The Waves You’ve Been Under Will Lift You Higher

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The Waves You've Been Under Will Lift You Higher by Jamie Rohrbaugh | BlogHave you been under some waves lately? Do you feel those waves crashing over your head even now? Do you feel like you’re going to drown?

I felt that way recently. Something happened from which I felt like I wouldn’t recover. Even after the initial incident, it kept getting worse. I was like, “Is this for real? Are you serious?” because some of the things that were happening were THAT ridiculous.

As I was walking through this situation–feeling like it had killed me and not having a clue how or when God would pull me out of it–God did something cool and intervened.

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    How God intervened:

    I was at my church on a Wednesday night, and my pastor had an altar call for something like “broken hearts” after he preached. I went down to the altar because I was hurting so badly.

    My pastor was going to each person at the altar and praying for them. When he got to me, he took one look at me and said:

    Start-quoteYou’ve been under some waves, but those waves are going to lift you higher.”

    I have no idea if he knew what was going on with me or not. He might have; he might not have. Either way, it was definitely a prophetic word. It hit my spirit like a ton of bricks.

    What that prophetic word did in my heart:

    When my pastor said that to me, I cried, because he read my proverbial mail. I felt like these waves of attack just wouldn’t quit. I was drowning in sorrow. I had lost my will to be who God had called me to be in some very specific and very important areas. I felt very little hope for recovery at all.

    But God said that not only was I going to live, but that those waves were going to lift me higher.

    That word birthed hope back in my spirit. It gave me the ability to look up again. God used it to remind me that He had not forgotten about me.

    The whole situation didn’t resolve right away. I didn’t get totally free until the weird, supernatural event I described here in my post about three things I learned from surviving a mockingbird attack.

    But you know what? It wasn’t long before what my pastor prophesied over me happened. The waves stopped. When the situation calmed, I was in a MUCH higher place than before. A place of blessing that I had never imagined could happen so quickly. (You can read more about a tiny portion of that blessing here, in When Loving Your Sheep Hurts: How I Found Healing After Betrayal.)

    So why did all of this happen?

    Because when God allows an enemy to come against us, He does it because it’s time for us to be promoted to the next level.

    See, our Papa God promises that all things will work together for our good. He also promises that He will deliver us from bad situations AND HONOR US IN THEM:

    Start-quoteAnd we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28).

    “He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him;
    I will be with him in trouble;
    I will deliver him and honor him (Psalm 91:15).

    One of the best examples I can think of in which God did this in the Bible is the story of David and Goliath:

    • Goliath the giant fought against Israel.
    • David, the misfit, redheaded shepherd boy fought Goliath and killed him.
    • David was promoted into the company of the king that same day.
    • David eventually became king himself as a result of the chain of events that began when he went out to fight Goliath.

    David was in a troublesome situation when he went out to fight the giant, but God delivered him and honored him. All things worked together for David’s good.

    Jesus had the same thing happen. Jesus needed to go to the cross in order to accomplish His purpose in life: to redeem mankind. So who did God send Him? Not a friend, but a traitor by the name of Judas. Jesus had called Judas, taught him, provided for him, and brought him into His inner circle… and Judas was an enemy. But Judas was the catalyst God used to promote Jesus.

    Did Jesus have to go to the cross and suffer anyway? Yes, but God sure made it worth His while. Now Jesus sits enthroned in Heaven, with all Heaven and earth under His authority. Now Jesus has the name that causes every knee in Heaven, on earth, and under the earth to bow and acknowledge that He is Lord.

    Maybe having an enemy isn’t all bad. Maybe getting hit by a few waves isn’t the worst thing in the world after all.

    Tommy Tenney puts it this way:

    Start-quoteThe size of your enemy is a clue to the size of your destiny.”

    God uses enemies as catalysts to promote us. He uses them as pawns in His hand to bring us into our destinies.

    That’s what He did for me. That’s what He did in the Bible. And what God has done once, He’ll do again… and He’ll do it for you.

    So what kind of waves have you been under lately?

    • Waves of financial hardship?
    • Relationship waves?
    • Waves of loneliness?
    • Waves of discouragement?

    What my pastor said to me is true also for you, because it’s based on the Word of God. Goliath was the catalyst to David’s promotion. Judas was the catalyst of Jesus’ promotion. The waves of __________ are the key to YOUR promotion.

    God knows exactly where you are and what you’re going through… and He has a big, bright future just ahead. The waves you’ve been under aren’t meant to destroy you. Those waves are going to lift you higher instead.

    If you’ve been under some waves, pray this with me:

    Start-quoteFather God, in the Name of Jesus I thank You that You love me. I know that You have a good plan for my life.

