When Despair Looms, Put a Demand On God To Restore

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When Despair Looms, Put a Demand on God To Restore | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comMany of you have told me about the horrible situations you’re facing. A lot of you are dealing with broken hearts. Some of you are dealing with broken marriages. You have endured, or are currently enduring, hardship of all kinds. If that’s you, I have an encouraging word for you today about how to put a demand on God to heal and restore your life.

I know from personal experience that sometimes things pile up and pile up, and sometimes despair looms on the horizon. Sometimes you can feel like nothing is going right; like there’s injustice on every side; and like various parts of your life–even big parts–have been a waste.

I have felt that way many times, and honestly even this week I’ve been struggling with discouragement.

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    My pastor told me once that “the devil always comes after the Dove”–in other words, that after God moves mightily, the enemy tries to come in and steal what God did. And that’s certainly true. GOD wants us to remember the good things and be thankful. Discouragement and despair are always from the enemy.

    And yet …

    The things that we tend to get discouraged about actually happened. The hard things we are going through are real. So how do we handle it? How can we get through these things victoriously and get our hope and courage back? How can we see God move miraculously and bring light and hope where we saw none before?

    The key is 100% in the restorative and redemptive nature of God.

    God wants to restore you in all things.

    Romans 8:28 tells us:

    Start-quoteAnd we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

    Things happen in life. Life isn’t fair, and sometimes people do things to us that they shouldn’t do. Other times, we make bad decisions–or decisions we feel like later are bad.

    But the fact is that God is a Redeemer. He is a Restorer. It’s His way to take things that look ugly, that look pointless, that look unjust …

    … and turn them around for your good.

    I saw Him redeem something in my life in Nicaragua.

    It may seem like a small thing, but it mattered to me. A lot.

    Here’s the story:

    For those of you who don’t know, I have a Bachelor’s degree (what you earn after four years in university, here in the United States) in Spanish. I became a Spanish major in university because I had an advisor in high school who told me that I would make massive amounts of money as a translator with that degree–and that I would find a job immediately. That’s honestly the only reason I pursued that course of study.

    The problem was that, by the time I was a junior (third year of university), I no longer had any interest in Spanish. I would much rather have pursued a degree in business. However, in order to do that, I would have had to take so many additional classes that I would not have been able to graduate in time. And I wanted to get OUT of school, get a job, and begin my real life.

    So I just kept on and finished the Spanish degree. And after I graduated, I found a job in an insurance company. My job had very little to do with Spanish, and I basically stopped speaking Spanish right away. I had no desire at all to continue with it …

    … and I’ve been kicking myself for years for pursuing a degree in something–and spending all those years studying something–that has been of no benefit to my life. I have told myself so many times how stupid a decision it was. I can’t tell you how much I have regretted it.

    But you know what? On this mission trip to Nicaragua, I saw God restore benefit to me in an area I thought was useless and dead.

    When I committed to go on this trip, I planned to brush up on my Spanish. I bought a Spanish Bible and three Spanish worship music CDs. I had every intention of studying hard so I could remember as much as possible and thereby be as useful to the Lord as possible.

    It didn’t happen.

    I did listen to the worship CDs a lot, but that’s it. I simply didn’t have time for anything else.

    But you know what? When I arrived in Nicaragua, all of a sudden my Spanish started coming back to me. It was the Holy Spirit. He helped me understand what the people were saying, and He downloaded the words to me to say pretty much anything I needed to say.

    For example, one day I was preparing to preach a sermon, and as I studied (my English Bible), I literally heard the Holy Spirit download half the sermon into my mind in Spanish. I didn’t preach it in Spanish, because I wanted my team to know where I was and what I was saying for the ministry time. But I heard it from God IN SPANISH.

    I also translated for my team much of the time I was down there, and was able to be of service in that way; and I was able to minister in the altar at church services in Spanish.

    And it occurred to me: Maybe the reason I got that degree, unbeknownst to me, was for God to redeem it so I could minister the Gospel in Spanish. Because on that trip, I saw God take something I thought was long-dead and resurrect it, working it for my good and for His greater purposes.

