Need Your Specific Prayer Requests, Please

Hey everybody,
I’ve been very burdened for you, my blog readers, for a long time now and have been praying for you a lot. As we begin this New Year 5777, however, I’d like to spend a significant amount of time this week praying for your specific prayer requests.

If you would like me to pray for your specific need, would you please leave a comment below with a short note describing what you need God to do?

Note: I will not be able to respond to the individual comments because there will be too many of them for individual responses. But, I will be praying over each one individually.

Much love in Christ,

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  1. Kara Raubenheimer says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Thank-you, this is wonderful!

    My family and I need supernatural favor and breakthrough in finances and relationships, calling. Desperately we have been hanging on a thread for years, seeing God’s supernatural protection but in dire need of His provision. We have never seeked His Face only for His Hand, we have been faithful and persevered, but we really really need breakthrough.

    We will keep on keeping’ on, thankful for His grace, until we receive our provisions.

    1. Hi Jamie…please pray that my ex husband does not come against me or my children in any way anymore….for over six years, he has been attempting to do thungs or doing things to hurt or harm my children and myself….he is lying and doing horrible things…please pray that God permanently stops him….Please also pray that Jesus makes Himself known to me and my children, that we are called true FRIENDS of Christ, and that I experientially know His love and power….and, per His promise, He brings about my healing ministry.. please, also ask that He brings us out of financial lack, as I am a single Mother with three children….and, that He keeps my kids and I and my Mother safe and healthy and guarded by His angels….and lastly, that He sends me a Godly husband that He approves of….Thanks so much!

    2. shirley dsilva says:

      Hi Jamie
      I am asking you to pray for my 11 year old son Joshua… he is struggling in studies…..making friends…. always getting into trouble in school… not able to complete his work, very playful and bring bullied…… he is looking for acceptance and appreciation but since he is not equal or uptime the market with the expectations of people around him he is frustrated, fears the dark, anxious. …… please guide me how to pray for him…..I am also going through a period of betrayal in friend ship…. and rejection at my work place….. please pray for me. Thank you and God bless.

    3. Hi Jamie,
      Many thanks for your loving heart bringing prayer forward as an intercessor. Your blogs are such a blessing. may God bless you for your Prayers this week. I am all out of fight, after 3 years of losses, relationships, bereavements, major surgery, financial insecurity, I am now in College again, and really struggling with a lack of joy. What do I want to pray for? What I believe I need which is the joy of a relationship, and reconciliation with my ex partner. I have lost things that brought me pleasure in my life, I had to sell my beloved VW van too, and I just want to see a restoration , ‘beauty for ashes’ in a real, tangible way. God bless, Thank you.

  2. I’m desiring the gifts of the Spirit- all of them! LOL. Mind renewal, wisdom,divine connection and favor in my beginnings of a business, prosperity in my finances. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jamie,

      I will like you to prayer for my relationship and my new home which I am about to move into by Christmas.


  3. Thank you for your offer to pray… I’m not going to miss out on this most generous offer!

    I would like to request prayer for marriage restoration, that my husband’s heart would be turned back to God, and then me. I would ask also for prayer for a marked increase in finances for me… as he left me in horrendous debt that I simply cannot repay outside of God’s intervention. I would like to ask that the debt could be repayed rapidly too as it weighs so heavy upon me.

    Above all, I would like to ask you to pray that God would give me back what has been so deceptively stolen from me… marriage, home and finances.

    Thank you very much Jamie. I so appreciate it.


    1. I need special prayer for my marriage as it is dead and needs resurrecting. Husband of 40 years left me for a much younger woman and now we are fighting over settlement. Please pray God will get rid of the other woman, stop divorce and restore marriage. In Christ. Amen.

  4. Good Morning Jamie

    Thank you so much for praying for me and everyone else.

    I am asking you for prayer to receive full manifestation of my healing in my body. Also, I am requesting prayer for my children that they seriously commit their lives over to God; I am also asking for prayer for my finances.

    Thank you so much in advance.

  5. Please pray I find employment soon. I have been unemployed for 7 months.
    Thank you

  6. I want to get children, I want to conceive , please pray for me. I know God will give , I have to wait for his time. Please pray for me that I can wait for his timing. Please pray for my financial restoration as well. Thank you indeed for your offer.thank you very much for your blog. It’s very encouraging.i thank god for you.

  7. Lillian Bwowe Nanteza says:

    Thanks Jamie, I would like you to pray for me to get back peace in my marriage and team work with my husband. I want my home to get back the happiness it had. I want my husband to find out the truth about everything am being accused unjustly. Peace, love, harmony and happiness in my marriage and long life for my mum, me, husband and my children.


  8. Thank you for your generous heart for prayer & Daddy God bless you, family & ministry.
    I am for prayers for a friend Tim his salvation, deliverance from his Muslim beliefs, godly families/friends to adopt him into their families to share the love Christ with him. Divine connections, favor, restoration 7 fold all arenas of his life, new place called home @ the right geographical location. Business/career opportunities, supernatural debt cancellation, Daddy Gods love made real in his life, prepare his heart for a God sent proverbs 31 woman & Jesus to speak to him in his sleep. He’s hit rock bottom & im asking the Lord to reveal Himself to him & saturate him with power of prayer. Thank you for your luv & heart for people. Be blessed. I believe with God all things are possible. ??

  9. For my prodigal husband to be overcome by truth and Gods glory, a Saul to Paul encounter. A Holy Spirit invasion of my home and family. For a great revelation of my identity in Him and a great turnaround for my family.

  10. Thank you Jamie. I need divine intervention in my qualifying exams. God bless you for your generous time praying for his flock.

  11. Hi Jamie
    I joined your blog readers a fortnight ago. You have been such a blessing to me. Every time I cannot wait to hear the word the Lord is giving to you to encourage His children.
    I will not miss out on the opportunity to be prayed for. I need a break through in my relationships. Crucial decisions have to be made. Its not going to be easy. I need to hear clearly from God and not let emotions take over
    Thank you and God bless you

  12. Kids salvation
    Husband to get his heart right before God
    Financial breakthrough

  13. Matilda Mose says:

    Thank you Jamie for taking time to pray for us. Blessings to you and your family.
    Please pray -I direction where to move…I been looking for several months in a better neighborhood…the rent is double what I pay currently. I need to direction where and money…increase in income.
    I need a new car. I need deliverance from oppression. Please pray my daughter will get better grades and right friends. I need financial increase. Thank you. Matilda

  14. Bless you for your prayers!!!
    Please lift up my family, our upcoming move, connections for stepping into new ministries, a supernatural grace for stepping into all the new things the Lord has for us!
    Thank you!

  15. Gina Trahan says:

    Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts. I have been feeling fatigued depressed anxious migraines and shingles for about 2 weeks now. It seems I was just getting my joy back,enjoying my God time and working out daily and feeling strong……then bam…..a migraine for days then the shingles rash. I need daddy God to renew my strength physically and mentally and to heal these chronic attacks of migraines and shingles and the depression thst comes along with it. And I have much anxiety . I have so many blessings in my life…..I want to be able to enjoy them all again. God bless you for your time and dedication to the blog and to all of us and for your love and encouragement!


  16. My family and I need a breakthrough in finances and work stability. My husband has been out of a job for three years, and although I have been able to work I do not have a stable job. In this period I have learned to depend on God’s provision and not on an employer. However, I have been extremely exhausted and at times very anxious. I also wish to have time for myself, for my family and to spend with God (I seem to be running all day). My husband also needs to be restored and valued at home and in a workplace. This situation has affected every aspect of our lives, including our health and relationship.

  17. Restoration of a broken relationship, deliverance for that person, healing, and unity between us! God has already done so much, pray for a complete transformation! Thank you?

  18. Hi Jamie. Thank you so much for your prayers fory family. I ask for God to draw our eyes to Him. I think we are at a break through point-my husband daughter and I, so I ask God to fan our faith to flame and give us hearts full of passion for Him. I’d specifically ask for a passion for prayer for me. Prayer for my son who has walked away from our faith andy oldest who has to make decisions about grad school. Also, we are in the middle of a DIY home reno that’s going on four years and now there are roof leaks too; it’s weighing heavy. Asking Father for renewed passion for our home. Thank you so very much. God bless you Jamie.

