Prophetic Word: Your Dream Is Your Key to Financial Breakthrough

Your Dream Is Your Key to Financial Breakthrough | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Dear readers, the Lord downloaded this word to me about how your dream is your key to financial breakthrough suddenly awhile back. It’s been brewing in my spirit since that time and I have seen it confirmed over and over again, in people from many areas of business and investments–not just the four areas I mentioned below.

This word is more directive than I usually write, but I believe it is absolutely timely. If it confirms something the Holy Spirit has already put in your heart, then link your faith with this word and act on it. If you do, I believe you will see results over time beyond your wildest dreams.

That being said, here’s the word:

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    Your dream is your key to financial breakthrough.

    The Lord told me suddenly that the season had changed and He is pouring out a grace for you to turn your dream into a profitable business.

    I have specifically seen Papa God pouring out grace on four areas of business. There will be other areas as the season unfolds, but I have already seen:

    • Artists who have long dreamed of earning a living from your art;
    • Musicians and songwriters with great psalmist gifts, who dream of hearing your songs reach people through radio and national platform;
    • Writers who dream of operating a profitable, online business of publishing books and other products; and
    • Ministers-in-waiting who have been faithful to serve and are now being launched into full-time ministry.

    Many of you are entrepreneurs whom God has called and gifted.

    You have long held dreams in your heart that have not come to fruition. You have had many business ideas in the past, and you’ve pursued some of them, only to meet with failure.

    But the Lord wants you to know that if He had allowed your past ventures to come to fruition, your success would have prevented you from pursuing the most sacred dreams of your heart–the dreams that He gave you–the dreams that would bring you ultimate fulfillment.

    Your past ventures would never have satisfied. Now, the Lord says, it is time for your most closely-held dreams to be the basket for His provision in your life.


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    Deuteronomy 28:5 says:


    Blessed shall be your basket and your kneading bowl.”

    In this passage, Papa God promised to bless your basket and your kneading bowl if you will diligently obey His voice and be watchful to keep His commandments. Many of you have been diligently obeying the voice of the Lord. You have earnestly sought the Lord for many years with clean hands and a pure heart. However, you have not seen the blessings you should have seen.

    You have not seen those blessings because you have not had a basket or a kneading bowl.

    A basket is a thing used to carry your provision. If you have nothing in which to carry your provision, you cannot receive what the Lord wants to pour out for you because you have no way of holding it.

    A kneading bowl is the container in which you get your provision–your bread–started, and it sits and grows (rises) until it is large enough to meet your needs.

    What does this mean to you in regards to financial breakthrough and seeing your dreams become profitable?

    Two things:

    1. Your basket is your business or ministry.

    It is the vehicle into which your Papa can pour provision. It could also be:

    • a partnership program the Lord has told you to launch;
    • a grant for which He has asked you to apply; or
    • a website that will help you build your reach online.

    If you do not have a business, ministry, website, etc into which the Lord can pour provision, you will not see the abundance you desire since you have no basket in which to receive His financial blessing.

    2. Your kneading bowl represents the seed efforts you make toward turning your dream into profit.

    If you want the Lord to bless your seed efforts, you must first make those efforts for Him to bless! Dear entrepreneur, please hear this: you must begin building your business now.

    Papa is pouring out a grace for entrepreneurship in this season, so you will see results much more quickly than you would have in the past. However, anything valuable will still take time to grow.

    The exact amount of time will vary from person to person. But growth will take time, so now is the time to start building your foundation.

    If you will start building your basket–your business–today, and simply take one step each day or each week, you will see financial results much sooner than you ever dreamed.

    However, when you’re baking actual bread, you must start making your bread dough before it can rise and expand enough to feed your family. In the same way, you must take small steps and start building your business before the Lord can expand it and use it to meet your need.

