Prophetic Word: Resurrection and the Grain of Wheat

Dear Presence-seeking family,
I feel like the Lord is telling me this morning that some folks are facing a situation in which you have two choices: you could either stand up and take the hard line and refuse to be corrected (either by the Lord or by someone in authority), OR you can humble yourself.

Beloved, if that’s you, I wanted to share John 12:24 with you today. This passage says:

“Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.”

Beloved, Father is working on your character. How do I know? Because He’s working on ALL of our character! He’s continually transforming all of us into the image of Christ. He’s taking us from glory to glory, faith to faith, and strength to strength.

So what do you do if Father is working on a character issue in you, and you don’t want to go along?

Well, ultimately, Father is going to get His way. If we resist Him, He may not get His way until the last trumpet blows and Jesus returns; but He is going to get His way. Our comfort is not Father’s first concern. Our Christlikeness IS.

So you could resist what Father is doing. It’s your choice. But, dearly beloved, if you resist, you will lose your peace and joy. You will be kicking against the goads, and that didn’t work out well for the apostle Paul! If you resist God, you subject yourself to His discipline, and you will not be able to enjoy your life.

But–oh, beloved–if you submit!

The joy that can be yours! It may hurt while Father works this issue out of you. It hurts me when He works things out of me, for sure!

But beloved, if you submit to Him–if you CHOOSE to love Him more than you love yourself …

… if you will be like that grain of wheat that falls to the ground and dies to yourself, submitting wholeheartedly to Father’s plan and to His correction …

Oh, beloved. If you will do that, you have God’s promise that you will rise again … and that you will bear much fruit.

I know it’s hard. But, beloved, the fruit! The fruit is worth it.

The resurrection is worth it.

What will you decide today?

Much love and many prayers to you,

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  1. sibonginkosi says:

    This is what i am struggling with today.
    I know that my boyfriend is not right for me
    He is not committed to our relationship
    l aso I got a prophecy that he is not the one who will marry me.Yet i still find excuses to stay in the relationship.
    Thank you for this msg….it came exactly when I needed it
    I even made a vow of celibacy. Will wait for the man that God desires for me
    Do things the godly way….praying for strength and wisdom!

  2. Wow! Yes I’ve been struggling against him for two days now! I know I need to give in. I even understand its right in a very logical clinical sense but my heart is so resistant it’s annoying! I fear losing my options to do as I please but it says, “the love of Christ constrains us.” Please pray for me. I’m making the first moves I know how to give in. I’ve said out loud in prayer, “I give in. I accept. Please help me actually do this!”
    Thank you for relaying his message today Jamie. The minute I read the John scripture it hit right between the chambers of my heart. I knew instantly you heard from him. It amazes me every time how much is in his word and you can miss it without his Holy Spirit enlightening us to it. God bless you and thank you!!!

  3. Mimi Williams says:

    I am so thankful for this message. My husband applied for divorce which I don’t want so I am surredering and giving to God to handle. I am trying very hard to be obedient to Abba and not take matters into my own hands. Jamie please pray for me.

  4. I want to reconcile with my boy friend.i want only Jesus to help us .Please keep me in prayers. Mary

  5. What an encouraging scripture. I have issues in my marriage because of inability to bear children and my husband keeps asking me to leave and now he said he placed me on probation. I surrender all to God now to handle it. He has a better plan for me. Justice and righteousness are the foundation of His throne. Thanks a lot.

  6. Thank you for that beautiful statements… I can see myself right into that situation. I chose to submit not to resist anymore because His ways are better than my waysand I know He has a better plan for me.

  7. Wow Jamie I thought I might have experiencing this by myself. I am learning to trust Yah. At times it is not easy as we all are finding out! I give God total control of this vessel and to do what He wants. Everything we have are still as Him for already belongs to Him!
    Thank you Jamie for your obedience to Yah!

  8. Sarah Mmutlane says:

    Hi Jamie
    Prophetic words are speaking to me .my son was arrested and accused of rape he did not commit so the law did not change him they let him go because he is innocent so I believe that God my heavenly father he is the one who take control of this situation thanks again for prophetic words because those people they says they want to destroy my son’s future.this people they are born again Christians a bishop from turning points ministries they send him death threats so I trust My heavenly father he will take control of this situation
    Sarah Mmutlane

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