Hang In There, Hang In There, Hang In There!

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Hang In There, Hang In There, Hang In There! by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.com Blog

If you’re tempted to quit something God has called you to do, I have an encouraging word for you today:

Hang in there!

I’ve been tempted to quit some things recently. Some of these are things I need to quit, but others are things to which God has called me. The going hasn’t always been easy, though. Sometimes, when things are hard, it seems easier to walk away than to stick with it.

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    Sometimes perseverance seems like more trouble than it’s worth. Is anyone else with me on that?

    It was during one of those times recently that God spoke to me from Galatians 6:9:

    Start-quoteAnd let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”

     And Papa told me to hang in there.

    The thing that struck me most about this passage was that we are not to grow weary “WHILE” doing good:

    • WHILE we’re still in the process.
    • WHILE we are sowing, but haven’t seen a harvest yet.
    • WHILE we are working and working with nary an end in sight.

    It’s true that I might be working and not seeing my harvest yet, but God knew when He wrote this verse that I would have to work awhile before the harvest comes. He knew the journey might feel long. But He also knew that something great lies at the end of the road… if I can just hang in there!

    What are you working toward? What do you feel like quitting?

    In Galatians 6:9, God is promising you also that if you will not lose heart WHILE doing good–while you’re still in the process–that in due season YOU will reap. You will reap the harvest God has promised you.

    YOU will see the fruit of your labor.

    Ecclesiastes 9:11 contains another promise that your time of victory will definitely arrive:


    I returned and saw under the sun that—

    The race is not to the swift,
    Nor the battle to the strong,
    Nor bread to the wise,
    Nor riches to men of understanding,
    Nor favor to men of skill;
    But time and chance happen to them all (emphasis mine).

    When God said that time happens to them all, it means “the appointed time” happens to them all. [1] That means you have a date with destiny. God has an appointed time for you. He has an appointed time for your victory, your harvest, your promotion, your end result.

    That’s why He said in 1 Peter 5:6:

    Start-quoteTherefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time…”

    In due time, He is going to exalt you. He is going to lift you up above your current circumstances.

    That’s why it’s so important to hang in there, hang in there, and hang in there some more! I know things might feel dry and stale now. I know that the going can be hard. I know that sometimes you just want to walk away.

    I know. I’ve been there too. 

    But you know what God knows? GOD knows when your date with destiny is. He knows that your harvest is coming. He sees the bounty that He’s gathering for you, and you are going to reap the reward of your labor.

    If you hang in there.

    If you don’t lose heart.

    If you keep on sowing, faithfully, diligently, without fail.

    Hang in there, precious friend. Your season will come. Your appointed time will come … and when it does, it will be worth it.

    In what situation do you need to hang in there today? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts!


    Image courtesy of Marg on Flickr via Creative Commons license.

    [1] Concordance link here.


    1. Renee Regal says:

      Thanks, for today, I needed this….

      1. Amanda Nachalwe says:

        Pastor Jamie your words came straight to my heart I have been having thoughts of giving up. but I have been reminded by galatians 5 really came at the right time to God be the glory now and forever more in Jesus Christ Amen.

    2. I’ve been “hanging in there” to a dream I’ve been believing is the best for me according to Gods word of not being unequally yoked but was about to let go until I read what you say about hanging on and not giving it up. How long should we hang in there for before accepting that maybe we did NOT hear from God or are going to get what they asked for?

      1. Hi Lucy. I emailed you just now… it would be hard for me to say without knowing your particular situation. But if you’re talking about a marriage, then the answer is NEVER give up. Never, never, never. Hang in there. I will pray for you. Feel free to email me back if you like. Hugs!!! Jamie

      2. Thank you so much I feel like giving up at times as well but I do believe God is with me and thats what keeps me going.

    3. God has been calling me to a new school a couple of hours away from my friends and family. I come home at least once a month, but I am very lonely there. I’ve been praying that I would make new friends, but so far it’s been really tough. I know this is where God wants me so I have to resist the temptation to move back home where I know people.