    Partner update: I’ve asked people to partner with me financially in any amount per month. GOD ROCKS and He is bringing people who are helping me reach thousands of people for Jesus day in and day out. If that’s you, THANK YOU! And if Papa is stirring your heart to help with this work, go here to read the details about my partnership program, what I’ll be focusing on, what’s in it for you if you partner with me, and how I will be accountable.
    I’m believing God for 1,000 partners, so feel free to jump right in there, ok? 😉 Let’s labor together in His harvest field and bring more souls into the Kingdom. And precious partners: I praise God for you and pray for you daily.

    And while you build the basket of your business, keep this most important point in mind:

    Your dream is the key to your financial breakthrough.

    Your breakthrough will not come through pursuing someone else’s dream or gift. Your breakthrough will not come through pursuing other people’s ideas or the good causes into which your friends and neighbors try to enlist you.

    Your breakthrough will come as you pursue your calling. God has placed gold in you, and it’s not the same as anyone else’s gold. You have a unique gift that Papa desires and needs to release in the world in order to expand His Kingdom.

    Your gift is the one in which He can bless you the most. Your gift is the one upon which He has poured His anointing. It is in exercising your gift that you will find more joy and fulfillment than you ever imagined possible.

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    So let your uniqueness shine. Don’t be less than you are.

    Go ahead and own who Papa has made you to be. Know that our Father believes in you. His hand will be with you as you step out to obey Him.

    Honor the deposits the Holy Spirit has placed inside you, and honor them enough to act on them in faith. He will back you up as you take one step at a time into His call on your life.

    Beloved, it is time to build your basket. Build that vehicle into which the Lord can pour His provision. Put the ingredients of your labor together and let your starter dough rise so it can fill your kneading trough.

    It is time to begin.

    Does this word speak to your heart today? Does it confirm something the Holy Spirit has already been speaking to you? If so, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear about what God is doing in your life!


    1. Thank you, Jamie, for this word. I appreciate you!! Needed this because I am trying to make some important decisions right now. Please say a prayer that I make the right decisions.

      1. Hey April, I’m so glad we talked. I have prayed for you and will continue. You are so dear to my heart and anytime you would like to talk or hang out or whatever, I am here for you. 🙂 <3 Muah! (((Big hugs!)))

      2. Thank you Jaime?❣this message came on the perfect time. I ask for prayers for wisdom guidance & counsel to make destiny decisions now. Daddy God bless u??

      3. torise hiller says:

        Thank you Jamie,
        This word was right on time for me. You were on target in what God is saying to me regarding God having an opening to pour his provision. I love what you said about Honor the Holy Spirit and act in faith. I.m accountable and I’m eager to please God and be a blessing to the Kingdom of God. Please continue to pray for me and I you. Thank you again.
        Question: Can I begin a blog for free, is that possible for starters?

        1. You can start a blog for free, but it won’t be a professional blog. If you want to start free, it would be better to start writing a ton of blog posts and save them up until you are able to purchase a hosting plan of your own so you can build a professional blog. It will cost you about $100 to start at first.

    2. Rebecca L Jones says:

      This speaks volumes to me. I can relate to all this, I know I lack some know how and computer savvy, but He is able to supply.

      1. You can do it, Rebecca! Holy Spirit can and will guide you through each step… even the computer part. He’s taught me everything I’ve learned so far from square 1. I still have long way to go, but it’s just been one Google search at a time and a lot of praying in the Spirit, asking Him to help me get through each step–especially the computer stuff. But He does it. He’s a genius, and His anointing sitting on you will do it. 🙂 <3

      2. This is such a powerful word thank you for sharing the word of God is confirmed

      3. Owen lombard says:

        Hallo jamie these words of wisdom is onthe button i am just about to pursue a new business venture i dreamt if this idea onenoght and relised that at last my journey to financial freedom and abundance had finally started i ask you commenced i am so excited i pray to papa GOd to make sound financial decisions i ask everybody to pray with me i trust god to take my hand and hrlp me to succeed thank you for your prauers evryone may the angels of mercy spread their wings over you and protect you
        God bless
        Amen and amen

    3. Omolola O says:

      This speaks to my current season. I am struggling in my current employment. But I have been praying to recognise the gift in me to begin my own business.

