How To Cleanse Your House

How To Cleanse Your House by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comDo you feel spiritually uncomfortable in your house? Have things happened in your home that are unholy? If so, you need to know how to cleanse your house so you can get rid of any demonic forces that oppress you or your environment.

I first learned about how to cleanse your house almost by accident. It was many years ago, shortly after I was saved.

I wasn’t planning to cleanse my house that day; I was planning to go to work, just like any other day. I had actually gotten in my car and begun driving down the street toward my office, when the Holy Spirit interrupted me. He spoke to me plain as day and told me to turn around and cleanse my house.

I called my supervisor, asked for a few hours off work, and then began the task.

Before I continue with the story, it’s important for you to know that there is more than one way to cleanse a house.

When I cleansed my home the first time, the Lord showed me how to do it and what to do. I’ve been doing it the same way ever since, and I’ve never felt led to do things any differently.

However, one of my pastors cleanses a house slightly differently. I’ve talked to other people also who have done it slightly differently than I do it, and differently than my pastor’s method also. That’s all well and good; your method may be a little different too.

The important thing is that you pray and ask the Lord what YOU should do to cleanse your house.

Holy Spirit will show you what He needs you to do. He, and He alone, knows:

  • what’s in your house;
  • what has happened there in the past; and
  • what kind of evil forces any items or history in your house may be harboring.

So even though I can tell you how to do the job based on my personal experience, you’ll want to submit this to the Lord for your situation and follow His guidance, okay?

Why cleansing your house is necessary:

Cleansing your house–and keeping it cleansed–is crucial because evil forces (literal demonic spirits) always take up residence anywhere that a door has been opened to them.

In Leviticus 14:33-53 (which is too long to quote here; but you’ll want to look it up), God prescribed specific ways the Israelites should cleanse a house when they entered the Promised Land. He prescribed that houses should be cleansed because the Israelites were entering a formerly-pagan land, where:

  • idols had been worshipped;
  • demonic offerings and sacrifices made;
  • and homes were literally and spiritually contaminated.

He even required a blood sacrifice in the process of cleansing the home.

But Jesus is our blood sacrifice that cleanses our homes.

If you are a blood-bought child of Jesus Christ, then demons have no place in you or in your life. However, if you’ve opened a door to them, they’ll still oppress you until you get that door closed and get rid of them.

Demons can also take up residence in your house if you give them opportunity. And if they’re in your home, it’s 100% certain that you’ve felt them attacking you and your family. For example:

  • Do you have nightmares or night terrors? Those are inspired by demons, and the reason is often because something is in your house that needs to go.
  • Do you and your spouse start fighting as soon as you walk in the door, but you’re fine until you get home? If so, something nasty is living in that house that is inciting the fighting.
  • Do you feel like you’re being watched? Does the hair on the back of your neck crawl sometimes when you’re at home? Yeah. You’re not imagining it.

Demons can take up residence in houses if the door has been opened to them. However, you don’t need to be afraid. You belong to Jesus, and the earth (with all the property in it) belongs to the Lord as well.

Psalm 24:1 says:

Start-quoteThe earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness, the world and those who dwell therein.”

Since the earth and all its fullness belong to God, that means your home and any real estate you may own or control belong to God. (When I refer to property you may “control,” I mean if you’re renting a home and don’t own it, you still have legal authority over it in the spirit realm.)

Knowing this, and knowing that you have authority over all the works of darkness through the name and blood of Jesus, you can force any evil spirits in your environment to leave.

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So here’s how to cleanse your house:

How To Cleanse Your House and Anoint Your House | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comStep 1: Purge your home of everything that depicts sin, agrees with sin, celebrates sin, or memorializes sin or other evil.

When I cleansed my house the first time, this was the very first thing the Lord told me to do. So I got a big trash bag and began to examine my belongings, walking from one room to another.

And my trash bag began to fill up really quickly. 🙁

The movie collection?

Yeah, Pretty Woman had to go. Why? Because the “pretty woman” was a prostitute, and the movie clearly portrayed fornication. I had several movies I had to get rid of–not movies that most people think of as bad, but movies that portrayed fornication; chick flicks that inspired lust; movies that showed murder and other kinds of sin.

The music collection?

I had CDs the Lord told me to throw away. They were CDs on which the singers sang about lust, sex, etc. They celebrated sin, and the Lord told me to get rid of them.

The book collection?

I had to get rid of books that inspired lust–even some that were Christian books.

I also had a huge collection of Western novels by Louis L’Amour, who was a very talented American fiction writer. L’Amour’s stories were great, and they were about the Western countryside that I love. However, they are full of shooting, killing, robberies, kidnappings, etc. The Lord told me to get rid of them. They memorialized sin.

Every time I threw an item away about which the Lord convicted me, I felt a little lighter. The air felt a little brighter, and the atmosphere felt a little cleaner. And when I finished, I could tell a HUGE difference. The air in my house seemed to sparkle with God’s Presence, glory, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

How To Cleanse Your House and Anoint Your House by Jamie Rohrbaugh |
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Recently in the LifeGroup that I teach, Holy Spirit led our conversation to this topic of how to cleanse your house.

And various people in the class mentioned that the Lord had convicted them to throw away things like:

  • Jewelry containing symbols from other religions, including horns and crescents;
  • Items depicting skulls;
  • Home furnishings that had been used for unholy things in various ways; and
  • Dark things, like scary, evil-looking figurines and even clothing.

Why was the Lord showing people to get rid of these things? Because:

  • Items depicting symbols of other religions (like horns that depict the demon principality Baal, and crescents that depict the demonic religion of Islam) invite the demon spirits over those religions into your home.
  • Memories triggered by various home furnishings caused people to think about or dwell on sin;
  • Skulls represent and memorialize death, and they invite and harbor spirits of death in your home.
  • Dark things harbor any number of evil spirits, just depending on what the dark thing is.

The Holy Spirit was already dealing with people before the conversation in our LifeGroup ever started. Our conversation simply served as a confirmation. And we had testimonies afterward about how people who had never tried it before went ahead and purged things from their home, and they saw a dramatic difference.

Yeah. Worth it.

So, the first step in the process of cleansing your house is to get rid of everything that incites, inspires, memorializes, celebrates, or depicts sin.

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If you aren’t sure what all to get rid of, just start at your front door with a trash bag.

Start at the front of your house and walk through your entire home. Look at every bookshelf, every mantelpiece, every table, every desk, every piece of wall art, every collection, every closet.

As you walk through your home, ask the Lord to show you each individual item that needs to go.

He wants you to be free more than you want to be free, so you can be guaranteed that He’ll show you! And as He does, I encourage you to follow Him without fear or hesitation. It’s just stuff, and His Presence, glory, and peace in your house are worth so much more.

Why is it so important to throw away items that depict sin and evil?

Because allowing those things to enter/remain in your house gives permission for the demon that inspires those things to come in and stay.

When you get rid of the things that depict sin and evil, you are coming out of agreement with those spirits. You’re basically renouncing your permission for those things to occupy your home.

How To Cleanse Your House and Anoint Your House step 2 | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comStep 2: After you’ve gotten rid of everything that depicts/agrees with evil, verbally command every evil spirit to leave to leave your home and property in Jesus’ name.

All power in Heaven and earth is contained in the name of Jesus. If you command those evil spirits to leave in the name of Jesus, they have to leave. And they can’t come back unless you invite them back.

Simple, right? All you have to say is this:

“In the name of Jesus, I command every evil spirit in this house and on this property to leave right now and go where Jesus Christ tells you to go.”

