Encouraging Words & Urgent Prophetic Alert

Presence Seekers University signupHello, Presence seekers,

I wanted to share a couple of encouraging words I’ve released on social media in the last few weeks–words which you may not have seen. I also have an URGENT prophetic alert to share with you today.

Encouraging words:

1. Here’s a short Facebook video in which I pray for angels of recovery and repossession to bring back things that have been lost or stolen.

2. Here’s another short video about why you need to pray daily for God to rebuke the devourer for your sake.

3. And this is why I keep a ledger on God.

These words all have to do with finances. The Lord has given me a tremendous burden of intercession lately for people’s finances, and for entrepreneurs and their businesses. Please watch them and pray for yourself along with me.

Then, the prophetic alert–and this is URGENT:

I am absolutely positive about what I’m seeing in the spirit realm for this alert, but have been extremely hesitant to release it. But this morning, I felt like the Holy Spirit sternly warned me that if I did not release it, and people or destinies were spiritually killed/stolen by the enemy when they could have been saved because of this alert, their spiritual blood would be on my hands.

So here it is. Take it for what you will, and I pray you’ll listen.

Beloved, this is the purpose of many attacks of the enemy in this hour: The enemy is trying to divide you away from godly leadership.

I’m seeing this over and over and over again, and have been seeing it for months. Precious readers from all around the world are talking to me about this. But, I did not see the hidden issue before.

The attacks have in many cases looked like other issues. But the other issues have been the Trojan horse. They were simply sent to be an evil mask for the real attack.

The Lord showed me the real purpose of the attack in a sudden flash of understanding as I was praying recently.

And beloved, it’s so much more sinister than you could have imagined.

It’s a coordinated enemy attack. It may look like any number of other things, but this one diabolical plan is the ultimate goal behind all the surface things that have been happening. Because if it works, the enemy can take out people and ministries forever.

The enemy wants to divide you away from your godly leaders. Here’s how to defeat the attack:

Come in the opposite spirit. The Lord told me there are two very specific ways to come in the opposite spirit and defeat this thing:

1) Be extremely transparent with the people from whom the enemy is trying to divide you away.

Extremely transparent. You must be. If you beat around the bush, nothing can heal. If you have already tried to heal in silence, before the Lord only, and it didn’t work and has only festered, then YOU MUST BE TRANSPARENT.

2) Pray for a radical infilling of LOVE which holds people together, for all persons involved.

If you like to pray using music, listen to this song–“Hold Us Together” by Matt Maher–and intercede for yourself and everyone involved in your situation.

Beloved, I implore you, do not let the enemy divide you away from your leaders. Instead, be transparent and open with them. Pray that you would all be filled with the love that holds us together, and stick tighter together than ever before. This is a crucial hour.

I pray that you would heed these words and pray about them in relation to your own life. Don’t give the enemy any inroads in your life. Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.

Much love in Christ,

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  1. What if your leadership is not godly and is in sin. . The Bible is clear about not being under the influence of such situation. Pastors are assigned to my church. So what now.

    1. Hi Mae. Great question. First, it’s important to recognize the difference between people who are not godly and people who occasionally make mistakes. We all make mistakes–so my question would be, did someone simply mess something up? Or are they living a lifestyle of habitual sin? Big difference, and making mistakes doesn’t mean a pastor is ungodly.

      After distinguishing between those two things: if your pastor has hurt you, Matthew 18 says to go to them and talk about it. If they are living a lifestyle of habitual sin (e.g. living a homosexual lifestyle), I would not remain under the covering of that pastor. Leaders in the Body of Christ must be held to the standard of God’s Word, and God’s Word must be our ONLY standard.

      But that doesn’t negate the need for grace and forgiveness when people simply mess up.

      Does this help?

  2. THANKS for the article! For me, I NEED leaders. It’s a huge hole. I need personal spiritual leaders, even a spiritual mother and father. I’m seeking God for this imperative need to be filled.

    1. I understand! My book-in-process is all about this very thing, and my personal story about going from being an orphan to finding, then becoming, a spiritual parent. This is most definitely God’s will for all of us. It’s the only discipleship pattern that Jesus modeled!

      If you haven’t read my article series about how to find a spiritual father/mother, it might help. Here’s the link:
      I pray right now that Abba Father would lead you to the spiritual parents He has for you, in Jesus’ name!

  3. Rebecca L Jones says:

    Angels of recovery, I love it! I just saw a Ron Dianici painting, an angel before the cross with a sword, but covering his eyes. He could have called ten thousand angels, but did not. We can, we don’t have to let things or people die. I had the same urgency, it coincides with Rosh Hashanah, maybe even Yom Kippor. October 10 is also 10/10, as in John 10:10…life abundantly or kill, steal, destroy. And one more thing, it’s major deception against certain ministries, and the lack of understanding about tongues and gifts. People just need to rest and receive.

    1. There is definitely an anointing on this Day of Atonement. I agree. I feel it strongly, really strongly.
      Thanks for sharing and for being so encouraging, as always!

  4. Rafael Somma says:

    I would really like to have 50 000$ or 100 000$ in my bank account. I could help others with it.

    1. So would I! But the real question is: will you help others with the $5 or $10 you do have? This is how God grows us financially. I can remember giving away my last $2, my last $10, and not knowing how I would buy groceries to eat on the rest of the week. But God provided, and He has continued to do so always! As we are good stewards, that is what He does! But giving is key, and tithing the first 10% to God–bringing the tithe into the storehouse, which is your local church where you are fed–is absolutely critical. Malachi 3.

      1. Rafael Somma says:

        You have a good point Jamie. Food for thought. 🙂

  5. Sue Tracy says:

    I need restoration for things that have been stolen from me. My husbands heart is with another woman I believe and I am currently seeking a divorce. My husband and my two sons are not walking with the Lord and I really feel at a loss for what to do. They have made it clear that they do not want to hear about God from me so I don’t know what I can do but pray for them. God can work miracles so I am trusting in HIM. Thank you for your prayers

    1. I’ve been praying for you and for him, Sue. And for your sons as well. Abba Father will help you. I encourage you to lean on Him today, and ask Him also to protect your heart. Some things are too big for you, and this is one of them. Just lean into Abba Father and let yourself be a little girl with a great big Papa. Rest in Him, sister, and let Him take care of you, lift you up, and comfort you today.
      I’m still praying for you too.

  6. Jamie,

    This was a good prophetic word. Yes, the enemy is trying to separate me from my leadership. Will not go onto detail here but God knows.

    Please pray for Father God to give me a strategy like He did you to combat what enemy is doing. Also, wisdom and strategy to combat enemy coming against my employment.

    I want to tell all tithing works…Mal 3:10, 11.

    Since I have given full tithe Lord healed me of serious disease and got a car literally almost given to me and a wealth transfer, extension on credit to meet financial obligations. However, I have been waiting for my harvest for a while and also to continue sowing seed is important.

    Oral Roberts ‘Miracle of Seed Faith’ helped me.

    1. Hey Candace, this is an absolutely amazing testimony. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing it! I praise God for your obedience in the tithe, and for His faithfulness in proving Himself as He said He would do. Please hang in there and be faithful where you’re called. Don’t let the enemy cause you to let any offenses take root in your heart, sister! He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world!

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