      1. I pray Holy Spirit would show you exactly what the gold He has placed in you is, Omolola. And that He would confirm what He shows you in many ways, building your faith along the way as He helps you act on it according to His perfect timing and will.

    4. Thank you! This is so prophetic for me. God bless

      1. Amen! May Papa bless you as you put your hand to the plow for His glory, Edith! 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

    5. This word spoke to me! I have been deciding whether or not to start a business. I feel as though God is speaking and each step I take He gives more and more, but why I’m hesitant to move is The finances it will take to start it. I don’t know where It will come from. It’s crazy to me but I think it’s not crazy to Him:) Please pray for clarity to hear Him clearly and that I would not be afraid to move. Thank you so much!

      1. I will be happy to pray for you in your business, Racheal. May Papa bless you in your venture and guide your steps, opening your ears to hear His direction and your eyes to see Him and what He is doing every step of the way. In Jesus’ name!

    6. I can’t tell you how accurate this word is for my life right at this moment.
      Many people have been saying “you should make a website” to display my works…and BAM
      This is so right on it nearly gave me chills.
      Confirmed what the Lord has been telling me for weeks now haha.


    7. I just realized that it has been 25 years since God put a desire in my heart to build a home business. He has brought me through incredibly hard things but he has never wasted my pain. He has given me a wonderful ministry of encouragement for hurting women. He taught me that the hard things are just the middle of the story and he will always redeem our pain and weave it into a magnificent ending. But this is a very timely message for me. He has been showing me that he is ready to launch me soon into something big. I can’t wait to see it happen!

      1. That’s awesome, Kathy! I’d love to hear about it when He does! I really believe that right now He’s pouring out such a special grace to turn your life message into profit. Only He can do that… restoring 7x what the enemy has stolen.

    8. Carolyn Rainwater says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Love reading your blog’s, this one ….resonates with me in many ways. Thanks for your courageous work. Prayers appreciated. See some of what our calling is through music at Chariot Records…..Rainwater. can find other on Amazon. Much more..dreamy…. business .. counseling….entrepreneur outreach etc. Stuff…
      In process. Felt a push from Holy Spirit this week…the winds are blowing…for the sails already hoisted! Keep up this blessed work! … Wondering what church are you affiliated with? Thankful for you. God bless. Carolyn

      1. Hi Carolyn, thanks so much for reading! It’s nice to meet you. I’m so glad the Holy Spirit encouraged you through this post. May that wind of the Holy Spirit’s breath propel you forward in ways you haven’t imagined today!
        Regarding churches: I attend Abba’s House in Hixson, Tennessee. 🙂

    9. Hi Jamie,
      This hit a major spot with me. A few years ago I gave up the pursuit of my dream to pursue what God instead. And a few weeks ago God kept placing signs in front of me that He is giving me that which I gave up. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a course to get me started and I believe God will give me the go-ahead. The timing and words in this post are prophetic and I thank God for you.

    10. Hi Jamie,
      Thank you for being obidient day after day to share the goodness that our father has for us.
      For months now I have been praying to God for a new job opportunity for financial breakthrough. I was growing weary as no answer was coming. Job application after job application with no calls back. Prayer after prayer with no answer. I have been so discouraged but today I realize somewhat what the lord is up to. I have had a dream to open up my own business and have had in my heart that I need to use the talents which God has placed in my life … Well my business idea aligns with the talents I have and it just makes sense at 2 am why there hasn’t been any call backs. I just ask for prayers that God may give me the courage and guidance and financial support to start my dream business.
      Again thank you and God bless you !

    11. HALLELUJAH! What awesome encouragement. Could not have been any more perfect. I’ve been working on starting my Ministry / business, but today had a very trying and discouraging time.
      Praying for courage and boldness for each precious person following hard after God and new beginnings.