Don’t pray it; you’re not praying to demons. Just command them to leave in Jesus’ name.

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And on to step 3!How To Cleanse Your House and anoint your house | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Step 3: Verbally ask God to send His Holy Spirit to fill (manifest Himself in) your home and property.

Also, ask Him to send angels to minister to you and protect you. Ask the Lord to manifest His glory in your house.

A simple prayer you can use for this is as follows:

“Father God, in Jesus’ name, please fill this house with Your manifest Holy Spirit, with Your Presence and with Your glory. Father, I know Your Spirit is already here, but I ask You to manifest Yourself here; to take up residence here; to be at home here. I’m welcoming You here, Holy Spirit. I love You.

And Father God, please send Your angels to watch over me and my family and this property. Let Your angels link arms around this house and property–around its side space, above space, and beneath space. Let them protect us and not allow any evil thing to pass here in Jesus’ name. And Father God, I pray that Your holy angels would minister blessings from Heaven to me and my family here in Jesus’ name.”

By the way: Yes, the Holy Spirit is already here. So, you’re not asking Him to come into a place where He’s not.

However, you ARE asking Him to manifest Himself; to help you sense His presence; and to do all the ministry in your house He wants to do. You’re inviting Him, welcoming Him, and giving Him first place in your house.

Make sense?

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How To Cleanse Your House step 4 | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Step 4: Anoint the top and sides of every window and door in your home with oil.

When I cleansed my house the first time, I didn’t own any anointing oil. So I used what I had–cooking oil from my kitchen. It worked just fine!

Like the Hebrews of old anointed the top and sideposts of every door with blood at Passover, the Lord told me to put a tiny dab of oil on the top and sideposts of every door and window in my house. Including closets.

So I walked through the house from front to back. I anointed both the inside and outside of the front and back doors. Then I anointed every window, opened every closet door to anoint both the inside and outside, and anointed every interior door.

I’ll admit that it was tedious. However, it was worth it.

I began feeling the difference in the house before I was even finished anointing.

I don’t remember exactly how much of that house I had to anoint before I could feel the difference. However, in the house I live in today, if I mess up and let something bad into the house–for example, if I’m watching a movie and something bad comes on the movie that I didn’t expect, but I fail to turn it off and I allow it in my house–I anoint my house again.

Every time I do, I can feel the atmosphere change when I’m about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way through the house. And as I finish, including anointing my property:

  • I can feel any doors that were open to evil close.
  • I can feel my home filling with the anointing and with peace.
  • I can feel Holy Spirit manifest Himself again.
  • I can feel the atmosphere being zipped up and protected.

It feels like a Zip-loc freezer bag closing. No more open doors.

It feels wonderful.

[mv_video doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” jsonLd=”true” key=”de6tcwxye7ep6hdjc6lg” ratio=”16:9″ thumbnail=”” title=”How To Make An Altar In Your Home” volume=”70″] 

How To Cleanse Your House Step 5 | by Jamie Rohrbaugh | FromHisPresence.comStep 5: As you anoint your home, decree the name of the Lord over it.

The first time I anointed my home, the Lord told me to decree His name as I walked around the property lines outside. Since that time, I just go ahead and decree His name through the whole thing, and it makes a huge difference.

And as the lay intercessory prayer leader, I do the same thing at my church sanctuary every Sunday morning.

Here’s the name which Holy Spirit told me to decree over my property:

“The Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in mercy and lovingkindness.”

It’s from Exodus 34:5-6, where God hides Moses in the cleft of the rock and passes by him, to show Moses His glory. In that passage, God proclaimed His own name as follows:

Start-quoteThe Lord descended in the cloud and stood with him there, and proclaimed the name of the Lord. The Lord passed before him and proclaimed, “The Lord, the Lord, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness …” (Exodus 34:5-6 ESV).

So as I walk through my house to anoint it, I declare God’s name through the whole thing. The whole time I’m anointing, I’m either praying in my prayer language or speaking this name out, over and over.

When you do this, you are claiming possession of the place for God.

How To Cleanse Your House | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Step 6: Anoint the ground at the four corners of your property, and walk your property lines (decreeing the name of the Lord over it) if possible.

I actually go outside and touch the ground with anointing oil at the corners of my house lot. I also walk the perimeter of the property. (My land is small, so I can do this easily.)

I encourage you to walk the edge boundaries of your property if it’s possible to do so. And as you walk, decree the name of the Lord; and anoint the ground with oil when you get to a corner of the property.

(By the way, if you own so much property that you can’t walk the boundaries of it, have you thought about partnering with me to get the Gospel out? Love to have ya.) 😉 #TwistedWriterHumor 😉

When I cleansed my house the first time, I lived in a not-so-great (i.e. somewhat dangerous) neighborhood.

However, Holy Spirit specifically told me walk the boundaries of my property and decree His name–the one written above–over it. I did so, and I can tell you I never had one moment’s trouble in that house:

  • Nobody bothered me.
  • I was never afraid.
  • No crimes occurred.

Nothing bad happened at all. I was at perfect peace and had perfect safety.

I truly believe that the peace I had there happened because I claimed the property for the Lord and anointed it, decreeing His name over it. It was like His name put up a hedge of protection around my land, and nobody could penetrate it.

How To Cleanse Your House Step 7 | by Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Step 7: As you finish circling your property, decree that the circle of protection be unbroken.

When I anoint my property (which I do after anointing the inside of the house), I finish back where I started. Again, I touch the ground with oil, and I decree the following:

“Let the circle be unbroken.”

I do this because I feel led by Holy Spirit to do it. And I believe He told me to do that because it’s literally making a decree/command (just like “Let there be light!” from Genesis chapter 1) that the circle of anointing and protection I just created must remain and be unbroken.

In other words, by my spoken word, I am creating a holy barrier of protection and anointing around my property.

When I anoint my church’s sanctuary on Sunday mornings, I always end where I started and seal the circle with the same declaration. I touch the same place with oil again and say, “Let the circle be unbroken.”

And when I say that, I can feel a sealing in the spirit realm.

There you go. How to cleanse your house in seven easy steps.

Yes, it’s tedious. Not gonna lie. But, it is SO, so, so, so, SO worth it! After you’ve cleansed your house once, you’ll feel the difference. You’ll feel the anointing. You’ll sleep better and feel God more.

And finally, another story to inspire you:

Awhile back, a woman took refuge in my home to get away from a difficult situation. When this lady came in, she was in a horrible frame of mind. She had had a really, really bad evening.

I didn’t try to fix the situation; it wasn’t anything I could fix–and it wasn’t the time to even try. I just gave her a place to rest. I showed her to my guest bedroom–a bedroom for which the Lord gave me the furnishings, and which He had helped me decorate. 🙂 And then I left her alone for the night.

In the morning, I woke to a totally different guest in my home.

When we talked, the lady told me that she felt such a peace in my home. And as she lay in bed, the Holy Spirit settled on her so strongly that He convicted her, changed her heart, and healed the situation with which she had been dealing.

Do you see, beloved? God did that. I didn’t do a thing–not a thing.

But this precious lady felt Holy Spirit’s Presence so strongly in my home that the peace in the atmosphere healed her.

I was awestruck when she told me that. I knew it was all God, and I praise Him for it. But I was awestruck because it was tangible proof that this really works. It’s not just in my head. It’s not a pie-in-the-sky crazy concept. It’s real, and it matters, and it makes a difference not only to me and my family, but also to others.