    4. As I was reading this, I had to stop and pray and ask God if my understanding was selfish. I feel as though it is speaking to my situation-my husband is addicted to crack cocaine and is currently in a “relationship” with a heroin-addict half his age. He sells drugs and she sells her body. In spite of all this I still love my husband. He is an ordained minister and I believe God still wants to use him (and us together) in ministry. I have been praying without ceasing for God to deliver my husband (and the girl he’s with) and restore our marriage. I know He is going to do it, but patience is not one of my virtues. That’s why I believe this reading is speaking to my situation, but I had to ask God to show me if I’m making it about what I want rather than about my work for the Kingdom.

      1. Hi Ms. Karen. Thank you for reading, and for your support! I can only say that, in this situation, what you want is most certainly also what God wants, so YES, He is speaking to you. He wants your husband to be delivered and restored more than you do, so your desire and prayer please Him. Blessings to you. I will pray for you also.

        1. Thank you Jamie. I have many low moments, but God always leads me to something encouraging so I can maintain my resolve to keep fasting and praying. I have been fasting since November and have not gotten my answer yet. In fact the situation has seemingly gotten worse. I don’t doubt that God is working in my favor, but I wonder if I should change my fast or do something different?

      2. Dear Karen, after reading your comment, I was reduced to tears my heart broke for you. I was also encouraged by your strength and courage to keep believing and not give up God despite your painful circumstances.
        God bless you and I pray God resolves all these situations for you.

        I thank God for your ministry Jamie, God bless you with all you need.
        I am currently going through some horrid situations too and sometimes its hard to even just read the word of God because I get so discouraged and depressed sometimes.
        Everything that could have gone wrong in my life all seemed to happen at once. And in some cases I seem to have suffered from sustained attacks from sides.

        The man I believed I was going to marry cruelly rejected me and left the country with another woman. I set up my online business only to have door after door shut in my face for any business funding, my site is down due to lack of funds!
        I am also in major financial difficulty.
        After much fasting and prayer God started to reveal to me in my dreams and He confirmed it through my mother, that
        there are people in my family and relations that specifically went out of their way to cast witchcraft spells on myself, my mother and other family members in particular my siblings; This revelation from explained some of the tragedies and weird events that have occured all throughout my life.

        Sometimes it feels as though bad luck has followed me all my life, from suffering from childhood sexual abuse and neglect, abondment and rejection issues from not growing up with my mother and father. As well as suffering deaths and loses of my Father, sister, to name a few!

        I have prayed and fasted for so long and sometimes it seems things only continue to get worse!
        I have cried out to God so much.
        I feel like every day is a battle just to keep going and believing.
        In fact Its hard to keep believing that God is there at all sometimes, But He is!
        One thing I’ve learnt through my suffering is that, with God, there is always a perfectly good explanation as to why things happen the way they do, even when we can’t make sense of it.

        And although the enemy wants me to curse and hate God in all my suffering, I have to constantly remind myself of God’s promises and that He has final say on all things, and that He is faithful. I have to remind myself of His sovereignty and good intentions towards me, that’s what keeps me going.

        God bless you all, He is faithful.

      3. Valerie Lopez says:

        Thank you for this word. I am a medical student and currently waiting for the results of my board exam retake. I failed it the first time as I was struggling with depression and anxiety. This time, I put a lot more effort in, but I am incredibly nervous for the results. They come in on March 18th. I pray for a pass. If it’s not a pass, then I get dismissed from medical school. God did not bring me this far just for me to fail. I refuse to believe that. Jamie, your message brought me some hope and I pray that my appointed time is coming next week and I can finally get out of this limbo-like rut and live my life with purpose again. God Bless you and your ministry through Jesus Christ!

        -Valerie L.

    5. Saundra Box says:

      A full-time ministry. A healing of two different relationships. And, to end grieving for the loss of my dear mother.

    6. Thank you for posting it. I really need it because I’m slowing losing my hope for the restoration of my relationship. I know God has shown me that someday it will be restored. So I will not stop praying. Thank you Jamie ?.

      1. Wow! This is exactly what Im going through, this is so right on time Jamie,
        I thank God for using you the way He does!

