Prophetic Word If You’re On the Shelf

Do you feel like you’ve been left out, or like God has put you on the shelf? If so, the Lord gave me a wonderful encouraging word for you today.

I had a dream this morning, in which the Lord spoke to me for all those who feel like their lives have been put on hold. Here’s the word from the dream:

You entered a place or season in which you were supposed to be learning.

You didn’t necessarily fit in, but you knew you were supposed to be there. You were surrounded with other students, and Jesus was there to teach you all.

When you entered the place of learning, you found yourself in the proverbial back of the class. You were out of the way there, but you were okay with that. You felt comfortable in the back.

But then, before you even got started, life interrupted you.

Something you birthed required attention, and you had to step out the back. You could still see and hear everything you were supposed to be learning, but you couldn’t participate because you were totally occupied with the life situations that demanded your attention.

And this made you really sad.

If you feel like you’ve been on the shelf, Father God wants you to know today:

Despite everything that has happened, it’s going to be all right.

Do not fear or be afraid. You have still been hearing Jesus teach you. Even though you felt like you weren’t part of the class, Father God never forgot you for one moment.

And He has come to seek you out.

He wants you to know that, despite all the water under the bridge, it’s going to be okay. He’s got you, and He’s big and strong and solid–much moreso than you are:

  • He is strong where you are frail.
  • He is calm when you are frustrated.
  • He is wise, and He sees the eternal perspective, when you are frustrated.
  • He has everything covered when you are capable of nothing.

Papa has not forgotten you.

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You’ve been feeling like you’ve been put on the shelf. Not because of anything you did; just because of circumstances. Other things simply demanded your attention, and you had to take care of them first because they were your primary responsibilities. But you’ve still been frustrated.

But beloved, tell Papa all about your frustration.

He wants to hug you; to comfort you; to let you rest upon His solidness when your frailty frustrates you. He has come to hold you and put everything back together as only He can.

Will you let Him?

If this word speaks comfort to your spirit today, please leave a comment below. I love to hear from you!

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  1. Rebecca L Jones says:

    I don’t feel like a I;m on a shelf, but I suppose it’s a possibility.

  2. Pamela Smith says:

    Jamie, it’s not nice to make me cry during lunch. Thank you for this ever-so-sweet Word. I have felt stuck out in Lo Debar for a long time.

    1. I hear ya, sis. May the God of all comfort help you feel His arms wrapped around you right now. Love and big hugs to you.

  3. Oh that was right on .
    I have felt that I’ve been on the shelf for many decades .
    Recently I’ve been given some awesome revelation and confirmation of where I am spiritually and what is and has been in my heart ❤️ all these years .
    A new person has come into my life to help me in ways that if I were to share , it would sound like fiction. They say sometimes true stories are stranger than fiction.
    I asked the Lord a few weeks ago, why He waited so long to bring this to me.
    He said, “ I have saved the best wine ? till last “

    1. This has really spoken to my situation.This what I was through .Thank you dear Jamie for being sensitive to the voice of the Hoy Spirit ..

  4. Thank you Jamie I felt this way for a long time. I thank God for you bringing this work forth. I receive it.

  5. Never before has a prophetic word been so right on for me. It’s as though my life has been spelled out to view in black and white. I feel like I’ve just seen Jesus…I thank You Father God, I thank You Lord Jesus and I thank You Holy Spirit. I accept this word in the name of Jesus. Praise You Lord for Jamie and her ministry. I wait in prayer and supplication.

    1. Thank you for articulating my exact thoughts. Thank you Lord for letting me know how much you care about me. I anticipate your glorious manifestation
      Thank you Jamie for being a vessel for the Lord, May you never lack oil

  6. Hi Jamie, lately I have been feeling like I’ve been left behind. Yes other responsibilities have overwhelmed me and I feel like I can’t bear any more. I was so involved in ministry, and now it’s work and home responsibilities that leave me feeling worn out??. I soooo miss being in ministry and am working 7 days a week. Not more hours, it’s just my hours are spread out. Please keep me in prayer. My husband does not work and so I’m carrying the load. Please pray that he gets a job so maybe I can work less hrs and refocus on what I really want to do . I was always a worship leader, I composed many songs and we’ll now, I’m sitting on a shelf. I feel horrible ?. I feel like time is running away from me, but Jamie God knows how to speak to me with reassurance! Through those very words you spoke just penetrated my heart. I wanted to leap for joy. I felt it when you said. God has a word for you today! So thank you Jamie for being God’s vessel and my sister in the Lord☺

    1. Hi marvel,I know how you feel cos I’ve been at rock bottom and even stopped praying n my life got worse..i join my faith with yours so your husband gets a job so u can go back to serving God with your voice and talent..God answers prayers stay strong and don’t stop composing..

  7. Donna Johnson says:

    Thank you Jamie, this resonates huge with me. God bless You!

  8. Thank you Jamie, from Australia. I have been through some very traumatic stuff in being rejected and shunned from people I was a part of for 16 years. They have behaved in a very cultish way and my 22 year old son didn’t speak with me more than twice in 6 months. Sometimes I feel like a broken toy on the shelf that can never be fixed. But if Daddy God made us for himself then He can make an inglorious vessel into a glorious one for his honour. Thank you for bringing those words of love and hope. He is a good good Father of refining and restoration.