Do you feel chaos in the atmosphere of your home? Do you sense demonic oppression when you’re at home? Do you suffer from night terrors or other demonic manifestations?

If so, then please. Cleanse your house. Do it today, and you’ll notice the difference.

Is Holy Spirit speaking to your heart right now about cleansing your house? If so, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Boy do I need this to happen in my house. Jamie please pray with me that God will make a way for this to happen in my home. Currently my wife and I live with my father. He owns the home and my wife and I have experienced problems in our marriage and our businesses. It isn’t entirely his fault by any means. God has been pressing on me to stop watching television altogether as well as throw out our movie collection. Fortunately God has already begun a work in all three of us to let things go. My mother recently passed a year ago and my father has been determined to clean the house up and many evil things are being tossed as a result, praise him. However I can still see him holding onto things he feels he can’t shouldn’t have to live without. My wife also has been changing. She just recently had a major change of heart and stopped hoarding stuff from her past and has already pitched out a ton of stuff I thought she’d never part with but there is still much more to go. And I need to throw out stuff from my childhood that is very painful. Stuff that reminds me of the man I was and not the man I am becoming today with his help. Yet I’m struggling to find the will to do what I know must be done. Can you please pray with me that God’s favor will go before me that we as family unit can do this together without resistance or argument against the Holy Spirit or each other. In JESUS name. Amen (So be it) thanks. And God bless you.

    1. Andrew, yes, I am stopping right now to pray for you this moment. I’m proud of you all for doing what you’ve already done; great job!

      1. Thank you so much. May the Lord bless you Jamie I really Appreciate this!

        1. And we have a olive oil what prayer should we pray over our house once we get rid of all things and not supposed to be in our house and also what about obituaries of loved ones and pictures of loved ones do we still hold on to those as well.

      2. This was so helpful me and my mom we bought townhouse paying mortgage and pray for a miracle for us to pay it quicky and be prosperous. We try anointing with olive oil,holy water,francaise burning, as we pray Psalms 91 .
        We pray for love, peace,joy,healthy
        Wealth, God to open our home to positive people and close the door to negative ones, and we always pray for the land/country where we are.
        I always feel the presence of God in our home.
        Jesus thank you for teaching us to pray. We always start and end with the “our father ” prayer

      3. Good morning.I am soon to move into an apartment being built I’m so thankful to God for this .I feel led to do this where I’m living now before going to my new home.Jamiethe Lord sure does use you thank you

    2. Lilah Bolduc says:

      I would totally do this but my family doesn’t believe and they might keep inviting spirits into the house.

      1. marti macsluso says:

        Lilah-what you said is TRUE…THEY WILL INVITE THEM IN (MOST PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA…) so you simply do it again. God has given YOU the authority!!! Ask Holy Spirit-how!!! I do not think we should throw things out that are not ours…but I have said that picture gives me the willies can I get rid of it? …Friends bring in spiritual garbage – anger, bad attitudes, complaining- So as I am washing dishes or sweeping – I say something like this- in the name of Jesus- I bind ____ out of here -Leave…The power comes from the HS… so you do not need to yell or get loud-this can all be done Mentally. You cannot speak to my son, you were Not invited, You are not welcome- the blood of Jesus- binds you and gags you… Go…Now… if they come back – tell them they are NOT allowed in your house, car, or property- in Jesus’ Name..I also tucked notes in curtain rods, and cracks in the woodwork- behind light switches declaring that this was GODS house…and me and MY house serves the Lord, the one and only true GOD…Remember, I have a big yard, and a big dog- I sweep my house often and every day I get a big pile of dust…I don’t sweep once a year,,, I sweep it whenever the house needs it.

      2. Hello Lilah, do it anyway. Your prayers are listened to by God himself. Please continue to bless your home on a regular basis and pray for your family. There’s not a prayer that God wants to answer more than the prayer to being faith in him to our loved ones. The Bible tells us if they don’t listen to what you tell them about Jesus they will be convinced and changed by the way you live in Him. God Bless you and I hope this is helpful to you, Love your sister in Christ🙏❤

  2. Thank you Jamie. The Holy Spirit is real. I lost my husband three years ago. One day it dawn on me to dispose off of everything that reminds me of his demise (all black clothes, clothes that I was putting on to work etc.) I told my younger daughter who was with me that I need to move forward and it has helped me.
    It is something that we should do often as we are led by the spirit.
    Jamie, God bless you for bringing up this topic.

    1. I’m very sorry for your loss, Freda. But I’m thankful the Lord is helping you and showing you how to move forward. I pray grace, peace, and comfort to you today in Jesus’ name.

      1. Hello dear praise Jesus. This morning we are in the quarantine season,I woke up to pray with my niece and we were reading Ezekiel 37.
        Then some noise in the cupboard kept getting louder, I saw she wanted to go check out the problem, i just told not to bother and we continued in the presence of God.
        After the prayers I told her that today am going to dispose off some stuff thats when I looked at my phone and I saw a message about cleansing the house and decided to read. Straight on I went to my book shelf and got out some CDs that I had very long ago when I was Living in London.(right now am in Uganda). I broke them into pieces. Now am business taking out all I felt should be out of my house hold. The Holy Spirit Will always speak to us. Thanks be blessed Teddy

  3. Hi Jamie, I so welcome this house cleansing post. It is truly a blessing. I always felt like I was totally being watched and I pray about it but like you said it might be books, movies etc that all need to do so today I am going to do a ‘walk through’ with my garbage bag just like you said and get rid of everything that really should be thrown out.
    I thank you for your blog it is a blessing. I got some house cleansing to do.

  4. Rebecca L Jones says:

    I studied this before and I’m getting my oil out today. I have a book and movie collection, and I was concerned about that but most everything I’d watch would show good over evil. I don’t like those reality shows, I stopped watch those sensational trials. I’m even careful about cartoons. But I realized I can’t control other people’s decisions, and that there is an element of good and evil in everything, the Lord helps our discernment. I was told my house was peaceful, yet I have felt the confusion, I know it is from what others have brought in, and it’s going out.

    1. Good for you, Rebecca. Warrior queen you are! And thanks again for the word you sent me yesterday. I spent some extra time with the Lord this morning studying about rest again to remind myself, and praying for help to rest. 🙂 Sometimes I get out of balance with hard work, and I know it. Help us, Jesus. 🙂

      1. Yes! I Absolutely need to cleanse my house. I’ve done it before, but I need to do it again.!

        1. Gail Segars Rainey says:

          Yes, I have cleansed my house before but it needs doing again. I know Holy Spirit will give me shalom when the purging is thoroughly done. This includes deleting old emails that I am unable to get to. Also, files in filing cabinets that need purging!!!! It will probably take me three days or so to do the purging but I know it will be worth it. I was already sensing this from Holy Spirit when I got your email today. The Lord speaks in many ways!!! Thank you for your glorious ministry!

  5. Jamie, thank you for your clear instructions and scriptures. The Lord has had me removing things from my home over the last few months. I’m almost finished, hallelujah! 🙂 Some of the things that He had me remove were very surprising, but very freeing at the same time. Now I know the next step, so thank you, thank you!

    1. Good for you, Leslie! This is awesome! Yes, I identify with throwing away unusual things. He had me do some of that too–things I never would have thought would have been a problem. But when I was done, I was soooo glad I obeyed! It makes such a huge difference! I’d love to hear how your house feels when you’re done, too!