    God wants to do the same thing for you. He wants to restore things you feel like have been lost or wasted.

    I'm believing God to restore my life ... because He promised!
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    He is a good, good Father. He sees everything that has ever happened to you–the good, the bad, and the ugly. And He wants to restore you. He wants to heal you. Papa God wants to bring you full-circle into greater blessings than you have ever known.

    And He wants to do it today.

    Like I said above, I’ve been struggling with discouragement some this week. But this morning, in my quiet time, God took me to Romans 8:28 and I felt led to claim that promise over all the things I feel like have gone wrong in my life.

    So I prayed about everything I could think of that has gone wrong, or where I’ve been stolen from or treated unjustly, and I asked God to redeem it. I asked Him to work these things out for my good, because He promised.

    You can do the same thing. It’s time for us all to claim this promise.

    It’s time for us all to put a demand on God to redeem and restore our lives.

    Our loving Papa sees you. He sees right where you are. He sees everything that has happened to you.

    And it’s time for us to look at our own lives, lift God’s promise back up to Him, and cry: “RESTORE!”

    It’s not time for us to drown in discouragement. It’s time for us to fight. God gave us His promises so that we could receive them. But He moves on the earth in response to prayer. So:

    • That marriage that’s broken? Lift it up to God and demand that He work it out for your good.
    • That relationship that’s severed? Same thing. Demand that He work it out for your good.
    • That time someone stole money from you? Demand repayment from God, our Restorer. He loves justice and HE alone can repay you.
    • Those years of investing in someone or something – years you feel were wasted? Demand that God work those years out for your good.

    Papa God is a good, good Father. He gave us a promise to heal and restore us. He promises that He will work ALL THINGS together for our good.

    Will you join me today in praying for Him to redeem and restore your life?


    1. Janet Bloder says:

      Jamie you are a blessing to me… Thank you for sharing these things.. What an incredible testimony of God’s faithfulness…

    2. I’m getting hung up on the word “demand”. I get what you’re saying and agree that we can and should claim God’s promises but I’m having trouble with demanding anything of God. You know what I mean?

      1. I sure do. 🙂 I know the word “demand” is challenging, but I used it on purpose because we have to bring up our level of faith to where it is a demand. Here are some thoughts to consider:

        – Faith insists that God do what He said He will do. Faith will NOT take no for an answer.
        – Jesus taught us that God expects us to harass Him until He does what He promised He will do. Luke 18.
        – Without this kind of faith, it is impossible to please God. Hebrews 11:6.
        – It is impossible to please God without both knowing who He is and expecting reward because of who He is. Hebrews 11:6

        The Bible is full of people putting a demand on God, and in each story, the person doesn’t get touched until they get real insistent. Think about the woman with the issue of blood. She powered through the crowd and grabbed the hem of Jesus’ garment, putting a demand in faith on His healing virtue–which He noticed. He turned around and asked who touched Him because He perceived that healing virtue had gone forth from Him.

        The best example of putting a demand on God that I know of is actually the wedding at Cana. Mary sees that the bridal couple has no more wine. She says to Jesus, “They have no more wine!” Jesus–who only said what He heard Father saying and only did what He saw Father doing–said that had nothing to do with Him; that His hour had not yet come.

        So look at this carefully: When Jesus said that to Mary, Father must have been saying, “Nope, Your hour has not yet come.”

        But then Mary turned it all around when she put a demand on God. She said to the servants, “Do what He says.” When she said that, she was basically saying, “I know He’s God, and He’ll help.”

        And then, what did Jesus do? He worked a miracle and turned the water into wine. Which means, when He did that, Father must have said, “Ok, now it’s Your time. Let’s turn water into wine.”

        This is cool when you think of it this way: In one minute, it was not Jesus’ time. No miracles on the horizon. BUT MARY put a demand on Jesus and insisted that He answer her plea. That was the only thing that changed. And that one demand of her faith on God moved Father from saying, “Jesus, it’s not Your time” to “Jesus, now it’s Your time.”

