How To Regain the Will To Live (with Prayer for You)

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You can regain your hope, even if all seems lost. Click here for how to regain the will to live based on my own personal story. By Jamie Rohrbaugh |

Have you lost your will to live today? If so, I want to pray for you.

There have been times when I have lost my will to live.

That doesn’t mean I was suicidal, although I have dealt with that too. I’m talking about something different here. I’m talking about losing my will to live–my will to go on–my will to carry out God’s purpose for my life. You can lose your will to live without actually wanting to die, but both things are equally destructive.

Have you lost your will to live also? If you have, I want to share with you today how you can get it back, based on my own personal experience. Then, at the end of this blog post, I have included a prayer for you to regain your hope and will to live.

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    How to regain the will to live:

    … based on my own personal story.

    1. Tell God where you are.

    He already knows, so this is not going to be a shocker for Him. God’s not sitting in Heaven gasping in disbelief when you confess your deepest struggles to Him. He knows all about it before you do, so you can be open and honest with Him. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

    In my situation, I felt pretty battered and beat up because of some things I’d been through. I felt so bruised, and I couldn’t just snap out of it. I didn’t even realize I had lost my will to live. But I started talking to Papa about it, and my prayer went something like this:

    “Papa, I just feel like I can’t go on. I’m hurting. I’ve been through the wringer. I know You’ve called me so I can’t walk away, and I want to be right with You… but I don’t have it in me to keep taking this.”

    I was open and transparent with God. Honestly, even by confessing that much, I felt some sense of relief. It was like I wasn’t alone anymore; God was on my team and He was listening to me. It really helped.

    In the same way, you can and should be open and transparent with God. Transparency is the only way to find freedom. When we are transparent, God can reveal the truth to us about ourselves, our situations, and His solutions. John 8:32 gives us God’s promise about this:


    And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

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    2. Ask God to give you the will to live.

    In my situation, the prayer above just naturally led to my asking the Father: “Papa, I need the will to live.”

    When I was praying, that thing about “the will to live” seemed to come out of nowhere. I had not been able to put a label on my feelings before, but that was it exactly. I am convinced that that particular prayer/phrase came up because the Holy Spirit was helping me pray. [Romans 8:26 states: “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans” (NIV).]

    After I asked the Lord to give me the will to live again, I felt a change immediately. I felt a fresh impetus–a drive–a spark come alive in my spirit that hadn’t been there for a few days.

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    3. Take whatever is bothering you to the Father and ask Him to fix it all, and give you favor.

    We generally lose our will to live because of outward circumstances:

    • things we’ve hoped for that haven’t happened yet;
    • the way people treat us;
    • feeling lonely, etc.

    Only Father can truly fix these issues. But He wants to do more than fix them. He wants to turn all of your situations around IN YOUR FAVOR.

    When I was going through my situation, I took the things that were bothering me to the Father and asked Him to defend me, protect me, guide me.

    However, I didn’t stop there. I also asked Him to work things out to bless me hugely. I asked Him to surprise me with good things and to give me favor. I also asked Him to develop my character and help me to walk righteously, no matter what.

    I want to be right with God, and I want everything He has for me. Since the Holy Spirit is our Advocate (John 14:16 AMP), advocating for me is His job. It’s also His job to do great and mighty things that I don’t even know to ask for when I call upon Him (Jeremiah 33:3). He’s better at His job than anybody else, so I’m asking Him to do it–and I know He will.

    Have you lost your will to live?

    Papa sees and knows. Whatever you’ve been through that has left you battered and bloody, He can and will help you.

    • So tell Him where you are.
    • Ask Him to give you the will to live again.
    • Then pour out your heart to Him and ask Him to do great, HUGE things on your behalf in every area. Ask for all the specific things you can think of, and also ask Him to do the things you don’t even know to ask for.

    If you will, then not only will He give you your will to live back, but He will also astound you at the way He turns your circumstances around.

    Now I want to pray for you. Please focus on the Lord as you read it, just as if I were praying for you in person:

    Father God, in Jesus’ name, I lift my friend up to You right now.

    Father God, thank You that You are light and in You is no darkness at all. Thank You for making a way where there is no way; for being our Hope in a dark, lonely, and terrible world.

    Father God, Your Word says that Holy Spirit is our Comforter.

    My friend needs you right now. Please wrap Your loving arms around them in a tangible way right now. Comfort them. I pray that Holy Spirit would minister to them right now more than they have ever received ministry in their life. Help them to actually FEEL Your love and affection.

    Father, in the name of Jesus, I rebuke the spirits of death and hopelessness away from my friend right now.

    I speak to those spirits of death and hopelessness and I say: “Leave, in Jesus’ name, and go where Jesus Christ of Nazareth tells you to go, and do not return.” Father, fill my friend with Your Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus right now. Fill them with hope. I release and impart HOPE into them right now in Jesus’ name. I COMMAND LIFE into them right now in Jesus’ name.

    Father God, Your Word says that hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is the tree of life. Father, I ask for an end to the hope deferred–an end to the waiting. I ask You for their desires to be fulfilled.

    I call forth MIRACLES, signs, wonders, and FAVOR for my friend today in Jesus’ name.  I call forth supernatural, miracle provision. I call forth:

    • LIGHT into the darkness, which makes the darkness flee;
    • HOPE into their body, heart, soul, mind, and spirit, which makes hopelessness flee;
    • LOVE into their heart, body, soul, mind, and spirit, which makes fear flee;
    • JOY into every part of them from the top of their head to the soles of their feet, which makes them STRONG.

    Father God, Your grace is sufficient for my friend, for Your strength is made perfect in their weakness.

    So Abba Daddy God, right now make Your grace TANGIBLE in their life. Let them feel Your grace lifting them up. Let them feel Your help right now, getting them through their day. Help them to have a great day, Father; not just good, but GREAT. Let Your grace be sufficient for my friend in everything they need today.

    Thank You, Father. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.”

    Does this message minister to your heart today? If so, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Image courtesy of Max and Dee Bernt on Flickr via Creative Commons license.


    1. Dawn Paoletta (@breathoffaith) says:

      Thanks so much for sharing this. I have written a post also about things to do while feeling this way but I love the way you so bravely write right to the point here! Thanks for sharing this post and also for visiting with a comment! In His Grace, Dawn

      1. Good morning All,

        I feel like this today.

