Do You Expect to Prosper?

Do You Expect to Prosper? | Encouraging word from the life of David | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comI’m in the middle of my quiet time this morning and I felt compelled to stop and ask you this question:

Do you expect to prosper?

You see, I’m studying the life of David from the book of 1 Samuel (preparing to teach my 21 Kisses workshop about the life of David in a few days). And 1 Samuel 18:14 really arrested my attention. It says:

Start-quoteAnd David had success in all his undertakings, for the Lord was with Him.”

David had success in all His undertakings. ALL.

Because the Lord was with him.

Don’t think he didn’t know the Lord was with him. He knew. He depended on the Lord and knew Him intimately. You don’t rush giants with nothing in your hand but a sling and a stone if you don’t fully expect the Lord to be there to back you up!

Well, the Lord is with you too.

But I’m wondering if there could be a key difference that causes us to have different results sometimes than the results David had?

That key difference being: do you expect to prosper?

I EXPECT to prosper. I haven’t always had this attitude, but I do now and I’m asking the Lord to purge me and expose any areas in which I don’t yet expect to prosper.

Because, folks, the hand of the Lord is not shortened, that it cannot save. He is WELL ABLE to do everything for you and me that He did for David.

But Papa responds to faith. Do we have faith that He will prosper us? That He will come up behind us in everything we do as we follow Him, and bless it?

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Or do we only wish to prosper but expect to fail?

You could be anywhere on the spectrum. But wherever you are, I feel in the Spirit that it’s time to increase our level of EXPECTATION.

Pray this with me:

“Father God, in Jesus’ name, I thank You that You are no respecter of persons. What You did for David, You will do for me.

Therefore, since Your Spirit lives inside me too, and You are with me, I ask that You would make me successful in ALL my undertakings today. Rush upon me and through me, and literally do the work through me. Help me to do what You do and say what You say, and humble myself before You, receiving from You by grace, as You pour out on me and bless me.

Thank You, Papa. I give You all the praise. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.”

Will you change your expectations and start expecting to prosper–or to prosper in greater measure–today? If so, leave a comment below!


  1. I want to prosper now. It has not occurred to ask. I thank the Lord for your life in bringing up this prayer topic. Lord please increase my faith to understand and trust you more.

    Please l need you fervent prayer to support me in prayer for my daughter Miriam to have a good paid job that will allow her to be off from work on weekends. She is a single parent now.

    1. I prayed for Miriam, Freda. Thank you so much for sharing. Please do ask Papa God to prosper you in all things, and to help you build your faith! We all need to ask Him to bring us up to expectations that are worthy of our Daddy and His Word! <3
      Thank you for reading my blog!

    2. Josephine says:

      I want to prosper and I am excited to learn that this is God’s will for me too
      Thank you Abba, Father

    3. I need prayer for healing from hypothyroidism I was diagnosed after having my son I lack energy slow underactive thyroid metabolism and just alot of symptoms that go along with that feeling tired gain weight and feeling depressed I did take medicine for it but nothing improved for me

      1. Our father who are in heaven. Hallowed be thy name. Your kingdom your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from all evil. For thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever.

    4. Hie Jaime R
      Firstly,the devil does not want the Children of God to prosper in everyway.That is the reason why he fights you when you talk about blessings.
      The word of God is profitable for development, so I can not be in Jesus and remain poor.I love your articles, and I get them regularly here in South Africa.I read them most of the time because I want to be a Prayer Warrior and help you fight for our people and what is rightfully ours in Jesus’name.Please pray for me I’m in financial stagnation,I have children to feed and take care of but currently I’m failing,thank you.
      The Lord bless you exceedingly abundantly more than you could ever ask or dream of.
      Thank you Jesus Amen

    5. Osabouhien says:

      I know God is with me,it has be fighting for me from the beginning,and he is always in my side,I also know my blessing is coming soon,am expecting my blessing from God soon,I bless almighty God for is Grace and mercy,thanks you for your massage,God bless you and continue to bless you in spiritually and physically AMEN

    6. Thank you Father God for your word today. May it sink down deep in my soul and heart that You want to bless me. Show me that You really desire to bless me with prosperity!

      Pour out your blessing over me and let me see the goodness of your promises.
      In Jesus’s mighty name ,Amen

  2. Rafael Somma says:

    I expect to prosper in the long term and change my state of mind to success instead of failure.

  3. Lord I expect to prosper and also renew my mind to grow in faith and leave dought, please pray for me so that God will show me the secret to my destiny.

    I have read your blog the other day that says we should start to look into those smaller things that we fail before and start doing them . That blog was talking about your dream of birds that were in the cage it really touches me and I am about to start a small business , I am a mother and my husband has been out of work for several years, so though I don’t have enough funds to start the business but I be alive and have faith that papa God will make a way since he is the provide and I b ealieve in miracles.
    Have a happy Sunday, and I love reading your blog.

    1. Hi sister, thank you for reading my blog! Papa can help you with this. He said “Occupy ’til I come” (Luke 19:13), and the Greek word for “occupy” there literally means “Do business ’til I come!” I encourage you to seek Him in faith for wisdom, guidance, and strategy, and He will help you! Also: walk, don’t run. “Little by little” He brings you into the Promised Land (Exodus 23:30). It’s His way. So hustle by all means, but let Him build you a nice, solid foundation for your efforts! <3
      Have a wonderful day and thank you so much for sharing! May you be blessed in everything you do.

