My One Word of the Year for 2018 (What’s Yours?)

Have you ever asked the Lord to give you one word for a new year or new season?

Picking a word of the year – or receiving a word of the year from the Lord as you pray about it – can be a powerful tool to help you discern His plan for your new season.

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If you haven’t yet picked a word of the year for 2018, I really encourage you to do so.

The Lord will usually tell us what we have faith to listen for. It’s not His will for you to enter anything blindly. That doesn’t necessarily mean you will know all the details, or that He will tell you all the details. But, He will at least show you what He is doing in your heart during any new season.

And that, my friend, can make all the difference in the world.

If you will ask the Lord for a word of the year, that word will encourage you when times get tough.

It will help you keep your eyes on Him when you’re tempted to look at your own navel (as we are all occasionally tempted to do!).

It will help you pay attention to the things the Lord wants you to pay attention to–those things that are a key part of your spiritual growth in this new season.

And the repetition that comes with keeping your word of the year in mind will help you get deeper revelation about that topic than you ever had before.

My word of the year for 2018 is “deep.”

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This word dropped into my spirit recently and I can feel Holy Spirit hovering over it. The thing is, I’m not entirely sure of the scope of what it means.

I think I know these things for sure:

Regarding this blog, it has to do with expansion–a different kind of expansion.

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Instead of going broader, I feel like Holy Spirit is telling me to expand deeper. To dig deeply and disciple, encourage, and equip people deeper. More thoroughly. And regarding more topics.

I’ve been praying about that particular thing for awhile now and have discussed it with my husband, our board, and our free Presence Seekers Soaring Facebook mentoring group.

And for a couple of months, I’ve been working on articles for a potential second blog.

I have not launched it yet, as it’s such a big step. I have simply been praying and writing. But, it’s a blog about walking in restful, total victory in wealth, health, and home.

If I don’t launch the second blog, I’ll use the articles here. But, the scope of what I want to talk about there is really different than the prophetic words and Bible teaching I share here. So, I really feel that a second blog is the most appropriate place for those topics.

I’ll keep you updated on that. Prayers appreciated. 🙂

I also feel like the Lord is telling me to set aside slower, deeper times for worship and prayer when I block everything else off my calendar.

I always love having my quiet time in the mornings with the Lord. But, this is more than that. Pretty much everything I do regarding ministering to you has to come out of the prayer closet, and I feel the Lord telling me to really block off more time to receive more from Him so I can:

  1. Go deeper with Him myself; and
  2. Receive the revelation and prophetic words He wants me to share with you.

I am asking Him to show me how to do this. Since my baby is only a few days old, we’re still in that topsy-turvy phase of learning how to care for a baby at all. How then do I arrange things? Papa will have to show me.

For me, I also feel like “deeper” means “slower.”

Again, I’m not entirely sure what this will look like in real life. But I feel like the Lord is telling me to be pickier about what outside activities I accept, so I can focus on the essentials: Him; my husband; my child; and this ministry. These are the things that only I can do, and I may be saying no to some other things in order to say yes to the best things.


(If you’ve been following this blog for any period of time, you’ve probably heard me talk about that before. Because I’ve had to cull things from my life before. But every time, it helps. And every time the Lord has me refine my schedule, I actually get more focused and more effective–even though sometimes ending things is sad to do.)

What is the Lord telling you about His focus for your life in 2018?

Because He has one! What is He saying? Remember that He is the great Disciple-Maker. Even if you don’t realize it, Holy Spirit Himself is mentoring you right now. And He always has a plan; He always has a purpose; He always has a lesson He’s teaching.

He always sees the end from the beginning, and He’s always working to bring you from glory to glory, faith to faith, and strength to strength. He’s always working to make us more like Jesus.

What do you feel God is leading you to do this year? What’s your word of the year for 2018? Please leave a comment below! I’d love to hear where you are too!



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  1. I think my word is “purpose” for 2018. …according to His purpose. It is a new season for me in several ways. I need to seek my purpose.