        I’m a single Mom and life is be coming more and more difficult. Please today I ask that you all on this forum pray for us.

        We are in need of a financial miracle rigjt now. Or else we will be homeless by end November. We need money for a home, food a nd school fees.

        I do have a permanent job, but due to the bad economy, salaries have been cut to a third…. I get paid today and in 2 x days there’s no transport money.

        Please keep us in your prayers.

        Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer. Jamie.

        GOD BLESS you and your Family.


        1. Justan Atheist says:

          God is all knowing. He just wants us to beg for him,because he knows what we want. I prayed too, and the world is still a slaughterhouse. I thought someone finally can help me. Welp.

        2. I read this prayer thanks so much God bless you

      2. Thank you Jaime… for caring enough and letting the Holy Spirit use you in a mighty way… I needed this from Papa… God Bless you..😇

      3. Thank you for this timely word Jamie. God bless you

        1. I seem like I have been forgotten me and my mother I have been taking care of my mother since 2006 my mom had an aneurysm on the brain and then the doctor diagnose her with little Alzheimer’s. My mom has four more kids and I’m the only one that takes up time with her the family don’t come around or anything not even on the phone call I know God put me in this position for a reason I pray for strength and prayers for me and my mom In Jesus Name. I really don’t have time for much of anything else anymore not even relationship I mostly stay down here with my mom hardly I go home.

          1. I seem like I have been forgotten me and my mother I have been taking care of my mother since 2006 my mom had an aneurysm on the brain and then the doctor diagnose her with little Alzheimer’s. My mom has four more kids and I’m the only one that takes up time with her the family don’t come around or anything not even on the phone call I know God put me in this position for a reason I pray for strength and prayers for me and my mom In Jesus Name. I really don’t have time for much of anything else anymore not even relationship I mostly stay down here with my mom hardly I go home.

      4. Arthemise Chevarie says:

        Thank u Jamie for showing ur luv for Christ to me .I needn’t so bad to hear the prayer u wrote for when u feel hopeless or when u have self pity.I did confess my sin of self pity to God ,so that He could release His hope and Strenght to walk with Him no matter the circumstances.I’m so grateful to have met u threw social-media.I’m 67 and never had a three friend in Christ.Very lonely at times.God bless u Jamie.Ur so precious!

    2. Rafael Somma says:

      I have to open my heart and let Him heal it…

    3. Linda Whitworth says:

      I am so tired from just all the stressors in my life. Every morning I wake up with my stomach in knots because I don’t know what the day will hold. By the time I leave for work I am shaking with anxiety. I also suffer from bipolar disorder, anxiety, social anxiety, depression with a history of suicidal ideation and OCD (I’m an excessive worrier). Just getting out of bed and going to work each day is a major feat for me. I could go on and on with all that I am dealing with. I sometimes feel like God has forgotten about me. I am going to bookmark this page and share it.Thanks for listening.

      1. Linda, I’m so sorry you’re going through this. My heart goes out to you. God has definitely not forgotten you, and I pray He would comfort you and heal your soul.
        Father God, in Jesus’ Name, I ask that You would bless Linda. Wrap Your arms around her and help her to sense Your Holy Spirit with her and in her right now. Let her sense Your love and affection for her. Bring healing to her tired, weary soul. Let her come to You, for she’s been weary and heavy laden, and You will give her rest. Father, I ask that the Holy Spirit would whisper sweet words of encouragement into Linda’s ear. Let Your words jump off the pages of her Bible into her heart as she reads. Let Your angels minister to her and protect her. I pray that Linda would be anxious for nothing, but in everything, with prayer and supplication, that she would make her requests known to You, Father; and that Your peace, which passes all understanding, would guard her heart and mind in Christ Jesus.
        Put up a hedge of protection all around Linda right now, Father. Let her dwell in Your secret place, and keep her safe and stable under Your wings. Cover her with Your feathers, and let her trust under the shadow of Your wings. Restore the joy of her salvation, and fill her up with Your words, which are spirit and life.
        In Jesus’ name. Amen.

        Linda, you might also enjoy reading my series about 7 Life-Changing Prayers For People Who Feel Forgotten.
        Thank you for reading my blog. I pray it would continue to bless you, and that Papa would give you back your will to live. 🙂

        1. Hi Jamie,
          This prayer for Linda is beautiful… I was feeling low and stumbled across your website. Thanks for the positive words and prayers.

          1. Hi Janine, I’m so glad it blessed you. I pray Papa would strengthen and encourage your heart this very day and give you your courage and will to live back. Lion of Judah, ROAR over my sister and fill her with Your Spirit of awakening right now in Jesus’ name! Comfort her, encourage her, and help her feel Your love and affection. 🙂 Show Yourself to her as her Glory and the Lifter of her head. Align her with Your divine order and purposes, and order her steps in Your Word. In Jesus’ name!
            Janine, thank you for reading! Have a wonderful day!

            1. Hi Jamie,
              Thank you for praying for me. I know your prayers helped me because yesterday I started to feel better (not just emotions but physical too!) I didn’t know why this was happening. Then, this morning something made me check back here on your website. You truly are a blessing helping people and praying for them. Thank you and God Bless! Janine.

            2. Hi Jamie,
              Thank you for praying for me.

            3. Thank you for this prayer Jamie. I so needed it today. Even though I know God is faithful sometimes it’s hard to understand why things happen to his children. Our family has had a very hard year and we need God to intervene in a big way. I need peace over a sit and I’m praying for him do perform a miracle on behalf of my brother. Please pray that it happens we are truly weak and heavy ladden and need his help so desperately. Thank you Jamie for your ministry it has truly been a blessing.

        2. Hello, what a beautiful prayer. As I read it, I prayed for it for myself. Thank you for posting and sharing your thoughts and ideas. As I am feeing hopeless now, I see that I am not alone and there are people out there who care and have genuine concern. For that, I am grateful.

        3. Evangelist Pauline Tyson says:

          Praise the lord, i felt uplifted by your prayer this morning , God has forgiven me for my past sins, but some of the people always bring it up, and every time i go forward to help the lost t recieve Christ, people always point fingers at my past, sometimes that hurts, but I have faith in the Lord that he is going to fight my battles for me, because the battle is not ours but the lord. Please pray for me and my ministry of reaching the lost for Jesus, that’s what he has called me to do. God Bless !

