10 Prayers for Your Husband In Crisis

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Wives, is your husband going through a crisis right now? Has a job loss, accident, bad business deal, or disabling medical condition taken the wind out of his sails? If so, you don’t have to stand by and watch. You can help him win in your prayer closet!

I have a brand-new article that will help you pray for your husband in crisis.

It’s over on GrowthTrac, a marriage ministry that is helping so many husbands and wives deepen their marriages. I’m so honored to have this article featured there, and I believe it will help you.

Is your husband in a crisis of any kind–particularly a self-esteem crisis? If so, please grab these 10 prayers:

10 Prayers for Your Husband In Hard Times

… over on GrowthTrac!



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  1. My husband is having an affair and having all kinds of inappropriate relationships women which he denies. I love my husband and want my marriage.My husband comes from a family of believers but limited. He does not believe in speaking in tongues and the adulterous behavior is present with the father and siblings. Please pray with me for my husband Jevon to dismantle these affairs and restore my our marriage
    Thank you,

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