    7. Annanson John says:

      I know my redeemer lives. And I know, YES I know you are a PROPHETESS and a PROPHETIC gift to me and the many dozens of people you are labouring for with your TIMELY prophetic teachings and counselling! God bless you my dear sister and Prophetess, please do not let -VE comments wear you down. I am ASHAMED I am not able to HELP, except receive receive and receive FREE from You. Thank you. People who complain are both without money and without Christ Jesus, they need deliverance. God bless you for sharing and praying for me and the rest of the community and those who are yet to get into the fold.

    8. Travis Glasgow says:

      Good morning, saints.

      Ms. Jamie, I am thankful for this word that you have shared. I face a trying situation in my finances where people tell me to stop tithing until I can get myself out of this hole. However I know that is not Bible based or based in God’s Word. Plus I am facing challenges at work, but a ‘door’ has appeared. However I am not sure if this ‘door’ is of God. I continue to seek God.

      Have a blessed rest of the week.

      1. Dear Jamie,

        This message is truly for me. I’ve been looking for a job and have been running out of patience waiting for answers. But today the Lord commands me to be strong and courageous and wait! My time will definitely come. Our God is faithful.

    9. Hi, Jamie, I’m so close to leaving my job; its been 7 years, going on 8 years in July, I’m drained, there’s a spiritual heaviness there. I also keep dreaming with coworkers for weeks possibly months…I think Father God is trying to let me know something, I’m praying for direction and guidance from the lord..including the relationship I’m in for years.. Please pray God speaks or makes it clear to me I’m tired, .thank you.

    10. Thanks Jamie!
      Confirmation! And encouraging!

    11. Amen, amen and amen!
      Thank you Jamie for this timely encouraging word.
      Grace to you, your loved ones and your ministry and peace from Him who is and who was and who is to come.

    12. Amen. Jamie is a cheerful giver.

      We all receive so much from this ministry for free! It takes so much hard work, zeal, perseverance, love and obedience to keep going, even when facing strong opposition and warfare.

      I don’t have any doubt that the Lord will increase this ministry beyond their wildest dreams and wanted to encourage with this word in Haggai 2:9
      ” the latter glory of this house will be greater than the former, says the LORD of hosts. And in this placebo will provide peace, declares the LORD of hosts.”

    13. Hi Jamie

      I am asking God to turn around my financial situation. I need help. I can’t do it on my own and hence at times I find myself panicking and wanting to quit.

    14. YOLEINE CAPRI says:

      Glory to God thank you Father and Jamie. I promise you Jamie your a blessing because whenever I pray to God about something. Then the next day you post something related to what I prayed to God about. Thank you God and Jamie blessings 🙌🏿🙏🏾🤗

    15. Tess White says:

      We are still standing on Your Promises by Your Grace and Mercy, Lord.
      Thank You for our appointed time. I would have given up, but God!
      Please hurry, Lord. You know how our world was turned upside down and this journey has been long and hard.
      Please deliver quickly Lord, as only You can make things right and correct the wrongs.
      Restoration and restitution are in You, Father, and Your Son, my Beloved Jesus. Holy Spirit has been so amazing through ALL OF THIS! Thank You for Your LOVE and Your Comfort.
      We receive this word and are expecting.
      Thank you, Jamie. May you and your family receive your heart’s desires planted by ABBA Father!

    16. I was “released” from my job after 37 yrs because “they would no longer accommodate the job accommodations” I had in place. It took 6mos to approve 3 simple things. I fractured my femur last July
      —they finally gave me 3 days a week (I had to call every week to actually get a schedule) a month & a half after I was released by the dr. I believe it was deliberate targeted to get rid of me as I earned $13 an hour—$5 more than minimum wage. I need financial help immediately. I’m in my 50s, have a son diagnosed with developmental disabilities, have stood in the gap for a prodigal husband & for marriage restoration for several years. I’m looking for a job. I need financial outpouring immediately from God.