      2. I remember feeling this exact way and just want you to know you’re not at all alone. Sending prayers and hugs.

    4. I have lost my will for 9 months now- and nothing written has come close to identify what I have been feeling. I am not sure how to process this- for I have been numb for so long and have isolated myself from every person. Thank you for describing- grief and pain in such a real way….tonight.

      1. Rafael-Olivier Somma says:

        I think you should see a doctor because when you feel down and lose you will for more than two weeks there’s a chance you might suffer from severe depression. Have a check with you doctor, maybe he/she will help you feel better with some medecine…

      2. Oh, precious Beth. I am so sorry. I pray that right now, Papa God would come up under you and wrap you in His arms. I command that spirit of fainting to come off of you right now in Jesus’ name. Father, fill Beth with Your precious Holy Spirit. Fill her with Your power and glory. Restore her will to live right now in Jesus’ name. Fill her with hope, courage, and joy again. Comfort her and give her inspiration and motivation again. Fill her with the light of Your presence. Let Your Word come alive inside of her again. Send angels to minister to her right now in Jesus’ name. Father, in the name of Jesus, I bind Beth’s mind, heart, body, soul, and spirit to Jesus Christ, her beloved Bridegroom. Fill her up and heal her heart, mind, spirit, soul, and body. In Jesus’ name.
        Beth, I will continue to pray for you. May you sense the love and presence of our Abba Father right now as He heals and restores your soul.

        1. Savagedog69 says:

          But god isn’t real

          1. Of course He is. He’s more real than you and I are! (Very literally.) And He wants you to know Him. I heard Him say just now to tell you that He made your heart with a specific purpose in mind, and He wants you to know a peace in your soul that you’ve never known before. He thinks you’re beautiful and desires to redeem your life from all the carnage that has happened to you in the past. If you will let Him, He can and will build you up, heal your body, and restore your life.
            Let me know if you have any questions about Him. 🙂

            1. Let’s suppose for a second he is real. You realize all of this is of absolutely no help/reassurance to atheists right ? I am a depressed atheist and I looked up ‘ how to regain the will to live’ and this is the result I get? It’s frankly insulting. You have basically provided one unsatisfying non-answer. You could have at least when with some of the standard non-religious answers like ‘Your friends and family love you’ ‘Things will get better’ those are’nt great answers but at least they are a bit more inclusive

            2. Hi Kevin,
              Did you ever stop to think that maybe Someone has His hand on your life and led you to exactly the right post that you were supposed to find?
              I dare you to try it–what I wrote in this blog post.
              If there is no God, then it won’t work, right?
              And if there is a God, He’s strong enough to show Himself to you, right?
              It’s got to be one way or the other.
              Think about it, and thanks for reading.

    5. Awesome series and amen to all

    6. Hi Jamie, Thank you for letting me feel as though I have a chance for my will to live to return. So many losses, betrayals, and my own illnesses hit me hard and in a very close time frame. I am wheelchair bound since May, 2014 and feel as though all the goodness of life is behind me. I cannot even fit my wheelchair into the doorway of my bathroom, closets, or out of my apartment. So, I literally just live in my bedroom 24/7. Please Jamie pray for me. I so very much want to live according to God’s plan for me. Yet, when I wake up, I cannot think of one reason to get out of bed. Thank you Jamie for letting me talk to you. Your post is very inspiring and I intend to pray as you suggested.
      God Bless you….Linda

      1. Precious sister, thank you for reading and sharing. I am sorry to hear that you are going through this, but I pray God would restore your will to live right now if He hasn’t already. I speak to your soul and I command it to line up with your spirit, which is filled with the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name. I plead the blood of Jesus over your life and I call forth your eternal destiny right now in Jesus’ name and I command it to manifest. Let hope arise in your spirit, soul, and body right now in Jesus’ name. Let faith and courage arise in Jesus’ name. Father, comfort my sister and raise her up. In Jesus’ name.

        1. Thank you so much. I was feeling my will to live slip down. I’m so tired on this journey. I know that God has given me an assignment to continue to pray for my husband and family salvation. Thank you for the encouragement .

    7. A Broken Man says:

      Hello Jamie and may God bless you for your outreach to those of us who find ourselves at odds with the Will to live. I am going through a divorce and it has taken a major toll on me. I made promises to God before and after I married my wife. Promised to love and protect her with all of my heart, never to cheat and to always take care of her. I failed to keep my promise and hurt her in a way that the bible clearly warns against. I became suspicious of her having an affair, and confirmed it to be a co-worker when he knocked on our door to confront her about not telling her the truth about me (he actually brought his wife with him) informing me they had slept together 4 times. After all the dust and tears settled, I forgave her and we went on trying recover from the damage.

      I had forgiven her, although I thought, but a little more than a year later a similar feeling came over me and once again I found evidence leading to the inappropriate communications between her and another co-worker. Although they both claimed nothing happened further than kissing, I violated my own promise to God by sharing this and more with her family members that lived in the same house with us out of anger. They were unaware we were married and were in an intimate relationship.

      We are in the midst of divorce, and yet I still love her and want to be with her. Because of the damage I caused by shaming her among her family, there is not way for her to forgive me. I know I should have keep our private life among the two of us, yet in my anger I shared what took place with members of other family. I violated her trust, right to privacy and most of all violated my promise to God by deliberately hurting her with words.

      I am humbled, broken and have lost my WILL. I have been in constant prayer multiple times per day. There’s no chance for her to change her mind or her heart as the damage done regardless of her own action will not allow it. My promise to God included a request that if I failed, that I do not deserve to live on this earth. Therefore I asked God to take me and my prayers have changed from Lord help me save my marriage to Lord please take me. I do not deserve to be here.. I failed Him, her and I failed myself.

      Some might say, there are plenty other fish in the sea, God will put the right person in your life, etc. Yet although I know this, it is not a desire of my heart. I wanted my wife to be the last woman I laid eyes upon in any kind of intimate way. The only woman I desired to be with or spent any time with, and while I kept those promises, I failed to protect her from my jealousy and anger.