  6. Elaine Bates says:

    Wow..this is so timely for me!! About to ask God and Holy Spirit to help me clean out!! And then Pray blessings over my home and property!!! Thank you so very much..Going to share this!!!


  7. Gina Trahan says:

    Hi Jamie,
    I have had a minister friend of mine do a cleansing of my apartment many years ago.
    She left the anointing oil with me as a gift. I took it out and I went around the whole apartment. …..
    closets included and I recited the prayer as I went along. Then I went back to where I started and did it again reciting let this circle be unbroken.
    I live in a public building owned by HUD….so I couldn’t go through the whole building. ……will my apartment still be cleansed do you think?
    There is a lot of sex and illegal drugsin this building in other people’s apartments. None of it happens in my apartment though. And I don’t associate with those people. I always say hello when I see them especially while walking my dog on the grounds and I pray for this building and the people in it…..however. ….I don’t always think to pray for them. I should do it more. I know this.
    Anyway, I cleansed my apartment as close to the way you said in your blog.
    I also said aloud that I dedicate my apartment and all of it’s contents to the Lord….room by room.
    I think lots of your readers will …….like myself feel like they need to cleanse their homes.
    I know that things aren’t always easy for you Jamie but I pray that our father will pour out blessings on you and your husband and give you the desires of your heart. Whatever they may be……and fulfill his every good and perfect purpose for your life.
    In Jesus name….amen.
    Love ya

    1. Hi Gina, yes, your apartment will be okay. You just cleanse what you have authority over. You’ll be good. 🙂
      Thank you for the prayers and encouragement today!

    2. Cynthia Wilson says:

      Just a suggestion, perhaps since you live in a public building and share it with so many others you can do a block walk. Walk around your block and claim it in the name of Jesus. Every place you put your foot you have dominion. Do it regularly. Additionally, you can pray as you pass through the public door into your building and walk down a hallway. God sees and answers. Watch for the the changes to come.

        1. If you have olive oil how do you pray over it to bless your home and the grounds where you stay. And also my sister gave my brother some clothing or her ex boyfriend that passed away is that good to have those belongings


  8. Rafael Somma says:

    Hi Jamie,

    So you have decided not to publish the french text?

  9. House cleansing is my forte. I cannot remember how or why the first person asked me to come and do it in the 1990’s. I also do land as in farms. All because as a little girl I was the one that heard and saw things. My mother told me it was my imagination. The fear was intense. You can only blink. So when parents tell me that their children are afraid, compassion rises within me. Watching horror movies and certain books and games can also open a door. My parents immigrated from overseas to SA when I was small. Apparently the house we lived in used to be a hospital. Thank you so much for sharing Jamie!

    1. Yes, there are a lot of things like that that open major doors to the enemy. I thank God, however, that the blood of Jesus is more powerful than all of it! Jesus always wins, and we have authority in Him!

  10. This is a good reminder. I cleaned and anointed my house before I moved in 4 years ago, yet lately I’ve been struggling with reading fiction when I know I have several Godly teaching resources that I should pursue. Instead I just become a couch potato with a book in hand in the evening. Ok. God is clearly speaking to me here. He is saying that cleaning my house will break this spiritual stronghold. This weekend I will be going through my extensive library with my heart open to the Holy Spirit.

    1. If God is speaking, I am glad you are obeying! It will be worth it, Cynthia. He never asks us to give something up unless He has something better to give us in exchange. 🙂

    2. Thank you for your article. I began this process some time ago getting rid of pictures of ex-boyfriends, letters/cards from ex-boyfriends, etc. I need to look around to see if I have any more gifts from any previous boyfriend.

      I have also been to West Africa and other missions trips and don’t know the history behind some of the things I purchased.
      I am glad you spoke about the property because my neighbor was allowing his dog to poop in my back yard and would throw some of his lawn clippings into a natural area on my property.
      When you purchase furniture from someone else and you don’t know the history, do you anoint it as well as pray over it? I prayed over a bedroom set I purchased last year, but didn’t think about anointing it with oil. For clothing items, do you destroy them or recycle to thrift stores. For instance if a certain dress you are wearing remind you of comments someone makes such as “you look sexy in that dress”, do you recycle it or destroy it.

      1. Hi friend, I liberally throw things away personally if they need to be destroyed. If I bring something new into my house, I do generally pray over it and dedicate it to the Lord. Regarding any other items, simply pray and ask the Lord what to do–and then do what He shows you; what you have peace about!

  11. Verónica says:

    Dear Jamie,

    Thank you for your blog. I allways read it! How can i clean my house if i live with several people? (coworkers)

    Thank you!

    1. Just do everything you can without infringing on someone else’s territory. Purge your own belongings, anoint all the parts of the house you can reach, anoint the outside, and pray and declare God’s name over your house, etc. You can do it and God will help!

  12. Shamekah Shaw says:

    I really love this post. I have do e this before, but not to extent that you have described. Desperately need to though. I have a question. My fiance (and the father of my children) has multiple skull tattoos. He has a dark past, but has been working on his life and relationship with God. Any thoughts on tattoos since you mentioned getting rid of things that are a demonic influence/gateway. No money to remove them and I don’t think he would be willing to give them up anyway. I do see the work that the Holy Spirit Has been doing in life. Thanks.

  13. Marco Rivera says:

    This article truly spoke to me. I have been in the process of cleansing my house for some time now. I am a recovering homosexual so this cleansing is a struggle for me. Would it be better if I just move to a new house to avoid the lustful sin atmosphere myself and my many past male partners created here?

    In Christ,

  14. Lillie Belle says:

    I ran across this website as I was praying to the Lord to help give me the tools I needed to cleanse my home. I recently had some family in town for two months visiting, and a couple of them were dealing with some very undesirable spirits… spirits of depression, oppression, anger, hatred, suicide, and paralyzing fear (all spiritual warfare from the enemy). Anyways, after they left and went back home my home has not been the same. I can feel a residue (if you will humor me) of their struggles that have been left behind in my home. I will be going through this process that you mentioned above for the next several weeks… I will keep you posted on my progress and the outcome. Thank you so much for posting this information. It came at exactly the time I need it and asked the Lord for it. God bless you!!

  15. Hi, Jamie, thanks so much for this article. I’m still about to do a total disposing of ungodly objects in our apartment, but I have prayed the prayers you wrote here and truth to be told, much of the apartment unit has felt lighter and enlightened.

    However, my aunt who rents the apartment has boxes of figurines she had collected with her late husband from another region. Some of those she has gotten rid of when she became a widow, but the most expensive ones she has kept in boxes until now. The flowery and zoo animals ones are alright. My concern is the box of pricely Egyptian gods and goddesses and other symbols that she doesn’t want to sell off. I told her about the ungodly significance of such symbols (I’m sorry if there’s an Egyptian reading this, but I’m only referring to the ungodly rituals and false god worshipping that the ancient times used to engaged in), but she refuses to believe me about things that ancient Egypt did as told about in the bible.

    My question is how can I protect us from the ungodly significance of the presence of such symbols in our home as I avoid upsetting my aunt about the idea of disposing them?

    Please advise, anyone. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi there. I would definitely encourage whoever owns the figurines to get rid of them completely. If she will not, then I would recommend you box them up and put them in the owner’s room, and not anywhere else. Anoint the box with oil and speak out loud, verbally: “I bind these objects and every evil spirit associated with them, in the name of Jesus, and I decree that they cannot depart from these objects and cannot harm me in Jesus’ name.”