  9. This is right on point!! I so needed this today . God bless you.

  10. Hi Jamie this is so for me. I was going to church learning but ever since I got there I’ve felt like a misfit, like I’ve been on the shelf but again I was learning. Sitting in the back was oh so comfortable because of the way I had been feeling I moved up but ended up moving to the back again. Ive been saying these same words this week that I’m overwhelmed and frustrated, but I will continue to pray that God will lead, guide, and direct my path!

  11. Like a box of Tide on shelf in the laundry room. Who even goes in the laundry room?

  12. I thank you so much for the word cause I know its true. I need prayer and know God has not left me but what I am going through has me in tears a lot more often then I would like. If its not one thing its something else I can’t catch a break. I read your truth everyday and it does help but at the same time I feel my boat sinking and fast. Please keep me in your prayers.

    1. Jenny, may He make you buoyant with His love today and always. Amen.

  13. I felt like you were talking to me.This message was for me.Everything you said,everything,its me now.Thank you so much for these sweet words from our Father.

  14. Hi Jamie,
    Your prophetic ministry is right on time and right on point. About a year ago, I lost my job in higher ed. It’s been a season of ups and downs since then, and I truly felt like God had just forgotten about me. But, God has kept me through it all. I have to gird my spirit and pray to keep going everyday. Recently, my unemployment ran out, I had to find something to stay afloat QUICK. I applied for the Goodwill, and starting working recently. I’ve never done this type of work, and it has been a humbling experience. As you described, I don’t feel like I fit in. I’m learning to use skills that come naturally to everyone I’m around. My brain and body are aching at the end of the day??‍♀️?…and I still have to come home and apply for jobs in my field. But, I hear God saying, I SEE YOU! I’M STILL IN CONTROL, AND I’M WORKING IT OUT! YOU MUST PASS THIS TEST. So…Father, Abba, I hear you and know You have greater things in store. I think you for sister Jamie and the gift of her prophetic word. Amen!

  15. Paul Chimedza says:

    Thanks Jamie, God is definitely using you. This word is accurate for my life right now blessed mightily.

  16. Kathy Wakeland says:

    Yes, I have felt this way for the past 6 years……it’s like wandering around aimlessly in the desert. It makes me wonder if I failed God so badly, that there’s no coming back… It’s so frustrating!! I pray for cleansing and a renewal of His Holy Spirit. Prayers would be appreciated.

  17. Karen James says:

    I just need some GODLY vision in my life. What is My FATHER’S plan or a glimpse of the path im to take.

  18. This is such a uplifting word for those of us who are in that situation. I have had many years of feeling like this. As I am older now, I pray every day for Him to use me & prepared me for. I sometimes think it’s not going to happen in time. I know He has been teaching me so much this past year. Lord here am I, send me to my calling. Prayer is much appreciated for my life today

  19. I have been certainly on the shelf . After a highly progressive Accountancy Career for over 20 years, all over a sudden I lost it all and for almost a year was time of struggle. After learning and accepting what God was teaching me I am now at point of restoration. Good and excellent lessons learnt. Feel spiritually benefited. I thank God. I praise God. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Holly Spirit.

  20. This is interesting this is something I was talking to ABBA about. Thank you! Shalom!

  21. Thank you gor this word. Now I fully understand what I have been unable to in the past. I will continue to hold on and trust God.

  22. Thanks Jamie. This prophetic word is just what I need now. Recently I was drawn to ask questions about what’s going on with me but now after this word I’m refired, lifted and refreshed. God bless you

  23. Hi Jamie

    I read your word every day on my email.

    I still have not heard the voice of God.

    What do I have to do in order to hear Gods voice.

    Been left behind and neglected is what I have been feeling for the last few years.

  24. Thank you and this has rrally helped my spirit. That you Lord thank you Jesus thank you Hlply Spirit. I am blessed with this teaching. God bless you

  25. Olivia Glew says:

    Thank you Jamie for sharing this encouraging message. I weep as I read this message knowing only to well this message. All week I’ve been so down from rejection, hurt and uncertainty. Then at my very lowest, our Papa shows up. God Bless you and thank you

    1. Hi Jamie I am crying as I read this message I’ve felt all the things of the comments wrote to you I have been so low and down lately I need papas healing touch and strength to persevere in my calling in gods kingdom please pray for me god bless Moira.

  26. This has really touched my spirit. That’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. Thanks Jamie for keeping me encouraged. I’m willing to go on a while longer.

  27. hi Jamie, this word really spoke to me…….I do feel been put on hold like nothing is moving despite my efforts. Seems everyone is moving forward but me, althought I’m praying every day and try to stay focused and calm sometimes I do get frustrated. I know this is part of God’s plan for my life and I know he is faithful too.

    thank you for sharing this!

  28. Yes, have felt like I’m on a shelf. Just as I was telling God I wanted a hug, my English Bulldog came up and put his face on m leg and looked like, it’s going to be ok Mom. Our Father speaks in various ways.

  29. Wow thank you so much 😭 as I’ve definitely been feeling left out and on the shelf which has led to feeling frustrated, sadness and stuck! I keep holding on but some days it’s easy to want to give up hope!

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