  19. Please pray that I find a new fulfilling and suitable job soon. I have not been working for the past 6 months.

  20. I need you to pray with me regarding a spiritual and financial breakthrough. To become one with Adonia and more than enough money to buy a home for myself and the homeless and to return to school to complete my nursing education and career. Plus to buy my grandparents property to keep it in our family. Thank you! Amen Selah.

  21. Please my for deliverance from lust and temptation. Pray for direction and supernatural faith.

    1. God will help you, just ask for it. I have bee where you are. Meditate on his word, confess his scripture out loud, and get rid of anything that may trigger you (music, movies, etc.)

      Be blessed!!

    2. God will help you, just ask for it. I have been where you are. Meditate on his word, confess his scripture out loud, and get rid of anything that may trigger you (music, movies, etc.)

      Be blessed!!

  22. Hi Jamie! Thanks for the prayer. My request is as follows:
    1. Apply to PhD program in January 2017–pass GRE with 320(I am studying hard) or better and get accepted into FSU for fall of 2017
    2. My family would be all saved and reconciled.
    3. Strength to remain pure and faithful for my future God-ordained husband

  23. I need the Lord God to give me a new job (he knows what it is, and “has shown me the land” so I know he is working on it). The Lord is faithful, He has plans to make His children prosper, and I am confident He will give it to me, but I need your prayers so His glory showers on me to get the job and perform it well.

    1. Rafael Somma says:

      Things will change, keep your head up.

  24. Thank you so much for all ur emails,u are such a bountiful blessing to me.May God bless u!!! My prayer requests are for salvation of my family ( I’m the only one saved in my entire family), God to intervene n do a miracle in my brothers life ( he’s only 14 into drugs n joining gangs,etc),and for a much deeper intimate relationship with Father.
    Thank you so much!

  25. Thank you for your obedience in prayer. Please pray for healing in my body – Rheumatoid Arthritis, thyroid cysts, back pain and depression/anxiety. Also please pray for my marriage and family. Thank you and God bless.

  26. To pray for Donald, that he would worship God with all his heart, mind, and soul. Love others as himself. He would forgive others and forgive himself. His will, will line up with God’s will. Have a damascus road experience to remove the scales from his eyes. No longer find enjoyment in ungodly relationships and situations. Godly remorseful repentance that leads to salvation. Thorn of wall of bushes between him and the non-covenant woman. Come to the end of himself to build a relationship with Jesus. Find strength and peace with Jesus. Don’t have the spirit of fear but have power, love, and sound mind. The light will shine out any darkness in his heart. The truth will set him free from all lies, deceit, transgressions, and strongholds. All rejections, abandonment will lead him to go to God’s will. He will have a Christlike mind and soften heart.

  27. I have been struggling with anxiety and depression for about a year. And I’m not getting any better. I lost my job and I fear change. I am unable to enjoy life anymore. I am in this state all day. I fear the future. I fear life without my parents. Most days I wish God would take my life. I want to trust God and increase my faith for I know that will get me out of this. But right now I am not there. Please pray for my healing and my faith. I don’t know how much more I can take. Thank you Jamie.

    1. Rafael Somma says:

      I can relate so much to you Kirk. But keep faith, things will change for you I’m sure of this.

    2. Kirk, I worked for 10 years as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor before I had to go on medical disability. I’m praying for you. It is important not to give up. See a doctor and get a Christian therapist to aid in the healing process. I know that depression and anxiety can have many causes, but it is also about brain chemistry. Often the right medication can alleviate the suffering and help to make life more manageable and bearable. God bless.

      1. Rafael Somma says:

        I suffer from depression and anxiety and as you say, it also depends on the brain chemistry and other things. But we have to live with it and pray that it doesn’t make us suffer too much.

    3. Rondolyn Baker says:

      Hey there kirk! Im praying for you and have for each of those prior to your request and following too. Ionce was going through……same emotional struggles. I surrounded myself with praise and worship music and stopped altogether listening to secular music. I also began to read and pray out loud as if it were my very own words The Psalms to God. I also allowed…..tears to fall in the lap of God, our Abba Father. He refreshed my soul that was so scorched from all i had experienced . I have my moments now at times, but jave learned to pray for Others as a healing balm for my own struggles and guess what, getting out of my own troubles, focussing on others and surrounding myself with praise and uplifting worship music along with the Psalms continues to be the Best remedy to fight and win the type of oppression you are experiencibg! May the rest of your days be overflowing with the love and pressence of our Abba Father!

  28. Bless you, lovely Jamie. My little girl Arwen needs miraculous healing from a genetic disorder, which currently affects her digestive system, hips and knees, vision, brain and nerves, and her developmental skills. We want to see her dance and sing and fulfil the purposes of God in her generation!

  29. Rafael Somma says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Pray for me that I find the job and the lady who fit well with me. Also, pray for me that I’ll become fast to think and slow to reply. Finally pray that I surrender more and more to God.



  30. Thank you, Jamie. Please pray for doors to open for my fiance, Tony, a man of God who is a musician, so that we can marry and he can be the provider that he wishes to be. Thank you so much!

  31. Thank you. Plse pray that my marriage will be restored, that God will open his eyes and soften his heart and remove the friends he have right now. Because of them he told me with in one week he wants to be single and for the last 3 weeks he only comes home when and if he feels like it. I know God wants to make him a Kingdom Builder and that our marriage will be a testomony to the world out there

  32. shirley dsilva says:

    I need you to keep my 11 year old boy Joshua…. he is struggling with studies and having friends…..he has certain fear and anxiety. He is always looking for approval and praise..but I guess with the wrong people and always finds himself bullied or rejected….. please pray for these specific needs… I too am going through a period of betrayal and rejection at my work place…. Kindly keep me in your prayers… Thank you. God bless

  33. Thank you, Jamie. Please pray for the conversion of my family, friends, and enemies. Please pray for conversion and healing of our nation. Please pray that God will lead me into His perfect will, restore my life, health and finances. Please pray that Jesus will transform me to be like Him. Pray He give me wisdom and discernment, and help me to exercise, eat right, and budget my time and money effectively to serve Him and live a healthier life. I want to love Him more, live for Him more, and please Him more.

  34. Tracey Krause says:

    Thank you Jamie! Please pray that my husband and I will have success, wisdom and guidance from God as we build our fair trade business.

  35. Thank you, Jamie! Please pray for financial break through so that we can move towards the purposes God has for us in our community.

  36. Linda Wade says:

    God Bless you Jamie,
    My specific prayer request is…my 27 year old son has been addicted to herion…I know that only Our Father can deliver him, but could you please pray that my son gets tired of being tired of using this evil drug.

  37. Thank you, Jamie and God bless and continue to increase the ministry He has entrusted to you.
    Please pray for my nephews who need direction for their education, career and future. They need Godly male mentor(s) to take an interest in them and provide guidance.
    Please agree with me for my niece that any attack of sickness/disease of cancer, etc that would try to attack her body is destroyed in the name of Jesus!
    Also, my mom–that she will hear very clearly from the Holy Spirit on the next steps that she must take at this time regarding ministry.
    My sisters–For one sister, salvation. For the other, a deeper hunger for God and the things of the Kingdom and breakthrough and direction in her career, life and calling.
    Finally, please agree with me regarding healing in my body (total deliverance) as well as breakthrough in finances, business pursuits and calling.

    Thank you again and the Lord’s grace upon you.

  38. The Lord has been faithful to provide for me during a very hard season. I feel so oppressed and repressed; as if I keep hitting a glass ceiling. I know the Lord has better things for me in this life than to struggle. I opened a second business this summer after considerable prayer and thought; I know the Lord ordained it for this season. The thing is, I have no income to launch it like it deserves and like what would return a big blessing. So I wait. My first business is really struggling financially, and I am struggling financially and emotionally/mentally with whether to close it and walk away. I’ve done everything I can, so I wait and continue to work. Please pray for a tremendous mental and financial break through.