      Then pray: “Father God, I plead the blood of Jesus over these objects and over this house. Please fill it with Your Holy Spirit, and send angels to minister to us here and protect me. I loose Your healing, protection, and Your blood in this place, in Jesus’ name. Thank You, Father God.”

      In this way, you can ask God for mercy and protection from the things that the other person has allowed into the house. And you can bind them off in Jesus’ name.

  16. Yes, this spoke to me and the funny thing is I was just talking to my daughters about this yesterday! I am a happy and positive person… until I walk through the door at home! I have every manifestation you described and more and though I’ve prayed over our home(s) many times and cast out demons I had never heard of ‘cleansing’ the home before and nothing about oil. As a family we will be doing this tonight – New Year’s Eve – and as often as necessary afterward. Thank you Jamie!

    1. Hi Julie! I’m so glad you saw this post then! I hope the cleansing process went well. It can definitely be an ongoing process if we aren’t careful; sometimes even when we have guests over, if they release something negative into the house, you can feel it afterward and you’ll just have an inner knowing that you need to anoint the house again and command the evil stuff to leave. But Papa God always comes through! The cleansing process works every time! He’s so good like that!

  17. Moments before I discovered this post I asked Jesus for help and guidance in having my home run more smoothly. Meaning help from my husband and son and for us to no longer argue over petty issues. We are Christian, but I notice the enemy has enjoyed attacking us lately. I always try and cast out the enemy when I feel the change in my home. Never ever did I think for a second it could be all this excess stuff in our home that is considered sinful. Things I would never consider to be of the sort! Movies we own, clothes I wore years ago started coming to mind. You better believe by the grace of God I will be ridding of these items! Pray for me though because I have always had a hard time letting go of things. I’m not a hoarder, I just feel a connection to things I know I shouldn’t. Time to let go!!

    1. Wow, that’s awesome! God is so good! Go for it, sister! I pray Father would give you grace and strength and a total disconnection from everything He desires for you to get rid of. In Jesus’ name! And may your home be filled with peace, the Holy Spirit’s anointing, and GLORY! In Jesus’ name!

  18. Raedawn highelk says:

    I am glad i found this article i have a question tho. So my boyfriend says he hates God and is always calling him down and blaming him for his past mostly relationships with females and says that he loved them but they didnt stay. I am a child of God I’ve known him my whole life and believe he has blessed me over the years several times but i hear voices. They say im skitzophrenic. But i know its bad spirits i dont know how to get rid of. This happened to me in 2013 when i was dating another man and i believe it was him who did this to me cause i couldnt feel love for him. God was telling me something but i didnt know what it was . and i had a feeling this friend of my brothers was a demon cause the lord told me he was one day then shortly after i started hearing evil spirits. I lost my mind in fear i was gonna die. They told me horrible evil things that scared me and i was just defending myself until i mentioned God and that it was up to him if i was gonna die or nit. During this time ive been on drugs using meth and i couldnt handle the high i was paranoid. Im a addict. Ive used several drugs over the past 12 years and i still am and my boyfriend is too. But ive halucinated and felt and heard things now for several years. I have went to church and it has helped me with some of it but they are still here. They make me see things i dont wanna see or pray God will not let this happen to anybody on this planet it is so scary. I have bad thoughts bout my daughter and family cause these spirits and i wanna get rid of them they hurt my feelings . i know jesus is here and he can take it away i just never had the knowledge so maybe you can help me. I pray but i dont like the fact the bad spirits hear my thoughts i dont like the fact they corupt my thinking everyday. Well lately ive been having really bad dreams and i wanna get rid of them once and for all. I know it takes time and i have got clean and then backslided and i dont wanna do that again i wanna be free. I miss having my emotions and feeling love and having a good memory. I cant remembsr important stuff at all. I just always reciet the bad thoughts tho and i think of things i never thought of before cause of whst they have said to me inside my head. Its horrible. I dont have light its dark. I dont know why this has happened but i know God has a reason for everything and he will bless me with my own voice and thoughts and love again. If thats how i cleanse my house how do i cleanse myself? It has broke my family apart . please help me i pray you will respond to me so i can get rid of the enemy in my life and familys lives. Im not a bad person i believe no one deserves the horror ive been thru i pray you can provide me with answers. Thank u im glad ive found this article the change i pray for i believe is gonna happen. Please help md get rid of these demons and the memory i have of them.

  19. Thank you for this teaching. It has helped me alot. I has tried to anoint our house and property before but I will now do with more understanding guided by the Holy Spirit.. Thank you once again for this and God bless you

  20. Rose Perez says:

    Blessings Jamie, Here it is 3:08 am and I just finished reading your post about cleansing our homes to recieve Abba Father’s spurit in th e home and cast out the enemy’s ties that are in my home. I will be doing this and give God our Father all the glory for breaking and casting the dark forces that have been in my home for so long. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Much love.

  21. Lindsay hogg says:

    Hi Jamie, what if the movies, books, music etc belong to my husband & not me & he doesn’t have an issue with them in the house? HELP!!!

  22. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Jamie

    Thanks so much for your blog – I love the articles. This one on house cleaning resonates with me coz I have done it before. I once made a fire and destroyed figurines that were not of God and every time I move I cleanse the house and announced the windows and doors. I saw a comment earlier about tattoo’s and want to know ow how does someone cleanse a tattoo that they got due to not being saved (not me but a family member) this person has had nightmares and suicidal thoughts so please pray for him.

    Your post has also given me more insight to house cleansing ?


  23. I did this and I feel so much better never realized that I had to get rid of stuff in my home. My brother recently cleaned out his room and passed it on to my kids and a lot of it is like skull faces on shirts or what not and we are Christians i have a teen boy I didn’t want him to feel like I was controlling so I let him keep some of those things crazy thing is I knew it in my heart that I shouldn’t have let him keep anything. and after a while its been so chaos and so much tension in our home and anger and you know I’m not sure if it’s from all that but just too much things going on that you know I was like I have to do something and I came across your webpage and I did it, I got rid of everything that has anything to do with negative I prayed and everything and I feel so calm and I just want to thank you for your post and your blog to it helped me cleans my home and feel more at peace. we actually had a lot of family in for Christmas Eve over and you know everybody has their issues their personal things going on and I don’t know I guess I didn’t ever think to cleans my home or pray to let go of any bad spirits or anything that came if they brought any I was brought up that you can clean your home with like certain Three Kings and charcoal but I knew that wasn’t Godly because I have to go to a Botanica store and those stores aren’t Godley and once I started going to church and I found God I stopped I stop quote blessing the house and cleaning it with those things but now that I found your blog your page I feel so awesome thank you

  24. Victoria Seah says:

    Thank you for this teaching, I have been instructed by the Holy-spirit to clean and organized my entire apartment for the past weeks. However, before this instruction, I had been consistently praying to God for discipline in all things, humility, servanthood, obedience and to break away a prideful spirit. That is when I felt led and convicted to do a thorough cleanse of my apartment but at the time it all seemed physical. I was also instructed listen and follow others instructions even if I knew a little more to what they were asking, I am to remain quiet and not share any opinion. As I go through this process every time I try to suggest or share an idea, the HolySpirit tells me to stop, and He says remember you asked me and I am teaching you.

