Do You Have Fallow Ground?

Dear Presence seeker, do you long for financial breakthrough?

I imagine that most people reading this will probably say a heartfelt “yes.”

Financial breakthrough is one of the biggest areas of need that I hear about from our Presence-seeking community. It’s also one of the biggest areas of need I’ve seen in the Body of Christ in general … so if your answer to my question was “yes,” know that you are NOT alone!

But did you know you don’t have to wait for breakthrough?

It’s true. It’s in your hand right now to achieve and receive the breakthrough you need.

Why do I say that?

Because just yesterday, I was meditating on a passage from Proverbs when I found this other passage that really hit home with me. It’s Proverbs 13:23, and it says:

Much food is in the fallow ground of the poor, and for lack of justice there is waste” (Proverbs 13:23).

I believe this passage is key right now for everyone who needs financial breakthrough.

Here’s why:

According to, the word “fallow” means:

1. (of land) plowed and left unseeded for a season or more; uncultivated.
2. not in use; inactive: “My creative energies have lain fallow this year.”

3. land that has undergone plowing and harrowing and has been left unseeded for one or more growing seasons.

Verb (used with object)
4. to make (land) fallow for agricultural purposes.

Fallow ground is land you have that is uncultivated. It’s not being used; it’s inactive. This is a correct Biblical interpretation, as the Hebrew word here speaks also of land that has been tilled but not maintained or cultivated.

And the Bible clearly tells us here that if you’re doing without …

… if you’re poor …

… if you’re in need of provision …

… there is much food in the land you already have that hasn’t been cultivated.

Yes, that’s right. The provision you need is currently hiding in land you already have.

But the key is that it’s in land that’s fallow. Land that you’ve tilled, but not cultivated.

What could your fallow ground look like?

Maybe it’s:

  • A job you know you could apply for, but you haven’t applied.
  • A business idea you know you would like to work on, but you haven’t done anything about it.
  • An invention the Lord gave you, but you got derailed in the process of producing the product.
  • A blog you’d like to work on, but you let your website die before it even got off the ground.
  • A yard sale you wanted to hold, but you stopped working on it after you only carried a few items into your garage.

I could go on all day about potential things that could be your fallow ground or mine. Everybody’s fallow ground will look different. I even have fallow ground myself, so I’m preaching to myself here.

So what will we do about our fallow ground?

I would suggest that maybe we all need to do what I know I myself need to do:

  • Make a to-do list of little steps we need to take;
  • Work on at least one item on that list every day;
  • Set aside a consistent, specific time every day to work on the project/idea/business (in other words, keeping consistent business hours for yourself, even if that time is at 11 PM or 4 AM); and
  • Keep at it, day in and day out, as if your finances depended on it.

Because, according to Proverbs 13:23, the food you are looking for is hidden in your fallow ground.

And it’s fallow ground you already have. It’s “the fallow ground of the poor,” not “the fallow ground of the rich that the rich will hire the poor to work on.” No, your gold is not in somebody else’s territory. Your gold is in your own land … \

… even if you don’t think you have any land.

There is much food in the fallow ground of the poor. The key is to:

  • work that fallow ground;
  • cultivate it;
  • plant seed in it;
  • weed it–even when new weeds crop up every day;
  • hoe it;
  • fertilize it;
  • drive the animals out of it that want to eat your harvest; and, ultimately …
  • harvest it.

So what is your fallow ground? And what are you willing to do to cultivate it, so you won’t be hungry anymore?

We all have fallow ground. The Creator of Heaven and earth has given all of us ideas, dreams, and land that we need to cultivate so we can receive a harvest. All of us, including me and you.

The only question is: Will you set your face like flint and work your fallow ground this year?

If the Holy Spirit is speaking to you about working your fallow ground, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Dan Thomas says:

    Jamie … as usual, you are right on target along with words of encouragement to not give up & let others steal dreams, kill desires, and destroy hopes.


    1. Cleopatra says:

      Yes its true have had many ideas but Never followed through hence am always in need of money

    2. Amen it is useful to everyone who is in requirements of fanancial problem thanks and praise the lord

    3. Mamahlohonolo Peko says:

      Just earlier I was praying for Financial breakthrough. Reading this now is a clear response from the Lord. I have plenty of Fallow ground but I always feel discouraged and lack confidence to Pursue it. Cultivate it. Please help pray to Abba Father to give me power, encouragement, wisdom and Grace to do the work I’m required to. Thank you God for hearing my prayers.

