They Cried When We Talked About Calling, and Other Stories That Make Bones Rattle

the-earth-will-be-filled-with-the-knowledge-of-gods-gloryI sat across the table from them both.

Two beautiful, precious sisters at the Bible study I was teaching. The conversation drifted toward talking about calling–what it is, how to know what you’re called to do, how to identify your life message, and what some ideas could be for starting to walk in it.

And they cried.

They cried as they talked about the passions of their hearts. They cried because the Holy Spirit was wooing them, drawing them, drawing things out of them that they thought were either immaterial, not relevant, or long dead.

But bones were starting to rattle.


They stared at the TV screen as I showed them a video of a new worship song.

Exaltado Estás by Miel San Marcos. It was worship in Spanish … and the class was filled with 18 very English-speaking people. But they have learned enough vocabulary over the past 3 weeks to understand the song, and the Holy Spirit’s presence was tangible.

Worship began to arise and hearts to reach out to the Lord as eighteen future missionaries worshipped in Spanish, their non-native language, because they had surrendered to God’s call to goGo. Go into all the world. And they are preparing for that call.


Tears flowed as we confessed our desperation.

We gathered together and came before the Lord in brokenness. People came in and joined the prayer meeting who hadn’t even intended to do so. And together, we prayed, lifting up the cry of our hearts and our deepest needs to Father. Tears flowed as we implored His help, lifting one another up–the same way, long ago in a land across the sea, one man’s friends lowered him through the roof to Jesus.


Her home had been transformed by starting to attend our LifeGroup, she said.

Her marriage had been strengthened. Her hope had been restored that she could have friends, connections, be part of something where people grow together, bleed together, do life together, and seek God together.

Having been through years of brokenness, she hadn’t been sure she could find that connection again. But she had found it.

And bones had started to rattle.


I could tell you so many stories.

Stories of hope restored. Stories of brokenness healed. Stories about how I watched the Holy Spirit cause His Word to run swiftly into the hearts of the hearers.

  • Stories of gathering together, bodies laid out everywhere under the glory of the Holy Spirit as we bow before Him in prayer and intercession.
  • Stories about mobilizing dozens of people all over the world to fast and pray–a fast in which YOU might currently be involved.
  • Stories about helping restore people who thought their gifts, talents, and passions were dead and they could no longer be of use to the Kingdom.

Stories. Stories that make bones rattle.

Stories that shout from the rooftops, “God is sufficient. Father is enough. He loves you. And get ready; please get ready. Jesus is coming!”

Stories about helping people come alive again as they seek intimacy with Father God. Stories about coming alongside both the healthy AND the hurting, wounded, and broken, so that they don’t have to cry alone.

Stories about mentoring, training, and equipping groups of people who then equip others, so that the Kingdom can multiply rather than just add.

None of these stories would be possible without you.

Seven months ago, I was at the place where I would either have to quit ministry or see God redeem my time so I could leave my corporate job and do what I’m called to do.

I asked you for help–for your financial partnership, so I could stay in ministry and still pay the bills–and you answered. God used you, and your partnership allowed me to reduce my hours at my corporate job down to 20 hours a week, which allowed me to work as a missionary here in my hometown, through my local church, the rest of my time.

And God has blessed. Big-time. This blog has grown. I’m teaching multiple Bible studies per week. Teaching Spanish to missionaries. Completing mentoring and/or inner-healing-deliverance prayer sessions with precious people multiple times per day, most days.

But it has become too much for me to handle under the current circumstances.

There’s only one of me, but there are thousands of people to whom I’m ministering through this blog and in person. And I need help, because again the demand outweighs the time available to meet it.

So I need to take the next step. I need to come out of my corporate job so I may dedicate all my time to preaching, teaching, writing, and ministering to and equipping God’s people.

The need is overwhelming, but I’m called to this.

And I need 400 more partners at $8 per month or more in order to do this.

I did the math. I figured out what we need to meet our budget, plus pay taxes, plus blog/ministry expenses and overhead. (In the USA, self-employed businesspeople have to pay between 25%-30% of their income in taxes. The taxes are much higher than if I were working at a corporate job.)

That means I need you. I need your help desperately.

Sixty-five of you have already partnered with me. If that’s you, THANK YOU. Words could never describe the impact you are having on the Kingdom.

But if you haven’t signed up to help yet, would you?

Partnerships begin at $8 a month. That’s less than the cost of 2 coffees per month. Less than many magazine or website subscriptions–and this website is offered free, helping thousands of people each month to draw closer to God and experience His love.

Could you fill one of those 400 slots that I need filled?

Or, maybe you could take the place of 2,3, or even 10 partners per month, with a monthly automated gift of $16, $25, or even $80 or $100. Some of you have done that and more, and neither this blog nor anything else I do would be possible without you.

I need you. I need your help. It’s time, and I need you beside me. I can’t do this alone.

Will you help me today?

Here’s my link to sign up for a monthly partnership through my Gumroad store:

To partner, just write the dollar amount you’d like to contribute in the price box on Gumroad, click “Subscribe,” and complete the checkout process.

Thank you for helping me.

Thank you for making both this blog and my work as a domestic missionary possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And may the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering.

Together with you in His harvest field,



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  1. Rafael Somma says:

    At least Jamie, God has given you a purpose in life and He’s using you to minister and intercede for people. You have a great calling compared to me. I’m starting to realize that God doesn’t want me to succeed and have a great job and a wife. He wants me to stay alone with no wife and being poor. I’m tired that I have to go through a very boring and lonely life.

    1. jill d smitherman says:

      Rafael, GOD wants all of us to have the desires of our hearts. Do NOT listen to the enemy, he will only discourage you and make you think you are not worthy. Keep your focus on the HOLY SPIRIT and draw nearer to him. As a child of the KING, we are all called and commanded to share HIS word and HIS love with others. GOD Loves you! He will never leave you. Draw nearer to HIM, have great FAITH and before you know it this trial will have passed. FIND your JOY in HIM!! Blessings and prayers for you Rafael. Your sister in Christ, Jill

      1. Rafael Somma says:

        Thanks Jill for your kind words. I’m praying for you also sister. Have a great day!

    2. Yeah. What Jill said. But you already know that, brother. The above is not you, and you can stand against the enemy’s lies. I believe in you–and more importantly, Father God believes in you. You are a warrior, a champion for Him. You are more than a conqueror through Christ who loves you and washes you. And I praise God for blessing you even since we last talked! It’s proof that you’re His favorite. You are His beloved son, in whom He is well pleased.
      THAT is the word of the Lord, bro. 🙂 Rest in it today.

      1. Rafael Somma says:

        Thanks Jamie, I was having a bad day that day. I know that Jesus loves me.

  2. Lebo Keiseb says:

    Hi Jamie.
    I am living in Africa,Namibia.I would like to assist.Will I be able to through your system.

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