    Back to cleaning and organizing…because I have lots of clothes, shoes and some other things that I have been told to get rid of. Getting them organized can be a crisis sometimes. God has been instructing me to get up and organize and clean, at first I did not understand how this applies to my spiritual walk. Still not following through out of laziness, the voice of God is now louder and with me all day. I am so very restless, guilty and afraid and this is why I had to take time today to understand exactly if this is really God. Everyday, I hear God says ” Pay Attention, Seasons, Instructions and Obedience”. God has given me so many great ideas but I cannot get to doing any because I have not completed this one instruction. I cannot even fast and pray, whenever I tried to I see a bearer, I am unable to see God and I hear “Why are you asking or what are you asking when you have not completed the first instruction”? Writing all this to say it all ties together, as God gives all visions and purpose, He gives instructions.. We may not understand how a simple instruction that does not seem spiritual could apply to our seasons and purposes, but I now have clarity. I did not know where to start or how this applies to my season as God has been speaking of disobedience. I decided to googled ” Can God Instruct you to Clean your Home”? And I saw many articles and teachings but this spoke to me on so many levels. God led me to 2 King 5 about Naaman being cleansed from leprosy. And the message was Naaman initially did not believe or think God would send him to dip in a dirty muddy water 7 times for his healing. As a matter of fact, the entire process did not seem right to him and he was about to miss his season. We do not need to see the end result always but instead pray and obey. Today because of my restlessness, conviction, guilt…I had to pray and asked God for clarity and direction. That I needed to understand this instruction spiritually and physically. Got on google and searched ” Can God instruct you to clean your home”?. I had to repent from disobedience and procrastination. Thank you once again as I now see and know where this is leading me.

    God Bless!!!

  25. I have these movies and I need help whether to keep or throw.
    1. Taxi queen Latifah
    2. Shall we dance Jennifer Lopez
    3.dying of the light nicholas cage
    4. Guardians of the galaxy
    5. Left behind nicholas cage
    6. Transformers- age of extinction
    7. The maze runner
    8. Tammy melissa McCarthy
    9. The expendables III
    10. November man pierce Brosnan
    11. Hercules
    12. Pain & Cain Dwayne Johnson
    13. 22 jump street
    14. Prepare for glory gerard butler
    15. Mamma Mia
    16. Grease I & 2, Saturday night fever
    17. Noah Russell Crowe

    Hindi movie
    1. No problem
    2. Dil to pagal hai

    1. Hi, Ann. Great questions. These are things that only you and God will be able to work through. Questions to ask yourself include: Does this movie depict sin or holiness? Does it point me to Christ, or to the world? Does it cause my eyes to observe fornication, lust, pride, adultery, lying, cheating, stealing, or any other kind of sin? If so, then you have your answers.

  26. Jamie, first thank you for this post. How do i do this in my daughters room, who is currently confused with her sexuality? I am fasting and praying to rebuke the spirit of lesbianism. I only throw things that she left outside of her room. She has not confessed about it yet. But I believe the Holy spirit is revealing it to me so I can attack the enemy head on with prayer and fasting. Please help.

  27. Irene Feliciano says:

    I want to thank you for this article, I will be doing this today. Please pray for me and my son we live with my mother who has different beliefs than myself and I have felt a heaviness in her presence, but I cannot pray over her, how can I get this off of her without her knowing.
    Thank you.

  28. Thanks for this awesome reminder. Please pray as I do this in my home and also pray for my three teenagers as they have electronics ( iPhones and Xbox games) and listen to worldly music and watch tv without discretion.

  29. Lindsey Capron says:

    *Standing ovation* GLORY BE TO GOD!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! My husband and I bought a house. The spiritual/physical climate upon buying it was strongly demonic. Thank you for teaching and sharing on how to spiritual cleanse and take authority of the house that God has given us. As we’re doing the physical repairs, WE WILL do some massive spiritual repairs. THIS POST IS GOLDEN!!!

  30. Debbie Sparks says:

    Yes, I feel oppressed at times in this house. My husband had this house before I married him 12 years ago. There was a mutual painted on a wall by a friend of one of his daughters that was evil in symbols and pictures. I peeled it off and got rid of it. We repainted the area. My daughter would have nightmares of demons. She has been out of the house a year. She was saved almost 5 years ago, but would still have nightmares, not regularly. Now she has a female partner which was shock for almost a year. This person is evil and controlling. My daughter has 2 children. She is wanting to leave. Several people are praying for her. This is not her, but she tried to tell me it was. Anyway, my husband watches TV all the time in the bedroom. He watches violence, evil, R movies, etc. I do not! I sleep in a different room because of the noise and I do not watch those things. Sounds like a big cleansing needed! If he continues to watch these things, will the Cleveland as being help?

    1. Hi Debbie! Cleansing your house will definitely help. Sounds like it is sorely needed. I don’t understand what you are asking when you said “will the Cleveland as being help?”? Could you clarify, please?

  31. Thank you for this post. I feel led to do this. I’ve been searching for biblical ways to cleanse my home all day! I cant even tell you about all the stuff going on here and how unsettled my life has been for years.

  32. Hi Jamie,
    I have definitely sensed a spiritual heaviness in my home. My husband is not yet saved and still watches things that depicts and welcomes and opens doors to the demonic forces. From the occult to pornography. There are some shows that I watch that do not glorify God and I will turn off the obvious ones and let The Lord lead me in the others. Because we are both home all day and night, how do you suggest I start my cleansing? Also we both have been plagued by illnesses (diabetes, high blood pressure, Morbid Obesity, he has congestive heart failure, and he’s had a stroke) and depression and anxiety. I will be seeking The Lord as to how to go about my cleansing, but have you ever come across any situations like ours and if so, did you (they) go through the same steps as you laid out for us? I am so ready to get our home (rented apartment) cleansed for God’s Glory! Amen!?? ❤️

    1. Yolanda, you are not alone. I, too, have a similar situation with my husband. There are also items in the house that are not godly that are his so I feel I do not have the authority to throw them away. I only have authority over my own things. That is where I suggest you begin as far as cleansing items from your home. While you are in the process of cleansing your home, I believe seeking God’s wisdom and praying for your husband is key as well. I know Jamie will have greater knowledge about this than I do. I am still learning too.

    2. Yolanda, Jamie’s already responded to a lot of similar questions you and I have and offers helpful tips that will guide us. It was helpful for me to read all of the comments on this issue. So many of us share similar concerns so none of us are alone.

      Thank you, Jamie, for this article. It saved me a lot of time, money, and frustration searching for simple remedies of cleansing the house. There are SO many books out there, that I can get overwhelmed. Your website is truly a blessing to me and others who so desperately need a simple understanding and resolution to our problems.

  33. Hlumela Tibbett says:

    Thank for sharing your knowledge and experiences. For spreading light. I was confused by your comment about the Islam part. Are you saying that the islam religion demonic? Please help me understand. Because that is not ok, if you are. I hope I miss understood.

    1. Yes, I am absolutely saying that Islam is demonic. Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, and He is the only way to the Father. Yahweh is the only God, the One True God. People who worship Allah are worshipping Satan.

  34. Jamie, thank you for posting this article. It was helpful to read previous comments to avoid asking the same questions. It’s nice to know we are not alone in this issue and we have one another for support.

    Your website offers diverse, creative, simple understanding, guidance, and resolutions that keep me from spinning my wheels, getting frustrated, and searching continually for books to help me with any particular situation. It’s nice to find one place where I can get all of the help I need without spending a lot of time, effort, and finances.

    Thank you for your ministry!!!

    1. Hi Mary! Thank you for reading. I am so glad to hear that Papa God has used our site to help you! Blessings to you and it was great to hear from you.

      1. Jamie, receiving your comments are like getting an autograph from a famous celebrity. I appreciate that God has His own Stars in this earth who know their role in Christ, are transparent, and cares about all people.


