Prayer Directive: Ask God to Expose the Strategy of the Enemy

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Presence Seekers University signupOn my way to work yesterday, I was praying about some things that had been troubling me. Suddenly, in a very ordinary moment, sitting in the car between two stoplights, I had a flash of inspiration that might have just changed my life. God exposed the strategy of the enemy.

In that one moment of Spirit-inspired revelation, the Lord showed me all at once what the enemy was trying to do to me through some hard things I’ve been through lately. And it wasn’t about the enemy trying to make my life miserable. No; it was far more sinister than that.

In that one flash of revelation, the Lord showed me that the enemy had been using specific circumstances to try to drive a wedge between me and everything necessary for me to walk in my calling.

It wasn’t about the enemy just harassing me. It was about trying to get me so hurt by the circumstances that I would react in a certain way that would kill my ministry.

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    As soon as I saw it, I gasped and laughed at the same time. My mouth gaped open, and I shook my head in both indignation and holy joy. I started talking to myself, saying, “That is SO evil and diabolical!” And it was.

    But this revelation gave me joy, too. You know why? Because suddenly I knew EXACTLY how to fight this attack from the enemy.

    I hadn’t seen how to defeat the enemy before, because I hadn’t seen the fullness of his ugly strategy. But God sent me that revelation for a reason. We’re in a war, beloveds. And the same way earthly armies have their intelligence networks that bring them secret information, GOD has His own intelligence system to bring US key information when we need it, too.

    And God’s intelligence network is called the Holy Spirit.

    And so as soon as the Holy Spirit gave me this revelation that exposed the enemy’s strategy, I knew how to fight it.

    How do you fight any enemy strategy?

    You come in the opposite spirit. This secret of winning at warfare applies to you and me in any situation. For example:

    • If the enemy attacks with heaviness, you fight back by putting on your garment of praise and just praising God until God becomes so much bigger in your eyesight than the enemy’s attack … and the heaviness will leave (Isaiah 61:1-3).
    • If the enemy is tempting you with lust, you fight back by focusing on Jesus and His Word like crazy, because Jesus is Purity Incarnate and His words are pure words. And the purity and power of Jesus and His Word will help you become so obsessed with Jesus that your focus on Jesus leaves no room for lust.
    • If the enemy attacks you with anxiety, you fight back by going to God in prayer and praying about every. single. littlest. thing. that’s bothering you. I mean praying about the minutest details. And as you do, God’s peace that passes all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:6-7).

    And in my situation, I saw what I needed to do in order to defeat the enemy attack with the opposite spirit. I saw it in one instant, and it instantly relieved so much agony from my spirit.

    The Holy Spirit did that with one flash of divine, spiritual-warfare intelligence about what the enemy was trying to do.

    So what’s going on in your life? Do you need a flash of divine intelligence too? Ask God to expose the strategy of the enemy.

    If you’re walking through any kind of battle:

    • Ask the Lord to show you what the enemy camp is doing.
    • Ask Him to expose the enemy’s wicked tricks and schemes.
    • Ask God to show you what the REAL battle is for behind the scenes–the battle BEHIND the diversions called “hurts” and “emotions” and “right now” and “appearances.” What’s the grand prize the enemy is really after?
    • And most importantly, ask Him to show you exactly how to come in the opposite spirit and defeat that thing.

    Will you ask the Lord to expose the strategy of the enemy today?

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    1. Really need this. Praying right now. Will you lift me as well?Thank you Jamie!

        1. God led me to listen to a message last week. It was the same message about responding to conflict in the opposite spirit! Praying blessings and protection over you and your ministry.


    2. Christina says:

      God just exposed an enemy strategy yesterday. Been up early praying for success on impossible job deadline situation. Your emails are truly and directly from The Holy Spirit. May The Lord continue to bless you beloved Women of God.

      1. So glad He did this for you too, Christina. Thank you so much for reading, and thank you for your encouragement. I appreciate it so much.

    3. Francie Robertson says:

      A few days ago, pending confirmation, the Lord said to me “the next time you receive “bad news” you are to treat it as if it were good news.”
      I said “Lord now I know that You are the GOOD NEWS ! And therefore in You there is absolutely no such thing as bad news. For too long now we have been taking too much too often on the chin rendering our lives and ministries ineffective (as much a part of the problem than the solution). But now we can begin again and Rejoice in the Lord always again I will say Rejoice. Phil 4:4 Thank you for your confirmation Jamie. Praise the Lord!
      “Who has received our report? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?” Isaiah 53:1

    4. Thank you, Jamie, for sharing this message!

    5. Laurna Tallman says:

      This teaching is so true it applies in other ways, Jamie. You can know from how you are under attack what it is that God is trying to do that you couldn’t figure out. For me, the hardest thing, but the most important, is thanking God for terrible things that have happened involving sickening evil. Lots of it. Recently, that has meant praising God for our youngest son’s stroke and for his older brother’s episode of schizophrenia and for their sister’s not having had any contact with us for seven years and for their older brother’s living hundreds of miles away for eight years and no one has the money to visit, more or less in that order. And never having enough money to pay all the bills; onerous debts. And aging. I guess that hits the high spots! Only by thanking God in the teeth of the storm force 10s have I been able to get a grip on any one of these crushing circumstances, never mind the entire bundle (and that’s not a complete list). God has shown me at least a point or two that I can grasp of Divine purpose in every one of them despite all kinds of obvious evil. The worst evil would be for me to turn my face to the wall, away from God, and stop seeking His will, stop moving forward. I am beginning to be able to thank Him for those purposes and I am just beginning to get glimmers of where this all is going, for His glory. Just a small example this week: when I had our recovering stroke patient to an audiologist I slipped in a few comments about his brother, who has recovered from the recent episode of schizophrenia using the same method of ear stimulation that has worked in the past. From my diligent study of the ear and neurology, I could speak in her language. She was interested in seeing my books. “If what you are telling me is true,” she said, “this is huge.” I wanted to shout YES. This is huge! It is the work of Almighty God in the land of the living! But I just said quietly, “This is huge.” And I shipped a set of materials to her with some answers to a couple of her questions. If nothing else, this is the most encouraging response I have heard from a professional through all the hospital contacts I have had over the years. I gives me renewed enthusiasm for focusing on audiologists.

    6. Rafael Somma says:

      It seems you changed the police format of your blog. It fits better and it’s easier on the eye. Also, after one year of therapy and also with the help of God, I succeeded at get rid of my addiction to pornography!

    7. Jamie, this is so timely, thank you. I smell victory. 🙂

    8. Sue Tracy says:

      The enemy is after me currently, thanks for giving me the weapons I need. Please pray for my protection and I need more strength, I have an injury and nerve pain down my left leg. Thank you blessings to you and your ministry.

    9. Rebecca L Jones says:

      I realized I was being drawn into arguments. Even trying to explain things about the Lord. I have had to walk away and let Him work it out. Also, He wants our focus on Him not the problem, He is the solution.

    10. Caethy Tuvalu says:

      On time word! !!

    11. Gabrielle R. Mallory says:

      Praise the Lord. Empathy is the key. Praying to Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the Life. Amen

    12. Please pray for the enemies which is my brother and his wife to.leave me alone and stop their voodoo and fighting me for the family home. I cannot live in peace, come out in the yard or speak to neighbours because they interfere. God make a way for me where there is none. I cannot even get a job three years now I’ve been searching and praying. Help me please.

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