  39. Ahhhh Jamie, it’s been more than a year, i am still carrying this hurt. I was passed over for a promotion. I felt betrayed, humiliated and hurt. I was already holding the position and when it was offered up formally, my immediate boss gave it to someone else. It’s not that I am not doing a good job. Everyone were so surprised that it went to the person under me. And what hurts me the most was I caught this person cheating,(she did something that was a ground for termination,but the supervisor then did not pursue for her to be terminated). I need the grace to totally forgive and let go. Please pray, I do not want to have this resentment and that God will bless me the promotion that I truly deserve!

  40. Prayer for My husband to find the right job we just recently got married and he found a job that takes him away from home 10 hours a day 6 days a week, it has taken a big hit in our spiritual life as he is unable to go to midweek service and stay connected with the brothers who work normal hours. We want to be used in the ministry however the job won’t allow it , I believe God has something better for him.

  41. Jamie – thank you for being such a prayer warrior! Where two or more are in accord…I know I am and cheerfully accept your willingness to be that second 🙂

    I have been seeking, claiming & believing for:

    supernatural restoration & abundance in finances (a lack-thereof is a generational curse that I am standing firm in God to break)

    the gift of my long awaited for life-partner

    wisdom, understanding, and grace in my work – and where/what he wants me to do next!:)

    Thanks Jamie!

  42. Rebecca Lopez says:

    Hi Jamie
    I desperately need my own place to live. I have been couch surfing for over 4 years. I am believing god for a breakthrough soon.

  43. God bless you Jamie for your concerns.

    I need inner peace and joy. Fear grips me most times which makes me sad. I know God can do all things.

    Also I need prayers for my daughter who is now a single mother to have a government work where she will close at work early to be with them and on weekends too. They are 8 and 5.
    She loves to do the work of God but her job now is not favourable. As she has to go to work on Sundays.

  44. Rebecca L Jones says:

    Please pray for unsaved family members, the aunt I told you about is in rehab, has a trach tube but is starting to talk. They need both salvation and deliverance first and then healing would come. I know its their decision to serve Christ or not but I feel some are running out of time. Rest in the Lord’s peace this week as you pray.Happy New Year 5777. The fast has done wonders. I pray you keep that prayer warrior flame burning brightly.

  45. Thank you for offering to pray for our needs. My need is physical healing. I’ve been chronically ill for 4 1/2 years now, unable to leave the house due to a chronic GI infection that leaves me weak and short of breath, unable to tolerate even the lightest of activity. Also I have some kind of hormonal imbalances going on. Many people have come to pray over me but I remain ill. Hope deferred has made my heart sick after all this time. I need someone to stand and take authority over these things in Jesus’ name, and send them packing so I can get my life back. I have 2 young children that I’m missing out on so much with.

  46. Nonhlanhla says:

    Hi Jamie

    Plz pray for my unsaved family members to be restored,plz pray for my healing in my body and I ask for the Spirit of Excellence everything I do to do it as if I’m doing it for God.

  47. christy dixon says:

    Hello Jamie
    please pray for finances, car, home, deliverance, healing, favor, wisdom, discernment, Gods divine hand of protection over my household.

  48. Shakeria Draper says:

    Hi Jamie! Thank you so much for this blog and your prayers. Please pray for me in the areas of deliverance from fear, doubt, and distractions, wholeness in my heart, mind, and emotions, and fresh inspiration and motivation to do what Papa has created and called me to do. I want to fulfill my God-ordained purpose on a level that I can’t even imagine at this moment. Like you, I know I’m suppose to be writing and blogging so pray that the right doors open in those areas and that I would have discernment and obedience to walk through when God urges me to walk on through. Thank you so much for your prayers and obedience to walk in your calling.

  49. please pray for God’s restoration of my marriage and health issues. I am divorced after 40+ years and he is with another woman. We have 2 wonderful sons and daughters-in-law and 7 grandchildren. I am extremely lonely and depressed. Thank you and God Bless!

  50. Wow, you have such a generous and obedient heart, Jamie!

    I pray the Lord blesses you abundantly, in Jesus’ name!

    The Lord is calling me out my office job. He had me go part-time earlier this year, but it’s time to leave it for good. I will be depending on Him much more to pay my bills and debts. Please pray that I remain under His protection and in close proximity to Him, so that I can receive from Him freely. He may provide through artwork sales, so I also ask for favor and blessing in that department.

    I and 2 other strong (also artistic!) sisters in Christ feel led to live together, and we need an affordable apartment/house before next summer. We are so very excited to be able to live in community with one another, as we all have suffered isolation and opposition from living with those in rebellion to or ignorance of the Lord. Please pray that this will come to pass.

    Thank you so much, dear warrior sister! Abba bless you and your husband. 🙂 <3

  51. Please pray for me. I am desperately in need of employment also I Need a financial breakthrough so I can finish repairing my home. I live alone and I have no one to help me. May God richly bless you and your ministry.

  52. Dear Jamie, thank you for your generosity. Could you please pray for my son to recover from his broken heart and move on. Also that my son, Bradley, can forgive me and make personal contact with me again. Lastly, that God’s grace will remove my food addiction from me, so that God will once again become my first love, instead of food. May God bring you the brightest of blessings. Maz

  53. Please pray for me. I was unemployed a whole year. I went through all my saving and my credit card it too the limit and I lived in a hotel. I finally got a job in June and after 3 months, the company closed. I am now unemployed again. I have an interview tomorrow. I really need this job. Please pray that God’s favor will be on me and I get the job. Thanks.

  54. Thanks a lot Jamie for interceding for us.

    Please pray for the manifestation of the Prophetic Anointing in my life my husband and children; a fiery passion in our hearts for Jesus, to walk the walk of the Spirit, financial provisions, complete healing and restoration in our spirit soul and bodies in Jesus Name! For the Lord to open door that needs to be opened and close doors that need to be closed..

    May the Lord bless you and keep you in His Holy Name!

  55. I’m currently seeking God’s devine intervention for my issue of punctuality. I’m well aware of this strong hold and know that “greater is He that’s within me then he that’s in the world”. I’m well aware that God can do ALL THINGS and has me positioned for greatness however if I can’t shake this strong hold I can’t go higher in the Lord so I’m asking you to come in agreement with me (Mathew 18:19) that God turns it completely around and this doesn’t continue to hinder my growth in ministry!

  56. Hello Jamie

    Am asking God for the blessing of
    marriage for me and my best friend Ijeoma within the next four months.

  57. Hey Jamie thank you for praying for us!
    I would like for you to pray for a friendship, that God can restore it and heal it. That God can remove any unforgiveness from our hearts.

  58. Thank you for your prayers. You are a gift and a life line. Please could you pray that there will be full restoration of all that has been lost and stolen by the enemy. Finances, relationships job opportunities. Most of all lost years, and the opportunity to get married and serve together as a team.
    May God bless you. I do pray for you.

  59. Thank you for your offer to pray and intercede for us!
    I would like to request prayer for supernatural favor in restoration of my relationship. I ask that the Lord will turn his heart back towards Him and bring about forgiveness, reconciliation, unity, and peace. I ask also for prayer for increase in my finances and job promotion and for open doors for my future business.

    Thank you very much Jamie. I will also pray for you.

  60. Dearest Jamie, I connected with you about a month ago and have been very blessed by your ministry. Thank you for your love and diligence in praying for us. I am expecting the restoration of my marriage this year, which includes being brought into a new home, complete debt cancellation, and restoration of every thing that has been lost or stolen by the enemy, including time. Papa has given me the desires of my heart regarding a new vehicle which I also expect to obtain supernaturally by the end of the year. I am also pursuing new business ventures as He leads and desire all the works of my hands to be blessed and prosperous. Thank you for coming into agreement with me in each of these areas and praying for obedience to his directions so that I may receive the outpouring of these blessings. May God richly bless you and your family as well.

  61. eriny zaky says:

    Thank you so much for all your blogs u are blessing to me
    please pray for God’s abundance in finances, restoration for relationships & creating new ones in his direction deliverance, healing in soul, favor, wisdom, discernment, pray for my two daughters to be restored,and examine the God’s love and whom they are in him and I ask for the Spirit of Excellence in everything I do to do it as if it is God do it.
    Gods divine hand of protection over my every tiny thing in life .
    hear very clearly from the Holy Spirit and see Jesus Face all the time
    moving in spirit all the time
    strong relationship with the Holly Spirit and the seven sections

  62. Yes….you are a good woman of God! Thank-you, and I must say and pray..”May God bless you with the desires of your heart, Jamie!” In Jesus name!