  36. Hi, I am wanting to ask if I should through out my cultural things such as smudge bowl ,sage ,sweet grass and other things I use to smudge . I am a born again believer and have prayed over these items pleading Christ blood over them and when I smudge I as for Jesus Christ to be honored is this wrong ? I’ve been told my whole life as a indigenous person my cultural practices are demonic can you please give me clarification on this ,as I really truly want to honor Jesus and not disobey him.
    As a 60 scoops survivor I have lost contact with my roots and culture and have been prophesized over that God has called me to work with my First Nations people so I am asking him for clarification on this as well . Thankyou

    1. Darla, smudging is witchcraft and all the implements thereof are implements of witchcraft. Cleansing and blessing happen by the blood of Jesus Christ, not by burning herbs. As long as you do these things and have the implements thereof in your house, you have an open door to the devil to terrorize your life.
      Great question. Thanks for asking it.

  37. Hi Jamie
    Wonderfully explained. We have a Narcissistic neighbor living in a unit above us. To spite us they allow the grandchildren to stomp their feet and drop hard objects on their floors to disturb our peace and sleep till 11pm at night.
    We confronted the grandmother and in reply the daughter came out furious and cursing. 5am in the morning they banging doors to create annoyances.
    We prayed and for a while it subsided. Now it is begun again.
    We need prayer.

  38. Dianne Wood says:

    Hi Jamie, Are we supposed to do #6 if we rent and do not own property? Thanks. I threw away a lot of things when I was first saved because I had been ruled by astrology. I had to get rid of jewelry-type items. I think I’ve been pretty careful since but I’m going to go around and pray because you never know. I’ve used the oil in my apartment on doors and windows, but not on the tops and sides. And not in the closets, so maybe I should do that. Thanks for showing us how to do this.

    1. Hi Dianne, if you’re renting then you have authority over the portion of the property that you rent, even if you don’t own it. So you would anoint it like you would if you owned it.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Nicola Hamilton-Smith says:

        Hi Jamie, I have a question. I am fulfilling a live-in au pair job for 10 days in a home which is deeply rooted in the occult with idols everywhere. Last night (I wasn’t praying at the time) when I felt an urgency to anoint the home. I went about doing this including all of the idols however today have subsequently learnt that because it is not my home, I do not have the authority to do this and have crossed a boundary line. Is this correct? Should this in fact be the case, aside from repentance – what would you recommend?

        1. That’s a really fantastic question and I don’t know that I have a definitive answer. All I can say is what I would do if I were in your shoes. And if I were in your shoes, I’d do exactly the same thing and I’d say that because I am here, the enemy cannot be here while I am here. So I would pray and bind off the enemy because your presence there brings light–because the presence of God is with you and dispels darkness. And I would ask Holy Spirit to intercede for me and correct in the Spirit anything that I prayed that was wrong, if any. And I would verbally bind off every demonic force and loose Holy Spirit to manifest Himself there, and I would loose angels into that house to link arms around it above, beneath, and on all sides, and to do warfare on your behalf and do not allow any evil thing to pass through there. That’s what I would do.

  39. I have prayed over our home which my husband owned for a year before we met. We both are born again Christians and face our daily worldly struggles. He worries that the LOrd has turned away from him b/c he walked away from the Lord years ago, though I show him scriptures to prove He is always with the ones who want Him, that there is hope for him, and worry is the enemy! He feels God does not hear his prayers and is not worthy of praying. He does ask me to pray for him which I continually do.
    I have prayed demons out of his mother’s home and off of his mother who has dementia.
    My question is, for anointing, can I use essential oils like frankincense which I use for cleaning and laundry? I get them from the health food store. I also make body wash, lotion, things like that for my family, nothing spiritual like chakras and smudging. I feel like it’s ok, but as a “toddler” Christian, I sometimes need confirmation from a trusted source.

    1. Hi there, for the oils to use, I would recommend reading the Scriptures where it talks about how to make the oil. God prescribed the use of pure olive oil in His worship in the Tabernacle, so I would use EVOO if possible.

  40. Please pray for my home

  41. Hi. This is a very timely detailed message. I tried anointing my house several times but I share a front entrance with a couple who live ungodly lives. Once in we both have access to a foyer area. I am at the left and they are at the right. At times both of them and their guest are involved in conversations using foul language so when I anoint the house I feel like they cancel it. Its really been a nightmare residing so close to them. I tried moving but God did not release me. If I begin to tell you the demonic attacks in dreams and in the natural since they came you would not believe it. What do you suggest with a set up like this? Thanks. I await your response.

  42. Hi Jamie

    You have no idea what the Lord just deposited in me. The moment I saw this post I just thought well I am without a house now so maybe skip it and return to it one day. Then the Lord said you are my house and I want to make you a house of prayer. So cleanse my estate. Wow!!! So I began anointing His temple(my body). For points of entry I anointed my eyes, nose,ears,mouth,mouth and other body parts as the Lord led me.

    I urge anyone who reads this to do this same if the Lord leads you. You are His estate and so you must be cleansed. So where you issue out the command for the spirits to leave, I gave an immediate eviction notice to the spirits of infirmity, perverse thoughts, lust etc. Then i sealed my ears from the whispers of the enemy.

    I could write a full page here 🙂 but well may the Lord lead you.

    Once again Jamie. Thank you so much.

    1. Good morning Jamie I have a question to ask what about if you went to Walmart and you purchased some Halloween bowls is it good to go ahead and throw that stuff out and also if you had an ex and he’s passed on there and he gave you a ring is it good to still hold on to that ring or anything that he have gotten you and also I want to know about angels like you have on your wall are they good to have or do you need to get rid of those too I read other people comment some of them about the movies and also I have a question about they said like mirrors like did you get for other people don’t accept it use mattress sheets pillows don’t borrow salt from no one else house . Pretty much they say it’s like you don’t know what’s so tired been tied to these things and it’s not good too get you stuff I pretty much borrow certain things from people I read this on the article I just want to know is this pretty much is true and also what is the prayer that we need to pray when we go in and clean out our apartment or our homes in our yards what kind of prayer can we pray to God for God bless you Jamie you and yours and God bless us all and be with us amen

  43. Shelley Bouldin says:

    Hi Jamie.
    This is such confirmation. Thank you for your obedience and ministry

  44. Good Day Jamie,
    I need to clean my house, but I want to know what should I do if most of the things that I need to get rid of belongs to my husband and children, we are going through a very bad time right now, things between my husband and I are full of tension, so I really do not want to do anything to make things worse or to start any conflict. He is going to get real upset if I start trowing his stuff out, and he is not very spiritual and will not agree with my reason, and he will get upset if I throw out the kids PS Games. What can I do in this situation.
    Please can you advise me?

    Thank You

    1. Thank you for reaching out and I’m so glad you read the post and it spoke to you. It is so important for you and your husband to agree on what you need to keep and even more importantly going forward for you two to agree what content you purchase (or allow into your house in general). It’s like junk food. Once you allow it in the diet, it’s hard to cut it out.

      Below are a few other articles I wrote that could help you start in the journey. Most importantly you need to pray for your husband and children that God will change their heart and open their eyes to these things.

      Pray for Your Husband

      Praying for Your Marriage and Children

      New Heart and Spirit

      Blessings to you my sister.

