How To Beat Depression If You’re Discouraged About Your Calling

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worthy-of-god-how-to-beat-depression-if-youre-discouraged-about-your-callingDo you feel depressed or discouraged about your calling? If so, the Lord has given me a word for you today about how to beat depression so you can move forward into your dreams.

Note: Before you read this post, it’s extremely important that you read how Your Dream Is Your Key To Financial Breakthrough, here. That post is a prophetic word that lays the foundation for what I share below.

Beloved friend, if you’re discouraged about your calling, you are not alone. Person after person has come to me recently, talking about how discouraged they are because they feel they’re not making progress toward their destiny.

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    It’s the unfortunate truth that, if you’re hungry to walk in everything God has for your life–but you’re not yet walking in it–sometimes depression can set in.

    Deep down inside you, there is something that knows when you’re frustrated, at a stalemate, or staring at a wall. It’s called your spirit, and it’s the part of you that makes you you. It’s the part of you that connects you to God and is filled with God. It’s the dwelling place of the Spirit of God, and it’s constantly receiving downloads from God.

    If you have given your life to Jesus Christ, your spirit is intimately connected with God.

    And because of that intimate, life-giving, life-receiving connection, sometimes your spirit knows things that your mind doesn’t.

    Even if your mind has not yet made the connection, your spirit knows when you’re not fulfilling your destiny.

    Your spirit knows when you’re constricted. It can sense the bottleneck of anointing and vision that God has put into you, but which has not come out.

    And when the anointing, power, vision, and dreams God has given you are not flowing out of you, depression results.

    It did for me, and you’ve probably experienced the same thing and know exactly what I’m talking about.

    Years ago, I started attending seminary, but I quit within a month or two. I quit because:

    • I was struggling with time management;
    • struggling with getting my homework done;
    • struggling with my health;
    • trying to sell a house; and
    • my husband and I were in the middle of moving to another home that we had just purchased.

    It was a hard time. Could I have persevered? Absolutely. But I didn’t. I got overwhelmed; and instead of buckling down, clearing my schedule, and sitting my tail in the chair working until I caught up …

    … I quit.

    Just like that.

    At the time, quitting was a relief.

    We moved to our new house, dealt with nasty financial situations when our first home didn’t sell (another story for another day), and got a cat. We were building a life.

    But I wasn’t living, not really, because I wasn’t doing what I was called to do. And I got depressed.

    I mean really, truly, deeply depressed.

    Years passed. Things were hard. Eventually, however, I “came to myself” one day and realized I had to chase the call of God on my life. Had to. No other options.

    And I knew I had to go back to seminary.

    My husband and I talked and prayed. At first, he didn’t believe I was serious; but I persisted. Eventually, he agreed. I began seminary with an independent study course right away.

    And as soon as I started that seminary course, I had peace. The bottleneck of anointing that I had sensed—the hopelessness; the sense of being hemmed in and trapped—left immediately.

    It left because now I was walking in my destiny. Even though I had only taken baby steps, my spirit knew I was back in the saddle again.

    Holy Spirit was suddenly able to flow through me again, because simply by beginning—simply by taking tiny steps toward my destiny—I was walking in His plan for my life.

    Two years later, I graduated with my seminary degree. Jamie Rohrbaugh, Masters of Biblical Studies. Nice to meet you. 🙂

    So here’s how to beat depression when you’re discouraged about your calling:

    There are any number of causes for depression, and an equal number of potential cures. In this post, I’m only addressing one cause of depression: the depression you experience when you long to walk in your destiny, but you are not doing so.

    It’s the depression you experience when you have no opportunity. The depression you experience when you feel trapped, hemmed in, forgotten, and hopeless.

    It’s a depression that is literally caused by a bottleneck of the anointing (Holy Spirit’s unction) and of God’s power on your life.

    And in order to beat depression of that kind, you’ve got to uncork the bottleneck. So, want to know how to beat depression when you’re discouraged about your calling?

    Here’s the answer, in one word:


    That’s it. Just start.

    See, if you start, and keep at it every day, then in one month, three months, one year, three years, your life will be so far ahead of where you are now that you wouldn’t be able to recognize it if you were looking at it in this moment.

    All it takes is to start.

    Dreams Require You To Wake Up Every Day and Start One More Time | Jamie Rohrbaugh |
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    As I am writing this, I have been writing professionally for more than four years.

