Encouraging Word About Pursuing Your Passions

Presence Seekers University signupLast week, I had been praying about people’s dreams–pursuing your passions–and the Lord gave me this encouraging word for you. I literally heard Him speak it word-for-word as I typed, and He told me to wait until this week to send it. So, I believe this word will be timely for somebody today.

Encouraging word about pursuing your passions:

This is what Papa said:

“If you have a paradigm that limits what I can do in your life in any way, that paradigm is not from Me. I can do more than you could ever ask or think, so think of your highest dreams and goals and know that I desire to do even more than that.

Set your sights on the highest thing that you can conceive of where you are, and I will continually expand your horizon as you press toward Me. Be diligent, careful, and purposeful to enter into every dream I have given you. You were made for a purpose, and accomplishing that purpose will enrich your life beyond anything you have ever imagined.

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    Along this journey, however, remember to seek Me first. Pray about everything that concerns you, and especially about the fulfillment of your dreams. Trust Me to open doors for you that only I can open, and to shut doors for you that only I can shut. Trust Me to protect and provide for you.

    Do not look to man to fulfill your calling. Look to Me. Chase Me first. Set your heart on things above, where I am. Desire Me more than anything else.

    As you do, you will find that I am your Source, your Provider, your Waymaker, and your Path. The entirety and fullness of what you seek is found completely in Me. So seek Me with zealous love. Be zealous for Me. Be jealous of Me. Be Mine with all your focus, all your longing, and all your passion. I am worth pursuing, and only I can ever satisfy the needs of your soul.”

    Thank You, Papa! I receive it!

    Is this word for you today also? Please leave a comment below if you receive it too!


    1. Praise be to Abba Father. This word is specifically for ME! I kid you not. I was praying this morning for a project I spoke to God about. I needed confirmation that I would be okay and He would meet my needs to make the event a success.
      Now, here we are. The confirmation I needed. Timely and Beautiful. Thank you, Jesus. I need to print this and put in my prayer chamber as a reminder…God never fails.

      1. Hi Dumebi, I’m so glad Papa confirmed His word to you using this post. You will definitely be ok. As I’m typing this, I feel like I hear the Holy Spirit saying, “I make all things new.” In case that means anything to you. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and sharing!

    2. Rick Salisbury says:

      This word is very timely, satisfaction at work is kind of low. I have nearly always been in a quandary about pursing my passion, much less identifying it. Then I think it was Lance Walnau who said recently, your passion is what you like to do, what is it that you like. Recently, by careful listening and watching I found the simplicity of not figuring out the solution before the beginning, I could see that teaching is my passion. Nearly 40 years ago a man at church asked if I ever thought of being a teacher. Much of my life this has been mostly out of reach. Today, waiting and waching for open doors from Papa, who wants me to pursue my passion more than I do. It is anew day.

    3. PELVIA LEE-MOORE says:

      Praise God! I receive THIS! IN JESUS NAME, AMEN. I will continue to seek You and only YOU! Thank You Father!

    4. WOWWWWWWWWWW. YES!!!!! Goodness, gracious!!! I receive, I receive, in Jesus name!!!! <3 <3 <3!!!!!

    5. André Robert says:

      This is great stuff and it blesses me beyond measure.That is why I want to partner with you,support you and pray for you:YOU HAVE A TRIPLE PORTION OF THE ANNOINTING AND I BELIEVE AND HOPE THAT THIS WORD YOU RECEIVED FROM GOD IS PRIMARILY FOR YOU, SISTER.

      1. Andre, thank you so much for your encouragement. Thank you for your support and partnership and help and for reading too. It takes a village–all of us in Jesus’ Body are needed to work together to fulfill the call of Christ and proclaim His Gospel around the earth. 🙂

    6. Angela Bley says:

      I needed to hear this in a big way! Thank you for sharing and for being led by the Holy Spirit in what to say to your readers! It’s truly a God thing when you feel the Word is directlY for you and me! And by the way, I thank you and I receive it!

      1. Amen! Thank you so much for reading, Angela! Papa’s got this! NO matter what it is…. PAPA’s GOT this!!! 🙂

    7. Rebecca L Jones says:

      Three words stand out to me. Chase me first. I have been for a long time. This past October I decided to do a 31 Day Writing Challenge. I spent an anxious night thinking what to write about, about 4 a.m. I decided to write short stories, then the Holy Spirit whispered, I’d like you write the Prince of Peace. And my month of blog posts, Pursuing the Prince of Peace.

      1. Yes, sometimes peace is the biggest thing our soul craves. So glad He called you to write about that. What a ministry.

    8. yes,i receive this. AMEN

    9. Trish Schuster says:

      Oh My Goodness!
      God knows me so well !
      Thank You, Lord, for hearing my prayers !
      And Yes, I recieve it.
      Thank You, Thank You,
      Thank You! I can’t wait !!!

      1. Yes, He does know you inside and out, my sister. I pray Papa would bless you and keep you; make His face shine upon you today; lift up His countenance upon you and be gracious to you, and give you peace.

    10. RHEMA! Received with thanksgiving in Jesus’ name! Singing…”Each and every day, i will seek Your face; My soul is crying out, for more, i want more of You; i won’t be satisfied nor content of where i am; So i will apprehend til I’m captured by what i’m after; And i will go
      From faith to faith-From glory to glory; And i’ll forever be chasing after You, i’ll be chasing after You”. Psalm 42:1-2
      Insatiable for You my Ishi! Only You satisfy!

    11. I receive it in Jesus name.

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