  45. Janel Smelser says:

    My home feels chaitic most of the time. It is very loud. We are 6 ppl a dog and 2 cats in 1200 square feet. During the day with just me and my 3 yr old the house is fairly quiet, but then the 15, 14, and 10 yr old return from school. My husband wakes (he is a 3rd shifter) and the loud moves in. My husband and the boys get on their video games and the yelling starts and continues until bedtime. Even the dog is wild and crazy. I am the only one who cares for my house and all things kid related. A divide is slowly growing between my husband and I. I keep thinking this was not the life I envisioned. I don’t know what I imagined but the chaos was not it. I am tired and I am lonely. I have begun praying for each child specifically, my husband specifically, not just in family generalizations.

  46. Mary Thorpe says:

    I thank God for revealing this to me I am going to do this right now. I thought I was going crazy when would feel these presences but they are leaving and never returning in the mighty name of Jesus !
    Thank you

  47. Thank you Jaime! I’m not sure how I stumbled onto your site but thank God I did! There’s been no life in my home for quite a while and reading what you’ve posted about cleansing my home is exactly what I feel led to do! I’m fine out of my house but coming home is instantly a fight of some kind with my husband. We are facing many things both financially, and relationally with each other. Thank you for taking the time to help shine light in my dark with wisdom from the word of God!!! I feel hope again!! God Bless!!

  48. Barbara Christian-Hart says:

    I’ve tried to get rid of new age stuff my husband has had since long before we met but he refuses to let them go. He insists that they are not harmful, I am crazy or I only want to throw his stuff away. He is also a hoarder. Please pray for us.

  49. Jamie,
    Thank you for your wisdom. Please pray for me as I start this journey today. I believe that my adopted son is oppressed and haunted by demons. He has a history of night terrors, anxiety and will only sleep after the Bible is read to him. There has been increasing amount of distress in my home since we adopted him 8 years ago, to the point that I don’t recognize myself sometimes. Whatever has bound itself to him haunts me too and triggers all of my weaknesses and struggles. I am oppressed by a spirit of anger. I have kept every letter his biologic mother has written for him to have one day, but am being led to get rid of it all. Is this weird, the room they are in is the room where I feel most tempted to fall into sinful habits? What is your experience with adopted children?

    I have written your steps in my journal and will meditate on the verses as I start the cleansing process.

    1. Hi Amy, I don’t have any experience with adopted children specifically. However, the situation you are describing is very common. I would definitely cleanse your house and anoint it in accordance with the procedure I outline in this blog post. See if it helps; I think it’s very likely that it will.
      Blessings, and I will pray for you and for your family.

  50. Thank you Jamie dear. May the good Lord continue to bless you.
    Please remember me in your prayers as l commence this journey of cleansing my house this day.

  51. Alexandria says:

    Praise God Dear Jamie. Thanx for sharing. I have been dealing with thoughts of cleansing the house in which we live but I have always paid a deaf ear. Some years back, my maid carried out an abortion from our house and terminated the life of her would be baby boy and she nearly lost her life. Now that you have given me guidelines on how to deal with cleansing, I won’t hesitate. May God Bless You Dear.

  52. Hello Jaime, I had just wondered what I can do to help my situations. I have prayed for, done and requested many things over the years especially this year. I came upon your article in my email and read it. It made a lot of sense. I decided to annoint my house and property. Just as you said, in the middle of it all I felt a clarity in mind and a peace I hadn’t felt in awhile. I just finished and sat down with a cup of green tea. I now have homework to do and I feel centered enough to do it. I was feeling frezzled and overwhelmed before the annointing. Please keep sharing with us your spiritual practices. They are practical and Christ-centered. Thank you Jaime, and God Bless You, Yours, and your ministry. Amen.

  53. Austin Victoria says:

    I used to follow this protocol even before I read this post but it is almost similar. I usually take blessed oil and anoint all the doors and windows of the house. I know there is an infiltration of demons when I get nightmares. And they don’t go away by saying a little prayer. They literally have to be kicked out with blessed oil and the name of Jesus. The next night as always, I sleep like a baby. Thank you Jamie for the detailed instructions.

    1. is it good to hang horseshoes up in your house or a painting of a man holding a spirit in his hand like African warriors is that good to have pictures like that in your home

  54. Melissa Kooyman says:

    Thank you for this info. Yes my house,my family,the dog ..we all need cleansing. We have cleansed in the past with Holy water..I think it helped…But as you say-the objects have got to go. I was basicly searching for loopholes the devil may use for a snare as I go through this process. Yes,I will pray to God to walk me through this. I have written my prayer in my own Jesus has taught. With my heart. I know satan will use any spiritualy legal loophole that can be used..I hope all bases will be covered. I have had no training in this..But I have God with me and Jesus on my side.

  55. Dear Jamie
    Thank you for always taking your time to teach and encourage us through the word of God. I am writing you from South Africa and would like you to know how inspired this make me .You have been teaching us about the land and houses the lord want us to possess and now how to cleanse them Wow!!,what else can one ask for.Just yesterday I was listening to the viocenote send by one of my friends and watching a video of men terrorizing the community here stabbing, shooting and raping people and were really traumatized. I slept with fear. I have a 20 yr old daughter and have a phobia of rape and everytime she has to go anywhere I become afraid of something bad happening to her. I sometimes become fearful that when we get the house because we will be staying together we will be victimized by evil Male. Thank you for answering my concern. I am inspired and ready to possess the land/house Papa is about to bless us with without any fear of evil.May the Lord continue to bless you and please may I ask that you help pray for us because I am unemployed and she passed her matric in 2020 but she is also at home. We facing a lot of rejections, she has been applying for admission at universities and for bursaries but not been successful..The Lord has been providing for us through people.So I reallly feel I need a job to provide for both of us.

    1. Michael (From His Presence staff) says:

      The ministry has been praying for the citizens of South Africa. A few men there that join us a couple times per month via zoom have been telling us how dangerous it currently is. We pray the peace and comfort of Holy Spirit to be upon you and your daughter in Jesus name. And that your provision be met as well. Blessings!

  56. I just followed your steps and cleansed my home and the surrounding property. I have faith that when I wake up, the aura and love from God will fill my home up

  57. I have felt called to bless my home(s) the last few years as I’ve been a renter in places I did not own. God has provided so much peace to me when calling on HIM to fill the house with HIS presence.

    I am on land that isn’t mine, in a house temporarily, that I feel the spirit realm has been allowed into through TM practices. There are two buildings on this land and it’s as if they are polar opposites now. I will be walking the property as you mentioned and decreeing of the Lord over the entire property.

    Since I’m a temporary tenant, I am unable to completely remove things inside the house that don’t belong to me, so they’ve been locked away into 1 room with closed doors and both sides of the doors marked and prayed over in Jesus name.

    Thank you for this guide.


  58. I have felt the Lord leading me to do a cleanse of my home. I wasn’t sure what to do so I came here and looked for something because well, God led me here! 🙂 Anyway, I have felt oppression and chaos in our home for awhile now and it was getting to be too much. I have 2 daughters who are believers, but they were becoming extremely difficult to deal with and I was pulling my hair out at times! God reminded me that I wasn’t dealing with flesh and blood but evil, so I was taking authority over the enemy, but more was needed. So I did your steps above and wow! Both of my girls (they’re adults currently attending college and working) came home from that day and they were like totally transformed! They helped without being asked, and I was able to actually pray with my youngest daughter over a situation she is dealing with right now, which is something she would never have agreed to before this. Just wow! Thank you for your faithfulness to share with other believers the things that really help in this life! You are truly a blessing! God bless you and your family. Keep at it!! 🙂

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