        Mary demanded that He answer her. And He did so–miraculously.

        That’s why we have to put a demand on God. It pleases Him when we know Him so well and trust Him so much that we refuse to take “no” for an answer. That’s real faith, and that’s the faith that causes Him to move Heaven and earth for us.

        Does this help at all?

        1. Yes it does, thank you. I never thought of it that way before.

        2. Oh my Father! This is SO rich Jamie and is quickening in me with such a resonance!!! Another example of this is in Isaiah 38 when the Lord sent Isaiah the prophet to deliver a get-your-house-in-order-you’re-about-to-die message to King Hezekiah. The King turned his face to the wall and cried out to God and wept bitterly. Even though the prophet, having delivered the word, was already half-way across the courtyard on his way outta the palace, the Lord sent him back to deliver another word! Fifteen more years to live AND deliverance from their enemy, Assyria. On top of that, God, who IS the Truth and cannot lie, was so gracious to offer a sign to Hezekiah that He would keep His promise! Our Mighty Father who inhabits eternity, beyond all time and space, TURNED BACK TIME (i believe 2nd time God did this, correct me if i’m wrong Jamie, but both were in response to prayer – Joshua’s and now Hezekiah’s).
          Oh He will redeem the time! He will restore life! Hallelujah! He WILL perform His Word!!!
          Recently, i heard the Holy Spirit whisper to me something that sorta shook a common church proclamation – “prayer works!” – not shaken by invalidating the statement…but what i heard and sensed deep inside was it’s not the prayer that works, it’s the FAITH that works. Immediately, a few verses came up in my spirit, …faith without works is dead…without faith it is impossible to please God, he who comes to God must believe that He is…and this last one was illuminated in a different way: The effectual, fervent (application of FAITH through) prayer of the righteous man availeth much. The “illumination” is the part in parentheses. VERY cautious about that as i am not intending to ever add to or take away from His Holy Word…hope i’m clear and not in error with this sharing – Jamie, please correct/guide me.
          Also, remember an article some years ago by another Jamie…she was sharing how the enemy seeks to wear us out and wax us tired. Isn’t that something? to exhaust us from even bothering to continue to press-in in worship and prayer.
          By faith, and with the authority given by the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus the Christ, we break off every chain of oppression, bondage, exhaustion and despair. Daddy God, we receive Your restoration this very hour. We lift high our gates for You, our King of Glory to come riding in!
          You, our God, are with us! You are MIGHTY to save! You will take GREAT DELIGHT in us! You will quiet us with Your LOVE! You will rejoice over us with SINGING!
          You really blessed my soul with this today, Jamie. Thank you so much!
          Ummmmhmmm….responding now to my Ishi’s invitation to dance with Him as we harmonize together His songs of deliverance…oh what peace…oh what joy under His banner of love…immersed over here…

          1. Nicola Walters says:


            1. Sue Tracy says:

              Thank you so very much all your prayers have spoken directly to my heart, I know God is working things for my good, thank you Jesus

    3. Rebecca L Jones says:

      Your pastors quote, “the devil always comes after the Dove”, I don’t know if that is Ron Phillips or who, clears a lot up for me, and for June if demand is strong to you, consider, come boldly to the throne, Hebrews 4:14, rest up for your next trip,Jaime. Blessings.

      1. It was Dr. Ronnie Phillips, Jr, actually who said that–and yes it’s so powerful! And prayer definitely seems to be the answer!