    Ok…my prayer request is…Truth, fairness, peace and kindness restored in my life. I pray for God’s light and favor to give me guidance, protection, and vindication.

    Thanks again Jamie!

    1. Hi Jamie! My prayer requests is that God sends me a husband very soon who will also be my companion and best friend. I’ve waited and prepared for this for awhile and really want this to happen soon. The loneliness is hard but my God is bigger and always with me. Also that my son, recent college grad, is blessed with a career. Thank you and I love you Jamie.

  63. Please pray for the health and safety of my children and grandchildren in these troubled times and the years to come.

  64. Courtney Teems says:

    We are desperate for my sister and my nephew to have a radical salvation experience. My Fathers business is in need of work. My brothers relationship with his daughter needs restoration, and my husbands family also needs life changing encounters with Jesus! Thank you so much for praying with us!!

  65. André Robert says:

    You too, need prayer Jamie!So I’m gonna pray for you,your minitries and your family and for all the blessings you can handle.

  66. Hi Jaime
    Please pray for God’s will may be revealed to me and that he will give me grace to obey no matter what. I long for an encounter with God not just nothing him in readings but actually knowing him by experience. For a higher sensitivity to Holy Spirit. I pray for that i will be dwell in the secret place for all the days of my life i pray also for God to bring the one he has chosen for him to be my husband i pray for his heart for his wholeness and for our relationship to be a Godly pure relationship. I am Catholic and i pray for the wind of the spirit to blow and reveal Jesus freshly to us. Thanks alot Jaime

  67. Hi Jaime
    Please pray for God’s will may be revealed to me and that he will give me grace to obey no matter what. I long for an encounter with God not just knowing him in readings but actually knowing him by experience. For a higher sensitivity to Holy Spirit. I pray that i will be dwelling in the secret place for all the days of my life i pray also for God to bring the one he has chosen for me to be my husband i pray for his heart for his wholeness and for our relationship to be a Godly pure relationship. I want to honor God with all i am body soul and spirit. I am Catholic and i pray for the wind of the spirit to blow and reveal Jesus freshly to us. In my country drugs is doing destruction to many families i know i pray for those families and i ask the Lord to bring back his son & daughter home to him. Thanks alot Jaime

  68. Elrica Sakoor says:

    Greetings Jamie,

    Thank you.

    Please pray for me and family, for Financial Breakthrough. Most of all for a job, I have been unemployed since June. I have had this since the 4 years, it’s raining our lives. I need a permanent, profitable job in order to buy a house and a car.

    Thank you for your prayers.

    God Bless

  69. Thank you! There are already so many requests! I would like 3 things from the Lord:

    1. No more name-calling, yelling in my marriage
    3. For my husband to respect me, be patient and see my gifts, talents, if any, that the Lord may have given me.
    2. To know the role/purpose/plan the Lord wants me to fulfill both at church and in my life.

    Thank you again so much!

  70. Hi Jamie, Thank you so much for your faith and love for all of us. Can you please pray for me regarding my knee. I’m facing knee surgery and my manager isn’t being very nice at all! Also, I’ve been praying about retiring from nursing, but need to know the next direction to go.
    Thank you so much!! and I just praise the Lord for all my answers and direct

  71. Cathleen Timmons says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for offering your prayers for me.

    I would appreciate your prayers for me to receive the job Father has for me. I’ve been in intercession for others to receive jobs, and I’ve seen Father answer those prayers. I’m standing on His Word for provision, and I would covet your prayers on my behalf.

    Thank you,


  72. Annamerie Wilkinson says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for your offer to pray… I’m not going to miss out on this most generous offer!

    1)My prayer request is a total makeover from the Lord. Body, mind and spirit so that I may dwell in His secrete place.
    2)I have lost my job and need a financial breakthrough for I am 60 turning 61 soon and at this stage of our life’s it is not easy to get a job.
    3) I also need a break through in my relationships.

    Kind regards and blessings

  73. Maggie Fernandes says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Thank you so much for your offer to pray for us.
    Please pray for my nephew Warren who is a Mechanical Engineer, and is jobless since over a year. Also for my son Rohan who has resigned his previous job and is now looking for a job as a Graphic Designer.
    Also would appreciate prayers for the sale of my property. For God to release the right buyers and for everything to work out in an orderly manner.
    May the Lord richly reward you and bless you.
    Thank you.

  74. Maggie Fernandes says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Thank you so much for your offer to pray for us.
    Please pray for my nephew Warren who is a Mechanical Engineer, and is jobless since over a year. Also for my son Rohan who has resigned his previous job and is now looking for a job as a Graphic Designer.
    Also would appreciate prayers for the sale of my property. For God to release the right buyers and for everything to work out in an orderly manner.
    May the Lord richly reward you and bless you.
    Thank you.

  75. Please pray that my brother & his family will be saved; for my marriage; for an end to the panic attacks that I have suffered with for 21 years. My Christian psychologist said I’m “off the charts” for anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. My joy has been stolen. Thanks so much, Jamie!

  76. Hello Jamie,

    I would like you to pray for my friend Yemi, I want God to be revealed to him in all ways possible. I want Salvation and a life changing experience for his life. I also need Grace to be a good influence over his life and not a hindrance to what God is about to do. Thank you so much for your beautiful and obedient heart. God bless you greatly. Amen!

  77. Thank you Jamie for praying for me and my family.

    Please pray; that my family will receive and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.
    That God will use me as a remnant of this hour and be a slave of righteousness for holy purposes.
    That God will bless me with a God fearing husband who loves Him first before everything.
    That God will bless me with a good job with all the benefits that I may be closer to my son.
    That the Ministry of Home Affairs will release my ID copy as I couldn’t get it from years.
    That I will have my driving licence this year.

  78. Shelley Van Meter says:

    I am believing for my grandchildren Tristan, Caspar, my daughter Tisha, Ray will have super natural encounter with the real Jesus. Bringing back prodigals. Restoration and healing of emotional wounds. Direction

  79. Thank you for the opportunity to pray on my behalf…
    I desire to work for the Lord, Confusion is my call, Breakthrough in my family in finance and knowledge and wisdom

    Thank you

  80. Jamie,

    Please pray for God to send me a man who is faithful, kind, loving, romantic and wants to be with me. Where I will know this by his spirit. May God bless me with a true man of His choosing and help me to discard the wrong ones from my life. May he bless me financially and spiritually. Thanks for praying for me. Amy

  81. Intimacy with the Lord and revelations of to direction to take at work. Overcoming fear and a deeper love walk.

  82. Gwynne Nation says:

    Thank you so much for your desire to intercede on our behalf. I would ask prayer for my marriage, we’ve not been sexually active because of a physical condition I have and so we are no longer intimate and have grown apart:(

    Please pray for my prodigal children Angie, (Dan) Jeremy(Karen) Nicole(James) and Jordan to seek the Lord with their whole mind, heart, body and spirit!

    That I would truly KNOW and recieve the deep deep love of Jesus and allow Him to manifest His life in Me to be a world changer for Him and walk in the gift of healing to minister to their deepest needs!

    Thank you!

  83. Sandy stitt says:

    Husband having knee surgery tomorrow. Pray for partial not complete. Children return to how they were raised and son in law become a believer. Grandson to be truly committed.

  84. Omolola O says:

    Hello Jamie,

    Thank you for standing with us in prayers – I pray God will come through for you in every area of your need.

    Please pray with me that God will bring to manifestation every prayer request I have lifted to Him and cause my light to shine in every area of my life.


  85. Cecily R Bornemann says:

    I need prayer for the truth be known about a certain situation. Right now no one is believing me about a certain situation that happened over
    the summer. People are calling me delusional and psychotic and I am not. Certain people have made a mess to this situation and they are not remorseful at all.

    Thank you,

  86. Thank you for praying for me. I have a specific request involving my mothers estate. We (my brother and I)are trying to decide whether to hire an attorney and try to get the will enforced. I really wish my adopted sister would just carry out my mother’s wishes and we could all reconcile and grieve and rejoice together at my mother’s generosity properly instead of this rocking on and on and my mother’s estate being slowly stolen from us as time goes on.
    Thank You

  87. Thank you for your offer to pray. Please I recede for relationship restoration. For my family to choose to follow God wholeheartedly and to make the right choices and decisions for their lives in a way that honors Him.
    I am also struggling with my faith. Really doubting it all.