      Failing God was not what I intended… I go to work and race home to be with the woman I love everyday because I love her more than I love life itself. Yes, it is a foolish statement and foolish way of thinking, but that is what is in my heart. While we are still in the same house, partially separated, I am dying a slow death knowing there is no hope for reconciliation. My prayers have changed from those of hope to simply those of a broken and defeated man. Whenever I read my devotionals, and attended Sunday services the messages always seemed clear and came with confirmation, as the pastor would preach and read the exact scriptures I had been meditating on or i’d hear the same words in a Christian song moments or a day alter. The message was fight, and not to give up. Now after going back and forth between the two of us, she has made it clear and I know it my heart that there is no way she will change her heart.

      I made many mistakes in this relationship, first she is not a Christian and we are of different races and cultures. Her family did not know we were together as a couple, but just very good inseparable friends, until I exploded in anger after the second incident and more recently a third which appeared to be at an initial stage. My race is part of the issue, yet I know she loved enough to be with me as long as our marriage remained hidden until she could figure out a way to get her family to accept it. While they are keenly fond of me and have shown me nothing but love a respect, I have witnessed discussions where having a black baby in there Asian family would not go over well with her mother who still does not know we have been married since 2010.

      Although we are unequally yoked, I prayed that God’s Spirit would help her see the truth as she had once been baptized as a child in a refugee camp my 7th day missionaries, but because of hypocrisy she has seen from many Christians who wear their religion on their shoulders condemning those who believe otherwise such as Buddhism, she reverted back to following those principles. I know that it is not the end of the world, but my heart is heavy, and broken. Although I can find many words of encouragement from the book of Psalms well into the New Testament, I have lost my Will. It is not just about losing the love of my life, but failing in my promise to God. I am not perfect, as this is not my first marriage, but is the marriage that I took my vows and promises seriously.

      i came across your page, by browsing looking for others who face similar struggles and wondered how others have gotten their Will back. I have fallen many times, and each time when God thought I had enough He allowed me to pick myself up and blessed me when I repented to turned away from the ways that brought me down in the first place.

      But this time is different.. With full confidence in what I have asked, I have been asking God to take me. To punished me with His full wrath for failing, for committing sin with my tongue and for allowing my anger to overflow into words that hurt.

      Perhaps there is no wrong or right answer, or perhaps there is no answer at all for me, particularly since my question is directly to God as to why He allowed me to fall victim to my own behavior, hurting the one woman I have loved with ALL of my heart…. Perhaps that answer will come when He chooses to take me, or when I chose n my own that I have had enough regardless of the consequences I face whether in heaven or hell. I accept my fate and repent for all of my sins, yet I desire not for God’s favor, but that He deal with me swiftly and just.

      I am dying inside, a slow death.. Yet I do not curse the Father, I praise Him nevertheless. I will close by simply asking that you pray for me, my soul and my wife who has yet to accept Jesus. Her decision has been made, and likewise I have made mine. I have lost my Will and there is nothing more in this life that I desire then to await for God to take me home. Life without her, is no life at all despite my own heartache of facing her weakness and infidelity.

      1. Brother, thank you for sharing your heart. I began praying for you as soon as I received your comment. Brother, please know that Jesus hears the cry of your heart. He loves you so much and is not angry with you. He has a wonderful plan for your LIFE–for you to truly live in abundant life. Life. Ask Him to give you your will to live back, brother. God has so much for you, and He desires to heal and restore your life BETTER than it ever was before. I am sorry you are hurting, but I pray the Holy Spirit would comfort you and minister to you right now in Jesus’ name, and restore to you your hope, faith, courage, and will to live.
        Your Daddy God loves you, brother. I will keep praying for you.

    8. Nonhlanhla says:

      Thanks Jamie

      I was led to your blog on the 25th of December,I had lost the will to live and lost interest in all things. In 2010 our mum passed and Christmas day and mothers day are worst as her absent is felt the most. I woke up on Christmas day and felt so down told my brother I’m not celebrating the day and went to my bedroom and cried for about two hours. I started searching the net and was led to this blog,after reading the article I felt the Holy spirit waking me up and reminded me of the significance of Christmas day. Its the day we remembering the Gift God gave to humanity,our Lord Jesus. I woke up immediately,pulled myself together through God’s grace and prepared Christmas lunch for my brother and I. I remember how praise brings us closer to God and that’s how I now escape from negative thoughts.

      1. Hey there, Nonhlanhla, I’m so, so sorry for the loss of your mum. I thank God for leading you to this article and using it to lift you up! He is our Comforter and I know He is with you still. May He continue to pour out His grace and comfort into your soul today!

    9. Thank you so much, your article resonates with me. I couldn’t really pinpoint what was wrong with me, but today I came across the phrase “will to live” and found your article. I have totally lost my will to live, but I believe God will restore and favor me.

      1. Yes yes yes yes yes, He will! I pray you feel better in these few days. I’m sorry it took me so long to reply – I just found your comment in my “pending” folder and I didn’t realize it was there. May He restore you with more courage, perseverance, and vivacity than you’ve ever had before!

    10. Hi Jamie, I just now prayed and went through this “process”. Well, at least now I don’t feel like my head will explode!?? I’m excited to see how the Lord will rescue me and empower me to be on blazing fire for/in/by Him. I want to love Him and live in Him and walk in anointed love, the way I read about in your blogs and messages! I’m intently serious about this. Thank you for all of your messages (in all formats)! I’m so thankful to the Lord for leading me to you!!!! Truly, words cannot express what you mean to me. Thank you❤️ Suzanne ?

      1. Suzanne, I’m so glad Papa has brought you comfort as you’ve prayed through this. There’s nothing sweeter than that sense of relief that comes in His presence when, 5 minutes ago, we might have felt completely hopeless! I know Papa will bless you as you continue to lean on Him. Never fear – He’ll care for you as only He can!
        Thank you so much for reading my blog, and for sharing your story. 🙂

    11. Hello, my names Bobby. I’m ending my life. I used to love God, and feel him touch my heart. But as the battle goes on, someone will lose. I’ve finally accepted that I can’t fight anymore. I feel nothing. Even the pain physical and mental, I can’t feel. I’m hollow. I’m on a thread. I don’t want to be a burden anymore. And My purpose is done. I’m so glad I’m Returning home to our father. Just happiness awaits. And I really hope y’all are ok. Don’t worry it will all be ok in the end 🙂
      I’ll see y’all beautiful people in heaven, goodbye for now 🙂

      1. Bobby, you are NOT ending your life because the Spirit of the Lord is upon you. If you can’t feel God right now, it’s usually because of one of 3 reasons. Those three reasons are detailed here:

        All you have to do to get right with God and see your relationship with Him back where you want it to be is to work through those issues, as I described in the article above.
        Father loves you very much, and there is hope for you.