      2. Yes Rebecca, thank you.

    4. Nicola Walters says:

      Oh my dear Jamie, the Lord is really with you. These past few days I have being down ( I know this is the plan of the enemy to keep me from praying), but your post has brought back some hope. Your post has confirmed that God moves on earth in response to prayer. I have not worked since October 2015 because the government told me stop working when my permit was refused. I need redemption, restoration and restitution.
      I am requesting prayer as a sense I am experiencing roadblocks and spiritual hindrances and resistance. I have requested a work permit since April 2015 and is still waiting for its approval. In October 2015, it was refused and February 2016, I received a work permit but there is a condition which is preventing me from working in healthcare field. I am a healthcare worker and this information is on the application. When I checked the Immigration website on June 20, 2016, they were working on applications received March 8, 2016. My application was resubmitted on March 10, 2016 to remove the condition. Today, is June 30, 2016, and it is like the Immigration is stalled. Each time I reapplied, I observe that right about the time when my application is to be processed, nothing seems to be happening. I recognize that it is a spiritual warfare and delay is not of God. I am requesting your intercessory prayers.

      1. Nicola, when I read your comment, I thought of Daniel 10. Sometimes God has already sent the answer, but it gets delayed by the enemy’s forces–and when that happens, fasting and prayer is a huge key. Have you considered going on a fast? I will pray for you to have wisdom in this area and for Papa to show you what He wants you to do and how to move forward.

        1. Nicola Walters says:

          Jamie, I fast one to three days a week. Then recently, I did a 14 days fast. I am only mentioning this because you asked. I know fasting and prayer must be done with sincerity and humility.
          But Jamie, I have done everything that I can do and is still doing. The Lord showed me that it is spiritual resistance as you referenced in Daniel 9 & 10. The Devil is trying to wear me out ( Daniel 7:25) for me to roll over and quit. But I will not give in. I use the Word of God every second to overcome. That’s why I am requesting intercessory prayer. I am decreeing and declaring redemption, restoration and Restitution.

          1. Awesome. Sounds like you’ve positioned yourself for favor to me. I’ve been praying for you–the Holy Spirit sat on me with a burden for you especially this morning. I am believing with you for total re-alignment of your life with God’s abundant prosperity and purposes. In Jesus’ name.

    5. Rafael-Olivier Somma says:

      I keep on reading and trying to believe that things will change but I can’t get over it. My life has been a mess for a long time now that it’s really hard to put on a straight face and keep hope that the future will be better. My life is destroyed for all sorts of reason and I don’t really think it will change, at least for the foreeseable future…

    6. Abba has planted some things deep inside me from a very young girl, and has taken me back to show me His doing from that time. Yet, i’m now many years ahead and although grateful for His GRACE to continue living, as a watch the years tick by, i have sometimes struggled with feeling a sinking hope whether the desires and dreams He’s placed inside me will come to fruition- or did i miss it? Am i too late? i remember and relate so much to Abraham, hoping against all hope(Romans 4)… so i wipe my tears, and i press closer with all that i have to Daddy.
      After His whisper on my birthday last year, He took me to some specific places in His Word and He has been continuing to remind me of it, adding to it and unveiling it more and more. Extending it so i can lock my faith on it, align my thoughts with it, meditate on it so that it fills my heart and overflows from my mouth. Now that Jamie (Daddy-God’s PRECIOUS girl) has opened this thing up and keeps poking at it, it has been flooding in on me even more the past couple of days. Can’t shake feeling that it may encourage someone else’s spirit. Here’s a snippet in the form of some verses framed around some lyrics. Praying that it adds to your encouragement…

      “And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” 1 Peter 5:10

      You will recover. He will restore
      Be patient, a little longer
      He will restore
      For each and every tear
      He’s restoring the years
      You’ve suffered long enough
      Now be restored!

      Your loss won’t compare to your gain
      Your destiny has been preordained
      Your days of hurting are no more
      Now be restored!

      He will perfect you, Establish you, Strengthen you, Settle you
      He’s restoring, Your family!
      He’s restoring, Your peace!
      He’s restoring, Your wealth!
      He’s restoring, Your health!

      He’s restoring you!
      He’s restoring you!
      You’ve suffered long enough
      Now be restored!
      (lyrics: Now Be Restored)

      “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you. And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of theLord your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed.” Joel 2:25-26

      ***Amos 9:11-15***

      SO thankful for the vessel of honor that is Jamie! Praying today for her and all of you as i read and am blessed by, and even sometimes grieved by what you share. Sending His touch, His Word, His presence to minister peace and refreshing as you wait expectantly for His restoration of every part of you, – heart mind, body, soul and spirit your lives, families, endeavors too – through Christ Jesus and for His name’s sake. Amen.