  88. Lakeesha Adams says:

    Hi Jaime, my family are domestic missionaries in the South Texas/Mexican border. We have been struggling financially the past four years and need financial breakthrough from God. I also need individual prayer to not resent those who supported us originally on our journey here and have faded away not checking up on us or sowing donations. Thanks so much for your prayers!

  89. My prayer request is that my family may be united in peace, unity, love, harmony and prosperity in Jesus Name; that my husband may take his rightful place in the family according to the laid down model in the Bible. We may walk with God and impact our family first.

  90. Cheryl Mcclamrock says:

    Hi Jamie

    I would like a baptism of Spirit with fire experience. I feel that I’ve had a spiritual block and have been prevented from going beyond the veil. I also want the spiritual gifts in order to serve and minister more effectively. Thank you for your prayers.

  91. Hi Jamie,

    Thank you for praying for us❤️

    My husband Anto and I need a lot of prayers and blessings. We are going through a very hard time & dealing with a lot of negative people at the moment. We both have been jobless since a year and we have lost everything we had, including our house, car,personal belongings & house. We have a massive loan on our head and we can’t find a way to go back to Australia. Our families are not supporting us in any way. People took money from us & now they are refusing to pay back! We both are suffering since last year and we can’t find any light and peace.

    Please, pray for me and Anto . We need miracles. We havE to get our jobs back and return back to Australia.

  92. Rafael Somma says:

    Fear takes a lot of space in my life. So please pray that I receive love from others and that I love myself better.

  93. Hello Jamie,

    I am requesting prayer for a full-time permanent job. I know that God is able to do this.
    Secondly, I am requesting healing for my Aunt and Dad.
    Thirdly, I am requesting prayer for a God -ordained Boaz- type of man.
    Finally, I am praying for restoration, restitution, renewal, refreshing and retroactive blessing.

  94. RACHAEL NAIDOO says:

    God bless could you please pray for my family at this very moment we are facing a very bad financial crisis…. I ask for forgiveness I did not fast due to my illness.. and feel so depressed.please pray for my daughter that she gets a new job. To be honest I lost all my faith in believing.. I used to kneel pray mfir God’s grace and Mercy.. but there are some people that comes into your life to destroy us
    . Help help please I just feel like giving up.

  95. Blessings jamie please pray for me im orsying daily for relationship rebuilding to be succesful good communication . More inportant lost my job due t ill health and not paid redundancy appeal may be tomorow awaiting confirmation i prayed it be thursday very anxious my health relationship job all combined feeling overwelmed. My health spine psnic attacks fears increaced now and left shoukder issue binds me not sble t drive or do muchmy kids need me . Please pray i be ok recover from my fears anxiety and win my wirk appeal case t have whats right and if possible to have a financial breakthrough t do good t help others too peace love joy . God bless y and prayfor the good of others too . God bless y thank y

  96. Keturah Kamugasa says:

    Praise the Lord Jamie! Your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ is very inspiring. Here are my prayer requests:
    1. Victory over a coven of witches in our office.
    2. A better paying job with great benefits including Medical and Retirement benefits.

  97. Jamie please agree in prayer for my Family, My life and my Ministry.. We need transformation, Deliverance Restorstion, Salvation and Hesling . Despite enemy attacks I continue to remain steadfast in prayer because all I have is my FAITH in God which gives us the Victory and strength to go through it all !!! WithSi cere Thanks andBlessings Beyond Measure

  98. Hey Jamie! Quite a few years ago God gave me a promise that I was going to move to London and become a “light in the darkness of the film and television industry”. Ive gotten confirmation from multiple and seemingly random people about this promise but lately I feel as though I’ve lost hope that it’s ever going to happen so I’m asking if you would please pray for me to continue to have patience and faith in Him and His timing.

    I would also ask that if I’m meant to stay here for a little bit longer that I would be given a job that pays more because I’m drowning in debt with insurance and hospital bills/rent/car payments.

    Thank you for taking the time to pray for us! Is there anything we can pray for you about?

  99. Jamie,

    Thank you so much for interceding for on my behalf. Please pray for God to send the man He believes is right for me . . . kind, gentle, romantic, loving, faithful, spiritual, and soon please. Help me to discern who should be in my life and who I should let go. Please pray for financial stability and for love to enter my life.

    Also please pray for Dillon and Kayla, God knows what they need much more than I do and I just pray God rescues Dillon from his addictions and brings him into God’s Light before it is too late.

    Thank you again and may God bless you for all that you do for me and those that you are praying for.

  100. Thanks for praying! I need clarity and truth to manifest. I’ve been dealing with chronic pain issues for almost a year……manifestion of shingles. I’m tired of my mind wandering down rabbit trails of death and distruction. I choose life, I choose blessing!
    I have 4 littles (adopted) 8,7,5&4; along with a married son with a baby on the way. I want joy overflowing, I don’t want to feel overwhelmed!

  101. Jaime,
    Thank you for asking. Please pray that my my sons and daughter in laws get saved and I can play a role in helping that to happen. Pray that my 7year old grandson stops having temper tantrums due to being jealous regarding his 18 month old little brother. Pray that my soon to be ex husband repents and turns to the Lord. Pray that my son who is in prison and is up for parole at the end of this year makes it. Thank you!

  102. Meloni Simpson says:

    I didn’t respond yesterday as I was feeling a little hopeless and just didn’t want to share my prayer needs, as I feel like I have so many.

    My husband has been sick and is in need of a job with benefits (insurance), that he can physically do. He has an interview on Friday morning which is a state job and it appears to be such an answer to prayer. Praying for favor from God and the company. He also needs God in his life.

    My son has a mass on his brain, which he has been receiving radiation pills from. He has had to stop taking the pill as it doesn’t seem to be working as the drs. had hoped. He is to start chemo in January. He lost his job during this illness and has just started a new job. Praying for his health, his job, financial needs and he needs a vehicle.

    My other son is in a relationship that isn’t good for him. I am just praying that God will send a young woman that loves the Lord and that will love him and help bring him back to the Lord. Praying for his life and relationship with the Lord.

    My sisters both are sick with asthma, diabetes, copd, graves disease, fibromyolgia. Praying they can stop smoking and praying for their relationship with the Lord. Finances too.

    Children with cancer…..there are too many in our area. Praying for them to get better.

    Praying that a young couple that I know will be able to get pregnant.

    Praying for the residents at the elderly/disabled community I manage. Too much gossip and backbiting. Praying for love to just take over the place. Some need the Lord.

    Praying for other family members, their physical, spiritual and financial needs.

    Praying for myself, as I fail short and want to draw close to the Lord. Help me to love my husband and those unloveable. Financial worries.

    Thank you Jamie for having such a love of the Lord and praying for all the needs of those who receive your blog. I am praying for you and your family and your ministry.

    Praying you are blessed as you have blessed me and others.

  103. Good Morning Jamie, I bless you in the Name of the Lord. I missed posting my prayer request yesterday but know that in God’s kingdom, it’s never too late to ask for prayer. Please pray for my son who is a public servant at the most crucial time in our nation’s history. While there is so much controversy, this child is committed to serve and protect. The good news is that he knows the Lord and is willing to be light and salt.
    Additionally, please pray for restoration for my husband’s relationship with the Lord. Finally, I ask for God’s perfect Will to be revealed in my daughter’s life. She too knows the Lord and has been faithfully waiting for direction.

    For your readers, I pray God supernaturally strengthen your resolve to fight the good fight of Faith. Amen, Even so, Come Lord Jesus.

  104. Hi, Jamie

    Thanks for the daily encouragement, my prayer request is for my son he is doing his final exams. And for me to know my purpose in the ministry. Be blessed abundantly Jamie

  105. Hello Jaime,

    Thank you! My prayer request is for greater discernment and to walk in the Spirit to honor Jesus! Many times I get distracted by storms or events that happen. I pray for unity among believers and a strengthened army of His chosen ones. Great things are ahead. God bless you for all you do to support,teach, and make the body of Christ stronger!