        1. I am so sorry. I just couldn’t see the light for a second. I’m tired of those demons whispering In my ear. But then a miracle happened. I’ve never went to church on Wednesday, but I decided to go anyway because I was on the edge. I was reading the Bible to find answers. I read in the back of the bible to find depression versus. It led me to Psalms 34-18, ” The Lord is close to the brokenhearted, he rescues those who’s spirits are crushed”.

          After church I was in tears because I couldn’t contain myself. I went to my God blessed preacher, and he laid hands on my four head and prayed. I can’t remember what he said, because for the first time in a long time I felt true peace and joy. Then he said May I see your Bible for a second, and he underline the exact verse I read. Then he wrote Beside it “this is your verse, you are loved”

          I have a purpose, and I am a child of God in his hand. You saved my life through Jesus because you told me to give it all to Jesus and I finally did. Thank you and God bless

          1. Bobby, I praise God for ministering to you. He LOVES you so very, very much. And if you will seek Him with all your heart, you will find Him and know Him and He will fill you with joy unspeakable and fill you with glory. You will become a carrier of His Presence. People will feel Him on you wherever you go. You will become aware of His glory and you will develop ears to hear Him, eyes to see Him, a nose to smell His fragrance, and you will live with a literal awareness of His presence with you at all times. You will hear Him singing songs over you in the night seasons, and you will awaken to know that He has been watching over you all night. In Jesus’ name, I bless you with these things.

            1. Thank you. I was lost, but now I’m found. God bless you

            2. Cecilia Ramirez says:

              Thank You Jamie for your on time Prayers! This has been quite a journey and I know that our Father has not brought me this far to leave me. However, after reading this I felt so touched & moved. I needed these words & prayer. Thank You so much for your obedience & on time encouragement. I’m standing with you Sister.
              Love & Blessings,

            3. Amen.

    12. Thank you for posting this. I’ve been struggling with this for a long time. I’m a believer and can’t seem to grab ahold of his truth for very long. My marriage is falling apart and now we are raising our 2 toddler grand daughters. I’m angry at our son & dil that we are raising them, not to mention they are having another. I know I’m hanging on to bitterness and unforgiving. Every time I pray, confess this..I just pick it back up. I don’t understand what’s wrong with me. It’s like I’ve forgotten in my heart all that the living God has done for me in the past. I honestly want to feel, joy, peace and hope. I feel like I’m just going thru the motions and can’t seem to find hope. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

    13. Lol I took a picture of the verse he underlined because I wanted to show you.

    14. I’ve been asking God for help with depression for 20 years. I’ve asked Him to take it or me because I don’t care about living anymore. All I do is go through the motions of living.
      I have had so many people pray over me, for me and with me and it worked for a little while but now for the past 5-6 months nothing works. It has taken me 5 months to work up the nerve to look for a doctor to help me. ( I’ve been down this road before with doctors and meds and not had very good experiences) I’ve called numorous docs and none seem to take insurance. I would have to pay out of pocket. I don’t have that kind of money.
      I am so very tired of dealing with this. Even when the meds were working it was like walking through water all day. Everything feels like it is 10 harder for me than for normal people.
      I just want to be done with this.
      I’m so tired of hearing how God does all this stuff for other people. Does God even know I exist? I feel as though I’m invisible and He doesn’t see me anymore.
      I’ve push everyone in my life away because of depression. Maybe that is what I’ve done to God. Maybe He is like everyone else. He’s just tire of trying anymore and has just given up on me too.
      I wish I had the strength to end my life but since I don’t I live every day hating myself and being miserable. Maybe this IS God’s plan for me. I don’t know. I feel so empty and lost.

      1. Ann, I’m the same. I got tired of the roller coaster of taking meds/doctors/therapy I even got my brain shocked for two months with electricity, but do you remember the good parts? I was blinded by fighting this and wasn’t looking at our Father in heaven. Remember the good parts. Like when you take refuge in Jesus’s arms, and all you feel is a flood of JOY and PEACE enter your whole body. It’s the greatest experience on earth, I believe. So the point I found out a while ago is so simple. After fighting this for 15 years I just realized we can just stay in his arms FOREVER, but I know satan will try to get us away, but just remember the Great Lord Almighty is always waiting with his arms wide open for US to run into 🙂
        Just put reminders everywhere, so we can stay there forever.

        1. Great thoughts, Bobby. Thankfulness is so key to keeping our emotions stable. Giving thanks keeps us from self-pity and keeps us from sliding down that awful, slippery slope into depression.

          The enemy would love for us to attend his pity party, but DON’T GO. 🙂 Let’s give thanks instead, and trust God to do what He promises in His Word, and to work it out for our good! (Romans 8:28).

          Remember the principle of Jesus: “According to your faith be it unto you.” If we have faith for evil, which is really faith in Satan instead of God, then that’s what we tend to receive because our doubt in God opens a door to the enemy. BUT if we have faith in God, and believe His Word, according to our faith be it unto us for good! 🙂 I prefer God’s way, don’t you?

          Thank you all for reading my blog, as always!

    15. Nonhlanhla says:

      This time last year I was depressed, broken, I was at my lowest point but I found rest under the shadow of God’s wings. He restored my soul, He connected me with amazing people and I found healing through His Word.

      @ Ann I pray that the same Spirit of God that helped me, to do even more for you in Jesus Name.

      1. Thank you Nonhlanhla. I don’t know but the more I think about this the more I come to the conclusion that I have been this way for at least 20 years and I think as much as I want it gone I am a little afraid because I don’t really know how to function without depression. I don’t remember how to be “normal”.
        Like I said before, maybe this is just the way my life is supposed to be. Maybe there is no fixing me. Maybe this is my punishment.

