings.

The truth is what God says. That’s it.

So are you sad today? Look up–look to Jesus–and you will be comforted.

Are you weak today? Look up–look to Jesus–and you will be strengthened.

Are you mourning today? Look up–look to Jesus–and you will be filled with the fullness of joy that is found only in His presence.

Beloved, don’t listen to lies. Don’t accept what the enemy tries to tell you is your portion. Don’t accept the lies he sends to discourage you and weaken your soul.

Instead, go ahead and do what Jesus said to do: rejoice! Rejoice if you are sad! Rejoice if you are broken! Rejoice, no matter what! Go ahead and laugh at the enemy, for THE TRUTH is that you are MORE than a conqueror in Christ Jesus who loves you.

Does this word encourage your heart today? If so, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Terry Hodges says:

    Thank you Jamie.. Awesome reminder and encouragement! He who sits in the Heavens Laughs!. In suffering Jesus was exalted in Joy above His fellows!For a Spirit of Heaviness He gives us Joy, laughter. The Joy in the Lord is our strength. Out of or belly shall flow rivers of living Joy!We shall drink from the living wells of our salvation in Joy!We shall be stirred in our most Holy emotions of Laughter and Joy. In Acts they were filled with joy drinking the new wine of the Holy Ghost! The whole city was filled with Joy in Jerusalem. Gladness and joy shall be upon our hearts! The refreshing ,preserving presence of the Joy of the Lord! Just had to share what I need am speaking out the Words of Life for me and others who hear! Thank you Jesus for pouring out you r Joy , your anointing upon us in your Grace and Mercy!

      1. Terry Hodges says:

        Thank you Jamie..That encourages me that I encourage you!AS I finding my gifts purpose in the new season in my life I find that even in my struggles that others say I have as spirit of Encouragement!! As the Lord breaks thru in the Gift of the prophetic in me that with encouragement it must be God. No matter how it comes out all that word in me SHALL bless the Lord and the Kingdom! The enemy is a liar ,That why he try to impede cause I’m finding out who I am in Jesus do qualify to be His mouth piece!

        1. James Reid Ross says:

          Certainly at some point no NOT for Christ is always with us started to say at somepoint we must carry our cross alone as He did but NOT for He will never leave us nor forsake us. He may put us through a trial a refiners fire but as the Hebrew children He is in the fiery furnace of affliction with us and just to burn off our chains or that which binds us. Ahh Saviour like a Shepard lead us much we need thy tender care. and remember He came eating and drinking think He and the disciples had a great time so much they called Him a winebibber a gluton , He walked off those calories and didn;’t drive drunk LOL> maybe we should abandon our cars and start walking. God bless agape philio yes He who sits in the Heavens laughs and yes in derision.

    1. Funny how you always know Jamie exactly what I need to hear and when! It all lines up perfectly in sync. The exact thing Ive been praying for has taken a drastic turn for the worst & here I am again waiting with expectation for a miracle. The word says not to believe the enemies lies. And to laugh at him. Trying hard to not be moved by the circumstances. Every time I read your posts its such a comfort, it confirms what I know in my heart and that Im not alone. Seriously you came into my life at the perfect time to councel me like a true friend. God knew I needed you! Cant thank you enough. XoXo

  2. Millie Williams says:

    I thank Jamie my Angel for this encouraging word. May you have a bless Valentine Day.
    Love Millie

  3. Rebecca L Jones says:

    it speaks to my heart this Valentine’s Day. He said not to let it be troubled.

  4. Thank you Sis Jamie, I really needed this message today! I am going to trials and tribulations right now and people in whom that I thought were my friends and family that loved me are all talking about me and have turned there back on me. They have lied on me continually and they know that they are telling lies but yet they continue to slander my name. I am going through a unjust situation right now. I have not been charged for the crime yet, but I am being investigated. I pray for them everyday and it gets hard sometimes. I have to love them and as God continues to love me. I just really needed to hear this message today. Thank you again! Please keep me in your prayers and please pray that the truth comes out in my unjust situation that I am facing at this time. I love you!

    1. goodness Mndawe says:

      Hello Selena you are not alone my dear God is always with you . We agree with you in prayer .

    2. You say in your word Abba Father, to cry out to you in the day of trouble and you shall deliver us! You also say to pray for one another & that the prayers of the righteous shall availeth much! You also say the the steps of the righteous are ordered by you Lord! You also say do not worry about what we shall say, the Holy Spirit will give the words to speek at the right time! Lord, we lift up Thus child that velongs to you and ask you to intercede on her behalf as she has the faith that even if only the size of a mustard seed is enough to move this mountain, Father, set her in a place of peace, provision, and contentment, and silence the mouths of ger advesaries and put them into mutual confusion and destroy all the work of the enemy. We ask a doublefold blessing to come to her now in the name of your only Begotten Son, Jesus! Amen. Amen.

  5. Ricky Rabi says:

    I have a similar problem as Selena. Thank YOu Jamie, God bless you. This word has so encouraged me today. Love you lots. Please pray for me.

  6. jill d smitherman says:

    Thank you my sister Jamie! I’m just reading your post and as always it is right on time. Thank you for speaking these Truths and for sharing your JOY and words of encouragement. I needed this today, right this second. Our GOD is Forever Faithful and I’m so grateful for HIS Love. May GOD Bless you abundantly! I Love you my friend!

  7. Candafe Lykken says:

    Thanks needed this. Just switched mgrs in my new part/time job and now was all stressed. I need to remember who is in charge. Please say a prayer for Dawn, new Christian (takes care of her nephews one is a new baby other 2yrs) Pray protection and come against the strife of tongues and anything else God gives you. She is so precious and I am grieving her not being my mgr any more and she taught me so much. She was really caring and compassionate. You do not find that among many managers anymore. Pray God to work all to her good on her behalf and show her His goodness. Also dont have her address and have a knit baby cap want to get to her …would you pray a way to get it to her. Thanks a bunch and God Bless.

  8. You are an encourager, which is well received and needed at this moment.
    God bless you Jamie, and may our wonderful Father in Heaven continue
    to give you the insight to write what is needed at our exact moment. At least
    in my case; you seem to always post something that hits home with me.
    Your awesome!

  9. Thank you dear Jamie for this!! ❤

  10. Thank you Sis Jamie. I was sitting here feeling a little disheartened about my marriage and my employment situation.
    I feel encouraged and uplifted.

    May God continue to shine his countenance upon you and give you peace. When I start working again, I will make sure I return to God’s store house and sisters like you who have brought me along.

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