    17. Hi Jamie. Thank you so much for sharing this this morning. This week has been really hard especially with something that happened with one of our children. When I woke up this morning I was determined I was going to get done what I set out to do so that things can be better on my kids and my husband and about 9 I was already ready to throw in the towel. Biggest thing I forgot to pray that God prepare my steps throughout the day because I knew what He wanted me to do. Satan threw the bait though of criticism and condemnation for my past and I took the bait and almost crashed but this message gave me hope that my mission was not in vain as in my past. God has a purpose in all this even if I don’t see it. It doesn’t matter. Because I believe Jeremiah 29:11 not just over me but over my family as well. It’s not all about me. I read a post on Pinterest, maybe what you’re going through isnt for you but maybe it’s for one you’re raising and I believe that message is for all our children. God is so gracious and Jesus is so merciful and the Spirit lives me and now all my children thank you Jesus☺️ and I’m so grateful. You’re post are always an encouragement. Thank you for just being who God made you to be

    18. I’d like to hang onto my job but my bipolar disorder has turned depressive and I have no desire to be on the sales floor. Sure you’re speaking for all of us?

      1. Yep, it’s the Word! By the way, I have had the Radical Prayers book fixed and the proofs are on their way to me. I want to check them again before I send out yours … but I haven’t forgotten you!

        1. You can quote the Bible however you like.

          How about “Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy.”

    19. Thank you Jamie…I sure needed this today! I am unemployed with no job income but just some savings…running seriously low. I know God hears my prayers and knows my needs. I am diligently job searching. I can’t give up but sometimes I wish I could!! Yes, it is challenging to wait on the Lord but I have an easier time when I give my life and circumstances to Him. Praise, thanksgiving, a faithful obedient and joyful heart are His ways…satan’s is discouragement, depression, etc…we have a free will choice! Thank You Abba Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit for loving me!!💜

    20. Adrienne Enghouse says:

      I wanted to give it all up this morning. I am running in a union election and the race is bitter, contested, and people are smearing. The attacks have been on going for over a year. I also have been in a relationship for a long time and I am waiting for that to progress. I have been waiting and hoping for my children to seek the Lord and walk in their destiny. I am exhausted. Everything I do is under scrutiny, from what I wear to how I walk to you name it. There are accusations that I lie, steal, bully, shame, gas light, etc I have been slandered, maligned, etc. I am looking for vindication. I am hoping for a reprieve. I am asking that someone who knows the truth will come in like a flood and reveal it.

    21. Crystal hill says:

      I received this message in the name of Jesus

    22. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      I just read this now (12/03/20) @ 10:32 am.I just wanted to throw the towel away. It seems that the answer to my prayer,my crying,my tears,my faster is nothing.It is getting worse.May be others will get the answers to their prayers but not me.I am hurt and life is so unfair.Thank you for your message

    23. Thank you for this message. I’m am claiming it in the Holy name of Jesus.

    24. Hi,
      I needed this! I have been battling the state for 3 years for the return of my disabled grandson (in foster care). The road has been extremely long and it’s been hard I continue the fight though and always will. I would like to see my victory before he gets any older. He has a brand new baby brother waiting for him at home with is.
      I have prayed for 3 years for God to please bring this little boy back home to us soon
      I’ll NEVER give up

    25. Delia Gonzales says:

      The process of healing for the next six months treatments not fixing up are the encouraging words u receive there is a scripture that Abba Father confirm for me and my house will serve the Lord I will hand in there for his timing I will give him permission to do his will in my life and in my body that belongs to him thank you again

    26. aida valentina situmba says:

      I have been hanging in there for a while, my finances are driving me insane. I will keep trusting God. Thank you Jamie, this message came at the right time. I will focus on Galatians 6:9

    27. Elsie Mutinda says:

      Amen I really needed this word . I am having such a low day .

    28. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Praise the Lord!While i was reading this,it strucked me so hard because it is mine.I asked forgiveness to my cousin but she never forgive me.It is so hard to stay under one roof and never forgive.Is it ok if i can move on Sis Jamie.I’ve done my part,talked to her but she’s got a hardened heart when comes to forgive.Anyway i thanked God for this great message.
      Glory be to God.