      2. I’m so glad the Lord healed your soul and helped you, sister. May He continue to strengthen and help you, in Jesus’ name!

    16. Thanks for all the encouraging word. I really appreciate them all. Everything continues to get worse. I wish I could say they have gotten better but they haven’t. This has been going on so long this time that I am really having a problem seeing the light anymore. I keep trying but my efforts seem to all be in vain. I’m losing what little grip I had and feel like I am sinking below the waves. In so so tired of this fight. I just want to lay down and give up. I can’t find much of a purpose in life anymore. I’m so sorry for failing but I can’t keep going like this. Sorry. ? I wish I had your stregth and conviction.

      1. Jamie & everyone,
        Please continue to pray for me. I know in my heart God is here, but I can’t feel Him anymore. I need to feel Him! I need to hear Him!

        1. Ann it’s going to be ok, it’s ok to let Jesus take the wheel. I know it feels like you lost something in life that made us function, and in your earlier comment you said you forgot how to be normal, and you’re right 🙂 because we are just aliens here waiting to return to our everlasting home in heaven. God will walk you through ALL of this. Just take his hand. And it will feel a little scary because the “normal” part is of this physical world, and not the spiritual. And that’s where FAITH and LOVE comes in, because that’s all we need. If you where the only person on earth, Jesus would still sacrifice himself just for you 🙂 so what I’m trying to say is, now that your chains of depression are broken ( Hallelujah) you are free, and that’s where that missing normal feeling comes in, BUT do not get scared, because you don’t have to be anymore since you are back with our Father in Heaven:) it’s ok to let Jesus guide you, cause you know He LOVES you. So don’t worry about that empty feeling, just let go and let God, it will be ok. You are in Jesus arms, and that is the safest place to be, not taking pills or trying everything WE think will make us better. Jesus raised the dead, and he healed us, that’s why we just need to let Jesus do it, because we can do ALL things THROUGH Christ who STRENGTHENS us 🙂 I really hope this helped, and sorry if it is confusing lol but Ann you will always be loved and you will NEVER be alone. And I would be very glad to talk to you anytime, cause we all love you too. I’m glad God lead me here, to this beautiful website lol

    17. Tim Nordberg says:

      Dear Jamie,

      I am a pastor who has been struggling with the will to go on (2 years). Initially, 2 years ago I ended up in the hospital after having a breakdown. I came out after 10 days. I have yet to really feel God’s presence even though I have preached over 500 sermons. I WILL sincerely pray your prayer of three steps and trust that God will give me a new desire. Thanks

    18. Anonymous says:

      Thank you for this Jamie! Blessings!!!

    19. I lost my will live a long time ago. The words you put on here, are beautiful, but for some of us, it does not make any difference. It is much harder to describe what you feel when you just going through life feeling apathetic. It is like having a tree in your backyard that does not produce fruit or give you any shade. All it does is give you work to do, by cleaning is falling leaves. If you exactly like a fish out of water or a plant that does not grow in a desert. You are going through life, without a friend, family, God, religion, ideas, money, etc. You feel like you fell in all scoops of life. You fell miserably in marriage, professionally, as a person, as a friend, as a brother, as a son, as an uncle, as a husband, you are a loser. You keep on asking yourself all they long… “Why am I here”. Where is the purpose of me been alive? Why other people that deserve to be alive, die? It’s very deep, very depressing, very alone. And the worst part of it, you are such coward, you can’t even take your own life…

    20. Karen James says:

      Please pray for me. I do think Im in “a will to live ” kind of mood. My fiance has been stuck in the Philippines for a year due to immigration fees and it looks hopeless from the outside looking in But im still believing for a miracle. So of course, I feel as though i’m just hanging on by the skin of my teeth. I need to hear from FATHER GOD, something, anything. Its like im helpless in this situation.

    21. Thank you for the encouraging word, Jamie. ? I needed this morning. We are through a study of the gospels for the next couple of months at our church and I just finished John and can see myself so much in Simon Peter and doubting Thomas but I just caught also Pilate. He said he found no fault in Jesus but only after He scourged Him and THEN he after much hesitation, he gave in to the crowd and handed Him over to be crucified. I cried and cried and cried this morning so angry at myself at times past where I’ve given in because it was easier or doubted because I couldn’t see or denied to save my own skin. This came at just the right time. Lately since being out of work, im up and moving and getting things done after my quiet time and coffee but this morning I read that and listened to Steve Camp’s song, For Every Time. …for every time we’ve broken His heart for every time we’ve fallen, for every time we thought we’d gone beyond His grace,once for all He’s stood in our place. For every time. It’s now 9:30 but I’m just going to lay here for a little while longer and pour my heart out to God. I needed this this morning. Thank you. God bless you?

    22. Lisa Vongsa says:

      I feel like I’ll always feel abandoned by God. I don’t know how to believe in a God who isn’t disappointed, angry, or indifferent towards me constantly. I’ll never be good enough. What does God love about me?

      1. I’m sorry you feel that way, Lisa. It’s exactly the opposite of how God really is. He loves you because He made you by hand! You are His dream!
        Just curious, if you feel like responding – any chance that some people (particularly males) have acted this way toward you during your lifetime, thus coloring your view of God? That’s what had happened to me when I was unable to relate to God or sense His love. It really makes a big difference if so. We live in a sinful world. 🙁 I’m actually teaching a webinar this Saturday about how to heal from such issues.
        I will pray for you. Have a great day and thanks so much for reading!

        1. Lisa Vongsa says:

          It just seems like the kind of love that I want is for the better people. I’ve never fully experienced that. I’m afraid I never will.

    23. Can you pray that I will have encounters with Abba Father God and that he wraps me in his arms

    24. You are God SENT for sure!! I thank you for your love in Lord Almighty and for putting it out there for all of us. Please continue to do your mighty work… I’ll pray for you and all that you are seeking, desiring and hoping for. May God continue to bless you Jamie. You are a warrior…. Much love

    25. Thank you so much I really needed this message and prayer. Been struggling for so long, but I know that Greater is JESUS. Thank you again

    26. I have been waiting desperately for god to change my circumstances financially for over 2 yrs. Nothing so far has changed.
      I feel like im done!! I hate life. I have no joy! I want to quit life. Financially thing just seem to get worse and worse. And it really doesn’t help that my husband is not a christian and thinks im a lunatic for believing god will change things for us.
      Ive roared as loud as i can over our finances yesterday. Hoping god will do for me what he did for you. I tell Jesus, you made it possible for yourself and Peter to pay the taxes, do it for me too!
      Siggghhhh. So tired.