    12. I’m over here with tears of joy…thank You Abba for that on time word I receive it. Thank you Jamie for letting our Father use you as His vessel. Blessings

    13. Sheetal Mazda says:

      Loved this. Jamie you are a blessing and your prophetic words give me wings. My website is nearly ready and God is confirming His word that I am on the right track. Thank you Jesus for blessing the work of my hands and giving me the power to get wealth.

      1. I’m excited for you, Sheetal. Preach the Word! Be instant in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and patience. Fulfill the work of your ministry. 2 Timothy 4.

    14. Joe Whitelaw says:

      I have carved crosses from broken broom sticks for about 24 years. I have always just give them away. Same with various chess sets etc. My pastor and then a close brother have both spoken to me about starting a business. Should I make money off of the direct cause of my Savior’s death? What do you think?

    15. Joe Whitelaw says:

      I have only one dream-to be placed in my Abbas arms in eternity

    16. Amanda Greaves-Pinnell says:

      Greetings. I have “accidentally ” come across your website, and the word I needed to read today. I dreamt last night that i had a breakthrough. I smashed my way out of, what seemed like, a honeycomb cell. I felt like I was a queen bee. Thank God for you, and may He continue to bless you.

    17. Linda Jonees says:

      I found your site through Elijah List I sent and email to you but not sure if you got it. Anyways just to say thank you for the wealth of information and revelation you so freely share with us. blessings and enlargement on your ministry for your faithfulness to God’s Word and His purposes.

    18. Great is the lord and greatly to be praised ! The Lord has just used you to speak specifically to me! May Him alone be praised! Now I know what the problem is, I haven’t the basket to receive it. The partnership, website and grant are all decisions I have struggled to make. Although, I have applied for a grant, but am yet to get feedback but am still believing God for a miracle. Now that I know am on the right track I will definitely pursue my dreams with all I have got. With God on my side am already victorious! Thanks Jamie! God bless you!

    19. Greetings Jamie,
      Thank you for allowing The Holy Spirit to use you as a vessel for God’s Kingdom
      This has been confirmation for me to start my ministry in the calling that he has deep rooted in my spirit. Please pray for me in being obedient to the holy spirit’s direction, wisdom, and the resources and people that he will put in my path in moving forward

    20. Danielle Bedford says:

      Thank you for writing this blog. It has been a big encouragement to me. It has increased my faith and belief in what God has called me to do and it has shown me what tools to use to advance his kingdom. I’m very excited to keep receiving breakthrough and walking on water so I can take people on the other side with me.

    21. Yes! This is exactly what I’m struggling with. Thank you for sharing <3

    22. This word is definitely for me. I am a writer and musician, Right now im not too sure about the how. So please pray that father will make it plain for me.

      1. Charlotte says:

        I too am a writer and musician and feel encouraged by this word. God bless you brother as your call is made clear as day! Thank you Jaime for your obedience in writing this!

    23. Hello Jamie, I am so grateful for you and how God is using you. Each and every one of your post resonates in my spirit and is always so timely. I would love and have a desire to own my own business, but what do you do when you have no idea what the business is. I dreamt that I was driving a huge silver bus in the city over bridges. I have an inkling this means something but I have no idea what. Please pray that God will give me clarity of exactly what I should be doing. Again, thank you so much for allowing God to use you and I continue to pray for you. 🙂

    24. Bless you for this message and even the free two webinars that you are tending to have for us. It has a been a big dream for me and my children. Since it has come as a prophetic message, I believe we can make it. Abba Father will bless us financially to start to the glory of His name.

    25. Bless you for this message and even for the two free webinars that you’re going to have for us. It has been a big dream for me and my children to open up some businesses, so this prophetic message is to confirm that Abba Father will bless us for our dreams to come through because H e will bless us financially. May His name be praised.

    26. Dear Jamie
      Thank you for the prophetic message, I receive it in Jesus name, it is a confirmation of what God has put in my heart and an answer to our prayers, I am viewing a fast food shop tomorrow and trusting God for provisions

    27. deirdre danna says:


    28. Victoria Oluwatumininu says:

      Thank you for this word Jamie. This is an area God had nudged me about few years ago with the scripture, 1 Timothy 4:14a. Even though I have begun refining my gifts and started a business with one of them, this word of prophecy served to confirm that nudge and strengthen my heart to stay focused.