  106. Angela Ushinski says:

    Hi Jaime. You are such a blessing. Thank you for blessing us. Please pray for me and my family for steady, more than just getting by income, more than enough. My husband was let go off work so we expect more steady clients for his catering and consulting business or new business opportunities. For us to be debt free and September and October rent paid. Thank you and God bless you.

  107. Susan Lane says:

    Thank you!
    Please pray:
    1. Spirit of agreement for my husband and myself that we will seek God’s will for our marriage and walk in it.
    2. For continuous, skill-building employment for myself and my husband.
    3. Favor in car accidental settlement – has been over 2 weeks since the accident that was not my fault and my car has been at the collision center without being repaired or totaled. The other insurance is not responding to calls.
    4. That my son begins to speak more and clearer and begins to recognize words and read. That his sensory issues go away and there are no signs of autism.
    5. For a home of our own that we can more than afford and expand our family.

    God bless you and thank you!!!

  108. Blessings, thank you. I praying and declaring that I will experience the faithfulness of God in ministry, in my son, daughter and grandchildren lives, my finances, on the job with promotion and in my health. My son and daughter will serve the Lord and love Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. They will teach their children as in the Word of God. I pray and declare I will leave a heritage unto them and their seed. I pray and declare I will fulfill God purposes in my life and will give birth to every promise He has given me. Pray that I will stay on course and know that God is my strength and strong tower. Pray that I remain free from my past, no longer entangled and now walk in His liberty and by His Spirit. I pray for discernment. It is so In His Mighty Name, The Name Of Jesus. Amen.

  109. Good morning Jamie,
    Thank you for the reminder for the prayer requests. I wasn’t going to respond because I couldn’t decide what to request, but Daddy confirmed that I am supposed to respond. So here goes:
    1. The Seven Spirits of The Lord to be evident in my daily life.
    2. That I understand what Daddy is doing and that I walk the path that He has for me in understanding as He shares His plans, & that I come up higher strengthened like the lion in strength and power.
    3. That I have 8 viable and overflowing streams of income so that I may do all Daddy has called me to do.
    4. Total debt freedom
    5. Supernatural healing spirit soul and body – including my teeth. A
    Healthy toned fit body – my eyes be not dim, nor my natural forces abated
    6. The Seven Spirits of the Lord upon all who parent/co-parent and grand parent my grandson. May we walk together in unity of the Spirit . And the bond of love and peace as we bring him up in fear and admonition of The Lord.
    7. That Daddy would be a fiery hedge of protection around my grandson, as He honors my prayers for him
    8. A new loving relationship with my son as Daddy would have it.
    Thanks in advance.

  110. Please pray for financial provision, debts paid off, restoration of what was withheld and stolen from me, salvation for my family and friends, and emotional healing for my daughter from major depression, anxiety and agoraphobia. Thank you for faithfully ministering to all of us.

    1. Plz contin pray 4my chrst sist evet God hs bless her with 1 prospect for free hair she Trust God4dire ction to contin gv free hair oil on every sat

  111. Gog bless you Jamie,

    I thank God for your life, and for what He is using you to do in the life if His children. You are truely a disciple, God will care for you as you took it upon yourself as a watchman to pray for all connected to your blog and families.

    Please pray for me for God’s empowerment and boldness to go for soul winning. It is my desire to do this

  112. Gwennetta says:

    Thank you Jamie for interceding on our behalf……. I am praying that God’s will be done in my life….. That I walk in my purpose! I am also praying for a financial break through. I want to start a business however I do not have the finances, if this is God’s will I pray that he will make provisions. Also I am praying for healing in my body, I am in need of a kidney transplant; I have been on the wait list for 2 years. Currently I am not on dialysis (giving all praises and glory to Jesus) Zi am trusting and believing that God will heal me!

  113. Thank You for your prayers. I have had a complete crumble in my life. New baby as a blessing but after, lost my job, break down of family relationships, and constant delays and disappointments one after the other . I am really struggling to stay above water. Please pray for my faith to be strengthened and for restoration.

  114. Gina Trahan says:

    Hi Jamie
    I just wanted to let you know that today I am feeling better than yesterday. …..not so depressed although I did have some early morning depression and anxiety. Thanks to your prayers; instead of trying to read from my bible….I listened to the audio version watched Joyce Meyer (an everyday thing) and I put on my christian music tv channel while I talked to our Heavenly Father. I believe that the music helps to change the atmosphere in my apartment from dark and negative to Godly and positive. These ideas are definitely Godly wisdom. I still have many things to do that have been neglected over the past several weeks, but I’m looking at it from a better perspective. We are changed from glory to glory and not all at once, hence I am taking small steps.
    I did work out yesterday for all of 5 minuteslol but then today I worked out for close to an hour. I generally do an hour and 1/2 or more. I took breaks during the work out today. I plan to do the other stuff bit by bit as the week goes on,without condemning myself. Condemnation is not from God. I want to thank you for praying for my specific needs….trust me I’ve seen the other prayer requests a very long list of needs. I hope everyone hangs in there as bit by bit their needs are met.
    I am still having much anxiety and panic but it seems to be coming under control bit by bit. I read your story about perfect love casting out fear and I asked God to help me understand and feel His love.
    I pray that your blog ministry will be blessed mightily as you are encouraging a bazillion people with it. I feel like my life has been specifically touched today and that my joy is on it’s way back as well as my strength.
    Bless your sweet heart for all you do in obedience to God.
    I know that your prayers are helping me with the depression and anxiety and shingles attack and I believe I will feel even better and stronger every day.Yayyyyy!!!! Knowing that you felt panic attacks in your life helped me not to feel so alone. What a blessing you are!!!
    Your sister in Christ

  115. Yes I do have a specific prayer request, fairly specific. Over the years (8)having lost much I have become what feels irrelevant to just about everything. I told myself it was dying to self over the years, that this I needed to practice, to simplify….but it has turned into a type of cage instead.

    Although, I have some control I have let go of so much that I have difficulty claiming my treasures now. I am realizing since I have practiced letting go so much, I have perhaps sold myself short thinking I was doing Gods will and do not even know at this point what to or how to hang onto what I may truly want. Doors keep closing, ones I am not interested in open, then if I get interested they close. I accept that as Gods hand, but I am beginning to wonder if it’s just not the sneaky tricks of the enemy. Confused.

    What is it “Hope deferred makes the heart sick. This is where I am with those I do and have loved.Being together in kindness, joy, laughter…….to spend contented time together. Or to nurture each other lovingly when needed and to know I am loved and accepted for who I am….I think I need to fight and make claim but again I am not sure about my claims.

    The Lord is with me but I am sad. I would like prayer for emotionally fulfilling relationships… on earth. I am tired of letting go of so much….. .prayer to fight for “my” place, to many people take my spot or I too easily let them have it.

  116. Hi Jamie,
    I have been praying for my three: my husband aged 58, but has refused to grow up. He still behaves like a young man, lusting after any beautiful girl he sees. And, my two sons, aged 30 and 28. My older son has hit drinking alcohol and tells lies. I suspect he is involved in homo-sexualism or sex parties and he does not want to to get married. My other son, Alan accepted Jesus as his savior and actually, he is a Youth leader in church, but he does not want to see his father. He holds bitterness against his father; at the same time neither does he respect me nor his superiors. He has this pride and he is not realistic. I have fasted and prayed for them, I am still waiting for a breakthrough. Please pray that they realise the dangers they are in and come to believe in Jesus so that they gain salvation.

  117. Please pray that I get a job in my field of social work, at the agency I work for. I graduated back in 2011 and still been denied a promotion.

  118. Hi Jaime,
    I have been following your directions for dealing with despair and discouragement. I have to say that my days have gotten better.
    My prayer requests are many. Here are they.
    – I need God’s guidance/ confirmation on where to fellowship.

    – I need a home in a quiet safe neighbourhood.

    -Healing for hypothyroidsm.

    – I need favour for marriage.

    – Restoration for things that the enemy stole from me.

  119. Hi Jamie, thank you for your prayers love for God’s people. Thank you for your obedience to the calling on your life.