    27. Always great to hear your messages. I am glad you have shared your testimony with us, it brings out the fears and expectations we have. I need to point out that yes at some point we do find ourselves in such situations, what is critical is how you use the word of OUR FATHER to take you out of this situation. We also need to understand that the Spirit of the Lord is always with us and how you use it. ROMANS 8:26, says it all.


    28. Good morning everyone I just read through the comments and it is so sad to hear so many are struggling through various issues,I myself sometimes feel like that and I know it’s the enemy attacking our minds,renew your mind with God’s word,change the negative words to positive words,remember in God there is no condemnation.For those that do not feel God’s presence have you invited God’s presenceinto your morning,day or night?Did you greet the Holy spirit this morning?Have you been through deliverance?Do you speak in tongues? I believe your breakthrough will come when you deal with the above. Pastor Tim Nordburg I believe God is calling you into a time of fasting and praying, shut the door and seek him,praying in the spirit and praising and worshipping him, repenting and weeping, go into his sanctuary with bold prayers.Shalom

      1. Thank you for those blessed words 🙂 I was in a really dark place but I’m still so terrified of suicide. Idk anything anymore

    29. Hi,
      Thank you for this post today, this has truly minister to me. There are things in our christian walk where we will encounter deep sadness in where in which you mentioned its hard to go on and live. I used to be so on fire for God and so inlove with God and now seasons changed and due to many circumstances that sometimes overwhelmed us, we don’t realized that our heart for God sometimes starts to get cold without us noticing until one day, you realized where was the fire you had once for the Lord. It’s so hard and painful that you miss your first love yet while I was reading this I feel the grace of God is still beyond reach and his love still availabke ready to pour out for me just like what he used to. Thank you and my prayer is that I will be restored to my intimacy with him. You had a beautiful blog which also reminds me of the desires God placed in my heart years ago that I thought was already gone. I pray as I ask God to give me life again in him, altogether he will make my desires and dreams come back to life again.

    30. Dear Jamie,
      Thank your prayers, most timely.. I lost my 48 yr old son 5 yrs ago, Sometimes the grief is just unbearable and other times it comes and goes, unexpectedly.

    31. Thank you, I cried through the whole post and prayer. I’ve been asking God to end it all this whole week, and the deferred hope has consumed my life for too long. I’ve been asking for restored hope and faith, etc. I’m tired of abuse, character assassination, betrayal, delayed promises, interference, curses, etc. So I’ll probably be praying this more consistently. Thank you again.

    32. Valerie Price says:

      Thank you and bless you for your prayer and all you do. This is a timely and needed post for me today….there are so many issues but I have faith God will take care of it all. Praying for all here on this site today…💗

    33. Mindy Wade says:

      Thank you so much for this message of hope. I have been struggling for years through illness which brings much pain and the last few months have been even more intense than ever before. Over time this relentless pain has slowly been sapping me of will to live, taking my strength. I know God is strong in my weakness, so I’ve been clinging to Him through it all, but recently have felt like the illness and pain will consume me. I continue to hold on to hope that breakthrough is coming and that He will heal me and bless me! I feel like Jacob contending with the angel/spirit of God saying “I will not let go until you bless me!” I am contending for a miracle, but feeling so sapped in my body that it affects my spirit as well. I loved your prayer at the end of this message and will continue to read it many more times in the days to come. Thank you!

    34. Joseph sunny says:

      God bless you today tommorow forever

    35. Joelle Doan Erdmann says:

      Thank you so much Jamie! A timely, life-saving prayer! I was almost suicidal, although I would NEVER do that, and struggling…trying to fight the negatives, and couldn’t. Thank you so much ❣️ I felt the Holy Spirit and love and comfort. Thank you. I can go on.

      1. Dear, dearest Joelle, I love you so much. This is me sending (((big hugggggs))) your way. I will pray for you. Fill up on the Word today, my friend! It will fill your heart with hope and peace again!

    36. Good afternoon,
      I got news on last week that my mum died, It’s been heart breaking and I trying to keep myself busy by not giving in to grief as my mum and I were very close. She was a christian who loved the Lord so I take solace in the fact that she is in heaven.
      I have to go back home for the funeral and I got word from my siblings who are there presently that there is a lot of contention and infighting. I am going next week as the funeral is early next month.
      Hearing all these news and dealing with the unexpected death of my mum isn’t helping. I am currently at work as I want to keep busy and not be alone with my thoughts.
      Please could you agree with me that peace will reign throughout these funeral process and afterwards, and the spirit of confusion is removed. Also that any plans of the enemy regarding us, the children as we all fly back is exposed and turned to foolishness and It will not come to pass. Also the finances required will be made available to be able to pay for all that is needed and also the comfort of the Holy Spirit during this trying time.
      Thank you

    37. Jamie, please pray for our friends Hannah an Joe an us we have been through so many heart wrenching things all of us an it makes it hard to get through the day ,,we are all struggling in many things ,thank-you!

    38. Thank you Jamie! I could not exactly pinpoint the way I’ve been feeling lately and this is exactly it. I’m outward circumstances have left me hopeless, unmotivated, and lost. I want to be so close to my Father God more than anything! Thank you this word and prayer! Many blessings and favor on you!

    39. Dear Jamie, thank you very much for this prayer. I swing back and forth so much between having a will to live and counting myself. Especially when I read the Word and it doesn’t register. I need a fresh injection of the will to leave. To have purpose and meaning in my life. I enjoy and find so much help from your blog posts and prayers. Sure makes an impact on me and keeps me going.
      God bless you. Your labor in the Lord are not in vain. Thank you.

    40. Eunice Boamah says:

      Hi I am Eunice from Ghana. I really appreciate your prayer for a friend. And I ask to be filled with the will of Jesus in doing HIS will. May God bless you

    41. Thank you Jamie! I so needed that prayer!
      May God continue to bless you, and use you for His greater good!

    42. Ana Paula says:

      Thank you! God bless you!