  2. Hi Jamie…God Bless YOU, so happy your little guy and you are healthy and well. He is absolutely beautiful, love those eyelashes! I don’t know what my word is, I need to find out and get a much stronger prayer base. Hopeful for new beginnings, better health, softened hearts, loyalty, reconciliation..Thank you for your prayers and being a wonderful mentor and sister in Christ. Love and peace

  3. Marie Whyland says:

    Before I read this the Lord has been telling me to say no because I can’t fix it.
    Only He can do that. I am now a great grandmother and it is time for me to slow down. My heart seems to get in the way but I will lean deeper into him to show me what to do. Thank you so much for directing me and keeping me on the right path. God bless you!

  4. God gave me the word “Brave” and I don’t know what all this entails. But He gave me a piece of it- He wants me to be brave & begin to do the things He is bringing to my attention. For example, He gave me the title to a book I am to write: Redemption & Second Chances! I’m excited, nervous and many mixed emotions. But I hear Him say be brave and step out of the boat. I also know that it goes deeper than this and I need to block more time alone with Him so I get everything He has for me. I need to go deeper and slower too! Wow awesome word Jamie thank you for this!!!
    Blessings & prayers for you too!!

  5. The first word that springs to my mind for 2018 is “surprises”…Can’t tell why…

  6. The first word I heard immediately was… “excited”

    Then as I stayed & pondered, I heard the word, “freedom”

    1. Freedom is my word for this year, and I’m not sure where the Lord is going with that, but it’s good to know I have company. 🙂

  7. My prophetic word for 2018 is new wineskin.
    New! New! New!
    New assignments.New move of God. Asked for the nations
    Scriptures Isa. 43:19, Jeremiah 29:11, Rev. 21:5

    My pastor prophetized that 2018 was the year of reward. I prayed and wouldn’t let go all abba’s promises are yes and in Jesus, my Lord, amen!!

  8. My prophetic word for 2018 is new wineskin.
    New! New! New!
    New assignments.New move of God. Asked for the nations
    Scriptures Isa. 43:19, Jeremiah 29:11,
    Rev. 21:5

    My pastor prophetized that 2018 was the year of reward. I prayed and wouldn’t let go all abba’s promises are yes and in Jesus, my Lord, amen!!

    This happened after I started reading your blogs this powerful prophetic word was spoken to me in front of the sisters and brothers corporately.

    Blessings upon Blessings Sis

  9. My birthday was Jan 2 and I clearly heard the Lord drop in my heart that I needed “radical faith” beyond anything that I’ve ever stepped out on before. I’m being commissioned to trust HIM, no matter what.

  10. Hello I’m Nichole my word is faith and I am from northern New Jersey in totowa nj

  11. Thank you Jamie for clearing up this topic. I never heard of picking a word for the year.

    Last Jan Jesus put the word JOY in my heart. Wow cool I thought great! I have focused on this word all year. Haven’t heard a clear word yet, but I’m praying so I know in His time it will come. Thanks again, and God bless you & your family.

  12. I got TRANSFORMATION. At first I didn’t understand it and I was looking for something else, but it kept coming back to me. Then I saw a caterpillar becoming a butterfly and I saw a refiners fire. Then the scripture came to me “And do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” And it just clicked! To make things even better, the day I accepted that transformation is my word for the year, I received an email in my inbox where someone else has also chosen transformation. God is good! Excited to see how this plays out!

  13. I have began this year with fasting and prayer. It has been quite a rigorous prayer and the word that was dropped in my spirit is ABUNDANCE…I believe God is making this promise He made in John 10:10 to finally manifetst in my life. God is faithful and reliable. His promises are Yes and Amen!!!

  14. I prayed about this and the word the Spirit gave me was.. “growing”.. Thank you Jesus.. A new season growing in the Word, growing close to Jesus, growing in faith, growing in gifts of the spirit.. Amen. Hallelujah!!

  15. Praise God! Right before reading this article the Lord gave me the word TRUST. By simply saying “I trust you, Jesus” in every situation I find myself in will acknowledge His sovereign power over myself and my circumstances. He causes everything to work for our good.