    Can you please come in agreement that my spouse will re-dedicate his life to Christ and will come to know the truth about Christ and will not be bound by “religion.” Same for me.
    Also, that myself, husband, and our children will be thrusted into our Destiny, walk in our Destiny and God-given Purpose for the Glory of God!
    That I will receive Spiritual revelation as I read the bible.

  120. Laura L Soly says:

    Thanks, Jaimie, for your commitment to prayer!

    Please pray for salvation for my daughter Tina, her husband, Randy, their daughter Jahni, and their son, Sammy.

    I know that there is exponential power in prayer when we come together. Thanks for coming into agreement with me in prayer for their salvation

    Blessings, Laura Lee

  121. Dorido Jonathan Bodibo says:

    Hi Great and Wonderful Sister,

    Thank you so much for your heart ,

    Please stand with us to pray for the sick. Financial breakthrough to help the needy.
    People to return to God.
    Please believe with for a Brand New Vehicle ( X-trail or Double Cab Hilux )

  122. Lyn Silarski says:

    I need a permanent job or various ongoing jobs. I have been without any meaningful work for 3 years. I am teetering on bankruptcy. I don’t sense the Lord is telling me to sell my house and move somewhere else because I’ve been seeking him during these years. I AM TIRED!

  123. Hi Jamie
    Please agree with me in prayers for family preservation, clarity of mind, destiny preservation. My daughter, husband and son’s salvation. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding between my husband, son, daughter and I.
    Return of communication between our family.
    I pray that as you pray with others God will also meet your needs.
    Let’s cover each and every one under the blood of Jesus, from backlashes in Jesus name. God bless you.

    1. It is done in Jesus name. You are God’s chosen and the blood of Jesus over your family. Renew mind in the husband and wife. Let God richly bless your family with zero private policy, transforming you life, marriage and family.
      In Jesus name?‍?‍?‍?

  124. Aka Anthony Hutchinson says:

    Hi Jamie
    Thank you. My family are in need of generation curses to be removed from us. No one stays marry. Money issues, rejecting my wife and children and not wanting to be home. Please pray that employment will allow him to come as soon as possible.
    Loving God and family more than self.
    Communication with wife and love.
    Thank you

    1. We come against backlashes in Jesus name. The blood of Jesus over husbands and wives who God has ordained let no strange man, woman or children separate. We speak life into families and bind every evil plan to destroy them. Father God bring prodigal Husbands and fathers home to be with their wives and children. Return everything taken 7 fold 7 in Jesus name. The Lord is our Shepherd we shall not want, yea thou we walk through the shadow of death we will fear no evil. He will prepar a table before you in the presence of your enemies, you cup will overflow and the oil will be pour on you. Holy Spirt take full control. Bring love, joy, peace and happiness.
      We give You all the thanks and glory Father God in Jesus name.
      Decree and declare a thing and it shall come to past.

  125. Maria T. Rizzi says:

    Hi Jamie, I would appreciate your prayers of agreement for my son Anthony, 24. He just ended a relationship with his girlfriend of 2 years last week and I know that he is very confused over his decision. She is very hurt as well but I have been praying for the both of them and truly believe that she is the one God has intended for him. He is not walking with the Lord since he went to college and since graduated, so therefore I know the enemy is playing with his mind on many levels. She on the other hand, is a beautiful young woman who went through 12 yrs of Catholic school, but doesn’t know the Lord as her Savior. Would you pray that God would open both their eyes to spiritual truths, that she Jill also 24, would come to know Jesus as her Savior and that they would be reunited, but live their relationship in purity until they eventually get married? Also pray for my breakthrough to come soon for my health issues, that I will be totally healed and that the enemy stop taking advantage of me through it, with his barrage of very vicious attacks against my head, neck and sinuses. There is a very evil spirit that has launched very fierce attacks against me. Thank you and God bless you, Maria

  126. Grateful to Abba for you Jamie…lifting you as well!

    *Life-changing encounters with the Lord for my brothers resulting in surrendered lives, confession, and faith through Christ Jesus
    *The grace, goodness, health, eagles’ wings-mounting strength, protection, peace and supernatural provision of Jehovah Jirah over my aging parents
    *Complete Health in my body: eyes, ears, skin, joints and insomnia issues/pain/infection/inflammation resolved without reoccurrence
    *Serious miracle needed for Living situation-home/debt/finances/work situation
    *Been hearing His whispers and been sensing His aerial view spotlight on many moments in my life from a little girl until now…seeds He placed inside me and has lovingly tended…been sensing a shifting for some time now…feeling a sort of agony, discomfort, trevail – hard to describe. Been fasting and praying. Really drained. I believe it is time to step in, but i don’t know how (literally) and i don’t want to be ahead of Him – or dragging behind. Really watchful for opened doors and desperate for His confirmations. Want so much to be in-step with the Holy Spirit (sorry i don’t really know how to word this last one)

  127. Jamie,

    Thanks for reaching out and requesting our prayer requests.

    I’ve been going through a very dark time, especially with my mother’s failing health and now that I’ve been her caregiver for the last two years, I feel completely exhausted (physically because she has limited capabilities and I have to do practically everything for her, mentally and emotionally because I was very close to my mom and I feel the roles have reversed –I’m now in the mother role and she is completely dependent on me and spiritually–even though I know Jesus loves me, I do struggle with doubt because when I pray about this, the heavens seem like brass and only silence prevails.

    I’ve been seriously thinking about placing her in a nursing home, but worry (which I shouldn’t do, I know) how she will be treated there. I am also not equipped to give her the care she really needs because I work full-time. I also suffer from guilt because I want my freedom back. It would take too long to write about everything. I just ask for your prayer and I also lift up those who submitted prayer requests to you. Thank you again.


  128. Jamie, one more thing…like some other folks have said, I want to be mindful of any prayer needs you might have and just know that I’ll pray for you anyway, that God will continue to bless you and your ministry and give you wisdom, increase and favour.

  129. JANICE CHARLES says:

    Hi Jamie,

    Thank you so very much for offering to pray for us! You are such a blessing! May God pour back into you as have poured into us.

    Please pray for me that God will make clear to me His will/vision/purpose for me. He has put some desires in my heart and I want to pursue His perfect will. Pray that I will be diligent to seek His face and listen to His heart. Pray that any limitations to my fulfilling His purpose for my life be removed – physical and mental. Pray that He will connect me to my destiny helpers, provide opportunities for me to be a blessing to many people. I have surrendered my life to Him, so I want only His perfect will for my life.

    Thank you!

    May God fulfill the desires of your heart!

  130. Prayer for blessings on my weight loss plan and exercise plan to lose 50 pounds. Already loss 10 but at plateau. Overall healing physical and emotional after tough recovery after surgery.

  131. Audra Robberstad says:

    Thank you for your ministry and prayers.

    Please pray for spiritual deliverance for my husband and that his spiritual eyes and ears would be opened. Please pray for restoration of our marriage. Also pray for protection from enemy retaliation as I fight for my husband and marriage. I am asking for all that has been stolen from me to be restored.

    Thank you!

  132. Catherine says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Its indeed encouraging to know that someone overseas is actually praying for you,
    Its my desire that the Lord shall provide a financial breakthrough to provide for His ministry as well as catering for personal needs.

    God bless you

  133. Thank you so much for praying for us. My prayer request is That My daughter Michelle has applied for a stay in Canada and it is taking time for her to get the answers .Pray that she will be granted the stay. I also have a lot of people who owe me some money who are not paying so it is really making it difficult for me to move on with the business.

  134. Thabadiawa says:

    Hi Jamie

    Please pray for me for a financial breakthrough , and to get employment, last month they did not renew my contract , I’m currently unemployed and worried how I will pay my car x insurance!

    I’m even getting addicted to playing lotto hoping for a miracle, I hope it’s not a sin.

  135. Hi Jamie
    I real need a prayer for restoration for my marriage, I’m separated with my husband is almost 5 years now. And I need a breakthroughs to my financial situation and a favor from my Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

  136. Kiki Benjamin says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Please pray for my husband and I to find jobs, we’ve been out of work for months now.
    Also please pray for the health of our baby who is ill and the doctors don’t know what the matter is with him. We would also like to get closer to God and find a church to attend together to grow in the knowledge of God’s word.
    Thank you!