    Papa, I don’t understand everything about these hard times I’ve been going through, but I believe that You will work it out for my good. I am calling upon You, and I claim Your promise that You will answer me, deliver me, and honor me.

    So in the Name of Jesus, I speak peace into this storm right now. I ask You to calm the waves and still the waters. In the name of Jesus, I speak to all the finished works that You prepared before the foundation of the world for me, and I command them to manifest right now in my life.

    Father, I thank You that You are a Mighty Warrior and You fight for me. Do Your thing and turn this situation for my good. I choose to rest in You today. You’ve got it all under control. 

    And Papa, while You’re working, I pray that I would be anxious for nothing, but that in everything I would make my requests known to You, and that Your peace, which passes all understanding, will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

    Thank You, Papa God. I love You and thank You for showing me the answers to my prayers. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

    Does this word encourage your spirit? If so, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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    Image courtesy of Ben Salter on Flickr via Creative Commons license.


    1. Venetia M says:

      What an awesome word! Sometimes those waves seem to just take your breath (Spirit) away. It’s like as soon as you come up to grasp for air the next wave comes and pushes you under. At some point you just stop fighting and let go. It appears to be a…NEVERENDING STORY, much like the laundry at my house.
      I am so glad that God helps us to recover. Those moments bring such anguish to the mind and the soul. For a moment you can see through David’s eyes and certain Psalms becoming living. I am so glad He is our hope because otherwise we would not recover such “heart attacks.” Thanks for sharing and being so encouraging as always.

      1. Thanks, Venetia. I agree… the Psalms really seem to help me too when I’m in that place. I find one of those whiny ones, and I can really identify! And then by the end of the chapter, there’s usually a “But God” verse that corresponds to the “but God” voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to me, and I give it all to Him and get my joy back. I assume David must have been the same way! LOL. Good thing God loves us so much. 🙂 We need it! But He hangs in there with us and just perfects everything in His own way and time!

        Thanks for reading, and I pray you’ll be strengthened and encouraged today!

        1. Theola Norris says:

          Great word! It ministered to my husband and I. We have been thorough a financial wave over the past few years. But we know what God’s word promises. So we are standing stedfast and unmovable trusting in his word while believing for a positive outcome. Thank for sharing!

          1. Divinefavor Osinloye says:

            Amen – I receive this prayer!

    2. Laurna Tallman says:

      My computer wouldn’t open to your website; I tried several times. What eventually opened across the monitor was six tabs with, The Waves You’ve Been Und … The Waves You’ve Been Und …The Waves You’ve Been Und …The Waves You’ve Been Und …The Waves You’ve Been Und … like waves! A perfect description of how life feels to me right now. Then, the message was completed . . . but those waves are going to lift you higher. This means I will make landfall like a tsunami! I think your quote from Tommy Tenney probably applies, too. And your prayer mirrors the prayer my husband and I prayed today. What a great message and confirmation of what we are asking God to do for us! My spirit responds to all of this as a true prophecy. Thank you, Jamie, for your faithfulness.

      1. That’s hilarious about how the screens opened up, Laurna. I’m so glad that Papa spoke to you. I pray He’ll encourage you today along your journey with Him, and show Him the answers to your prayers! Thank you, as always, for reading and sharing!

    3. Rafael Somma says:

      I’m in a period of big discouragment because I have no work, no friends, no girlfriend and I have problems with justice. Don’t worry I didn’t kill, rape or steal. I’m sick of it because the prosecutor is lingering on petty details and I don’t know when it will stop. I’m not in prison, but have to be with my mother all the time. I’m really thinking to go and join the Lord and leave that useless life behind.

      1. Hi, Rafael. Thank you for your patience as it has taken me several days to be able to respond, and again, I apologize for the delay. I am sorry for what you’re going through right now. However, I do know that Father God has a big plan for your life. You might not be able to see it all now, or see how it will work out in light of the difficulty you’re experiencing; but He knows exactly how He plans to work it out for you. And in the meantime, He sees every tear. He knows every hurt and every cry of your heart. You are so special to Him and precious in His sight. You are His beloved son, and He desires to have a beautiful relationship with you. This life is worth living for His sake. I know it might not feel like it, but He can restore your passion and drive and the fire in your heart so that you are filled with His joy and purpose again.
        You might be encouraged by this story about where I shared losing my own will to live:
        And I will pray for you. I pray that the God of all comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3-5) would encourage you, strengthen you, build you up, and help you sense His love and affection right now in Jesus’ name.