    43. Cheryl Walston says:

      PLESAE PLEASE pray for me. I am physically, mentally & spiritually broken. All I think about all day is death. I don’t want to die but my body seems to be shutting down. I found myself looking online at the most successful ways to commit suicide & that scares me. My physical health issues are very real but I don’t want to die feeling like I have no salvation. I need help. I want to trust & believe in God my I’m losing all faith. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    44. Elizabeth Tuinidau says:

      Thank You so much for sharing this message.It is absolutely mine and i received it in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord.Thank You Jamie.Praise the Lord!

      1. desmond Greene says:

        thanks Jamie these words were exactly what was needed this morning. I feel as if god is talking to and listening to me. I do suffer badly but things like yourself come along just in the right time and lift me and encourage me to carry on. it gives me hope. I will donate whenever i can thank you.

    45. Jamie,
      Thank you for your post, I was feeling this all day. I am losing hope in my current situation.
      About the beginning of February of 2020, my wife’s aunt moved in with us. I had no idea how seriously narcissistic her personality was until a month or 2 after she had moved in. She is cold and abrasive to everyone in the home. She isn’t abusive to me, but very verbally, psychologically, and emotionally abusive to my wife. I made the mistake of defending my wife once, not realizing that there is no reasoning with a narcissist. No matter how rational or sensible your explanations are, she will deem it wrong and idiotic, because her opinion and her logic are the only correct one and everyone else is just plain defective. She shows no empathy and no remorse for the hurt she causes from her insensitivity and constant negativity.
      Every day since then I have been losing my will to live, but I can’t leave my wife to deal with the situation on her own. I can not cause the pain I know suicide will do to my wife and my family and close friends.
      Our situation is that we are Financially and legally stuck, (Long story) and the Narcissistic Aunt knows this so she uses it to hurt my wife and in doing so it hurts me. I know the lord hears my prayers and I know he hasn’t turned his back on us. It was just so reassuring to come upon your post and it reinforced my belief that The Father All Mighty is watching and waiting for me to call him again to grant us peace. Thank you for your blog.

      1. Brother Anthony,
        I’m so glad you wrote to me about this.
        I want to exhort you today: YOU are the priest and patriarch of your home, NOT your wife’s aunt. And if she is going to hurt or harm any person in that home, you need to force her to leave. You are the priest of your home, and your wife is your #1 priority after your time alone with God. Not your aunt. Your children come second after your wife, if you have children. Do not allow a wolf in sheep’s clothing to infringe on the sacred space of your home and wife and children. Defend your wife and children and remove all evil influences from your home. God will provide for you. Do not neglect your duty to your family–which is your WIFE AND CHILDREN. Any other family members come only after that, and if those family members hurt your primary family, then I do not believe they should have any access to your home.
        Pray about it. I believe this counsel lines up with God’s Word. But seek additional counsel, and YOU search it out and do what it takes to obey God–guarding your wife and children.

    46. Eric Woods says:

      I have been really struggling on my job, with people falsely accusing me, and putting my job at risk.
      Also, I have a new placement/position as Elder in my church, and I’m struggling with the responsibility of carrying out the new vision, since I have just begun.
      So, I have been having a very wearisome and difficult time in life…and your words here in this message have touched my heart, and have brought much Deliverance to my spirit!
      God continue to bless you in ways beyond your expectations also, in the name of Jesus Christ ….thank you!

    47. Thankyou Jamie for this timely God given prayer, it was very much needed

    48. Yes, this ministered to me, big time! I felt like I connected with Gof for the first time in ages, really connected. I talked to him about a lot of things and I felt that he really heard me. Thank you so much for this.

    49. I tried this with all my heart and felt something but not a return of hope and light and purpose- maybe a colored nebula of energy- thank you though for sharing this. May it help all who find this page

    50. Thank you for this post. I found this post trying to find ways to kill myself st home quickly because I lost the will to love. I recently lost my job due to my ptsd I was recently scammed out of my life savings so I can give my mom a better life,my partner left me my mom doesn’t talk to me I have no friends and my health is fading. I will continue to pray to papa and thank you again for this post.

    51. Hi Jamie,

      Thank you for this wonderful prayer. I’ve been down lately but I seem to be stuck in the denial stage, I force myself to be this strong lady who never gets tired of facing the problems alone. I feel pressure everywhere I look at, and I have not felt the comfort I needed for such a long time. I think I have strayed far from God making my heart at it’s weariest state. I believe that everything I have hoped for will be given in his time. I pray that he will open the minds of the people around me as well.

    52. As I stare into this prayer and absorb the words. I send a prayer of thanks out to you as I once again attempt to gather my meaning in this life and continue on towards the prize the Lord has waiting for me. Whatever that maybe I know the Lord has me covered and is working all things out for my good. 💁🏻‍♀️

      God Bless the fruits of this Ministry. 🙏

    53. Wow Jaime, did this message and prayer ever touch me where I needed to be touched! Yes! This ministered to me in a mighty and powerful way! Praise God! And thank you Jaime!

    54. Thank- you, I am so filled with despair that I am afraid to try. This article & prayer really encourages me!

    55. I am tired. I cheated, repented, changed, but what I did I was labeled with and is following me everyday.
      I have lost all motivation and do not want to live anymore. I only survive each day because I have to, for my children.
      Pray for me.

      1. Michael (From His Presence staff) says:

        Hi Jeani, we here at the ministry are praying for you. If you haven’t already, please read the article series that Jamie has written about breakthrough prayer and how to pray against such things. Fight your battles through prayer and speaking the Word of God out loud. It will make all the difference. – Michael (From His Presence staff)

    56. Very helpful, I had lost hope for these past few weeks ,I felt like the world has come to an end for me but after reading these inspiring words and prayer I’m feeling so relieved ….Thank you Jamie

    57. I have felt that in the past,so this is very relatable thanks Jamie God bless

    58. Thank you, Jamie, it bless me

    59. I just lost my beloved cat GinGin, who died unexpectly this morning. He wasn’t sick that I know of. He was 16. I am devastated, heartbroken and in shock. I lost my husband Nov. 2023, lost a cat Dec. 2023, now GinGin. I am in the process of clearing my house to get it ready for sale, and also looking for a house in another state. Under so much stress and now grieving. I want to know why GinGin died.

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