    29. Faith,patience,restoration,reconciliation finances, employment
      I’m going to hang in there!!!

    30. Delia Gonzales says:

      Good morning Mrs Jamie Hid has been so good to me I’ve been waiting upon Abba Father because in this season that he has been my partner I’ve been guided by His Hoky Soirit to focus on Him and not on my circumst I just had surgery a mastectomy with reconstruction I am very grateful to him because he has answering my prayers and I am so grateful that all of God’s people my congregation my two sisters have been praying for me and I have seen God’s hand work in my behalf I love him so much and his people whom I consider my family hanging in there to recover I have been claiming and declaring that I am cancer free since day one I did not want to go through this but I said God let it be your will not mine I had been fasting and praying I I to get strong enough to continue doing his work and his will I just meet his strength it has been amazing this is all for him to be honored and glorify through me and in me to be lifted up I am a miracle because I know that I am his hands and feet he has been leading me to love those that are hard to love it’s a command from him I strongly believe he is still not done with me and and to use me in a way that I could never imagine I have asked him to help me be bold brave and strong to do what he is leading me to not to fear because he is with me and he has not failed and does not intend to I have been living by faith only with social security and IRA I am retired but I know I need to work because he say if I don’t work I won’t eat I do work with my pastor on Wednesday and Sunday he had surgery also I love him I don’t understand that he does not rest but it is not to me why he does not I just pray for him and his wife they are both around my age but are physically disabled I pray for rapid recovery for them and myself help me pray that I will be financially free so I may sow seeds to those who are in need I am blessed because I have a home and a car that are paid for I’ve been hanging in there thanks to God and for him using you for those encouraging words that align with his word I know I am on the right path love you Jamie I will continue praying for you and for me to be blessed to bless you taking a step of faith sowing in your ministry to help where it is needed besides my own congregation paying my tithes and offerings take care we are in this together I know for a fact that Papa is taking me to a higher level promoting me to do his will and not what I want but his desire love Delia all honor and glory to God through Jesus

    31. I am believing God and standing for the restoration of my marriage after divorce and abandonment. My wife left May 9, 2021. I decree and declared my marriage is restored in Jesus name!

    32. Taniqua burns says:

      I am hanging on by a thread life is hard for me right now

      As I may be facing jail time for something that I didn’t do

      A hardworking single mom with a beautiful daughter

      I mean I am just torn

      I feel heartbroken

      I feel let down

      I feel like I also let someone down

      And I am truly sorry

      I feel like I failed my princess

      I feel like I failed my god

      I feel like I failed my family

      I am sorry

      I truly apologize to them

      I am not what I allowed

      I allowed a stranger to come into my life and poison me

      I should have been stronger

      I should have talk to god during the time I felt misguided

      But I did I just didn’t talk to him about the right things

      I was praying for us to stay together instead of asking god to lead me

      I was addicted to a bad person

      I have learned my lesson on me in general and I don’t want to repeat the same cycle again

      Lord please forgive me

      Dear lord please keep me here with my daughter

      I don’t want to leave her in this world without a mom

      She cries to me because she doesn’t want me to leave

      I don’t want to leave her we need each other

      In Jesus name I pray, Amen

    33. Jamie I bless God for you. These golden gems is truly bringing me through this dark struggle of rebuilding my life. I pray God will crown all your efforts with unprecedented love and favor. Amen.

    34. I’ve been hanging in there with custody court. I recently loss my baby unjustly due to an abusive ex. He has not let me see my child in 3 months. Court keeps being pushed back. I am aching. Hurting bad without my child. But I believe if I keep hanging in, God will have the glory from our lives.

    35. Thankyou Jamie, I am waiting to move into my own flat, it will happen soon I did the viewing on the 16th and accepted now im just waiting to sign the contract and move in

    36. This really hit me! I need to hang in my work and relationship. 🙏💕

    37. Kris Todd says:

      Thank you for these encouraging words today. I was in need of some encouragement. I am hanging in waiting on God to bring my wife Kelly home for good and to fully restore our marriage. The wait gets tougher every day. Thank you again and may God bless you and your family.

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