    I started small—really small. Growth has been slow. But I started.

    Day in and day out, I woke up early, sat my butt in a chair, and worked on my dream. Sometimes only for an hour a day … but I started. I made a plan and, slowly, breath by breath, I executed that plan.

    I did it without any help, except for God’s help. I did it without anyone teaching me. Google and I became close buddies. I researched, learned, and executed the plan.

    And, as of the day of this post:

    • I’m writing for multiple publications;
    • have a book placed with an agent, praise God;
    • and am reaching people over 70,000 times each month through my blog alone (not counting other social media content). (Yes, oops, I’m letting the cat out of the bag before my official update, but yes, we exceeded 70,000 pageviews in October!) 🙂

    To make things even better, I’m mentoring a group of writers who are spread around the world. I’m teaching writing to others. And I’m helping pastors and Gospel workers build websites they can use to communicate their individual messages as loudly as possible to reach people for Jesus.

    That’s just the writing stuff. In addition to ministering and teaching and mentoring and all manner of other types of service which the Lord has blessed me to do.

    I give God all the glory. He made it possible. He wrote through me and continues to do the work through me to this day, and I praise God from whom all blessings flow.

    But if I had seen four years ago what my life looks like now, I would have thought it impossible.

    But it wasn’t impossible. All it required was to start.

    And tomorrow, to start again. Dreams require you to wake up every day and start one more time. 

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    But as you do, you’ll find yourself receiving more anointing, more joy, more excitement, passion, and fulfillment than you ever dreamed. You’ll look at yourself one day and realize that you’re coming alive again … and being fully alive feels fully wonderful.

    So here’s the key question I want to ask you today:

    In four years, you’ll be four years older whether your life has changed or not. If nothing has changed in four years, will you be okay with that?

    If you just said no, then start.

    Start today. Start again tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that.

    Beat depression. Beat stagnation. Beat the enemy, who’s trying to keep your voice, your calling, and your ministry out of the Kingdom of God.

    Give God something to work with. Start today, and let the anointing (the holy unction) that is in you flow out of you. Begin taking steps toward your dreams today.

    Is Holy Spirit speaking to you through this word? If so, please leave a comment below. I want to hear what’s going on in your life in this area, and how you plan to beat depression over your calling!

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    1. Kahn Johnson says:

      Yes, Jamie, this message is speaking to me. I was prophesied to by my former pastor that I was a writer. This was even before I realized that I was a writer. However I knew that I loved teaching and speaking about God’s Word because that is what gives me ultimate JOY!!! It wasn’t until I continued in graduate school that I found that my former pastor was right about my writing skills. I began to see the skills myself. However, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. I remember hitting down some titles of books that I want to write on. I remember being inspired to write on the Holy Spirit and why it is important to have. I remember sharing , and find my sharing this teaching with those who have an interest and I share it with most high joy and my listeners are excited as well!! Seeing their faces light up with joy and seeing the light pop on with them as I teach really inspired me. However, I’m presently working on my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. I have some Seminary school behind my belt, and would like to have more, but I’m currently in school and working full time as a Social Worker and I’m exhausted!!! I want to be off work, to finish school, find a divine job, and then find some time to write books, do seminars, plays, etc. It just seems so hard tight now, but I’m persistent and resilient so my God will see me through.
      Please keep me in prayer Jamie and speak whatvGod is saying to you about this.

      Thanks in Advance,

      1. Kahn, this is an amazing story! It sounds like Abba Father is all over your ministry. And there are times and seasons for everything. Right now, even if you do not have time to do everything that’s in your heart, you ARE making progress toward your vision. Finishing your doctorate is huge! And as time goes on, you’ll gradually be able to incorporate more and more of your dreams into your time schedule. It will happen! To everything there is a season.

    2. Dear Jamie. Is a wish to do something for God’s Kingdom the same as calling? It’s my wish to do the work of God by helping with my resources. My problem is that at present l am not in my home country where l have the resources. I will be away closely 3 yrs. I can’t work now because I am not allowed to.

      I need God’s intervention to open doors for me now in His glorious name to enable me fulfill my dreams.

      1. It might be, Freda. However, I would simply encourage you to do what you can with what you have where you are. If you have even one tiny thing in your hand, invest it into God’s Kingdom if that’s your calling. Do what you can with what you have, and trust God to build it. He gives seed to the sower. The key is that you must be a sower first, before He multiplies the seed.