  16. The first word I got is ‘DELIVERANCE’ , Deliverance of the Mammoth blessings Holy Spirit spoke into me a while back. Last year I prayed and fasted on my declaration for 2017, ‘INHERITANCE AND DELIVERANCE’ This year, I declared to continue with that for it to manifest. And that one word that comes through clearly is Deliverance. Praise be to an AWESOME God, my Daddy Jesus, Mwwaah!

  17. Word for 2018 is “set sail”…after 2016 “Trust” , 2017 “Obey”, it is time to “Go” in the direction that I have trusted and obeyed in as He opens those doors.
    Full of trepidation and excitement for all the things He has in store. I, also, feel the call to deepen and tune a better ear to hear His voice as I “set sail” — to not move out ahead of his voice, and adjust my cadence to make sure it is in step w His. I have asked Him for the courage to go places that scare me to death — to invade the impossible through Holy Spirit’s guidance.
    So this is 2018. At the dock, sorting cargo, prepping my heart’s ship to “set sail” in the winds of His peace!!!

  18. Good morning Jamie, forgive me for the delay in responding with my well wishes for your precious bundle of joy from the Lord. God bless you and your husband and your new baby boy. “My advise…take all the photos and videos you can”. It is so true they grow up so fast.

    I’m just getting back to normal after a little accident all is well praise the Lord.

    The word that the Holy Spirit has given me is “SupernaturaI ” I must pray unceasingly for the supernatural intervention I need from our Lord. My prayer list is long and there are many things that only the Lord God Himself can heal so with this, Supernatural is my word. I have received a renewed strength to claim what is mine in the name of Jesus. I have a new boldness to come against all the ones that have stolen my joy for so long, and I feel that God is going to use me to help encourage others that have endured the same kind of pain and anguish. I feel my Heavenly Father has already worked on me supernaturally with a boldness that I always wanted. I praise God that I am the head and not the tail. I praise God for your teaching. I have been speaking life, love, healing, and blessings according to God’s plan into all those that have hurt me. I pray that the “Supernatural ” word that was given to me will bless God in the name of Jesus.

  19. Hi Jamie, The word The Holy Spirit has revealed to me for this year is overcome, overcomer. Excited to see what the Lord has in store for my life.

  20. Pauline Borgan says:

    The word I heard was “dignity”. Just a week ago a Believer spoke the words cloaked in dignity over me. My spirit just leaped within me. The Proverbs 31 women’s strenght and dignity is not found in her achievements but found in her reverence for the Lord. Praising God Almighty, El Shaddai!!! My word is “dignity”

  21. Hi Jamie,

    Congratulations on the safe, healthy birth of your son! He will do outstanding things in the Kingdom for the Lord. Prayer up re: wisdom, knowledge and understanding with respect to the second blog (or not).

    I just emailed someone with three 2018 words (give, rest, expand) but, after reading this post, I’m clear there’s one word that is the common denominator for those three words: BELIEVE.

    Daddy has confirmed me through three different resources (beginning just before the new year) that He singularly wants me to “…only believe” -Mark 5:36. Believe in His promises. I mean REALLY believe them. That means I am fully persuaded about them. They’re His promises FOR ME. They’re mine. And the enemy – and my own wrong thoughts – are too late to convince me otherwise. Fully persuaded about His promises for me. Fixated on them. Permanently.

    For a task-oriented person who tends to be a human DOING rather than a human BEING, “only believe” is a complete departure from my entire way of existing up to this point. Simple; not easy. But, Daddy has pretty much sat next to me on the sofa and told me believing in His promises is THE key to everything I need, want and desire. Period.

    So, thank you for prompting me in the Spirit to request this one word.

    Blessings to you and yours,


  22. I am not sure what my word is yet but he did tell me it was time to CONCEIVE! I am starting a small bible study group which he told me to do last year, I have started writing a book which he is downloading as I type which is absolutely beautiful and amazing and he told me to start a blog I wrote onE post but have no clue what to do now, and I think I am supposed to start a company and write a play. Whew busy life this year but YES LORD I WILL CONCEIVE!!