  2. Jamie, the strangest thing just happened while reading this post. In the 1st definition of ‘fallow’, right before the word season (1. (of land) plowed and left unseeded for a *season or more..) the word ‘Jubilee’ flashed on my screen so that I read ..Jubilee season…

    I didn’t get any further with the post but I will be meditating on this BIG TIME today!

    1. Dan Thomas says:

      Hey Julie … you are on to something … now starting to think along same lines. Thank you !!!

      Hi Jamie … your blog is really coming alive with value ( to me ). Keep it coming !!!

  3. Rebecca L Jones says:

    It made me recall a story from history, a politician who was made fun of for wanting to give the poor implements for farming land that was unused to have food. The city council would not help him, so he did it on his own. Sometimes,even friends or family might not agree, but God is in the details.

  4. Laurna Tallman says:

    You nailed it again, Jamie. My work is finally being considered by a wider audience and I am working to make that grow. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Maria Torrealba says:

    Hi Jeimi, this word is very encouraging for me at this moment I am going to put all my effort in following that direction that God gives me through you I want you to know that you have helped me a lot I thank the Lord for your life that God bless you greatly

  6. Linda Davies says:

    Thank you Jamie , I’m going through a very difficult time after losing my job and income . My health has not been good and I am unable to apply for work .your words spoke to my heart and gave me hope to carry on .
    I am so grateful for your obedience and faith that allows God to use you .
    I pray that through the trials and blessings that a new born brings you will be truly truly blessed.
    Thank you

  7. Jamie I found you on here for a reason I thank God for this ! You are a very special person but you know this many times over as well as the father does. Thank you and if you have more prayers I would love to hear them. I am going through a hard situation but God will get me through I know without him nothing is possible. He is our lift and Saviour and showers us with his love. I praise him

  8. Pastor Mike farran says:

    Jamie, Pastor Mike first time reader.Great Godly advice….Bless your Ministry….

  9. Hi Jamie when I was reading this it hit me I must get my book written so it can help a lot of children. Thank you again for the encouraging word. Stay blessed

  10. Vicki Clementi says:

    I have applied for jobs, I tried selling paintings and that didn’t prove fruitful despite a talent God gave me. It’s like He has cut me off from everyone and everything this year. He has taken me to a trust in Him as I have laid it all down to Him. I have spent hours in the secret place. He has brought me to a place of enrolling in college for a Christian Ministry Program. I don`t know where the money is going to come from but I have this peace and joy that my time of lack is over. So, I am not sure about the fallow ground it’s as if He is saying this is on Him, not by my hand or might but by the Spirit.

  11. Harry Kahmar says:

    Jamie, this was soooo encouraging to me. I’m seventy nine and still have the energy to work. Three jobs in my field of marketing did not work out last year. But I will not give up. I know there is gold in my fallow land. Thanks so much for your post.

  12. Erefa Hart says:

    Hi Jamie! I must let you know how glad I am to be one of your blessed readers. A lot of your writings have really ministered blessings to me and I’ve had to copy paste some of your prayers for personal prayers.

    Thank you for letting the Lord use you. You’re doing wonderfully well!

    This particular post on fallow ground instantly hit me as I have kept aside since on the 31st Dec 2017 a seed II intend to sow in my local church. Your post reminded me I have to get the seed sown so as to reap a harvest!

    Thank you again Jamie and stay well blessed.

  13. Sandra farley says:

    Thank you Jamie yes I have an invention I need investors I need someone to take my idea An make it happen I had a dream An a voice said business partners don’t sell freely please pray how I can get my idea to happen I attended one shark tank meeting I am sitting on a gold mine I do need wisdom I so need a business partner

  14. Thank you Jamie, your blogs are always super timely!
    God bless you

  15. Valeska Kensen-Esajas says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I want to make fruit juices, Here in tropical Suriname we have lots of fruits. I am a chemistry teacher and know 50-60% how to make a juice without adding chemicals, thus a pure juice from the garden.

    But it just don;t seem to get of the ground, I try , i fail, searching for stores to by but I need to be registerd first in the government system so I stopped.

    I have made a view juice siroop and distributed it to family mebers but i stoped

    so thank you for this engourigement

  16. Elaine Venter says:

    Also beautifully put in Hosea 10:12 KJV
    Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the Lord, till he come and rain righteousness upon you.

  17. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

    Halleluya n praise the Lord for His great message through you Sis Jamie,I do receive it n will do what our Dad says..thanks

  18. Hi Jamie. My name is Mary.
    I discovered your blog on Facebook. I am just starting out. I am 54 yrs old. I need help. I keep trying to find someone that I can talk to and learn from.

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