    3. This blog is blazing! Very time sensitive Jamie.

      1. “Blazing!” I love it!!! Thank you so much, Kelly. I’m thrilled that Father blessed you. Have a wonderful day, and may you be encouraged in all things today!

    4. thank you for what you wrote jamie, i find it challenging though to look at my situation and know where to start, there are things i need to pray about and have been praying about, anyhow thanks for your testimony.

      1. Holy Spirit will give you wisdom as you pray, Michael. I bless you with eyes to see and ears to hear, and a nose to smell God’s fragrance. So that you would know exactly what He’s telling you to do, and that you would be effective in obeying His voice.

    5. Rafael Somma says:

      Spot on on my situation. So we have to take baby steps everyday towards our goal?

        1. Rafael Somma says:

          The thing is I’ve run out of patience with a lot of things. Things are moving way too slowly.

    6. Jamie, this was just the motivation I needed, thank you. I clearly heard the Lord at the beginning of the year say, “Don’t despise small beginnings.” I didn’t even realize it was in the Bible until I looked it up afterwards! Sometimes I don’t persist as you do, so thank you for your encouraging word this morning.

      1. Leslie, thanks for letting me know. Sometimes I don’t persist very well either! I pray Abba Father would give you grace and strength to heed His advice on those small beginnings! The race belongs to the tortoise. 🙂

    7. Amanda Encalade says:

      This exactly where I am right now I have hit a wall Iam overwhelmed by finaces my time my work schedule I’m in a job that does not make me happy
      I love writing I took those first baby steps and started a WordPress blog and A facebook page but nothing is happening with it, Iam going through marriage counseling I started a women’s prayer group all the lord
      Im in a faith based recovery group to get healing from my past and learn better coping skills. I have just flat lined there is so much I have burnt out I m considering stopping the recovery group which I committed to and Iam halfway through But I have came to realize Iam free from all those things behind me it’s alot of work to keep up with but I also made the commitment for a year
      I have been praying about this specificly I don’t know if Iam suppose to just step up and make all these things work together or if I have to let go of some things
      Decisions Decisions

      1. It sounds like maybe your “job” is healing on the inside right now, Amanda. There’s no guilt in just focusing on you for awhile if that’s where the Lord has you. There’s a time and a season for everything, and we humans can only handle so much. Ask Papa; He will show you what to keep and what to let go of, if anything. He is our Instructor and Teacher! (Psalm 32:8).

    8. Rebecca L Jones says:

      Hi Jaime,

      I was struck by the line ” constricting you “, the enemy sends attacks to halt God’s plans for you and you may not even recognize that. I faced this even yesterday, I had to take my Communion and pray. So I would pray a prayer to release that “constrictor ” in Jesus name, for it to go where He says. I know this sort of depression, and also grief, for a loss even other than death. And you definitely want to avoid a Python spirit, which is deadly. I know it has to do with divination, but is also a constrictor and will crush the life out of you as a believer with a dream. Pastor Jentezen Franklin has a book on it. Thanks for the Word, Jaime.

    9. I’ve been wanting to write/speak for many years!! Just never thought I was good enough or should I Day able to accomplish this.I do journal a lot and love to share the word of God so let’s jjdt see!! I’m willing ??❤️

    10. Mamahlohonolo Peko says:

      I praise and thank the Lord my God because Im continually seeking his face and here i am just read this article and it speaks to me and Confirm that i need to START. Today. Fear always paralyse me whenever i have to take action. I Procrastinate and end up with a pile of plans, ideas and unfinished projects. Today, i receive the prophecy. Today i am Starting. In four years my life will not be the same. In four years i want to be the one encouraging others to Trust in the Lord and show them how. I praise and Thank the Lord for never giving up on me. I thank him for you Jamie for always listening and doing as he instructs. May he strengthen you, grow your wisdom. give you power and increase his Grace upon you. Thank you.

    11. Amen 🙏🏽. Thank you Jamie this was an on time word and confirmation.

    12. IRMA NORTJE says:

      Amen thanku beloveds

    13. Reshma Van Wyk says:

      Hello Jamie… Thank you for this, it really moves me. Struggling to get there for years. Thanking God for Whatever it is, he saved me from and I’m pushing through the depression of stagnation. Amen.

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