    2. Franklin Ngadiuba says:

      Pray for my business expansion, thank the direction Jamie

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hi, Jamie, thank you for this. I am behind on emails – I set aside ones that I want to read later and this was one of them. I am believing the Lord will give me a new car. I felt impressed to go find the one I want on the internet which I did. I wrote the make/model and accessories down, even the color! I have increased my giving planting seeds for this car. A couple of weeks after I picked out the car, my daughter came by to give me a shirt. She asked me to go outside and see her new car. It is the exact same car I am believing for! I saw this as a confirmation from the Lord and I was and still am so blessed by that. She is paying for car but I believe the Lord was in the purchase of that car to show me He is hearing me and I will have it!

  5. Never really thought about asking,but I do feel the Lord with my family and I strutting things up in our family in our finances,breakthroughs,restoring,giving us everything the enemy has taken from us in ten folds??So grateful to have read this in the few minutes I had this morning ??God bless us abundantly

  6. Jamie – thank you. I expect to prosper now. I have always believed our Father God is a provider – I just needed to hear the difference between expecting and wishing….God is Love and He loves us…and I am part of us….and He pours His blessings on me and us always…I know God can and will…Father God _ I expect my financial miracle today because I know YOU can and will just like You have for others…Be still and know that I am God…Thank you Father.

  7. I expect to prosper from today onwards

  8. Karen Secrest says:

    I do expect to prosper as the Lord gave me His word that says, “just as David was instructed at ziklag to pursue so I command you to pursue and you WILL RECOVER ALL…ALL THE ENEMY STOLE FROM YOU.” Thanks for standing with me.

  9. Hi please pray for my marriage to be restored and for my husband to find peace with god thank you

  10. gail rawlings says:

    i also want to prosper

  11. Thank you Father for all that you are more than capable to give us. You are so generous and loving!

  12. Mbah John Ogbonna says:

    Father God, i thank you for this word. I always to prosper and succeed in life like never before. But am down in faith, most time my heart deviate from the truth that God can give me all my desired expectations, but now i pray to God to help me increase my faith and prosper me according to his promises. Amen

  13. Mbah John Ogbonna says:

    Father God, i thank you for this word. I always expect it to prosper and to succeed in life like never before. But am down in faith, most time my heart deviate from the truth that God can give me all my desired expectations, but now i pray to God to help me increase my faith and prosper me according to his promises. Amen

  14. I will prosper in greater measure from today onwards. Thank you Christ Jesus. Amen.

  15. Everything about me is prospering in Jesus name . Amen.
    God bless you Jamie

  16. I do enjoy reading your blog every morning, but do you know the ads that scroll your feed are all liquor ads & rehabs. I’m sure you have no control of that, but it is really the devil trying to tempt people.

    1. Shellyann says:

      Thank you for sharing this prayer of prosperity I truly believe the lord wants to see his children bless.

  17. Thank you Father God for your word today.May it sink down deep n my soul and heart that You want to bless me. Show me that You really desire to bless me with prosperity!
    Pour out your blessing over me and let me see the goodness of your promises.
    In Jesus’s mighty name ,Amen

  18. Today I choose to change my expectations and EXPECT to change and see God bless my life.

  19. Janine Nel says:

    Thank You God and Jamie,

    I am declaring my faith as David. God you have me where you are wanting me and I receive everything that you have in store for me. I trust that every stronghold and every negative thing said about me and my business and walk with you is bound in the blood of Jesus.

    I am declaring this place a place of your ministry and your kingdom. Every step I take is a step in your footstep.
    Thank you God for this amazing women of God. She has been an inspiration in increase my walk with you God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I m feeling so blessed and excited in what you are doing in my live at the moment. THANK YOU

    1. Paul Weeks says:

      I just want to thank you for sharing about expecting to prosper WOW awesome Thankyou again
      Paul Prayz
      Seattle WA

  20. Elizabeth says:

    I expect to prosper in ALL things. Thank you Father God.

  21. I have been having this same conversation w/ my children which are currently in battle for their faith. Because this year has been a season of pruning where we’ve lost so many of the temporal things and people (including my dad) that we try to hold on to, they’re struggling to hear me when I say that “God hasn’t forsaken us, He’s preparing us”. Or when I say “things aren’t going to be this way forever”, they bat my words down as if they’re swatting a fly. So, for me to come to my computer before I retire to my bed, God again through you Jaime has lifted my head above the head of my enemies. For that I’m grateful. I pray your ears remain so close to the Father’s mouth that you feel his breath and that for every life that is changed because of your obedience to seek Him for manna for those that are in the desert and are having a hard time pressing towards the mark…I pray that the future generations in your family, never cease to serve the only true and living God with their entire heart, mind, will, and soul. Thank you a million times a million!

  22. Devora Diaz says:

    As a single mother, I desire to prosper. Life has been hard caring for my daughter who has Sicklecell disease. Caring for her, while being a provider is tiring. My trust is in the Lord. I know he won’t fail me. I pray for prosperity, breaking off the chains of hardship and poverty. IAM a change agent one who will manifest Gods presence to children and families in the system as a dependency case manager.

  23. Thank Father God for prospering me in all aspects of my life. All glory to you Father God and thank you Jamie 🙌🏾🙏🏾.

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