    4. Rafael Somma says:

      Hi Jamie,
      Thanks for the private reply and the kind words. I want t live, but presently life is very difficult for me. I’m praying the Lord that things will go well soon.

    5. StandingStillWife says:

      Amen, Amen, AMEN! I sure needed to read this. I just found out my situation with my husband got worse, him and his girlfriend are now expecting a baby. I believe God might be showing me that the door to my marriage is over and closed. So during this time, I’m praying that God helps me to not be so angry, disgusted and hurt towards my husband and this woman. That he allows me to turn my bitterness to betterness, that he continues to comfort during this time and when the enemy comes against one way he will feel before me in 7 ways. In the name of Jesus, please keep me in your prayers and ask God to guide me on my next steps, so I can no longer stand in the way of a sinner and to let him go. In Jesus name I pray Amen

    6. Samantha Wilson says:

      WOW!!!! I printed this off to carry with me as a reminder that I am coming out of this storm that I have been in for four years!!

    7. Thank you again, Jamie! Sometimes it just feels like a bad dream, but I know the Father is hearing our prayers. I have prayed this prayer for my family and have all faith and trust that He’s gonna pull us through. Thank you for the prayer you provided.

    8. Thank you so much for this word from the Lord today!! He gave me psalm
      91 last night before I fell asleep!! I claimed this word for myself and my family in Jesus name!! Amen!!

    9. Dear Jamie,

      Thank you for those encouraging words, I have just been assured that I will not drown in the sea of raging waves, to God be the Glory.

    10. sibonginkosi says:

      Yes Lord
      Thank you for turning the situations around for my good
      The word of prophecy is exactly what I needed.
      God bless you sister Jamie.
      I pray that soon I will be able to sow into your ministry.
      God is doing wonders through your ministry.
      Am blessed every time I receive a msg frm you.
      Love you?

    11. Jamie thank you for sharing so honestly of what you went through. I feel like you right now after I made a serious mistake at work. I want to give up work all together and retire as I haven’t really recovered from the shame of previous mistakes I made a few months ago. Pray asking the Lord to show me what i should do.Thanks for your prayer. Encouraged me to go on trusting Abba God no matter what’s ahead. ” Though He slay me ,yet I will praise Him ” Hallelujah!

    12. Diane Hester says:

      Thank you! This is just what the Doctor ordered. Surely, God was speaking to me with this word. God bless you!

    13. Thank you Jaime, for those encouraging words, I have been going through a lot lately one thing after another my kids, my mom turning against me, my sister passed away no finances just one thing after another. I really needed to hear this I felt like I was drowning, but I thank you that I am coming out of this storm ” Victorious ” Thank you for the prayer and for keep us encouraged. God bless you Jaime

    14. Thank you for your encouraging words.

    15. I shall wait for the day when the Lord Jesus shall overturn what my husband and my family is doing to me.
      But for now, by faith, I thank you for the answered prayer.
      Thanks for your prayers

    16. Jaime,
      You are a conduit for Abba’s love and a megaphone for His voice. I live in expectancy these days because I have experienced Papa in such real ways. He is closer than my skin. He is with me even in my suffering, I know this. It’s fascinating, when we (the body of Christ) begin to experience similar sufferings within a specific timeframe. Like you just told my story in this posting about waves. Like I had this whole understanding come to me this week (in the midst of a lot of bizarre, unresolved confusion) about waves, specifically, and losing strength fighting them…there’s a pause between the giving up and the actually drowning…and that’s when you take your last breath. I feel like what you shared was my last breath…and now I’m content to go ahead and drown. Thank you! Don’t panic! I mean that as in: die to myself again.
      Isn’t that what all of this is about anyway…?
      Him, not us.
      Our woes are just indicators that we are due to fall beneath the surface and die to ourselves again, right?
      Forgive me, I’m off on a Holy Spirit rabbit trail. ?
      Anyway…All that to say…it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

      I would be in a world of mess if it weren’t for the amazing things that Papa has taught me through you.
      Thank you for your obedience and zeal for our Daddy. You are changing lives all over the world.

    17. WOW…just experienced a situation on Saturday that really had me down, but I thank God for this word and using you to bring it forth. Thank you & blessings.

    18. Carrie Welch says:

      Amen! Amen!! Amen!!

    19. Wow, things have a way of manifesting for GOD to show you that he is not giving up on u. I am experiencing a really bad time a very unjust situation and I was very cast down, then I saw this. I believe for the better. Thank you Jesus

    20. Grace Vero says:

      I felt that God have spoken to me through you.
      I received God’s message and He uses you to deliver it to me.

      Thank you,

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