  23. Rebecca L Jones says:

    My word is rest and I wrote about it all December, I think was deep and some people say, ” Out there ” sometimes with only the Lord. He has really been my salvation. I agree slower is fine, we’ve got all eternity and I like contemporary but so many people are caught up into a sort of hype that fades and there is a deeper worship and rest I believe in quieter and softer music I hope you decide to do another blog, sometimes I do those link ups and have met a lot of women with good blogs. And I know rest was my word because when I went back through my blog it was a recurring theme ever a year or more earlier.

  24. Nice prayer item,never prayed about it before

  25. Just as I opened your post, the word “acceleration “ loomed in front of my imagination.
    I have felt like I’ve been in a holding pattern for a very long time, and have heard many times, “Your hour has not yet come.”
    A couple weeks ago, I asked the Lord why He had waited so long to connect me with certain people, ie ministries and others who now seem to be on the same page, or are beginning to be.
    The word came back immediately. “ I have saved the best ? till last “

  26. thank you for the pro. word the has been speaking to my heart about walking into my desitny, a CO

  27. Francie Robertson says:

    Heya Jamie & Hubby & Babe!!!
    Please accept my apologies too for my lateness in responding to the GOOD NEWS of our Lord Jesus in bringing forth this precious, miracle baby son He has blessed you 2 with. WOW!!! Also in response to your previous message Power is the Purpose. WOW!!! You prayed & I received yet more confirmation. He resurrected me yet again from the pit & your powerful preaching & prayer did it absolutely! I am truly alive again & advancing for this start to 2018. His ONE WORD IS…REVIVE!!!
    Thank You Lord for Baby Elijah & his awe-inspiring, faithful, clever Mum whom I talk about alot to my family XXX You will absolutely thrive with joy unspeakable in your new schedule with baby & Lord

  28. Dear Jamie, I would first like to extend my best wishes to you and your loved ones. May 2018 be of joy and prosperity to you and yours as you also enjoy your bundle of joy.

    As I was reading this article the Lord gave me the word “obedience”. I hear the Lord saying to me; trust in me and lean not on your own understanding and I will make all paths straight for you.

  29. Hey Jamie
    I don’t really know yet but Desire…..Just do it and do it afraid come to mind. I have bad anxiety and that can stop me right in my tracks. I even get anxious about what to read in the bible…and yesterday what came to mind was just read it. It’s all His word.! I’m still not sure but I’m going to wait and see if I keep hearing about desire and just do it.
    God bless you

    1. What? (Your comment is awaiting moderation) what does this mean?

      1. Hi there! “Your comment is awaiting moderation” just means that all comments have to be approved by me the first time a reader comments. After that, they are automatically posted. This helps keep away spam and non-family-friendly comments. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  30. Lord, gave me the word “success”. I thought that was broad but He let me know it would be narrowed down. He did this by asking me “ what does success look like to you?” This is going to be a great year-and I’m excited to work with the Lord through it!

  31. my word is focus, not to be distracted by anything that God has not sent. Focus on his word

  32. Patricia Fiorilli says:

    Thank you Kamie

  33. Barbara Redman says:

    My word for 2018 is “Season”

  34. The Lord said my word is “high”. Interesting. I’ll have to pray and meditate on this.

  35. The word I received for 2018 was “hope.” I’ve been diving into everything that entails since I got that word. I was excited about it, hoping that perhaps it meant that God was finally going to bring me my Man of God that I’ve been praying for. This year, however, has turned out to be one of the most painful, disappointing years I’ve ever had … with a lot of my hopes getting up and being crushed. But as this year is coming to a close, I’m wondering if the Lord hasn’t been trying to teach me that hope isn’t based on my circumstances or what I can or can’t see … it’s based on knowing that He’s been good in the past, and He will be good in the future … and perhaps He has been working behind the scenes where I can’t see. Knowing that I have hope in spite of it appearing the opposite, perhaps. I don’t know. I hope it will be revealed, and I’m a little excited, yet nervous for 2019 and the word the Father is going to speak over it.

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