Prophetic Word: Go Long!

I heard the Lord say: “Go long!”

Many of you have been worried about your destiny. You have seen glimpses of it, but no tangible manifestation.

However, the Lord wants you to know today that you should change your outlook to “Go long!” If your destiny is a lifelong thing, which it is, what could you accomplish if you sat back and looked at what is possible over the course of your entire life, instead of looking at what is not yet manifest?

I sense the Lord telling me that the “go long” mindset will actually cut your wait time in half. Why? Because it removes the discouragement. It removes the pressure to compete and perform.

How do you activate this? Sit down with a pen and paper and write down what you would like your life to look like in 40 years. Imagine yourself 40 years from now, remembering your life. What kind of memories would you like to have at that time?

Then focus on the foundation. Only the foundation matters at this time. Ask the Lord what kind of foundation you will need to build in order to support THAT “house” of your life. He will show you clearly.

And that will be the beginning of all things.


  1. Thank you Jamie…have been meditating over that for a long time and reworking my foundation. This message you shared is reaffirmation that I am moving in the right direction and that I am moving with the Holy Spirit. Stay blessed and grow with Him always. Thank you again for your intercessions

  2. Thank you for this word. I have been really struggling regarding how to move on the “go” I have in my spirit. This helps me to see that I need to go back to the basics. Thank you and God bless!

  3. Saint John says:

    Been thinking along these lines lately. Just giving you a confirmation.

  4. I can’t predict what will happen in one year’s time; how can I foresee what will the future hold in 40 years time?

  5. Glory be to God. Thank you Holy Spirit thank you Jesus .thank you Heavenly Father

  6. Twilla Bundick says:

    I am so excited for you, the other prophets and ministers as you are preparing for the services and great manifestations of the Holy Spirit to come and minister to you All! Maybe a little less excited than if I had gotten to attend but maybe next time. Jamie, I am so blessed to be in your corner! I am blessed’ by your going out and coming in’ because of you ministering to all of us that are being blessed, guided, and instructed by you. I know I am blessed. God bless this seminar in a mighty and great way and God bless you, Jamie Rohrbaugh!

  7. Jackie Bauman says:

    Read your word of July 11….so encouraged by it because of my long experience in the desert. Hopefully soon, I will be coming forth into a new adventure that is totally of Him!
    Our Lord bless and keep you as you minister to Him and for Him.

  8. Mutebi Joseph says:

    Hi Jamie thanks a lot for you time and dedication for His service,I was conteprating on when will things begin to happen in that awaited devine way.Am always having a thinking how it looks like to walk hand in hand with the creator of heaven,earth and all their fullness????????.Am thirsty for this,Ineed this experience.

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