      1. Praise God, His timing is so perfect even when we don’t understand. Thank you for sharing these beautiful words. Abba Daddy–we look to You!

    7. My dear dear Jamie,how I thank Daddy for you! This is so timely. As I sit at my table preparing to study and pray this morning, I thank God for this word through you directly from Him. It brings me hope on so many levels. To begin with, I want my relationship with my son restored, And the miracle of restored language confirms the answer to a prayer I have been praying. I will indeed, take my concerns before my Daddy God, and make a demand.

      1. Precious Marilyn, thank you for sharing. I felt like Papa wanted me to tell you this morning that He knows your name and the deepest thoughts of your heart. Your deepest needs and desires are not beyond Him, and He wants to provide them all.
        I pray that He would give you hope, healing, and restoration in all things today. In Jesus’ name.

    8. Terry Hodges says:

      TU Jamie for again the encouraging reminder to me about Gods promises! I lost everything in natural. ..God r\promises to restore ALL I lost my kids relationship, money stolen, my joy, all unjust my finances I lost after 25 yrs of professional job.. I again keep asking God help.. I declare your promises.. all my crying to God and the spiritual warfare I face in my soul I cant do it .. I over and over Lord I’m not self reliant help me. I bind those things up and IT IS YOU God to do in your mercy and grace.. No working after layoff for 5 yrs its hard to see where your going either in faith or waiting on God.. Thank you Jamie its something the LORD who brings breakthrough in all. today my mind shall be clear, no anxiety, despair loop. strength in my inner man and my body. Thank you for your faithfulness Jamie!

    9. Hello Jamie. I had never heard of you & just happened to “stumble” upon your other article last week about the Double Portion when I was trying to find something on the new year 5778…which also rang true. Today I decided to go back to it as I’ve been having tons of Double experiences this past week…beginning that day. This time, when reading it a minute ago, I clicked the link to come here & could hardly believe when I saw & read the headlines of your story about NICARAGUA as I just happen to have come here &, after many years as a gypsy lifestyle, feel God is planting me here…In fact, I feel like it is part of my “Double”. I love that your story was about speaking Spanish as well, as this is my BIG hurdle. Your story was a confirmation to me on many levels. Thank you!!!

    10. CYNTHIA S. says:

      Thank you Jamie. I needed encouragement today. I’ve been struggling with depression and dissapointment in my life. Your blog drove me back to God’s word to read and pray and “know” Romans 8:28. I trust HIM. My courage to face another day is renewed.

      1. Sue Tracy says:

        Thanks Jamie your advice is always so timely. Father I ask you to bless Jamie and her husband. I pray for the life you placed in her womb that he will bring you much joy with his obedience to his parents and grow in his love for you. I love you and give you all the glory Amen

    11. Lucine Keroglian says:

      Thank you Jamie. I have been dealing with a broken relationship and God has promise greater restoration in my relationship with my rib mate. It has been over a year in a half and I have not quit praying or believing in Our Father God almighty will do as he promised me. I came upon this today and it just spoke to me. I had just prayed and asked God to help me surrender unto him and to have the holy spirt speak to me and guild me. I feel like everyone has said when you surrender to Father God you no longer pray about it but I can’t help but to always pray and think about it and I asked God to help me and this morning I read this and I know this is God saying keep professing his promises and demand like you said which I never thought of. Can you please pray that God restores my relationship with my Rib Mate Ryan and May the delays be no more in Jesus mighty name. Please help intercede for me and pray it will happen soon. Thank you God bless you.

    12. I’m in a cycle of judgement I can’t get out of. I can’t seem to get out from under the sin I’m in. I backslid and now I’m in trouble in my life. God is not pleased with me. I can’t seem to do the things that I know please him. I’m losing my fight of faith.

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