      Thank you for being yielded to God. Your articles have also blessed me tremendously.

    29. Owen lombard says:

      Hallo jamie these prophetic words of wisdom is on the button i am just about to pursue a new business venture i dreamt of this idea one night and realised that at last my journey to financial freedom and abundance had finally started i ask you i am so excited i pray to papa GOd to
      Help me make sound financial decisions i ask everybody to pray with me i trust god to take my hand and help me to succeed thank you for your prayers everyone. may the angels of mercy spread their wings over you and protect you
      God bless
      Amen and amen

    30. Tess White says:

      Thanks Jamie! This is exactly what my husband and I needed to hear. Thank you for explaining and encouraging.
      Please pray that we make the right decisions and step out in faith for what Father God has for us. We so want to be used for The Lord’s Glory to set the captives free and expand His Kingdom. We trust that He will show us and provide.
      God bless you!

    31. Hi Jamie,

      Yes!. This definitely speaks to me. I would so appreciate some prayer that I aggressively step out into my calling & and God guides me on how to become an entrepreneur.

      Thanks & blessings,
      Simone (Australia).

    32. Josephine says:

      Thank you Jamie,
      It confirmed my thoughts but I need to seriously pray and seek directions for some decisions, also finances to build is an important factor, I am too waiting for a breakthrough that I have been waiting for quite sometime.
      I believe my breakthrough is tied up with my dreams and decisions too.
      Please keep me in prayers, appreciate you.

    33. Hello Jamie
      Thank you so much for todays article.. It definitely speaks to me and my calling.
      Thank you for being obedient to the Lord and for hearing on our behalf.
      My the Almighty continue to give you the strength you need to keep doing what you are doing.

    34. Dear Jamie,
      I just came across this post.
      I don’t know of this is still relevant in terms of prophetic timeline God has revealed to you. However it is what i need to read and ponder on at the moment. I know my gifts and calling. It has not been easy to sense and follow due to the intense battle i have faced over the years. I am leaning on the Lord Jesus for the next steps and years to come. I have surrendered fully to His Lordship.
      Please pray for me and give any guidance you can especially about blogging and social media..

    35. This really resonated with me as I am an artist, musician, and a writer! It took me a while to make peace with that fact. I was told many times I had to “pick just one” but for me, they’re interconnected. Most of my work at the moment is not overtly Christian, it’s more mainstream, but I feel like that’s where God has placed me to reach people for Him as I level up my skills, and at some point, I will be doing more Christian-themed art and writing (I already write and perform quite a bit of Christian music.)

    36. Thank you Jamie for this powerful prophetic word God bless you I appreciate your work for God’s kingdom

    37. My God this word is for me…you are speaking to me. This is the season I’m in. Last year God told me to start a ministry for abused women and I did. He told me to start a business too but it kept failing so I stopped trying. now I feel the unction to try again this time he told to build a website. Thank you so much for this prophetic word. I pray that God continues to bless you, your family and ministry.

    38. Thank you and bless you Jamie, for sharing these powerful words of prophecy, truth, encouragement and hope! This article resonates profoundly and confirms what the Lord has revealed: I already know it in my heart and soul. I have struggled and fervently prayed for many years, asking God to be the CEO of my life, personally and professionally as an entrepreneur. Seeking His Kingdom first in everything. I am waiting for the fruits to be borne, from the seeds I have sown and continue to sow. I am waiting for the dough to rise, as I trust in His provision and timing, for financial freedom and prosperity as I bless others with my business and support impoverished women through sharing and tithing generously. I am praying for the naysayers and doubters in me, to flee far from me as I pursue my God-given dreams and purpose. I am praying for the Lord to provide everyone and everything I need to flourish, serve, support and bless. In Jesus Name, Amen. 🙏

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