  137. Please pray for my family: my father, brother, sister and nephews for depression and for unity in my family.
    Pray also for my church that it would be healthy and we would all be in one mind and one accord operating in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the Glory of God.

  138. Kristi Fritch says:

    Thank you Jamie for your ministry and for listening to God’s message in your heart. My prayer request is for blessing and favor as I begin the process of birthing my own ministry/health coaching business. I pray that God would ban Satan from interfering. I pray that all the details would be organized and ordained by God. I pray that I would only be an instrument, a good tool used by God to grow people richly for Him. Thank you! I am praying for you, your ministry, your book deal, and other unspoken requests as well. Take heart-soul sister!

  139. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you. Please pray for my victory in the following areas:
    -Depression Andre PTSD. I have suffered in shame and silence for so long that I have stopped going out and socializing.
    -Smoking cigarettes. The shame I feel as a Christian and still smoking sometimes consumes me.

    Pray for God’s grace, mercy and favor to set me free. Thanks

  140. Benji Nunoo says:

    to know the lord in my soul as it is in my spirit .my mind has been attacked and cant recognize the lord Jesus but i still believe in him. been having a prolonged spiritual warfare against the devil in my mind. pray father to give me victory as he has promised in his word

  141. Candace Lykken says:

    Prayer Request:

    Gods protection and provision as seek J & E (job and employment) and wisdom on volunteerism. thanks. and God Bless

    How can I pray for you?

  142. Tracey Marie says:

    My prayers request is that a friendship/relationship with my friend healed, restored, reconciled and for my friend C.D. to forgive me. I also ask that my husbands disability be approved and that a fair and amicable settlement be reached with workers compensation, soon. Thank you for hearing my request! Bless you.

  143. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for going before God with our requests. Please pray that my daughter Breana gets the job she’s interviewing for on next Tue, Oct 11. Pray that my son Brandon who has already gone through the interviewing process gets the job promotion he is seeking. And pray that my mom who has been stricken by a stroke, recover wholly to declare the good works of the Lord. I am touching and agreeing with you. Thank you and blessing unto you and your household,

  144. Dear Jamie,
    Thank you for the offer to pray for me.
    So please pray that the part time job I have now becomes a stable, permanent and very prosperous job where I will be appreciated by Management, peers and staff and that I am finally, fully and permanently freed from all my debts this year.
    God bless you.

  145. Hi Jamie

    That is EXTREMELY generous of you. God BLESS you INDEED!

    Thank you.

    My prayer requests as follows please:

    1. Unusual Spiritual Wisdom and Directions, Visions, Extreme Favor and Grace, Financial breakthrough AND Giftings of the Sons of Issocar for myself, my mum and my partner (We have fasted and prayed over this many times and continue to do so)

    2. We need Restoration in Health, Longevity and Protection from Hidden dangers and Deadly diseases for my Mom, Brother and his family, my Partner, his family and myself.

    3. I need the touch of Abba Father and Holy Spirit for a Supernatural breakthrough of God’s prophecies of 2001 and 2014. We NEED God to Desperately part the sea to the long awaited promised land.

    4. We are requesting Abba Father for Salvation and Deliverance for 26 unbelieving staunch heathen worshipping families whom we have fasted for. We are praying regularly and trusting God to encounter each of them and remove the blinders and clouds from their eyes and minds. It is imperative that Every one is saved because they are all truly good people.

    5. I need Daddy Jesus to clarify the visions and dreams so my mum, partner and I can accomplish His ultimate plans and missions in this life.

    Finally, Please let Abba Father know my mum and I are EXTREMELY grateful, appreciative and thankful for all that he does for us and for faithfully guiding us through turbulent waters. We acknowledge even the littlest favors and love Him with All our hearts and souls. Please remind Daddy Jesus NOT to ever forget that one LAST prayer request I need Him to honor – He knows what it is ; ]

    Thank you and God Bless, Jamie

    Bless you Jamie

  146. Michele Browne says:

    Hi Jamie, we need restoration in every area if our lives ( marriage is strained), husband/ no one has any source of income coming in. No home of our own ( Isiah 32:18) , so many miscarriages,. Tired ready to give up on my life on God. So much spoil that we didn’t get, car note, insurance, credit card, payments all pass due. Foodstamps cancelled, meds for diabetes and bi polar needed……. I can’t take this anymore. My husband hears one thing from God and then another. .. heard to leave his job after much fasting and prayer, 2 month later no income or job leads. This can’t be how God works. We need a miracle a financial windfall miracle. It would take about 30 thousand to set us up nice in our own place, pay our bills and ( tithe, offering) and finally be ahead.

  147. Sam Bechtold says:

    Thank God for His gift of the Holy Spirit. Thank God for His mercy and grace. May He open a door no man can shut in everyone’s life who needs it. May He bless everyone indeed and enlarge their territory. May His Hand be with them, and may He keep the evil one at bay. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  148. Hey Jamie! First this post specifically, & this blog in general are wonderful! I am requesting prayer for my husband in feeling adequate in a Christ to walk in destiny. I’m praying for him, my friends are praying, etc. I believe in power of prayer. Thanks for standing in agreement!

  149. Thank you for possibility for prayer and for your blog!
    I ask prayer for my divorced husband that he just wants to be good for our children and me, and he get flesh heart, no stone heart any more. And he would be saved from his sins by blood of Jesus. Jesus help our children that they would go the way of Jesus. Jesus give me enough faith and love. Jesus help my friends in their trials and guard them.

  150. Thank God for directing me to this site. I’m asking for prayer from Father God to reconcile my marriage to my ex husband kevin. I pray for God to soften his heart again towards me. Together 17 yrs. I have been praying for and struggling with the loss of our relationship. For almost 4 yrs I’ve been edifying and restoring my close relationship with God and I’ve remained single and faithfully praying for God to return my ex husband back to me. The love I have for him is so much more mature since finding who God wants me to be. Please pray for me so that 2 or more can agree for God to Bless us with reconciliation. God Bless and Thank you

  151. Believer Grandma says:

    For court injustices reversed & family returned to me now (7 & 9 yrs old), & those people & their hired ones exposed that acted against us & falsely accused & they committed perjury & a whole group of them & no hope except in Jesus Christ turning it around & we also need major restoration every area & a new home & car (lost home & car transmission going) Children need 24/7 protection from major abuses & being exposed to corruption & courts held my past against me of trying to protect my daughter who died 2 yrs ago a horrific death (same people now as then). I am believing God to manifest His power & turn it around & do what He said He would do for us. I refuse to believe the witchcraft or ? is stronger. I refuse to believe that we have been thru all this just to live floormat life. Thank you for your prayers!

  152. Dear Jamie,
    Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to use you to intercede for others. My requests are :
    1. I’m struggling to find my purpose in life, just when I think a door has opened it immediately shuts in my face.
    2. A lot of injustices at work, my previous employer refused to pay me my salary due
    3. My husband is in debt, I’m struggling on my own
    4. My faith is at its weakest, sometimes I feel I have no reason to live, my life has been going around in circles
    5. I NEED GOD to come through for me
    May God bless you

  153. Jamie- I would also like to ask for restoration of my marriage to my ex husband, as well as physical and spiritual healing for him.

    Blessings to you and your wonderful ministry!

  154. Hi Jamie, just wanted to give you a praise report. I already left a request earlier about my marriage and just wanted to share the answer . That same day I left the 2nd message to you I found what I believe is the solution to my marriage issues when later that day I was reading a woman’s testimony with similar experiences . …I need to keep calm and walk away. Not to engage and not to argue to prove my worth to him. He can’t argue with me if I am not in the same room and if I stay I will get hurt and then respond back, which I want to avoid. I have read things online before in the past but never saw that site. I believe your prayers along with the Lord helped to lead me to it and I thank you. I will commit to pray daily for you specifically for the next 7 days. Thank you and God bless

  155. Hi Jamie. I need prayer for my husband , my 4 chidren and my 2 sons inlaws and daugter inlaw. The problem is alcohol abuse and (alcohol and drug abuse by 2 of them). They constantly fighting amongst themselfs and get even fiscal with each other. They all have children and they see all this abuse. They always have bad things to say to each other or about the others. I have had a stroke because of all this stress. Thank you and God Bless.

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